Time To Revisit Deer's Claims That Wakefield Fabricated His Findings: Part 2
Northern Ireland Vaccine Reactions Report with Jackie Fletcher and MMR Injured Son

Fox Boston: Autism Vaccine Link A New Investigation

Thank you to Heather McLennand and Dr. Richard Deth for this appearance on Fox.


Deth: "The CDC has an agenda and the agenda of the CDC is to vaccinate. And the kind of studies that they typically run are epidemiological data base studies. They aren't the same as studying individual kids with autism and seeing what's wrong with them. The CDC has a supposed motivation for a cover-up in a certain way, but in fact, they're missing the boat when it comes to really understanding what causes autism at the individual child level."

"We need to admit what the real causes are before we know what to test for. Hopefully we'll get to that point and hopefully the government will come clean on this and will understand the risks of vaccination and deal with that." .


Sandy Gottstein

If you want to encourage people to thank Fox News for their coverage, I have set up a page you can send people to, using the info provided by A-CHAMP:

Amy Stoutjesdyk

Thanks to Dr. Deth, SafeMinds, and all of the many people involved in putting together this data to get the truth out. Let's see if we can put the full court press on as a community and take advantage of the upcoming election cycles.


"Are you afraid that this information will get out and less people will vaccinate their kids and we will have sicker kids as a result?"

My response to the reporter: "I can't imagine sicker kids than those of my children's generation. Why aren't you more afraid of why they are so sick than of making them sicker?"

I no longer ask the question of how many kids it will take before people become outraged. I now know they won't become upset or pay attention until it happens to their family. We have become a selfish, complacent, and conforming society. Sadly, I think every family is going to be dealing with this someday if we continue to give away our power and choices for our children.

In The King's Speech, the Doctors recommended smoking! Remember leeches? What about bloodletting? WHY do we continue to give them our trust? Almost every story I hear, including mine, was "I knew better but I let them convince me otherwise."

Never again will I let someone convince of something I know is not true. Follow your own truth.


While I admire the courage of parents like Heather McLennand, and the intellectual of integrity of people like Dr. Deth, I cringe when I hear the parent of a vaccine injured child say they’re pro-vaccine. That to me, is an un believable testament to how much we’ve been brainwashed.

Vaccines are either dangerous or they're not, there is no “somewhat safe” middle ground. My son's experience has taught me that they are incredibly dangerous, and I’d consider myself a hippocrate if I ever spoke in favor of vaccines to another parent. There is zero scientific proof that vaccines even work, and it makes no sense to hold on to the notion that something so dangerous, could ever be so fundamental to the “greater public good”.

When we argue that our children have been injured by vaccines, we often present to an audience whose paradigm has been sculpted by a relentless, dishonest media. Our message makes them uncomfortable, and sometimes even terrifies them at the thought of less obvious damage that may have been inflicted on their vaccinated children. They’re often leery before before we even start. So when we start by saying that our children are vaccine injured, and then we end by saying that we’re in favor of letting other parents expose their children to the same risks... doesn’t that undermine what we’re trying to accomplish?

Thanks to people like Dr. Deth and Dr Ratajczak, we are making incredible gains. But the only way to expose the truth is to expose ALL of it. For the sake of future generations, people need to realize the entire reality of the vaccine lie.


Heather's story highlights the reason that doctor's freedom from liability for vaccine damage is dangerous to babies. She told the doctor that her baby was reacting badly to vaccines, over and over and over. The doctor told her, over and over and over that this was okay. Until finally the baby became chronically ill...and I bet the doctor says it has nothing to do with vaccines.



I hope Dr. Deth's words ripple all the way down here, especially his comments about the CDC and their agenda.

The future now looks a little brighter for my (9 yr old, Pervasive Developmental Disorder, Global Development Delay, Autistic Disorder, Non-verbal & vaccine injured) son, given the revolutions that have occurred over the last couple of days.

Elizabeth - AussieMum

Phoenix Mom

My hats off to the interviewer for appearing to be objective. I wish, however, that people would stop feeling like they have to say vaccines are important. Handwashing is important, clean water is important, nutrition is important. Vaccines are about $$$$$. Cheers to you Dr. Deth and thank you to Heather for putting her story out there.

kathy blanco

Vaccination keeps people powerless and dependent upon external authorities. As long as I behave as a sheep, there will be a shepherd to abuse me. The role of any government has always been that of a shepherd with his flock. His only purpose is to shear the sheep until there is no more wool, and then to lead them to the slaughterhouse, while pretending that it is for their own good.

Dr Deth, thanks for stopping the slaughter. OR should I say, the slow kill?


Dr. Deth you are amazing.

Adam M

Wonderful, simply wonderful.

Anne McElroy Dachel

Dr. Deth is but one example of the courageous experts out there who do not blindly follow the denials of those with everything at stake in this. I intend to cite his words whenever reporters try to tell us that all the science is in.
Anne Dachel

Heather White

Holy Crap!!!! Am I hearing this right?? Was this actually an honest discussion?? Is it posable that the tide has truly turned???


Agreeing with John Stone...this has been a long time coming, and it feels uplifting. Tears pouring down my face as I try to write...of joy? Sort of, if ther eis any joy to be found.


Dr. Deth is DA MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Dr. Deth

Academic freedom is alive and well at Northeastern University where researchers are allowed to research and even speak about what they deem important. Compare that to Yale (which has become better known for the celebrities' children who attend it than for scientists who question mainstream dogma).

Sandra OMalley

Dr. Deth is my hero.

John Stone

I have waited many years for this: to see a senior scientist go and say these things in a mainstream forum, and be treated with respect.

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