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Autism, Bizarre Estrogen Dominance and Seizures

Ceil's sketch of meg 
By Teresa Conrick

The sketch you see of my daughter, Megan, was done by my neighbor, Ceil, when Megan was eight.  She used a photo as Meg was never able to pose and Ceil wanted to capture the sense of Megan's autism.  I think the likeness is stunning and the message haunting.  Meg is unable to speak and yet she wants to desperately. Ceil and her family moved in 2004, right as my marriage was moving into divorce court.  It was a hard year and honestly, this year may top it.

Megan is now eighteen and as I have written here Hormones Seizures and Autism a Dangerous Mix sheCatamenial seizure  began to have Catemenial Epilepsy in the Summer of 2010. It is an extremely unusual type of epilepsy as it comes violently, strikingly and fortunately, only one time monthly, announcing the rise of estrogen and impending ovulation.  Megan is a victim of injuries to her body brought on by vaccines as a baby/toddler and this latest assault, like a sniper rising out of the shadows each month, is a reminder of why autism is so very dramatic in its medical and behavioral picture. 

We completed a month of hormone testing to be able to get a more comprehensive view of what could be happening to cause Megan to violently convulse into a grand mal type seizure, leaving her incapacitated and then into a deep, deep sleep for hours.  Before I share that data and a possible source of this mysterious medical monster, let me describe the behaviors that have been happening, especially since autism has been historically branded as "psychiatric" and the medical horrors downplayed as "anecdotal."

My sweet daughter who has no words is charming and beautiful but this experience has turned her personality into Mr. Hyde as the hormones surge.  As we get closer to Meg's period, she begins to snort Meg's Estrogen Graph out of her nose loudly and often.  Any professionally-trained DSM follower, would call this a "stim" or possibly "repetitive" behavior but they would be wrong.  You see, as Meg's potent levels of hormones begin their crazy climb, estrogen especially, causes nasal swelling:

"ORL J Otorhinolaryngol Relat Spec. 2000 Jan-Feb;62(1):39-42.

Nasal Mucosal Swelling and Reactivity During a Menstrual Cycle.
CONCLUSION: There is a connection between high oestrogen level and nasal mucosal reactivity."

Another "behavior" is wetting and I mean frequent, horribly smelling and like clockwork each month.  Again, easy to say that this is autism, a "developmental disability", thus issues of toileting would be included but again, they would be wrong.  This is a young woman who knows how to use the toilet but something happens in tandem to the hormone surges.  In keeping with the theme:

Tufts Mast Cell Inflammation HERE

"Critical Role Of Mast Cells In Inflammatory Diseases And The Effect Of Acute Stress"

Hormones and Mast Cells

"The bladder has a surprisingly high number of estrogen receptors which make the bladder sensitive to variations in estrogen levels found during the menstrual cycle. Why? The bladder, urethra, vagina and vulva are all part of the urogenital sinus, and began as one small cell in a fetus which later divided to create each organ. Thus it is not suprising that the bladder can be so sensitive to estrogen. High estrogen levels activate mast cells and can cause IC patients to experience an increase in pain, pressure and frequency. Many IC patients endure an increase in bladder symptoms during the times of the month when their estrogen levels are high, particularly in the days before their period"....."These finding could be important in view of the fact that mast cells express estrogen receptors."

Interesting, significant and follows into the autism research on mast cell activation, too.  Another "autism behavior", THE DSM, Kanner, APA home run to autism - "encompassing preoccupation with one or more stereotyped and restricted patterns of interest that is abnormal either in intensity or focus." So at our house, as Megan's estrogen levels increase , you would see urine accidents, hear increasing nasal snorting and have to deal with the "abnormal, stereotyped and restricted pattern of interest" that Megan gets each month - rubber bands.  Yes, another odd autism trait.  She becomes obsessed with them and as the seizure gets closer with the toxic estrogen amounts, she will seek me out to get them, drop then down the laundry chute and be back to me in 30 seconds.  This can go on for hours and can lead to frustration and aggression for Megan as she becomes the sorcerer's apprentice in Fantasia.  Is that autism or a person trapped in a chemical stew causing odd and debilitating behaviors?  For any of you reading this, many of you are screaming ... " but it's bacteria, like STREP, (P.A.N.D.A.S)., Clostridia",affecting the basal ganglia - and those would be correct but so is estrogen: - Pubmed HERE:

