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An Open Letter to National Institutes of Health's Dr. Francis Collins: 54% of American Children Suffer from Chronic Health Problems

Stop-yellow-cropped An Open Letter to the Director of the National Institutes of Health, Francis Collins: 54% of American Children Suffer from Chronic Health Problems, 1 in 6 has a developmental disorder.

Dear Dr Collins,

I am writing to you about the health catastrophe currently engulfing US children, but not only US children. Just five years ago you gave testimony to Congress as director of the Human Genome Research Institute (HERE):

‘But genes alone do not tell the whole story. Recent increases in chronic diseases like diabetes, childhood asthma, obesity or autism cannot be due to major shifts in the human gene pool as those changes take much more time to occur. They must be due to changes in the environment, including diet and physical activity, which may produce disease in genetically predisposed persons. Therefore, GEI [Genes and Environment Initiative] will also invest in innovative new technologies/sensors to measure environmental toxins, dietary intake and physical activity, and using new tools of genomics, proteomics, and understanding metabolism rates to determine an individual's biological response to those influences.’

The calamity that we face today is that in 5 years barely a single child has been saved from environmental harm by any government initiative, and new studies report that no less than 54% of US children suffer from the chronic diseases (HERE ) and from the CDC itself that 1 in 6 has a developmental disability (HERE ), all of which you indicated  all that time ago are due to environmental changes.  These new studies come in the same week as one which shows that in an investigation of pregnant Canadian women 93% tested positive for the presence a GM insecticide Cry1Ab (HERE ). It comes as the pharmaceutical industry and its scientists plot to further exploit vaccination mandates and their newly established prosecution immunity ever more widely (HERE ), with US children already expected to receive over one hundred vaccines in combination by the time they become adult (HERE ) – and without any studies which investigate their cumulative impact on a child’s immune system (HERE ), even if they were individually adequately tested (which they are not HERE ). I do not know when it was scientifically established that it was safe to modify a child’s immune system in this way, even before we consider all the adjuvants and excipients that are a concomitant exposure of the programme: substances which enter a child’s body through their muscles and blood stream, and not through their digestive tract. It comes with the Food and Drug Administration displaying ever greater pusillanimity over the toxic substances to which adults and children are daily exposed.

Bearing in mind that in 2006 you held a brief for gene research I cannot help thinking that your request to Congress for funding was nevertheless putting the cart before the horse. The real imperative can only be to stop the great industrial experiment on our children by reducing and eliminating toxic exposures whether through food or pharmaceuticals. Investigating which random gene combinations might indicate greater susceptibility to those toxic harms will be barely productive in the face of what is becoming a slow but inexorable genocide of children, many of whom will not outlive their parents, not have children of their own, and be further prey to the pharmaceutical industry (HERE, HERE), at the same time as placing an ever more impossible social, medical and financial burden on the shrinking pool of the fit and able.

In 2006 you at least spoke plain about the general causes of the chronic sickness phenomenon. The new reports are far more evasive, and years have been wasted. Immense resources and effort have been put by government agencies and industrial lobby groups into denouncing and abusing people who are simply stating the obvious: that it cannot go on any longer. It is long passed time that the public dance of lies, misinformation and evasion came to an end. I believe you know truth and it is time to speak out so that your nation and the world finally hears.

John Stone is UK Editor for Age of Autism.

John Stone

UK Editor, Age of Autism




@ John - "...despite a universally healthy lifestyle...some other unidentified malign factor."

Hmmmmm! I think that we all know what you are referring to. That sure does sound like a "cancer" or a "pox" on humanity. The "malignant factor" has already been identified. Vaccine epidemics are malignant. Vaccine epidemics are iatrogenic. The mortality data have become very persuasive. The growth rate of vaccine epidemics is exponential because vaccine toxicity is cumulative and synergistic. Global vaccine policy is unsustainable. Soon, even the strident vaccine apologists, however misguided, will be forced to this inevitable conclusion. Since the vaccine-injured victims are typically "universally healthy", does this not indicate that we are ALL vulnerable, perhaps some more than others, to vaccine injuries? The terrain is everything. The germ is nothing. The scheduled inoculations are both a portal of disease and a susceptibility factor for disease, using humans as vectors without their knowledge or consent.

