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Fox News Reports: Probe to Reveal Link Between Vaccine Settlements and Autism

From Fox News today in advance of  the press conference that will run live on UStream  on Tuesday, May 10th at Noon EDT. Channel:

Investigators and Families of Vaccine-Injured Children to Unveil Report Detailing Clear Vaccine-Autism Link Based on Government’s Own Data  Report Demands Immediate Congressional Action

Dr. Sarah Bridges, parent who was awarded compensation:


Theresa O

I think the "bombshell" is that these compensated individuals have autism. Before these parents spoke out, the government could say, "Oh, sure, some kids get *brain damage,* but no one gets autism from a vaccine except that weird Hannah Poling." Now it's a lot harder to deny.

John Stone

Richard Nash

If we agree the US government have been hiding this and saying the vaccines don't causse autism, why is it old news?

Richard Nash

My understanding was that these "court" findings/settlements have been happening since the advent of the VAERS program went into effect in late 89'. Is the "bombshell" part of this report that these parents are getting together collectively breaking the dirty little secret that the cdc/fda and vaccine manufacturers already have had exposed back in the early 90's?
Don't get me wrong I am glad to see it reported but it seems like old news...


The healthiest person in my house is the child who never got any form of vaccine or antibiotics...ever! these toxins get stuck in the gut and our gut health effects everything, allergies, behavior,... I know many people who put their autistic child on a strict diet and had a huge change in acting out behavior. I am not saying never vaccinate but not when their bodies are so small. A delayed selective schedule is helpful if they want to do mission work in a 3rd world country as a teen. I still have a hard time justifying it, as I know many vaccines use aborted fetal tissues and I am Pro-Life.


"aka Eileen"

The post that I quoted you on is on this article?? Not sure where you think it went, it was there when I read it and quoted you last night, and I just went to double check now, and it is still there! It's about 5 or 6 posts before my response to you??? Please go back and check. Also, I do not have any sort of erasing/censoring ability here, so not sure why u directed it to me (maybe youbmeant the collective "you" here at AoA?)....
Having been a longtime reader and supporter or AoA for years and years now, I have to say, there were probably one or two times where I saw a post was deleted, AND then there was a post explaining WHY it was removed by the editor that removed it...and those times were for just outright inflammatory/outrageous things....not for anything that was a simple disagreement, or even a completely different opinion as long as it was presented respectfully, and from what I can "see" of your posts there is no reason TO have sensored you at all, you aren't being disrespectful....
And, from what I have experienced I can say I am comfortable knowing that when/if something IS censored here, they post a statement saying they did censor and why..I do know that sometimes there is a delay in posting and sometimes I thunk my post didn't go thru, but it always has been posted, so I bet you were waiting for the post and it took longer than normal to get posted, that's all...

And as a comment to you saying the divide within the Autsm Community about Vaccines, I believe you are right, where your children have "Autism" as what it's always been considered to be, "classic Autism" (did your girls always seem to have autism or where they developing normally and then suddenly loose the ability to talk/walk/and regress in development?)....

It's hard to imagine what Autism is like to live with until you live with it, so I know it has to be hard to also imagine what it's like to live with "classic autism" like your girls have, and probably for you to imagine a totally normal and very healthy child slipping fast backwards in development and in health as well, super sick, GI issues sick every day, seizures, so much more.....

I have to agree with most others here that what our kids have, the "regressive autism" in combo with so many physical health issues is not really "autism" but word they can use to sort of group all of our kids together, regardless IF an autism symptom diminishes or goes away when a medical issue gets help....I wonder, if there is anything you have seen other than behavioral treatments, that have diminished or taken away one of your girls autism symptoms? I doubt it..but oir kids, it's another story....if a GI issue gets solved a symptoms goes away, if a food allergy is removed speech comes back, food comes back, speech goes away...all resulting from brain damage, and so many other immune system disruptions because for whatever reason our kids body was not able to process the vaccination correctly, not able to detox the toxins that are "supposed to" be able to detox, and also then not able to properly process the virus/etc within the vaccine to actually have immunity from the of my fully vaccinated sons, vaccine injured, had the whooping cough, over 6-8 MONTHS! It was for sure whooping cough, tested and everything, and it was bad for a few months, then it would seemingly go away, only to pop right back up at any sign of a normal cold! Not "normal" but still at the time, so many specialists shrugged shoulders and ended up saying "well it's known that kids with autism have bad immune systems, it's just part of autism"....which we all seem to get...
Thankfully now, the docs and scientists are speaking out WITH US and telling our stories!