"Recent research suggests that estrogen regulates the activity of dopamine-containing fibers originating in the midbrain and terminating in the basal ganglia, and/or dopamine-sensitive cells in the basal ganglia. The mechanism by which estrogen acts is not clear, since cells in neither of these regions concentrate estrogens. Nevertheless, estrogens clearly affect behaviors mediated by the basal ganglia, as illustrated in human patients suffering from extrapyramidal disorders. Both biochemical and behavioral research in animals has confirmed that estrogen modulates basal ganglia function, but there has not been agreement concerning either the locus, the direction, or the mechanism of its action."

and an example:

"An unusual cause of recurrent chorea"  Recurrent Chorea

"Recurrent chorea is described in a 61-year-old woman who had had chorea gravidarum when she was younger. The recurrent chorea appeared to be induced by a topical vaginal cream that contained conjugated estrogen. This case is consistent with the existence of a recurrent syndrome of hormone-induced chorea. The effect of estrogen on the basal ganglia is complex and not fully understood."

So let me share the results of the testing so you can see how these extreme behaviors then match the extreme nature of what is happening to my daughter's body and brain.  Some people may say that estrogen is just in the environment more and girls are just more exposed today.  I don't feel that is accurate in explaining what I see in Megan's case.  I have added some research that seems to match much of Megan's symptoms and the data regarding her hormones.  Since Megan had all but two of her vaccines with Thimerosal, the vaccine mercury, many of her medical, behavioral and now -- hormonal -- symptoms can be eerily connected to mercury.  Those who worship vaccines and the companies that financially benefit may attempt to deny that Thimerosal could do what mercury does.  That would be an oxymoron in more than one way.

Handbook On The Toxicology Of Metals: HERE- "Mercury vapor exposure resulted in prolonged estrous cycles and alterations in progesterone and estradiol levels"

- "a number of effects have been described in animals exposed to mercury, including alterations in ovulation and estrous cycle"

Megan's Hormone Results:

Estradiol Analysis:  - Range: 22-110pg  Megan - Total Cycle Estradiol Output:    162pg

- Progesterone to Estrogen Balance (P/E2) Luteal P/E2 Target Range: 30-40  

- Megan Progesterone to Estrogen (P/E2) : 6             

Follicular Estrogen Priming Index: a quantitation of Estrogen exposure in target tissues (uterus, breast, brain, bone, skin etc) during the follicular phase: 

- Reference:   1032-5160     Patient Value:    8373

Laboratory Impressions:                                        

-"Bizarre Estradiol Pattern, Not Typical of Normal Cycle"
 -"Possible Double Ovulation"
 -"Possible Insufficient Drop in Estradiol in Luteal Phase"

"The endocrine effects of mercury in humans and wildlife" March 2009 '

The specific affinity that Hg has for the endocrine system, including the hypothalamus, pituitary gland, and ovaries, affects multiple endpoints in female reproduction."  ....."Hg exposure can interfere with the production of estrogen in females, resulting in reduced numbers, size, and quality of eggs produced. Several studies have demonstrated that ovary development, egg production, and menstrual cycles can be severely altered in females following exposure to Hg."  ..."The differences in effects on ovulation between MeHg and inorganic-Hg exposure are not easily explained, but Lamperti and Niewenhuis (1976) suggest that HgCl2 may have more potent effects on the HPG (ovarian) axis than MeHg has. This is a possible explanation for why HgCl2 inhibits ovulation despite a relatively low level of ovarian accumulation compared with MeHg, which does not delay or affect ovulation."  ...."It has been suggested that Hg exposure causes fluctuations in the progesterone content in the corpora lutea via damage to the luteal-cell membrane. As a result, the cellular metabolism needed for steroid production is unable to function normally (Lamperti and Printz, 1973). Altered progesterone levels have been seen in a range of species, including rat, hamster, harp seal, and catfish, following exposure to Hg (Table 2; Davis et al., 2001; Freeman et al., 1975; Kirubagaran and Joy, 1995; Lamperti and Printz, 1973). Kirubagaran and Joy (1995) observed a decrease in cholesterol in the ovaries of catfish following exposure to both organic and inorganic Hg. Hg-induced inhibition of steroidogenesis results from a reduction in free cholesterol and esterified cholesterol, which are precursors for steroid hormone synthesis. It also causes inhibition of 3-HSD activity, which is the enzyme that catalyzes the conversion of pregnenolone to progesterone, as shown in the catfish (Clarias batrachus) (Kirubagaran and Joy, 1988b)."

A little information on Progesterone, which as you can see, Megan is very low in and will be the treatment that hopefully will end this nightmare of related medical behaviors and seizures.

