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I wish you the best of luck Kimberly! I hope you find a good home to live in later on in your adulthood.

Motorized Wheelchair

A loving mother, I seen in the picture.
And a lovely daughter .

"The real religion of the world comes from women much more than from men - from mothers most of all, who carry the key of our souls in their bosoms."


Yes i do remember Kimberly & i can relate with mom because i also have the similar experience with my daughter & what i most remember is what mom said athe end of her speaker time "remember she is not an animal. SHE IS A HUMAN BEING!" much we must explain to ppl. Finally many are understanding that this is a profound situation & i am full fledge standing by my daughter as Kimberly's mom is like a soldier, a soldier of misfortune....!!!! I Love my Amira no matter what, it is not about matter, but principle & the principle here is how these innocent babies were robbed of a typical lifestyle & we must stay by them!!!!! This is not the last amy1 will hear of me!!!!!


God bless all of our suffering children who have been injured by vaccines and their families that care and advocate for them!!!

Theresa Cedillo

God Bless you Kimberly and Sue. Thank you for speaking out.

Jenny Allan

From 'across the pond'. Thank you all and God Bless.


Thank you to Sue and Kimberly and all the courageous families who have shared their stories today!


I can see so much in that mother's eyes in the picture.


The mass vaccination program is a scum. It has done nothing to eliminate diseases, it has done a lot to kill and cripple children for life.

Steph M

"So many families are housebound, out of sight, and out of the conscience of their fellow Americans."

Yep...that would be us.

We will never forget Kimberly nor anyone else that stood up today and told the truth. Thank you. Thank you. Many of us do not have the option to attend these events, well, any event really....but we do have the internet and that gives us another avenue of strength.

Alison MacNeil

I was so moved by the brave families that came forward today. Their stories are completely familiar to me, all of our stories share the same key components. Every time I heard the word "screaming, high pitched, feral" it brought back our visceral, gut wrenching memories of the same. These four families are leading us closer to justice for all of our children and I am so grateful for their courage.

Religious Exemption to Vaccination

The abominable vaccination program is human sacrifice in action. What a shame that these families have had to live in the dark and bury their stories as a contingency to being awarded compensation for their vaccine-damaged children. The history of secrecy of vaccine-induced brain damage is a great tragedy. How can anyone look at this picture of Kimberly and say this is okay? They can't; hence the hush money all these years.


Sue, thank you for your courageous words and for bringing your precious daughter to this historic event. You and Kimberly will save some lives today - that is certain.

We will never ever forget Kimberly. Bless her and all of the families who spoke out today.


These guys stood up and spoke out even though they have been bullied.

"They might lose their compensation for speaking"

Since when does the government for the people, by the people, of the people bully people like the families like those of Sue, or Kimberly or Dr. Bridges?????

Donna L.

Kimberly will not be forgotten. Nor will any of the brave parents who spoke out today on behalf of vaccine-injured children everywhere. Thank you so much. You are all heroes.


I won't forget Kimberly, either. So many families are housebound, out of sight, and out of the conscience of their fellow Americans.

When people see the reality of vaccine injury, only the hardest of hearts will not melt.


In the Poland is the same. Goverment is only: give the money, you must. the vaccination.

But when the children is ill Goverment disappears

since 1973.


I won't forget Kimberly, nor will I forget Sue, either.

Sue and all the courageous Americans who, today, stood in front of the House That Merck Built,

Today, not minding the risks involved, you stood up for our vaccine-disabled boys and girls. You also stood up for your fellow Americans.

You might not be able to leap buildings in a single bound, but you're every bit the hero as Superman.

How strange it is that we forget America is a virtuous nation. Truth, justice and the American way.

Your honor and consideration of our families is deeply regarded and your faith in doing the right thing eternally appreciated.

God Bless Our Children,


Harold Shipp

I was humbled and inspired to see Kimberly and Sue. Thank you for your service to the community today.

Teresa Conrick

Bless these families and their children who have come out of the shadows of the past to glare the light of truth on our failed Vaccine Injury Compensation Program today. It is not a fair or timely Program and has genuinely made it difficult for so many to seek justice and compensation, thus,impeding proper care for the many medical, physical and safety needs for LIFE long care.

I will not forget Kimberly.

John Stone

Heartbreaking. Our children are far more important than than presidents and prime ministers, whom history will condemn.


God bless Kimberly and her mother Sue. I have so many moms to thank that my daughter did not end up like Kimberly after her horrendous encephalopathic brain injury from her vaccines. Had I kept going with vaccines at the strong-armed urging of her pediatrician I have no doubt she would have been permanently disabled. Thank you mother Sue and all the mothers who shared their stories of their children's vaccine reactions in BL Fisher's "DTP, A Shot in the Dark." Their stories led me to the decision that there was no way I would sacrifice my daughter for "the herd" by giving her another shot when she had a serious reaction before.


I most definitely will not EVER forgot that young woman!

God bless you and your family Kimberly!

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