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Congratulations Jake Crosby, Brandeis Graduate!

Graduation Aof A Contributing Editor Jake Crosby is graduating from college today!!  He'll be receiving a BA, with a double major in History and Health: Science Society and Policy. Brandeis University's 60th commencement will be live-streamed at 10:30 a.m., if you'd like to catch Yo-Yo Ma playing the cello among others receiving honorary degrees. 

Jake will receive his diploma later in the day at one of the University's mini-commencement ceremonies for individual departments (not live-streamed). In the fall, he will be attending the MPH epidemiology program at The George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services.

A message from Jake to his readers:

Thank you all for your support throughout my college experience!


LJ Goes

Jake, Meeting you was the highpoint of my A1 experience! You, my friend ARE A ROCK STAR!!!!! Thank you for all you do. My son will have a better life because of YOUR WORK!

Best, LJ Goes


OUTSTANDING Jake! Congratulations!!!!! I wish you much success and happiness.

Gayle DeLong

You are indeed an inspiration. We're delighted you are putting your many talents to very good use.

Teresa Conrick

Congratulations, Jake! Your plan looks like a good one and I wish you much success and happiness!

Anne McElroy Dachel


You're incredible.


Jake Crosby

Thank you for all your kind words. This may be the end of my college experience but not the end of my contributions to Age of Autism - look forward to seeing you all at AutismOne this week!


Congratulations, Jake!! Very happy for you.

Aimee Doyle

Jake -- You are an incredible young man -- and I wish you my best congratulations and best wishes for the future.

My own son, Rory, who is 21, and significantly autistic, thanks you too for all you have done.

Aimee Doyle

Lisa@ TACA

Jake - I am not your mom but I am very, very proud of you. Congratulations!


Congratulations Jake!



Bravo Jake, good job now on to the Pulitzer Prize



Congrats! You are an inspiration. I look forward to future articles. God bless you.


Way to go Jake! So happy for you and for what you have accomplished!



Congratulations Jake "mate" all the way from "down under"



Congratulations, Jake, on all you've accomplished!

Donna K

Congratulations Jake! So proud of you for your achievements and so grateful that you made time in what must have been a very demanding schedule to contribute so much to unveiling the truth about the age of autism.

 Mom and Dad

What a journey it's been! We love you so much!

Hugs, tears, love,

Sarah L'Heureux

Congratulations, Jake!
Many blessings to you for what we know will be a brilliant, productive and inspiring career. Please continue to contribute to AofA whenever you can, as we simply cannot do without you!

Donna L.

Congratulations, Jake! Public Health could certainly use a Jake Crosby or two (or a hundred...)

Katie Wright

way to go Jake!!!!!!


Well done, Jake! Go for it!

Carolyn M

Congratulations, Jake! Wishing you all the best.

Wade Rankin

Congratulations, Jake!!! You've distinguished yourself in so many facets of your life already. I can't wait to watch for your future contributions.


So proud of you Jake!!! I really, really am. A big hearty congratulations to you!!! I hope you keep writing for AoA even in grad school!


You are so awesome. Thank. You for sharing! :

Kim Rosenberg

Congratulations Jake! So excited that you are continuing your studies in public health.


Last week , while assisting with my son's class, there was a little boy who said, "I don't even know you", to begin every sentence when he spoke to me. He liked me being there, he liked it when I won the little game, and each time when he liked me doing , helping or winning he couldn't understand it himself, hence, the "I don't even know you". He asked me my name, though I had a tag on , he read it over a few times, said it a few times too. We take it for granted what he was learning, that sometimes people outside of our own lives can be rooted for, cheered on, and liked, even when we don't know them. Congrats for such a wonderful accomplishment and I wish you many, many more, even though "I don't even know you".


Thank you, Jake, for choosing further studies in Public Health; your presence will help leaven the whole. Congratulations on your graduation -- it's a pivotal achievement milestone. Enjoy your day!


Congraduations on finishing what you started and two big degrees at that !
I hope that you will not have nightmares for years to come like I have had.
I used to dream a lot about going to class only to find out that they are giving an exam or a term paper is due and I did not even know it!

Here is a little poem/prayer that our pastor gave to our recent grads today.

Now I Lay Me
Down to Study,
I Pray the Lord I
Won't Go Nutty.

If I Should Fail to
Learn this Junk,
I Pray the Lord
I Will Not Flunk.

But If I Do,
Don't Pity Me at All,
Just Lay My Bones
In the Study Hall.

Tell My Prof
I Did My Best,
Then Pile My
Books upon My Chest.

Now I Lay Me
Down to Rest,
And Pray I'll Pass
Tomorrow's Test.

If I Should Die Before I Wake,
That's One less Test I'll Have to Take.

Jake: Congrads again!

Ginger Taylor

I am so proud of our Jake!

Dan E. Burns -

I'm proud of you, Jake, and you give me hope. Hope to see you at AutismOne.


Congrats, Jake! Onwards and upwards!


All my best wishes and hopes tucked in an envelope and stuffed in your pocket to keep you moving towards the bright future that lay ahead of you.


What an incredible guy! Very best wishes and congratulations! The world is a better place because with you in it. I see big things coming your way.


Congratulations, Jake!! The world's a better place with you in the field of public health! Thank you for all your great articles, and it will be interesting to see where further education leads you! All the very best to you, and enjoy D.C.!


Woot!! Jake you are fantastic!! So excited for you!!!!!

Cat Jameson

Congratulations, Jake!


Oh the places you'll go! Congratulations Jake, Brandeis has been very lucky to have you and they will come to know this more and more as you do great things in the coming years!


Good for you! And am glad you are going into Public Health!


Congratulations Jake! Go Get Em


Congratulations, Jake!

Maurine Meleck

Congratulations, Jake. Will you still be at A1?

Alison MacNeil

Big congratulations to you Jake, so glad to know you!

Theresa O

Congratulations, Jake! I have been so impressed by your pieces on AoA, and the way you look beneath the surface, and question everything. I always learn something from your articles.

I wish you the best of luck at GW, and I hope we will still hear from you!

John Stone

Shall be watching Jake,


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