John Stone

"We face a similar economic threat from diabetes. If current trends continue, by 2050 as many as one in three U.S. adults will be diagnosed with diabetes. Total costs of diabetes, including medical care, disability, and premature death, reached an estimated $174 billion in the United States in 2007...According to analysis from the UnitedHealth Center for Health Reform & Modernization, more than 50 percent of Americans could have diabetes or pre-diabetes by 2020..."

Of course, if we take the second, steeper estimate, and then supposed that every single American took Collins's advice about eating and exercise then by 2020 one fifth of Americans would still have type 2 diabetes, or pre-diabetes. That is 20% of the population despite a universally healthy lifestyle, which clearly indicates there is some other unidentified malign factor.


Curr Med Chem. 2011 May 16. [Epub ahead of print]
Aluminum Vaccine Adjuvants: Are they Safe?
Tomljenovic L, Shaw CA.

“Aluminum as a neurotoxin: the evidence from cell culture, in vivo, and human studies” by Christopher A. Shaw on January 2011.

See especially pages 7, 23, and 39 of Dr Shaw’s 43 page PDF file.

Environ Health Perspect. 1985 November; 63: 141–147.
Water content of aluminum, dialysis dementia, and osteomalacia.
M R Wills and J Savory


It is VERY interesting how similar the symptoms of aluminum intoxication and aluminum encephalopathy are to Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Epilepsy, Schizophrenia, CFS/ME, Shoenfeld’s, and ASD, isn't it? What MIGHT they share in common? Parenteral administration of aluminum and mercury via the scheduled vaccinations ??? I don't think that it's far-fetched to consider the possibility - both aluminum and mercury, found in the scheduled inoculations, acting synergistically to cause the current epidemic of ASD and autoimmune diseases. This epidemic is growing exponentially. This is where the research should be focused. We need to stop wasting time looking for a genetic cause.

John Stone

This represents Collins's dilemma, from his recently published budget request:

"We face a similar economic threat from diabetes. If current trends continue, by 2050 as many as one in three U.S. adults will be diagnosed with diabetes. Total costs of diabetes, including medical care, disability, and premature death, reached an estimated $174 billion in the United States in 2007...According to analysis from the UnitedHealth Center for Health Reform & Modernization, more than 50 percent of Americans could have diabetes or pre-diabetes by 2020...Furthermore, the center’s analysis predicts diabetes and pre-diabetes will account for an estimated 10 percent of total health care spending by the end of this decade, at an annual cost of almost $500 billion.

"But I can offer some hope. NIH spearheaded a landmark clinical trial on type 2 diabetes prevention that showed that people at high-risk for diabetes can dramatically reduce their risk of developing type 2 diabetes through modest exercise and dietary changes that achieve modest weight loss. Called the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP), the clinical trial included 3,234 adults at high risk for developing type 2 diabetes, including those with a family history of diabetes, as well as other risk factors. One-third of these individuals participated in a lifestyle program that included exercise training and dietary change implemented under the guidance of lifestyle coaches. The DPP research team found that this approach lowered risk of diabetes by 58%..."

So, if everybody could make lifestyle changes - or could afford to - a mere 1 in 7 Americans would have type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes in 2050 which is still not sustainable. But where is the search for the environmental factors driving this. I have to admit I haven't studied type 2 diabetes research, but this is surely the only realistic way forward and if I were a politician I would like to ask Dr Collins what progress he is making on this before giving him any more money.

Incidentally, I see nothing in the budget request about autism.

david burd

lisa, My personal experience with the Democracy Now program (Amy Goodman) tells me they are lockstep with NIH and the Fauci/Insel Think Collective, whose main theme is virtually all cures or solutions will come from Big Pharma and the magic of conjuring up ephemeral allogenic concoctions - these medical gangsters NEVER mention "prevention."