BiomedicLabs HERE

"Progesterone is made from pregnenolone, which in turn comes from cholesterol. Production occurs at several places. In the women, it is primarily made in the ovaries just before ovulation and increasing rapidly after ovulation. It is also made in the adrenal glands in both sexes and in the testes in males."....",progesterone acts as an antagonist to estrogen. For example, estrogen stimulates breast cysts while progesterone protects against breast cysts. Estrogen enhances salt and water retention while progesterone is a natural diuretic. Estrogen has been associated with breast and endometrial cancers, while progesterone has a cancer preventive effect. Studies have shown that pre-menopausal women who were deficient in progesterone had 5.4 times the risk of breast cancer compared to healthy women."


"Emerging data indicate that progesterone has multiple non-reproductive functions in the central nervous system to regulate cognition, mood, inflammation, mitochondrial function, neurogenesis and regeneration, myelination and recovery from traumatic brain injury.".....'Remarkably, progesterone receptors (PRs) are broadly expressed throughout the brain and can be detected in every neural cell type. The distribution of PRs beyond hypothalamic borders, suggests a much broader role of progesterone in regulating neural function. Despite the large body of evidence regarding progesterone regulation of reproductive behaviors and estrogen-inducible responses as well as effects of progesterone metabolite neurosteroids, much remains to be discovered regarding the functional outcomes resulting from activation of the complex array of PRs in brain by gonadally and/or glial derived progesterone.

As you can see, my daughter Megan is very ill with dangerously high estrogen levels.  Her DHEA level was also high at 23 ng/ml when the reference range is 3-10 ng/ml.  DHEA is also a neurosteroid, the major secretory steroid produced in the adrenal glands, the gonads and the brain.  When Meg is in the toxic trance for days, with severe OCD, flat affect, rigid body movements, limited eye contact, poor eating, urine accidents, aggression, etc,. it is horrible and heartbreaking. This is autism at its worst but in reality, this is a medical cascade of symptoms that connects toxins, hormones, the body and the brain, and if we see it in that way, the correct way, there are solutions and treatments to help these canaries of the autism epidemic. Mumford and Son's have a song called, "The Cave," and it has become our theme song.  The words speak to the journey we are on:

Because I need freedom now,  And I need to know how, To live my life as it's meant to be

But I will hold on hope, And I won't let you choke, On the noose around your neck


Teresa Conrick is a Contributing Editor to Age of Autism.



Thank you for sharing your story. I’m happy to hear you’ve found some relief and responsive treatment for your daughter. I’ve had catamenial epilepsy since my first period. I get it at ovulation and before my period starts. I’m not autistic but I thought I’d share some of my experience as it relates to your story. I’ve had catamenial epilepsy for 16 years. I’ve had a couple seizures I’m lucky to have survived. When all of this first started for me, years ago, doctors didn’t know what was happening and neither did I or my family. I’m not autistic but I remember in my teen years I would wake up wet in the bed and I could not understand why? I was so confused as to why this problem was starting in my teen years. Little did I know, I was seizing in my sleep at that time. I don’t always per during a seizure but there have been several occasions where I’ve been unconscious and lost control of my daughter. I’d absolutely agree it’s related. On a second note, I had a severe life threatening reaction to the OLD version of the DTAP vaccine when I was a baby. Another child in my family died from the same vaccine. I was hospitalized but I survived. They have since changed the formula. So, for years I assumed I had epilepsy because of that vaccine. Even though I was too young to remember the events that happened, I do remember my first aura before an episode and I remember that needle going in and then the first time I felt aura and something was wrong in my body. However..... years later after genetic test became easily attainable, I learned that I had a double gene for estrogen sensitivity. This makes more sense for me than the vaccine because I’m extremely intolerant of any estrogen whatsoever. I cannot even tolerate plant estrogens. If you give me an allergy test, I will respond to every phytoestrogens. I have to be very very careful about plants and ingredients because of this. Any soy will make me sick and quickly too! I still think about the vaccine sometimes but... I’m more focused now on how to get offf my AEDs. AEDs changed my life and gave me so much freedom and worry from seizures but I will never know if a natural treatment will work if I don’t try! Best of luck to meg and you.

Linda Matthews

I just came across this and will be reading more. I started figuring out that I was likely in the spectrum at age 59 and that that and it's myriad aspects were the cause of my going onto disability thirty years ago. I myself have had estrogen issues (I suspect from liver damage caused by advanced hemochromatosis) that included horrific never ending migraines that lasted nearly a decade during menopause. Nothing worked. Then I tried the herb vitex, aka chaste tree berry. That changed everything! Hope this helps as it really worked for me. Also, thanks for sharing what you have learned. It has definitely been elucidating for me.