What can others in the autism community who don't get the vaccine connection that we seem to be fighting for, like you, what can be done? More parents can come like you to they to UNDERSTAND EXACTLY what we are saying and WHY we are saying it! We have NOTHING TO GAIN because like I said the huge majority of our kids are already out of statute, and I even feel weird saying nothing to gain, because even those who HAVE been compensated, they do not "gain" anything, they get the proper medical care needed to support their child, which is criminal that there are so many of us who can't get what our kids deserve for ebing the ones who have been injured in the name of community health...THAT is the reason for distrust in the vaccine program , as most know there is some risk to vaccines, and if you KNEW there was a risk of injury, but ALSO knew that they do NOT make sure those who ARE injured get the proper care, would you make the choice to go for it knowing nothing will be there IF your child IS injured so severely and with so many medical issues and happens to have "regressive Autism" because of that brain damaging injury? How comfortable would you be with just going for the vaccine? Me, not so much..and I am not "anti-vaccine" so to speak...I AM "anti-vaccine PROGRAM" as it stands right now, until things are fully looked at, why oir kds reacted like this, and how there can be tests given prior to see if a kid is more prone to injury/etc...

Anyway, thanks for posting, and hopefully those within our community who don't get what we are about because you haven't seen a vaccine injury within your own child, hopefully they will also take a look here and try to's just hurtful that there are so many who have not experienced what we have, yet continue to call us and those medical doctors who have helped treat the medical condidiotns of our children "quacks" and tell us "how dare we want to see our kids as damaged or broken" that Autism is part of their personality and if we want a "cure" means we thunk our child is damaged/etc....

It's NOT our childs personality or behavior we are saying is damaged or broken,,but YES our children were DAMAGED by a vaccine injury...and YES if your child has not had a formed bowle movement in 2 years and cries in pain when going to the bathroom, when your son has raging yeast infections, when your child can't sleep more than 20-30 mintues or 3 hours in a day because they are screaming in pain, but lost their language and can't tell you why they are screaming...what would YOU do, walk away, shrug your shoulders and say "oh, it's just part of Autism?" certainly not!
But yet, we are judged like that from within the Autism community, and it stinks to say the least!
Anyway thanks for sharing and being open and listening. We are NOT quacks searching for money or whatever, In fact, we could all go away quietly and never speak out about is, we WERE the ones who fully vaccinated even AFTER the first signs of injury! No money to gain, not even the proper health care for our kids, nothing..BUT YET we are here hoping this NEVER happens again, to anyone else, ever again!


well said 4Bobby.. my son was born in 2003... After he regressed and was dxed in 2006, I was shocked to learn that this crisis had actually started in the early 90's. If only the gov't took the high road and took steps to correct the serious flaws in the vaccine program back then. Our kids lives may have turned out so differently. Now throwing kids under the bus for the sake of the herd has become public policy. Pathetic, shameful and criminal.

I completely agree with what Dr. Bridges said, it's immoral not to help these injured kids.


What's that you say, Dr. Goombah?

Is there a shot for Manic Virus?

I meant to type "Vaccine Injury Compensation Program." I guess "Autism Compensation Program" was wishful thinking.


I know some people feel it is necessary not to come across as "anti-vaccine" but the doctor/parent said it was IMMORAL not to compensate the children who are injured. Agreed. However, it is CRIMINAL to deny these injuries and allow them to continue over and over again. How many more children have been injured that could have been saved? How many parents have an autistic child? How many have more than one because of the governments denial of the role of vaccines? How many couples stopped having children after their first one became autistic because they were told it was genetic? Lives have been altered forever.

John Stone

I think Dr Coomer was awfully embarrassed: it was her job to speak the usual re-assuring platitudes and she could barely bring herself to do it - she faltered all the way. She must be considered one of the great truth tellers.

'The weight of this sad time we must obey:
Speak what we feel, not what we ought to say..."

