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Remembering Harry: the Pharmaceutical Life and Death of a Young Artist

Harry Horne-Roberts
By John Stone

Age of Autism readers may recall reading of the tragic death of Harry Horne-Roberts in December 2009  (HERE) age only 20, after the administration of an anti-psychotic drug behind the backs of his devoted parents. For Jennifer Horne-Roberts (a lawyer) and Keith Roberts (an architect) this was a hideous symmetrical tragedy with the one near the beginning of his life when a routine dose of MMR vaccine propelled him into the world of autism. In between these two events Harry nevertheless led a life which was often inspiring, while his parents also fought a unique and heroic battle for justice, which continues until this day.

Now, Keith and Jennie have published on-line a book to commemorate Harry’s life and their decades of struggle (Harry Horne-Roberts Book HERE) on his behalf, and of all our children.

I first encountered Harry early in 1997 on a visit to the school which our own son was eventually Harry HR to attend, and it was already apparent that he was pretty special.  Though memory plays tricks I have this image in my head of Harry with amused look on his face filling sheet of paper after sheet of paper with his drawings. I think this image is true, that what we see in Harry’s work - numerous examples of which are found in the book - is a small genius for amusement: a young man entertaining himself and then us. It is also an art that develops in an unnerving way: in his later drawings, many of which are large in scale, the apparent childishness of technique is in tension with an astonishing skill in capturing the feel and character of people and things. The book records that he had much tuition in developing this skill. Nevertheless, it leaves you wondering which bits of the social comedy, if any, as an autistic person he did not understand.

Harry’s pictures tell one slightly mysterious story. The text is a compilation of reminiscences and documents (medical and legal), which also give a strong impression of time and place, and of the heart-breaking issues which confront so many families touched by disability and particularly autism. I have scarcely ever encountered a book in which the human and geographical landscape is so familiar: it will tell you what it was like to have had an autistic child in North London in these last two decades, and  not least  about the bureaucratic and legal constraints on people’s lives. As a barrister (a lawyer who works in the British  court system)  Jennie relentlessly (and belligerently) attempts to challenge the surrounding web of intrigue and entrenched interests through the British and European courts ( as well as an advisor in the US omnibus hearing), only to keep on encountering the same authoritarian hand deciding things only one way.

But, of course, nothing prepared Keith and Jennie for the final cruel twist, and now they find themselves campaigners on the indiscriminate prescription of psychotropic drugs as means of social control over the mentally disabled, and in so many cases a means to their premature death. All of these issues are represented.  We have become a land fit only for pharmaceutical companies to exploit.

John Stone is UK Editor for Age of Autism.






Greg Foxsmith

My enormous admiration for Keith and Jennie has incresed yet again, by sharing their story-Harry's story-so bravely,articulately and movingly.
All power to their elbow for their fight to justice.

sue sheehy

Another heart breaking story in the lives of a family living with Autism. The tragedy goes on............


Parents must start writting letters to their children's health care providers that if there is any change to meds
the parents must have all the information about adverse effects and a benefit and a risk assessment.No new medication to be given until parents gave a written approval,(and had a chance to do their own research).
My deep sympathy to the family.It is heartbreaking how the system had failed Harry and how they continue to deny any responsibility and keep pushing their drugs to our children.
Where is the ECG results?Where are the blood test results?
Who did the last physical on Harry? Big pharma is forcing the drugs on our children behind the parents back.How low
can they go??!! I am so sad that this young,talented person lost his life.

Joan Campbell

It is a sorry state of affairs when our children ar damaged by un safe vaccines and damaged further with un-safe prescribed medicines. He should be alive today if the system wasn't so corrupt and evil.
Harry's parents are to be admired for the work they have done and still do for our children.

Theresa Cedillo

Thank you Jennie and Keith for continuing the fight. Thank you Harry for your beautiful artwork. God Bless-you are an amazing family.


Thank you to Harry for this collection of beautiful work! There is something very fervent about these images that lifts my spirit. Thank you also to Harry's parents for courageously sharing your son and your story and working for a better world!


Congratulations Keith and Jenny for publishing your on-line book. A very fitting way to make sure the untimely death of your gifted son, and its causes, are never forgotten. I'm sure it will highlight for many, the different problems facing parents of autistic children in their quest for justice and appropriate treatments. By your campaigning you are turning a very personal tragedy into positive force for betterment for others. Thank you.


Harry's artwork is truly insightful and significant.
To John thank you for such an important post.
To Jennie and Keith thank you for your ENORMOUS and unrelenting courage and especially thank you also for sharing your amazing and inspiring son so generously with us.

Angus Files

The fight just got so much stronger. I am sure Harry will be looking down, drawing pictures of us all just now and the brave parents on the steps of the White House Just like Harry`s brave parents Jennie and Keith who have stood up and been counted and fought unflinching against hopeless odds of rows and rows of pharma lawyers in court.Jennie and Keith reported with extreme clarity and professionalism ,the destruction of children who have had life cut short and or destroyed by vaccines.

Thanks to Jennie and Keith for all they have done and do helping to fight this evil agenda seemingly in the only interest of the stock share price.

Were just kicking off again Harry just sit back and enjoy and with your parents on board its going to be a roller coaster white knuckle ride..

Angus Files

John Stone


When I think about what happened to Harry I feel almost bottomless despair and anger, but what a wonderful young man. He must not be forgotten.


Lisa Blakemore-Brown

Heartbreaking article John about a heartbreaking event. I have no words. It's all too terrible and I am devastated for Harry's parents.

May justice prevail.

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