Teresa Conrick

Hi Sandy,

Yes, Meg is better as she was put on Progesterone to balance and also supplements like this one.

BUT I have found out that much of this is caused by the gut microbiome. Putting a focus on that has helped much.


Update on your daughter. We're you able to achieve hormone balance and improvement of Autism symptoms.

Sue Gazzara

Have you had your daughter's vitamin d levels checked? I have to thank you so much you pointed us in the right direction.

Teresa Conrick

Hi Carolyn.

Thanks for your nice comment. I agree that soy for some of our kids, can cause reactions. It makes sense based on what the research shows. Meg can't tolerate it.

Carolyn Coughlin

After reading this, I wonder if soy (a phytoestrogen) is causing wetting issues in my son. I have allowed my GFCF son to have non-GMO soy milk as he avoids meat and I thought it was a good source of protein even though I know many didn't agree with it. But he has wetting accidents and now I wonder if that's why? THe soy affecting the bladder. No more soy for my son.

Terese, thank you for this brilliant groundbreaking research. I hope to God it helps lead to treatments to save your daughter and family from this cyclical ordeal. Thank you for thinking out of the box.


You may want to look into these two ideas, although I already mentioned Olmesartan, I did not give any other connections to chemistry that would indicate why it might be helpful in Megan's case. The Olmesartan - Angiotensin - Vassopressin - Nitric Oxide -Nitric Acid - Ammonia relatioship is more about upstream effects and trying it would take time to see effects. But, it may be good to try Ornithine Alpha-Ketoglutarate, Niacin in the form of inositol hexanicotinate, and if constipation add Lactulose to lower ammoni production from gut microbes.
The latter approach can help with toxix buildup that can help the doy deal with the upstream effects better. Also, given your study, you may know about these ideas to some degree, esp. the latter one.


Donna , it does not matter if strep titles are low. those responsible for the symptoms are the antibrain- antibodies: check if your daughter falls under the category PANDAS , I suggest you the test of dr.Cunningham.

Donna K

P.S. My daughter also has urinary incontinence--just prior to her cycle starting including the first few days of her cycle. This is notable for her because she has mostly experienced urinary retention problems that are exacerbated interestingly enough by antihistamines and meds that have anticholinergic activity. This UT is a fairly new development in the past year. I had suspected that it was some sort of excess oxalate issue but couldn't always correlate it with dietary exposures. One of her OAT panels captured an urine oxalate level in the high range of normal so I assumed something pushed it into the symptomatic range.

So could this mean her estrogen doesn't drop in unison with progesterone (thereby remaining unnaturally too high) at the tail end of the luteal phase and the difference in the ratio between the two hormones is so large that the UT then occurs?

Teresa Conrick

Hi Nick,

Thank you. Yes, I have thought about that and will be looking into it more. It's great so many care about our kids.

Teresa Conrick

Hi Donna-

Please feel free to email me.

[email protected]

Donna K

Thank you for efforts in continuing to share the insights you've gained researching this understudied complication of autism that also similarly plays a huge part in my daughter's suffering. My daughter has the catamenial complication to her epilepsy too. In the two years leading up to her menstrual cycle starting she was experiencing two episodes of grand mal seizures every month, matching Chart B's catamenial highlights. Like Megan, my daughter (who will turn 16 next month) will complain about her nose feeling stuffy (not runny) but I didn't realize it could be associated with monthly estrogen fluctuations. My daughter also doesn't have very good verbal skills but will bring my attention to this when she uses a tissue to blow her nose and finding no relief she'll tell me "six it" (fix it) so I will be making a note to pay attention to that now in terms of her cycle. She also exhibits increasing OCD symptoms and aggression approx two days prior to her cycle starting too. Though my daughter is prone to strep infections, this hormonal basal ganglia involvement is interesting and helps explain those times that strep test is negative during OCD episodes.

Did Megan's hormonal results indicate any abnormal testosterone levels? I suspect my daughter has higher than normal testosterone levels for a female that play a part in symptoms. I'm going to try to see if I can get the same sort of testing done for my daughter that Megan had. Can you post the name of the saliva test?



