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Scientists and Drug Companies Scheme to Avoid FDA Scrutiny and Exploit US Vaccine Programme Immunity Against the Public Interest

MoneySyringe By John Stone

Just eight days after the Supreme Court of the United States ruling granting vaccine manufacturers virtual immunity over prosecution ( Bruesewitz v. Wyeth) , scientists and company representatives met at a congress in Baltimore to  “Understand the Changes in the National Vaccine Plan to Maximize Government Sponsored Funding and Avoid FDA Scrutiny”.  The “workshop” which took place on 2 March 2011 was the first event in a Vaccine Business Congress  held under the auspices of the Institute for International Research USA . Amongst the many participants  at the congress were representatives of Merck, GlaxoSmithKline, Sanofi Pasteur, Roche,  the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation,  the Wellcome Trust, and the National Cancer Institute (NIH) (IIRUSA Welcome ,  IIRUSA Agenda ).

Despite frequent bleating from industry apologists that vaccine manufacturers do not make money the pre publicity for the event showed the industry in rampant mood. The on-line brochure states:

“VACCINES are the continuing success story, earning over $27 billion in 2009 alone, despite difficult economic times for the pharmaceutical industry.  By 2012, vaccines are expected to bring in more than $35 billion in revenue.”

The brochure demonstrates the utter negligence of  the US Congress, administration and courts in leaving its citizenry subjected and exposed to an industry, forced to inject its products by mandate into their children, forced to pay for them through taxation and finally to do so without any sanction against manufacturers should damage occur. Is it any surprise then that instead of regarding the manufacture of safe and effective products as a solemn ethical duty, they just turn round and brazenly discuss how to milk the contemptible system to the uttermost?  Please send this article to your Congressmen and women, and ask them what they intend to do about it.

With thanks to Hilary Butler  and others.

John Stone is UK Editor for Age of Autism.




This blanket immunity needs to be nullified.No other corporation has this kind of protection.Total freedom to
rule the world.This is horrific...

Media Scholar


Thanks for the link to the article.

I really wonder who actually authored the extremely mordant "Autism test case" decisions for the special masters of vaccine court?

Bad-mannered. Unfilial. Impolite. Profanatory. Considering it was supposed to a civil, no fault forum, where parents head to seek the answers as well as compensation, I found it completely sacrilegious and whoever wrote them was unfortunately really off-base angry and unstable.

The article behind the link you provided also reminded me of this for some reason:


The committee members made the CDC's expectations clear from the beginning. Here's a discussion between Dr. Marie McCormick, Chairman of the Committee, and Dr. Kathleen Stratton, Study Director of the Committee, BEFORE they had reviewed any of the evidence on either side of the debate:

Dr. McCormick: ...[CDC] wants us to declare, well, these things are pretty safe on a population basis (p. 33).

Dr. Stratton: ...The point of no return, the line we will not cross in public policy is pull the vaccine, change the schedule. We could say it is time to revisit this, but we would never recommend that level. Even recommending research is recommendations for policy. We wouldn't say compensate, we wouldn't say pull the vaccine, we wouldn't say stop the program. (p. 74)

Dr. McCormick: ...we are not ever going to come down that [autism] is a true side effect...(p. 97)




When doctors are deciding which drug to prescribe a patient, the idea behind evidence-based medicine is that they inform their thinking by consulting scientific literature. To a great extent, this means relying on medical journals.

The trouble is that pharmaceutical companies, who stand to win or lose large amounts of money depending on the content of journal articles, have taken a firm grip on what gets written about their drugs. That grip was strong way back in 2004, when The Lancet's chief editor Richard Horton lamented that "journals have devolved into information laundering operations for the pharmaceutical industry." It may be even tighter now.


When I went to the Vaccine Business Congress website they gave contact information:
It's interesting to see all the upcoming events.


You have to capture that screen (the conference). Unreal

John Stone

CT teacher

Gates is just extending his business model into another field: products which absolutely everyone has to have, and the fewer questions asked about them the better.


Very chilling. Thank you for exposing this.

CT teacher

I guess I was wrong about Bill Gates. I thought he had been duped by the powerful people in the medical industrial complex, so he would spend his money on their programs. It sure looks like he's not so innocent after all. I know he wasted his money on school reform and I was glad to see his plans fail. He was duped into spending lots of money on more testing(a waste of time and money)and to blaming the teachers. He had no idea what he was talking about, but he shored up the testing companies with his millions. I gave him a pass on the vaccine issue because I thought he was a true philanthropist. Guess not!

Tim Kasemodel

John, great post.

here is another segment from the conference with disturbing ramifications:

"Navigating the Vaccine Development Deal Landscape – How the Loss of the "Middle Class" will Shape the Future of Vaccine Partnering"

Just goes to show you that the medical industrial complex has no plans for a future "middle class". There will only be those who can afford more of their drugs to alleviate (certainly not "cure", that goes against the business model) the discomforts of increased illnesses and those who cannot, but still have to take and pay for the very products that can make them sick in the first place.

Media Scholar

As pointed out before, the US Supreme Court rubber stamped "APPROVED" on at least two hundred experimental vaccines the manufacturing drug companies have had waiting in the wings.