Lear 5.3

Mom of two girls with autism, AKA Eileen

PS And, Angie, for that you should be "compensated" by the government. I don't want compensation for my kids, just good research into credible treatments, and lots of money devoted to programming.

Mom of two girls with autism, AKA Eileen

Thank you for your long and thoughtful response. I think you hit on something here....maybe your kids and mine have two totally different things. The more I read, the more I think that maybe you have children who have had terrible vaccine reactions. And the behaviors of autism are part of that. Maybe the huge schism in our autism community is because what you kids have is not autism as my kids have it. I just don't know. I do find it curious, however, that you reference information I put in a post that never made it on here. And you deleted a post from another person, after I pointed out that she made an angry, inappropriate comment about the doctor's child. And you never put that comment of mine on here as well. So, I wonder, if you are looking for the truth, why do you now let all sides have their say? I did not say anything inflammatory, just questioned certain tactics that do not reflect well on any good movement.

Finally, as someone who has worked with 100's of kids for over 12 years, and has two kids of my own on the spectrum, and has met dozens and dozens of parents of kids with ASD, I have not met anyone who had the specific vaccine reaction/autism symptoms you speak of. I think you are indeed seeing something other than typical autism.


It will interesting to see how the AAP.CDC.Pharma try to spin their way out of this.The doubt is building in the minds of thinking Americans and soon they will have no confidence at all in the vaccine program.
The army of 1 in 100 families continues to grow and soon they will be so large and so massive they will be unable to be ignored.


Dr. Sarah Bridges shows enormous courage and ethical character in speaking publicly about her vaccine-injured son. She wrote a heart-wrenching Washington Post article about him some years back. I commend her for honoring countless other families with her articulate presentations.


The key to this issue is the compensation - - if 1 in 110 (or more) kids were compensated at the appropriate level for the injuries caused by vaccines, the math and "benefit" of herd immunity would go right down the drain (where it belongs)!

Is there a shot for Manic Virus?

A humorous aside:

In his blog criticizing tomorrow's press conference, Panic Virus author Seth Mnookin just violated one of the tenets of ND-ism by comparing autism to cancer (!!) Don't we get beat up every time we draw any kind of comparison between autism and cancer?? Well now Seth Mnookin did it and I don't see any ND outrage over it.

He explains that the autism compensation program is way too complicated for us plebians to understand - and then he provides an analogy to help our tiny brains comprehend the system - comparing autism to (drumroll please)..... BRAIN CANCER! (He also compares compensable brain damage to eyestrain, if you can wrap your head around that analogy.)

Thanks Seth for Mnaakin my Day!


Again....... the A word has to go. Parents need to start suing doctors who give the label to their children. It is a word that is being used to prevent treatment,... a word that is meant for people who have a brain disorder,,, not a physical injury. Sue you doctor if they gave your child this label. Only when the word is shunned will the truly sick children get the medial attention they need.


'AKA Eileen'

I think you should probably go back and watch that interview again, I think you may have misunderstood greatly what they were trying to say....

Specifically in your post you said, "As a teacher and parent, I am not sure how that mother has received an autism diagnosis for a boy so severely affected with a multitude of disabilities that he is in an institution. "
*I do not understand what you are saying here, a child with Autism CAN have other co-existing conditions. Also, many children/adults who have been injured by a vaccine(s) OFTEN have several different injuries/side effects and ongoing injuries that can and do last a lifetime.