Is it possible that Megan is trying to tell you something about what she is experiencing with the rubber bands? If vaso consritiion and/vasodilation or both are involved it could be she is manifesting the nasal symptoms relating to these efrfects and trying to communicate this condition and/or others related to pressure in her head or in a altered perception in her mind as though it is throughout her body. Maybe, like she is experiencing a a feeling that she associates with the oscillating varied pressure of the tension in the rubber bands as she feels the feedback. She could be having some physiological actions similar to what causes a migraine with or with out any head pain and due to other dopamine/opiate actions in her body not be suffering the severe pain from the event.

Estrogen Elicits Dorsal Root Ganglion Axon Sprouting via a Renin-Angiotensin System

Migraine as a withdrawal symptom

"Some theories

Some researchers believe that estrogen influences pain pathways by influencing the amounts of neurochemicals — serotonin, norepinephrine, opiates, and others — released in the brain. These neurochemicals seem to play a role in pain sensitivity, and when their levels vary, the result may be the pain and sensation of a migraine.

Other researchers suggest that estrogen may have a direct effect upon blood vessels, perhaps by stimulating the release of nitric oxide, a potent expander of vessel walls. When estrogen declines, blood vessels sporadically contract and expand, leading to the throbbing sensation felt by migraine sufferers.

Yet a third theory suggests that estrogen withdrawal triggers migraines by making the nerves in the face and scalp hypersensitive. Estrogen may play a role in suppressing pain sensation in these nerves, including the trigeminal nerve (an important sensory nerve supplying the face). When levels fall, the systems that normally hold neuronal activity in check lose their grip, so the sensitivity to pain stimuli increases. With this heightened sensitivity, an otherwise innocuous trigger, such as the expansion of blood vessels in the scalp, may precipitate a full-blown migraine.",L0807c

Teresa Conrick


We did blood testing which showed abnormal levels of hormones. Unfortunately, that was not enough information for our situation as the seizures were related to a particular level, type and time of month.

Best of luck to you and hope both our daughters get much better.


I think this is the link to which you refer
they are talking about levels of estrogen in the blood: why did you do the exam in the saliva ?( we did it in the saliva too,but only relative to cortisol, resulting very low, and DHEA, very very high)


•Progesterone Cream to increase progesterone level
•Flaxseed oil/powder or the lignan itself, SDG (Brevail) to help convert 16OHE (strong/bad estrogen) to 2OHE (weak/good estrogen)
•Indole 3 Carbinol to help convert 16OHE to 2OHE
•Spearmint to help slow the conversion of estrogen to testosterone
•Saw Palmetto to help slow the conversion of testosterone to DHT

Teresa, are these the remedies that you were prescribed?
thanks, marilina

Teresa Conrick

Needed to add that someone asked me what "estradiol" is so adding that info here:


Estradiol (E2 or 17β-estradiol, also oestradiol) is a sex hormone. Estradiol is the predominant sex hormone present in females. It is also present in males, being produced as an active metabolic product of testosterone. It represents the major estrogen in humans. Estradiol has not only a critical impact on reproductive and sexual functioning, but also affects other organs, including the bones.

Estradiol, like other steroids, is derived from cholesterol. Estradiol is not produced in the gonads only: In both sexes, precursor hormones (testosterone specifically) are converted by aromatization to estradiol. In particular, fat cells are active to convert precursors to estradiol, and will continue to do so even after menopause. Estradiol is also produced in the brain and in arterial walls.

Teresa Conrick

Thank you all for your support and wealth of information.

Reality is that many of the kids and also adults are very ill. Good points brought up on liver issues and hormones, too. There has not been enough research and those who have done some, are under scrutiny for daring to try and prove that an autism diagnosis is an interaction of medical symptoms that also present as behaviors (and often as odd repetitive behaviors).

Thank you all again and bravo to all those doctors and researchers who are taking the time to look into these issues.


Thank you, all very very interesting. I hope you find ways to help your daughter! Let us know how she is doing. That is a beautiful drawing of her!

M Grier

I'm hearing a rumor that one of the people working to save our children from these ravages of hormones has been stopped from doing his work. Check out the link:

Just more anecdotes

Thanks for the research. It is very interesting. Here are some anecdotal observations that may tie in with your info:

Three females who all tested as mercury toxic per hair-test; two per porphyrin testing also. All treated with Cutler low and slow dmsa/ala oral chelation.

