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Age of Autism Contest: Win The Way I Act!

The way i actCONGRATS TO CAFFDEINATEDAUTISMMOM who has won the book.  CAM - I'll send you an email. CONTEST IS CLOSED.

If you've read my book, you know that our middle daughter, who goes by Miss G., had a two year love affair with a book called The Way I Feel by Janan Cain. The "excited" page just stuck with her. She carried the book, slept with the book, and even dressed as "excited" for Halloween for two years. I made that costume for her, and I'm no Besty Ross, trust me.

In a preposterously small world, one of our contributing editors KNOWS Ms. Cain, if you can believe Gianna Halloween 09 that. So.... the nice folks at Parenting Press gave me a copy of the new book titled, The Way I Act by Steve Metzger and Janan Cain.  And we of course are giving it to you! 

The Way I Feel was about emotions - and a great way to describe feelings to any child, and that includes a child on the spectrum.

The Way I Act does the very same for actions - often so hard to teach our kids. The illustrations are FAR more fun and interactive than plain old PECS.

Leave a comment to enter the contest. Good luck! Kim


Cyndie DiMaria

Guss we are in the same "club"...3 of of our 4 children have severe Autism. 1 Girl (Savannah 14yr) and 2 boys (Danny 12 yr & Noah 11yrs)Our oldest daughter, (Angel 17ys) is bright, beautiful and I lol when I write this "tyical". I gave birth to ALL 4 kiddos with the same wonderful man whom I have been with going on 21 yrs now. I laughed & sobbed reading your book, which means I enjoyed it immensely. I don't know anyone else with our lifestyle so I related to ALL I CAN HANDLE so much. Savannah is obsessed with books..of course, she flips through constantly and her Favorite pages are so dog-eared they almost have to be taped back in ☺. I think she would love the book your daughter loves as well. Thanks for all that you do! Fondly, Cyndie

Linda Carlson

We at Parenting Press are delighted to read your comments. Please click through to the "teachers" tab on the top menu at to navigate to the free how-to-draw plan based on Janan Cain's presentations. This shows kids all the different ways emotions can be communicated. There are also wonderful note cards using artwork from Mrs. Cain's books that can be downloaded and printed out for thank-you's and party invitations.

Kathy Popple

I would love this book for my classroom!

Cheri LaSalle

This is great! I have twin boys that will be 11 and one of them is Autistic. I would love to get this book! He loves books:)


Kim, I would love a copy of the book for my son with autism! Your daughter looks beautiful and I enjoyed your book.

Melissa Altmeyer

I just bought "The Way I Feel" for my 4 year old daughter. She loves it!!

Chuck Hancock

Never heard of these books; gonna check them out for sure. Thanks for the heads-up.

Tricia Zarro

I have loved using the Way I feel Book for my Kindergarten inclusion class over the years and for my own son with autism. The color, the words, the concept idea....all brilliant and a helpful way to teach putting a word to an emotion, for those children who cannot.
I can't wait to check out the next book The Way I Act to help my students (and my son) put words to why they might do what they do. This is exciting news and I can't wait to act on it!
- Tricia


I just got "The Way I Feel" for my soon to be 8 year old aspie girl. She loved it! She struggles on how to act around others, this book would be a great help to her.

Karen Seraphine

This sounds like a wonderful book. I'd love to have it for my son. :-)

rita gingras

my neice needs this book!


I would love this book for my grandson.


I would to give this to my Sam and share with his peers. Thanks for the chance!

Caffeinated Autism Mom

I would LOVE to win this book! I have 2 boys on the spectrum and this would be a great teaching tool. Plus, I could share it with all of my autism friends through my support group. Thanks for giving us the opportunity, Kim!

-Angela (aka Caffeinated Autism Mom)


Sounds like just the book I need for my sweet girl to understand emotions.

Katie kelley

Sounds like a wonderful book, please count me in.

melissa miller

My 6 year old son was diagnosed on the spectrum about 3 years ago. I was in denial and rationalized that all of his idiosyncratic behaviors were due to him being a micro preemie. I have recently embraced my son, his uniqueness, & his diagnosis. I still have so many question for him, knowing he himself has no answers. I try my best to think outside of the box & imagine what is in his mind, but it is beyond my most wild imaginations! I'm sure he feels the same about me! I decided that the best wau to mesh our family of five was to spend time looking at the basics...body language& feelings. Wow! I HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD & DIDN'T KNOW IT! This book seems like a wonderful tool to open up dialogue of actions & reacting to emotions. I would love the opportunity to win, due to the expenses of branching out all resources available are high, but I feel if I don't win this book, it will still be on my wish list of books to buy!
Cort & I thank you for the opportunity.


This would be a great addition to our special needs library!


sounds like an awesome book!

Ann Sobey

The Way I Feel is currently my son's favorite book! I. An't wait to see tbe new one:)

Nicole M.

My son loves emotions books/materials, too.

sondra williams

kim much of the years I to be of to struggle and even to this day to figure out people in real time. and while i to be of smart in many areas of my life inside though my social and emotional age is of very uneven and younger than most expect out of me. I to be of much like of you girls and love of books, I to have of many picture books. I would like to win of this book to read and learn from for self but also thave read time with my oldest grand baby who is with many aspergers like issues in social behavior and so feel this would be of a good book for me and for her to both learn and for me to have qulaity time with her and to teach of her from the book things i to be of already learned over time. please to let of me enter of this contest too

Shannon Primer

We are working on learning emotions right now. Sounds like a great book!!


Good morning. It made me smile that she chose "excited". I'd love to know what my monkey would choose. We struggle with feelings and emotions just like all ASD families. Always a guessing game around here...I always feel like I'm in an episode of "Murder She Wrote" trying to figure out the "assailant" making him cry, laugh, spin, flap or any combo of things! Would love a chance at winning the book.

Thank you for everything!


I would love this! I have two children with Autism and am a School Social Worker working with students with Autism, so it would get double duty!

Kelly Van Singel

Love reading your blog posts and your book. Girls rock!!

Francesca Trioli

I loved reading your book Kimmy! It really helped to to understand what my brother has been going through all these years with my nephew who is on the spectrum. It also helped me better understand my cousin! Just with I had done it sooner! My son loves books bet he would love this and bring it to school for the class!



Gianna is lovely. All your girls are. They sure are growing up. Thanks for sharing them with us.

Enter me please.


Would love to have this for my boys!


Cool! Pick me.

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