Then you wrote: "The mom mentions severe mental retardation as part of his situation. I have researched when the CDC "compensates" parents, as if there is such a thing. It only happens when kids have horrific, immediate, and debilitating reactions to vaccinations, the kind they caution you about when you have your child vaccinated. I suspect the parents tomorrow will be those of such tragic kids."
*I think you meant to say the US DOJ compensates, not CDC, right? And your point about the parents and children that are going to be there tomorrow ARE parents whose children DID suffer a terrible injury, like those you discuss, however, it's NEVER been honestly and full truth info or risks/benefit info given for an Individual child, and I NEVR would have guessed just HOW PREVELENT AUTISM and the other SEVERE medical injuries even COULD BE a result of a vaccine! Had I, or many of us here, known that from the start we could have gotten very quick care and possible prevention of long term injuries because we would have been aware what to really look for! and like so many of us once it WAS looked back upon, and could be found out to have resulted from a vaccine injury, it's well last the statue of '3 years from the date ofthe first symptom'....probably why many do not want parents and regular docs to be 'too aware of' so they would tip us of to be ABLE to file any claims...but yet, in the long term it's probably SOOOO much cheaper in solo any ways to make parents and docs aware of ALL possible injuries and side effects, without eliminating anything, including a possible vaccine Injury/reaction so they can help the child recover/prevent any further injury! I know personally my two boys BOTH were injured by vaccines and after the first set that pushed them over the edge so to speak, they got progressively worse and worse and further declining in health with each additional vaccine, it wasn't till later, after all vaccines were given thru toddler years did we and our medical docs look back and connectthe dots, more parents and docs NEED TO BE TOLD THE FULL truth and be able to weigh the guidelinesfor each child, plain and simple. It becomes a HUMAN TRAGEDY when his mom clearly states, that most people understand there WILL be some people who will have significant reactions and injuries, nothing is 100% for 100% of people 100% of the time, BUT the tragedy is that there are people and the DOJ who refuse to even consider it when the word 'autism' is involved? A HUGE knifei the backsof our children who were sacrificed in order for the better of public health, yet are thrown away be aide of fear of how things would look? It's not anywhere NEAR EASY to get an autism diagnosis, so I amnit sure what they should be so scared of, sure some would try to get a free ride, but would literally be impossible to get a fake autism dx AND have the corresponding medical evidence of a vaccine injury, so it's not like they couldn figure out how many of us are out here! And I think it would givenew parents more confidence in a system that says 'we are sorry this happened, we will make sure going forward it doesn't happen again to more'...BUT if a child is injured, they WILL be taken care of. Plain and simple.

Then you said:
"I do not believe it will be parents of children with solely an autism diagnosis.
Unfortunately, Fox News is framing it that way for ratings. I don't believe it will be enlightening or vindicating in the way it is advertised. Just more sad news."

Again, I am confused, because I can speak for my family and probably the majority of others here who do not think that there child has autism therefore had a vaccine injury...we have medical proof of a vaccine injury, whether seizures, very high fevers and encephalitis and other severe i juries/reactions to a specific vaccine or combo of vaccines, that resulted in our child's Autism and other health issues...Which is exactly how Fox states it here and how at least am viewing it, so I would like to know what you think is misleading about it for ratings?
Just because a child has Autism does not mean they had a vaccine Injury, could that be why you think they are saying? I bet that's it (correct me please) that because you are also not aware of the coexisting registering and terrible medical conditions resulting from vaccine injuries that our children are suffering from, which were directly from vaccines that also resulted in their autism, probably why you mentioned earlier that 'those moms Are talking About the really serious kinds of reactions they tell you about'...which is actually WHAT WE ARE talking about...

I am happy to hear your 2 girls donot seem to haves y coexisting medical issues with or from a vaccine injury...but unfortunetly if you think Fox or the other parents who've been fighting this battle, that we have kids with 'just autism'...because we have medically sick, vaccine injured children whose vaccine(s) caused Terrible medical injuries which resultedin their therefore I'm kw families like mine and many here do feel that finally storiesike ours will be shown to have already been compensated for....


"...when kids have horrific, immediate, and debilitating reactions to vaccinations, the kind they caution you about when you have your child vaccinated."

For the record, the reactions they caution about are anaphylactic shock allergic type reactions and pain and swelling at the injection site.

Pediatricians do not as a rule caution parents about encephalopathic reactions and this is a great tragedy.

I had to read a baby health book in a panic to find out that the hours of screaming after my child's shots were in fact a systemic reaction to those shots. I was never told anything about the extreme side effects I witnessed as a possibility, and I'm sure I know why. Because parents might actually give pause before giving their child shots if brain damage is a readily acknowledged rare but possible side effect of vaccines.

Adam M

@ my FB post
Dr Comer, dysarthria and aphasia are signs of Hg poisoning. Just sayin', maybe they got you too?


Dr. Coomer could hardly make a complete sentence on her own until she got to the AAP official line of vaccine bullshit.

She said "they have to use statistics" (while avoiding their own CDC vaccine data) or what the see happen to children in their offices, over and over and over...

BS and statistics, not real science, is their only way out of what has been done.