One who had constant sinus infections, difficulty breathing (couldn't sleep lying down), asthma-like attacks requiring inhaler and other medical interventions to ease breathing, constant throat clearing behavior; repetitive behaviors
---no more sinus infections, no more trouble breathing, no more asthma attacks, no more throat clearing; greatly reduced repetitive behaviors

One who had to go to the bathroom seemingly every 30 minutes no longer has to go to the bathroom any more often than other family members; repetitive behaviors greatly reduced and attention span significantly improved; this child also had frequent rashes and outbreaks of hives and eczema in response to various, usually unknown, triggers--these skin reactions only rarely occur now, and the few that appear are far less severe than previous reactions

One who used to get up multiple times per night to go to the bathroom, no longer has to get up at night, ever. Greatly reduced urinary urgency during the day as well.

These are just the improvements that tie in with what you are discussing in this article--the gamut of health improvements in all three individuals is much broader.

Thought this info might be of interest to you. Hoping you find a way to help your daughter get better.


We autism advocates walk around wearing a single puzzle piece pin or necklace. Teresa should be wearing practically the whole honkin' puzzle... she's found that many pieces. Genius.


My daughter had very elevated hormonal levels (including very elevated estrogen) which were diagnosed at age 7. I have always suspected that this was, at least in part, due to a liver issue. She had elevated liver enzymes as an infant and toddler. She had a blocked bile duct at the age of 5.
Her estrogen problems were significantly helped by supplements like DIM and calcium d glucarate. She also needed help for her adrenal glands. When she received adrenal support, all her hormones improved to more normal levels.


Don't know if this is relevant, but I recall Dr Baker (at Cherry Hill) including work results by Dr Eleanor Rogan in his talk. Her work involves cancers ans excess estrogen. The context that made me think of that talk was that estrogens are eliminated by glutathione. Any findings in your reasearch about increasing glutathione to reduce the estrogen levels? Perhaps the "additional detox pathway" so often cited as the reason for fewer girls on the spectrum is impaired with the ones who are affected. perhaps increasing the ability to process out the excess would have a positivre impact?

Molly Clark

Teresa - you are my research hero!! Only you would have found all this stuff. Big hugs to you and to Meg.

What a great eye-opening kind of article!!

Luv ya!

Maurine Meleck

Again, your research is so informative and top notch. We can hope that it will help Meg when all is said and done. I think we need to change your nickname from Redhead to Doc or something. I, too, would like to know more about how all the hormones affect the boys. Puberty is no fun.


Excellent work Teresa.Praying for you and Megan.

Cynthia Cournoyer

Where does the liver fit it with the hormones? I saw somewhere that women have a tougher time going through menopause if their liver is "backed up." I think the liver functions at clearing out hormones when there is "too much." And these children we know have trouble with de-toxifying. Could there be a connection?

Alison MacNeil

Teresa, I am so impressed with your ability to make connections across all of these different medical disciplines as they fit Megan's symptoms. Something the medical establishment seems completely incapable of doing when it comes to our kids. You are taking warrior to a new level here.

Heidi N

Pathogens like Lyme increase in virulence during menstruation. Only, and only a naturopath or LLMD (Lyme literate medical doctor) or one of the autism recovery docs who is Lyme knowledgeable and knows that most with autism have it, can test and treat. I strongly urge you to enter this path since seizures are so horrendous to deal with.

Carolyn M

Teresa, thank you for this very informative article.

Another herb that you might look into is rhodiola rosea. It is an adaptogen. I hope your daughter is better soon.


•Progesterone Cream to increase progesterone level
•Flaxseed oil/powder or the lignan itself, SDG (Brevail) to help convert 16OHE (strong/bad estrogen) to 2OHE (weak/good estrogen)
•Indole 3 Carbinol to help convert 16OHE to 2OHE
•Spearmint to help slow the conversion of estrogen to testosterone
•Saw Palmetto to help slow the conversion of testosterone to DHT


Speaking of synergy. A very possible piece of ths immune/histamine, toxin , hormone connection is the long proposed fungal connection and the related and later proposed black mold connection. The fugi and mold would be in the same general disturbance causing category.
You can, of course, take the following with agrain of salt.

Mycotoxins Indoors, page 3


This group of structurally related mycotoxins has a strong impact on the health of animals and humans. Trichothecenes are powerful inhibitors of protein synthesis. They do this by reacting with components of the ribosomes: the structure within the cell where proteins are made. The specific site of action of T-2 toxin, which is a reaction with a critical site on the ribosomal RNA (rRNA) is known."

The Hidden Causes Behind Hormonal Imbalances

"However, it is rarely understood that candida also contributes to hormonal problems. A candida waste product produces a false estrogen, which tricks the body into thinking it has produced adequate levels, signaling a reduction of its own estrogen.6 Similar messages can also be sent to the thyroid, reducing thyroxin production and initiating or worsening a hypothyroid problem."

