"Remember Kimberly..." Vaccine Injury Compensation Program Awardee
Ask Your Senator and Congressperson to Send a Staff Member to the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program Breakfast Briefing on 5/12



The argument is also being made that reactions to DPT vaccination were actually caused by mutations in the SCN1 gene and/or that kids who reacted to DPT had Dravet's syndrome.

media scholar

The "skeptics" and other pharma supporters are trying to dismiss the Pace Law Review as a student-run publication.
Combinations in restraint of trade take all shapes and forms. Are we supposed to rise against each act of treason singly or just endeavor to follow the trail of money?

Nobody loves vaccines this much unless they're paid to.

Thank you Pace

The "skeptics" and other pharma supporters are trying to dismiss the Pace Law Review as a student-run publication.

However, "since August 1, 2009, the law review has used an anonymous peer review process to select articles for publication. Submissions are reviewed internally, and then forwarded to a selected group of peer reviewers: academics, practitioners, and experts in the field, including members of Pace Law School's world-renowned environmental law faculty."

Thank you Pace Environmental Law Review for focusing on this important issue in children's health.


Thank you to EBCALA for the hard work put into this report!

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