It takes super effort to ever get Mainstream Media to publish anything refuting Pharma and Phauci (Fauci). They - the media - are as sold-out as sold-out gets.


@ John,

And what about sending tour letter to Alex Johnes from Prison Planet? He has reported on autism epidemic and toxic vaccines several times. His web paper is read by the whole world. I would also send it to major media, especially CBS.


The quantities of aluminum that we are exposed to are cummulative per the scheduled vaccinations, synergistically-toxic with mercury, and on the order of milligrams. The vaccine zealots could care less about informed consent and patient safety! The vaccine industry is effectively unregulated. There are no meaningful checks and balances. Pharma has been “gifted” with a universal waiver of liability for vaccine injuries. Vaccine injuries are only going to become more common. Something has to give. Global vaccine policy is seriously flawed. It is unsustainable.

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“Aluminum in Vaccines: Where Are the Safety Studies?” by Catherine J. Frompovich on May 26, 2011.


We need a vaccine for this epidemic!


Actually, these figures are rather misleading.

Rate of autism 2006-08: 0.74% (1 in 135)
Any developmental disability: 15.04% (1 in 6.6)

Autism is 1 in 135 and "all disabilities" is 1 in 6.6. This vast difference means that the comparatively lower rate of autism is pulling down the average when added to the mix. The actual rate of ADHD and dyslexia is likely far higher, I daresay 1 in 3 or 4. Perhaps the breakdown is available in the full text but I'm too cheap to pay for it.

Besides, this is from parental reports, so kids that are undiagnosed are not counted. The recent Korean study found that autism was already 1 in 38 in 1993-99 (diagnosed by the researchers). This study says that autism has quadrupled since the late 90's. If we apply this rate to 1 in 38, that means the rate of ASD must now be closer to 1 in 10.

John Stone


Many thanks for your encouragement. Any help getting the word out will be most welcome.




I greatly admire both your work and this letter. I know the past has been discouraging but I feel that this is a legitimate news story for a much wider audience/readership and this letter could be distributed, perhaps, through the Enviromental Working Group website as well as others relating to mental illness and holistic health. I also think it is a possible story for TV in some form--I find Democracy Now to be a good show, although it mainly is about politics--if they could be made to see this IS about politics. I am writing this to suggest to any readers who have ideas and contacts in this regard to perhaps help. Who know? This is a very important and legitimate story.


I too thankyou David for the links.
My gosh, never mind the aluminuium - there is also silican oils leaching into --- things too!

My aunt by marriage died from a leaking silican breast implant that caused immune dysfunctions, she died of ALS! Her family was awarded a small sum from the manufacturer.

david burd

John, you're welcome.

There may be some mutually beneficial sources/refs we can trade in the future, send me a direct email if you want.

regards, David

John Stone


I have forwarded my letter to an NIH email address for Dr Collins's attention - there does not seem to be a public email address for him personally.



@ John,
Dr. Collins would have to show courage of Dr. Bernadine Healey to go against financial interests of pharma cartels and investigate honestly vaccine unsafety. If he did so, he would become a hero of all humanity, although there certainly will be attempts of pharma cartels to dethrone him. The question is, what is more important to him: his cozy well paid position of the NIH director, or solidarity with children injured or killed by vaccines? Nonetheless, I think you should try to send him your letter by an email or regular mail.

John Stone

Thanks David,


david burd

John, here's a source (Markovic of the FDA) citing aluminum leaching from glass vials into the contents of the vial.

Also, the author specifically cites the topic of vaccines:

See page 25 of 33:

Additionally, here's a citation citing aluminum content in borosilicate glass (used to make vials) can be from 7% to 17% of the weight of the vial:

Hope these addresses pull up ok. If not, email me direct at [email protected]

david burd

John Stone

Just to note Katie Wright's article today documents the continuing neglect of vital environmental studies in autism. Five years after Collins spoke the procrastination goes on.