Barring lawsuits against vaccine vendors doesn't confuse with safe. I think America is much wiser than following the un-substantiated medical advice of Roberts, Scalia, and Alito, who, each, were hand-picked by the powerful drug lobby. Their decision in no way can be interpreted to mean vaccines present and future are safe. It just means the federal government pays for every single case of vaccine injury, and the nationalistic vaccine program fails the cost-effective implications for continued employment when cases of vaccine injury are honestly and honorably compensated. It certainly means the silver-tongued US Supreme Court actively subverts liberty, aids the forces of tyranny, and in fact, candidly supports the de-revolution of the American Revolution.

However unlikely is it for the arrogant to see their own folly, the US Supreme Court must have some idea of the oppression they've firmly packed down upon families already suffering civil injustice.

How are we supposed to up-root the un-Constitutional weeds when the high court is too busy sowing and watering un-Constitutional weeds? Politics is the business of exchanging favors, justice isn't. Judas Justice!

Germ warfare experts one day, vaccine inventors the next. Is it really any wonder at all why so much of vaccine injury is tough to prove and the truth is so heavily guarded? These vaccine gurus spend half their lives creating undetectable concoctions and the other half cashing in with the remedy for which there is no known disease.

Despite showing all the signs of some form of Howard Hughes germaphobia, Bill Gates gets away with openly heralding in this golden age of mass vaccination as his ideal form of population control.

Certainly, if Hitler were alive today he'd be just giddy about US vaccine policy. What better way to lay waste to a country then to destroy future generations is there?


We know that now that they have a license to kill(full and complete immunity) they will be awake at night thinking of ways to exploit this unharnessed opportunity.
God help the children who will be slaughtered because of this new found Pharma freedom.


One day people will wonder how such brazen discussion of avoiding scrutiny in children's medication attracted no attention.

Bob Moffitt

I don't know which was worse ..

the Supreme Court's decision admitting that vaccines are "unavoidaby unsafe" .. while at the same time denying parents their right to sue for vaccine damages done to their child in federal and state courts


the FDA's continuing recommendation and approval of rota-virus vaccines they know are contaminated with two types of "pig viruses" .. because .. the FDA claims to have no evidence that "pig viruses" may prove harmful to humans sometime in the future.

If "pig viruses" are to be considered "unavoidable" .. God help us all.

Birgit Calhoun

Now that Ferrari v. American Home Products also lost due to the Bruesewitz v. Wyeth decision, it is important to really point out to members of Congress that somethng has to be done to change the law regarding the Vaccine Court so that these pharmaceutical companies can be put in their place.

It's scary to see that autistic kids might become a market force.

John Stone

Hi Meryl

I trust the FDA also assist with advice on how to avoid scrutiny. That is after all only what we expect of government these days.


Meryl Dorey

Great article John and what a shocking situation when Big Pharma can be so blatant about their desire to make more money and their glee at never ever being held responsible for the harm they cause.

If this were a fair world, not only would the drug companies be going bankrupt from all the lawsuits - their management would all be serving life sentences for culpability in millions of murder-by-drug cases. Or, what might be worse - they would be forced to take some of their own medicines!

AussieMum - nothing I hear about the Australian government's attitude towards vaccination surprises me. They just spout the same platitudes about how vaccines are tested so carefully here (they aren't tested at all) and how they are watched so carefully for reactions (another lie - remember Western Australia's situation with the flu vaccine last year and the fact that ADRAC has admitted to getting only 1-10% of reaction reports).

They have no idea how many people are reacting nor do they care.

Meryl Dorey
Australian Vaccination Network


They are conning ignorant people right and left. Way down in North Carolina, the southern pit of pharmaceutical hell, they've found a way to con an educated school superintedent. They got him to use his personal school blog page! Hi Kids, come one come all, get your shots/win an iPod or laptop. Google "Chapel Hill and vaccination contest" to catch a glimpse of what might be coming to your local district soon. As always, don't forget to write!



I received a letter from The Hon Catherine King MP - Parliamentary Secretary for Health and Ageing.

Apart from the typical lies about Dr Andrew Wakefield, his research and how it was published by The Lancet in 1998 (the only correct information she (Catherine) provided me was the spelling of Andrew's name, the spelling of The Lancet and the correct year - 1998).

The letter praises the good work by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Catherine continues in her letter that - Vaccines are also not accepted unless they meet strict safety guidelines by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and a recommendation also by the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC).

Catherine also states - "The safety of vaccines is closely monitored by the Advisory Committee on the Safety of Medicines (ACSOM). ACSOM is an independent medical expert committee that advises the TGA on the safety of all medicines with a rigorous system in place to monitor and evaluate every adverse event report related to vaccines."

Can anyone else see - "there are too many bosses and not enough staff??"

Also, I must remind Catherine that I had to report my son's adverse reactions after being vaccinated, my doctor didn't report it!

My son's future is in her hands!!

Elizabeth (AussieMum)

Angus Files

The pharmaceutical companies are not in the business of 'health and healing' but instead the business of

'disease maintenance and symptom management. '

They still con,doctors as well as us(not on AOA), into thinking they have the end game on disease through vaccines...

AOA is not pharma`s fool.

Thanks John

Angus Files

Angus Files

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