Another A-Speaks study on NBC news today... this time in South Korea... they can't even seem to find the right country.

Julie Leonardo

Eileen, do you really think that all of the cases are going to end up like that? Do you think that he has something else and not autism? Autism is brain damage, pure and simple. So whether or not it causes minimal damage or profound damage, it's still Autism. We don't have a video of this woman's child in order to make that diagnosis ourselves, but most kids with Autism suffer from some sort of combo of seizures, gut dysfunction and the like. Some are even damaged cognitively. I guess I just don't know where you are coming from......

Adam M

@ JEN Poor Dr. Coomer was completely tongue-tied in having to spew out the lying bullshit that is the AAP, AMA party line.

It's sad to watch someone's soul die right in front of you. There's a girl having an attack of the conscience if I've ever seen one. In the end ALL credibility will lost. A humble heart could change that. What was it Dr. Etzel said so many years ago. - Show contrition.

Mom of two girls with autism, AKA Eileen

I think I have been censured. So this may not post. I watched the Fox interview, and it was heartbreaking. As a teacher and parent, I am not sure how that mother has received an autism diagnosis for a boy so severely affected with a multitude of disabilities that he is in an institution. The mom mentions severe mental retardation as part of his situation. I have researched when the CDC "compensates" parents, as if there is such a thing. It only happens when kids have horrific, immediate, and debilitating reactions to vaccinations, the kind they caution you about when you have your child vaccinated. I suspect the parents tomorrow will be those of such tragic kids. I do not believe it will be parents of children with solely an autism diagnosis.
Unfortunately, Fox News is framing it that way for ratings. I don't believe it will be enlightening or vindicating in the way it is advertised. Just more sad news.

Christina Liberatore

Are you kidding me? Autism isn't brain damage - pleeze! What is it?-- Hip damage? Semanitics is right. We are all for evidence-based science but let's not look at just some of it. "Smacks of a cover up." Your're damn right!


I still think its hysterical that they are DENYING ever compensating an "Autism" case! I saw the email "statement" from david on behalf of the HRSA,on Generation Rescue's site here:

and srill cant believe they just are still obviously playing WORD GAMES with our kids health and families ability to help and provide for our injured kids!
I mean, it CLEARLY states, on the NVICP website, on page 7 of the "Autism Genral Order #1", the entire last paragraph of page 7 is about Autism cases!

"Autism cases involving Table Injuries have been compensated under the Program."

I dont care HOW they say it, or if they want to put it into any "order" to make it "look like" autism is never "caused by vaccines", when in reality they ARE! Ok, so Hanna had enceph that from the vaccines and an "underlying unknown" mito disorder (according to the courts) "caused" her Autism, rather than saying the vaccines caused her autism...same difference when it comes to the foinding rules/regulations set up for the Vaccine Program to begin with!

Its sad that any of us can take our case and match up with a correspondng compensated case, we use the "word" Autism, we fail/etc BUT those who never mention the word Autism but sumply describe all symptoms of autism instead they DO GET compenated, why? Because it certainly could then be debated in the media as "see there are not any cases compensated due to Autism" THANKS TO THOSE WHO TOOK THE TIME to do this research, cade by case, i am happy its getting out, more than it has in the past....

I just couldnt read Davids email statement on GR's site and then NOT post the info for Autism General Order #1, where its DIRECTLY stated that they HAVE/DO compensate "Autism cases involving Tabke Injuries..."

Its maddening (as u all understand) that its RIGHT THERE IN BLACK AND WHITE in SO many various cases/examples/tv interviews/studies/etc JUST HOW obvious the word games are...

Sick. I hope tomorrows news conference is out and LOUD.

Mom to Ethan, Alex, and Megan


Go Dr. bridges and all you other brave parents!! I think you're absolutely right to speak out even though, and maybe even because they have especially cautioned you against it. The truth is with you and it shows. Have peace in that. Poor Dr. Coomer was completely tongue-tied in having to spew out the lying bullshit that is the AAP, AMA party line.

richard p milner

The audio is blocked. What can you do to fix?


The second segment that she mentions (with the two Doctors) is the one to see. One doctor is a parent who received settlement and is part of the press conference tomorrow.


Hey- Trace called Wakefield a "prominent scientist"- not a "discredited" one. I guess he didn't get the memo.

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