Impact of Mold on Thoughts, Emotion, & Personality

Birgit Calhoun

Teresa! Great picture! This is the kind of article that should be read in a scitific journal. It would give a human face to what types of day-to-day experiences shape an autistic parent's life, not to speak of the young woman's.

I am convinced that mercury is the culprit for many of the symptoms seen in autism--at least in some of the population. And mercury causes mitochondrial dyfunction.

The following article about mitochondrial dysfunction in The Scientist might be of interest to you in this context:


Not long ago I had read the Mast Cell article and many others on estrogen function and your I find your thoughts very illuminating. As a somewhat related point my wife had quitle low ranging cholesterol levels in the 110 to 140 range ever the years. It still is not much higher.
LIke your daughter I too believe my wife had a similar hormonal balance that is still probably a little out of wack. It also looks to me that the immune dysfunction seems to be the catalyst for the hormonal disruption although there is probably a certain synergy that quickly arises to create an ovell dysfunction. It is possible that mercury could effect the immune system more in some and the horomonal system more in others or both at the same time. Although I believe it is much more common that the case that immune dysfunction is the prefix to this systemic change even though some estrogen may in turn, as your literature suggests, be effecting other immune responses. There is a good degree of overlap in your description of your daughters cyclic change and my wife's altered presentaiton due to her cycle. Yet, as you know, no two people are exactly alike. I realize many parents and doc's advocate Vitamin D as theraputic for autism and the Marshall protocol prohibits Vitamin D intake. While convincing to me, I cannot say whether the Marshall protocol is accurate in proposing that its model of treatment of the diseases it holds to address is true for every case or what percentage. But, I do know it is helping my wife a great deal. It may be that some have different reactions to D and for some it may be good and others bad. For her D was/is bad. I do suggest you consider Olmesartan for your daughter with or without Vitamin D restriction, though finding a doc that handles it will be possibly be a challenge. I think in cases where bacterial, viral, and immune issues are obvious Olmesartan has real promise of help. The mechanism that may be theraputic may not just be though VDR clearance as it has other effects that I find are relevant to endocrine function. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, they are very helpful.

Judy Converse MPH RD LD

Thank you for this fantastic information, Teresa. Looking forward to whatever you might find fruitful for possible interventions. There are some effective herbs for raising progesterone and opposing estrogen, or at processing/excreting excess estrogen, in lieu of using things like birth control pills. Estrogen will be hard to excrete by a liver taxed with all the toxicity issues you describe. Stuff like di-indolylmethane ("DIM"), or products like "Slow Flow" (shepherd's purse, cranesbill, yarrowroot, ginger root, etc) may be worth a look. My personal experience with these is that they can be more effective than prescribed hormones in restoring balance. Mast cell inhibitors like Singulair or the herbal version Perilla seed extract may also be interesting to explore. Next question... what about males in this situation? We have so many puzzles to solve for our kids, and hats off to you for pushing the envelope!



Thank you. This is very helpful information.

Our children seem to have mercury's fingerprints all over them probably aggravated by aluminum, but rather than connect the dots, our medical researchers will find the genes that cause autism if it takes them a million years and the implication of the entire genome.

I hope to hear that this treatment helps Megan!

Harold Shipp

Just today I was reading in the Autism_in_girls group on yahoo about girls who are incontinent of urine just before and during their periods, when they were potty trained previously. I always learn from your posts, Teresa, thank you.

Allison Chapman

And they call us antiscience...'They' couldn't be more wrong. Teresa, your research is amazing and I know how much time you put into this. Our children need us to, because the medical profession has stopped listening to parental observations and the symptoms of our children. They've stopped the normal medical investigative process and given up on our kids. We, the parents, will never give up. It's never that we don't 'accept' our children as they are or don't love them enough. Our love for them fills the air and leads us to continually research for their physical benefit. We are trying to HELP them FEEL better. Get better physically, so that their underlying happy personalities and their hidden skills can show themselves. Our kids deserve medical investigations and with parents like you finding this information scientist are going to have to take note and investigate. Thank you dear friend for the continual fight for Megan and all of our kids. XXXXOOO

Shelly Ruckersfeldt


You've probably already looked into this but just in case -have you ever looked into the oxalate connection? The website Low Oxalate Diet run by Susan Owens might be a helpful resource for you. There is a very active Yahoo Group associated with the website. I know in the past I've seen studies posted that refer to the connection between oxalate and hormones. Oxalates also trigger mast cell reactions.