I am watching at this moment a tribute to Collins on his retirement from NHGRI. Dr Elias Derhouni declares "He speaks truth to power like nobody else", and Dr Alan Guttmacher Collins's deputy who introduces the event also remarks along the line that he is also not frightened to listen. (Thomas Insel's tribute runs from about 24 mins in)

Well, perhaps Collins will ignore me - everyone says he will. It should be said that if you look up Collins on google news my letter, two days later, is still the first item, so perhaps he ought take a look.

It should also be said (as I listen to all the wonderful professional back-slapping going on in the You-Tube video) that it will show a great absence of vision if he rests on his laurels over the Human Genome Project when the bigger health issues today lie elsewhere. It is time to do something different.

John Stone


Apologies. This is the correct link for the 54% study.:


The link to the 54% study goes to another page--not the study. What is the link?


Jack Hep--Can you provide a reference or link to the information you shared regarding aluminum in glass vaccine vials.

John Stone--excellent letter.


I agree with the voices, that appealing to health bureaucrats is most likely fruitless. Dr. Bernardine Healey was the only one exceptional, honest, humanitarian high level health official in past decades. It was under her directorship that the NIH has initiated Women Health Study, which revealed that hormonal replacement after menopause causes cancers, heart attacks, strokes, and other harms to women. Such “killer therapy” was administered to most American women for 50 years without a single study, documenting its safety. This is analogous to massive vaccination of American children with hundreds of useless, poisonous, genocidal vaccines at present day. Present NIH, FDA and CDC high ranking officials have cozy (also financial) relationships with criminal pharma-medical cartels. In most European countries people have just stopped vaccinating their children, less than 1/3 of them vaccinate at all. We must spread widely, by all available means, this info about vaccine-induced genocide of children. Things will change only if most US parents refuse vaccinations. I see no other solution than parents' revolution and national boycott of all vaccines. We should also send letters to the Congress and the White House explaining our actions, that we have no other choice and it is our God/Nature given duty to protect our children from the holocaust sponsored by pharma-medical industry with the support of US health officials (who can only be called criminals in my opinion).


1 in 6 and 1 in 2? Wow, genocide is exactly right! Even Hitler and Gaddafi did not harm this many.


Thank you, John Stone. I'm sickened that U.S. health authorities watch the appalling results of out-of-control-vaccination in an entire generation of U.S. infants and allow this to continue, partly to perpetuate a facade of safety worldwide. I'm starting to cynically assume that the ability to live in disconnect is one of the essential requirements for such careers, but one hopes that an international movement of awareness through the vaccine-injured and courageous supporters may encourage some to reevaluate.

@Jack Hep--Did the MHRA indicate how much aluminum may have been dosed from glass vials? Also, do you know if aluminum leeching is an issue with other uses of glass (food & beverage containers, cookware, etc)?

mama vs. the pharmafia

Let's stop using the word vaccines and replace it with "immunizations" so the connection is more easily made between them and the immunological disorders they lead to. The highlights of John's terrific letter needs to be posted far and wide, in Facebook, online comments, and e-mails to neighbors and friends. 3 major points from it:

1. US children receive over one hundred immunizations in combination by the time they become adults.

2. No studies have ever been conducted which investigate all those immunizations' cumulative impact on a child’s immune system.

3. 54% of American children suffer from immune related chronic health problems, and 1 in 6 suffer from developmental disorders for which there is increasing evidence that these too are caused by disruptions of the immune system.

(It will take years for pharma's PR machine to switch over from calling us "anti-vaccinationists" to "anti-immunizationists.")

Adam M

Thank you John. But as others have pointed out it is unlikely this man or any other bureaucrat will start the up ending of the medical world. This has to be done grassroots. And in fact it is better for us all that it is that way. It forces us to search out the truth when we don't have an easy way out with pills and surgeries. I'm sure many here like myself are far more aware today of the evils of the pharma / medical complex, the need for proper diet, the horrendous damage of neurotoxins like Hg, Al & Pb and the nature of health and wellness than we ever would have had this tragedy not befallen our children. We're just not generally inclined to look into matters that require a lot of thinking and questioning of established beliefs/authority when its easier to just do what you're told. It takes a calamity in our lives to shake us free from that slumber. At least it did for me.