Best of luck -



I do not know how this inflammation disease is going to pan out. My children and my husband were always (are always) sick but I never had any health problems, never saw the doctor for 15 years solid for myself. But when I turned age 45 I had a slow progressive thyroid trouble, I suppose is an autoimmune disease attacking it. I do wonder if a tetanus shot I received at work, in my mid 30's might have started it?
OR if it is like Kent Heckinglively thinks and it is a virus that was there to begin with waiting for stress??? --well still, Teresa, I would hate to think your daughter would be in as much pain as I found for myself .

My periods began to give me a great deal of trouble, but the worse was the headaches in the front forehead, above the eye.
I could go to bed and stay all day long, in a sort of light painful sleep, Light bothered my eyes and made the headaches worse,it was impossible to get up and if I had too go somewhere I ended up having to pull over on the side of road to throw up. They were I suppose migraines,but only during my monthly, and I would hate to think that your daughter feels that bad! I was given a pill called Axert that is almotriptan malate.

If the headaches were really bad, but it would work most of the time- and if not I could take another one after 30 minutes from the first one. It would always work!

Do you think your poor daughter could have one of these horrible headaches too????

Teresa Conrick

Hi to both Marilina and Anne-

I didn't include some other information that relates to this as I didn't want to make my article too long but Meg's left eye will often swell up and get very red - the outside skin around her eye and her eyelid. She will rub her head- both the front and back as I do thinks she has severe headaches. See studies below that connect. Also I will be attempting to get my insurance to pay for the testing as I know we will most likely do it more than just the once to keep checking - but for any who wanted to know- it is about $200 for the saliva testing. The thought of these girls suffering with severe pain... - well - we need to help them!

Brain Res Brain Res Rev. 2005 Jul;49(1):65-76.
The role of mast cells in migraine pathophysiology.
Theoharides TC, Donelan J, Kandere-Grzybowska K, Konstantinidou A.
Department of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, Tufts University School of Medicine and Tufts-New England Medical Center, 136 Harrison Avenue, Boston, MA 02111, USA. [email protected]
Mast cells are critical players in allergic reactions, but they have also been shown to be important in immunity and recently also in inflammatory diseases, especially asthma. Migraines are episodic, typically unilateral, throbbing headaches that occur more frequently in patients with allergy and asthma implying involvement of meningeal and/or brain mast cells. These mast cells are located perivascularly, in close association with neurons especially in the dura, where they can be activated following trigeminal nerve, as well as cervical or sphenopalatine ganglion stimulation. Neuropeptides such as calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP), hemokinin A, neurotensin (NT), pituitary adenylate cyclase activating peptide (PACAP), and substance P (SP) activate mast cells leading to secretion of vasoactive, pro-inflammatory, and neurosensitizing mediators, thereby contributing to migraine pathogenesis. Brain mast cells can also secrete pro-inflammatory and vasodilatory molecules such as interleukin-6 (IL-6) and vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), selectively in response to corticotropin-releasing hormone (CRH), a mediator of stress which is known to precipitate or exacerbate migraines. A better understanding of brain mast cell activation in migraines would be useful and could lead to several points of prophylactic intervention.

Teresa Conrick


You can email me if you prefer for any specifics-

[email protected]


Thank you for this article. My 17 yo daughter also has developed what they believe are temporal lobe seizures. They seem to only happen around her monthly cycle, and result in significant aggression. Normally, she is a very sweet girl. You have given me some ideas to pursue.


Hello Teresa
my daughter has the same age as your daughter ... and apart from the seizures your description is very similar to her. I want to ask you if your doughter has red circles around her eyes in her critical period ... My daughter has similar symptoms of your daughter, insistently blowing his nose, it almost seems an allergic episode. she shows me the nose and eyes (not talking) I conclude that the swelling of mucous membranes is also painful because the mast cells are involved .....
The red circles as they appear then disappear. is very complicated to understand what is happening. Your post has convinced me to take a hormone test and I need to ask you if it has to be done immediately before or during the menstrual cycle.
Thanks (excuse my English)


Exactly Harry H. - the research that Teresa is doing is what our billions of research dollars should be accomplishing. But instead are wasted on silly and meaningless fluff.

Thank you Teresa for some amazing work that may actually help our kids!

Harry H.

Teresa, great work. Your endless research is awesome, inspiring, and puts Modern Medicine to shame.



Teresa - this is fascinating . . . great work.

Does it ever drive you crazy that you have had to put all this together mostly on your own?

God bless you and Megan - praying for answers and relief.

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