Before I was afflicted I went astray, But now I keep Your word.

Psalm 119:67

It is good for me that I have been afflicted., That I may learn Your statutes.

Psalm 119:71

david burd

John, A another thought if I may. Dr. Francis Collins is now the head of the U.S. National Institutes of Health BECAUSE he is part and parcel of the Think Collective.

Collins will never change, and he will continue to go along to get along - and doesn't even realize it.

Your Open Letter has to be published in a major venue! - and despite Francis Collins ignoring it.

autism uncle

veritas, The medical people in power are most all past the age of procreating; thus they seldom experience the present infant carnage first-hand. And, since they have their own prestige and authority to protect, self-interest deprives them from independent thought!

There have been many medical heroes who have been rejected by the Establishment, but Linus Pauling and Ignaz Semmlweis will suffice as two examples.

It is frightening that doctors/pediatricians actually view the Immunization Schedule they are employing - and don't think of the toxic consequences.

Here is the Immunization Schedule to wake everybody up:


While I very much admire John's efforts with this letter, I'm just not certain it's going to effect the turn-around in change we would all like to see. Bureaucrats do not acquiesce to public pressure - they are servants to their Government. If we want to evoke true change, then on a practical level that change will have to evolve via legislative channels. I think it's high time for more calls for Congressional and/or Senate Hearings re: this entire vaccine issue.

I would love to know what happened to Dan Burton since those last hearings were held. Why weren't there responsive hearings regarding the questions Mr. Burton posed during those hearings?


@ John:
I understand that people have different opinions on all issues, nonetheless, I believe, that if the CDC and FDA are aware of the genocidal effects of massive vaccinations of children with toxic vaccines (which is their professional duty to be aware of), they - in fact - participate in this planned genocide. How it is possible that in so called civilized country such crimes against humanity are allowed to go on for decades? This is beyond my comprehension.

Angus Files

UK and US goverments give blanket immunity and blanket denial of adverse reactions to the drug companies.

Year after year we see un deniable vaccine corruption world wide and to date Pharma just continues to destroy the population`s health world wide.

What sort of creatures are we dealing with?It cant be any of God`s creations.

Thanks John

Angus Files


John-- chaos and dereliction. So well put, I completely agree. That doesn't mean that some aren't aware that the initial epic failure of safety oversight has been turned into profitable disaster capitalism, but that's still a component of cover-up. They have a tiger by the tail and can't let go, might as well ride it might be the thinking.

Jack Hep

Well said again John. The recent finding by the UK drugs and medical products monitoring body the MHRA that aluminium is being leeched from glass vaccine vials containing calcium gluconate ought to be a massive wakeup call to the UK Department of Health and Government, the WHO and any other body tasked with child health. The MHRA states that salts of calcium and phosphate in particular cause such leeching of aluminium from glass containers and the amounts of aluminium presented to the recipient from the glass vials, atop the adjuvants, of the vaccine can far exceed levels known to be toxic to infants and neonates; since calcium (as gluconate, chloride and phosphate) and aluminium phosphate are used as vaccine adjuvants there must now be strong suspicion that infant vaccines presented via glass vials are distributing dangerous levels of aluminium to children - and must have been doing this whilst exceptional amounts of thimerosal toxin were being distributed to the same children in vaccines causing a "double whammy" that has never been adequately investigated. It was believed that only relatively "safe" amounts of aluminium were injected as adjuvants, but it is now possible that enormous amounts of aluminium were combining with enormous amounts of mercury in every such injection creating potential catastrophe for every young recipient.

John Stone

Thank you everyone for your appreciative comments. I don't absolutely agree with Veritas that what is happening is planned by government agencies: I think they are simply so weak in the face of the industrial lobbies that the public interest is perpetually sacrificed, and this weakness has put ordinary citizens in daily hazard and danger. I think what we have is utter chaos and dereliction.


This is excellent letter, which should be send to all major media, to the Congress and the White House. Most will ignore it, but perhaps somebody will pay attention to this pharma-CDC-FDA planned genocide of American children.

Birgit Calhoun

I so agree. It should always be remembered that everyone has genes. So whenever someone says it's genetic, I think to myself yes it's the phenomenon of being alive, of how long we live, and how we deal with our environment. All that is genetic. But our genes were not meant for an onslaught of all kinds of toxins that had nothing to do with how we evolved. Is it genetic to expect a person to deal with toxic injections? There is nothing genetic for our organisms to have to put up with an ever greater variety of concoctions. Genes evolved for special purposes i.e. long term survival, not for pharmaceutical manipulation and greed.

Thank you John Stone for telling it as it is and demanding that something needs to be done to reverse the trend or at least keep things from getting worse.


Well done again John, for gathering all these links together to form a powerful, thought-provoking letter. Rather than trying to diminish the exposure to environmental toxins [which include vaccines] the powers that be seem intent on increasing it, with devastating cumulative effects on the human immune system.

I hope you get a satisfactory response from Dr Francis Collins.


"The real imperative can only be to stop the great industrial experiment on our children by reducing and eliminating toxic exposures whether through food or pharmaceuticals. Investigating which random gene combinations might indicate greater susceptibility to those toxic harms will be barely productive in the face of what is becoming a slow but inexorable genocide of children, many of whom will not outlive their parents, not have children of their own, and be further prey to the pharmaceutical industry."

Thank you, John. To quote Maya Angelou, the fact that our children are being preyed upon a second time by the same industry which preyed upon them once is "the rust on the razor that threatens the throat."


Outstanding job and so very well put, John. Thank you for all you do. (now if we can just make sure someone besides the already-convinced reads it.)


Never had autism or schizophrenic in my or my husbands family. Today there are two....same generation. I have a child with autism and a family member of my generation has one. Coincidence?


they probably look at families like mine. My son has autism after a stroke from a DPT shot. My daughter has bipolar/high Sed rates after the last go around with a Hep B vaccine.

And I have a sister in law with two identical twins with low functioning autism, and her other son that has -- my guesss- would be bipolar, too. But for years we thought it was really bad case of ADHD - they were manias I suppose.
All are about the same age, the same generation.

Sounds genetic don't it??? Except before this generation there was no one with autism or bipolar, or ADHD in the family -

To be fair though; There was however, one schizophrenic - from our (the pervious) generation. He was a top student at a very pestiguous college- But we will never be sure what triggered it, since all we could get out of him was that he is convinced he was a spy and that the American government owes him back pay. He is lucky to be alive, because only by the grace of God did his cousin (my husband) and I; who worked for the forest service, happened upon him in one of the worse/coldest/snowest winters I have ever witnessed in 1978.

I suspect it is all environmental, and will eventually effect everybody. It is just - we are the carnaries in the coal mine. We are just a little more sensitive.

david burd

John, Thanks for your concise and compelling Open Letter, and it belongs in major media.

The problem being virtually all of the major media is in bed with Big Pharma, the CDC, and NIH who are THE main culprits causing the calamity via the crushing toxic vaccine component load (injected as you point out) into infants, thus not via nature's way of gastrointestinal or respiratory exposures.

Since the major media receive about $75 Billion a year in ad revenues from Pharma, they blind themselves going against anything refuting Pharma (and such as Fauci at NIAID, and Thomas Insel et al.)

Perhaps the Christian Scientist Monitor would run your Open Letter? Thanks again for putting it together.




During my time logging onto AoA many have explained the increase in Autism (and you have reiterated)"cannot be due to major shifts in the human gene pool as those changes take more time to occur."

So how do you convince the medical professionals you confront every week (that continue to argue that someone in my family must have Autism for my son to have Autism) when in actual fact there is no-one else but my son.

Remember your article written on the 13th June 2010 titled-Scherer of Nature Autism Gene Study Fails to Disclose Pharma Funding As Competing Interest. And Mark Blaxill's article written on the 7th July 2010 titled-New Autism Consortium Study Proves (Again) that Inherited Genes Don't Cause Autism.

This feels like "Groundhog Day" over and over again!

Elizabeth - AussieMum

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