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Vaccine Epidemic Author Louise Kuo Habakus on The John Gambling Show

John gambling The John Gambling Show, WOR 710  April 12, 2011

Louise Habakus Author of "Vaccine Epidemic: How Corporate Greed, Biased Science, and Coercive Government Threaten Our Human Rights, Our Health, and Our Children," will discuss her new book which discusses why parents are choosing not to vaccinate their children – what are the risks?

Listen HERE.



Great clip.


You were both fantastic. Thank you so much.

Bob Moffitt

Louise .. you were great .. and .. I applaud former Gov. Patterson for having the personal courage to invite you as his guest.

How many times have you heard a high level politician openly admit that ... because he REFUSED to receive the H1N1 flu vaccine .. he REFUSED to mandate the vaccine for NYS health care providers?

(By the way .. Louise .. how can I train myself to say the word "epidemioligical" as easily and clearly as you do?)


Wonderful interview! Thank you Governor Patterson for taking on this issue! Although the Governor is out of office, I hope he still has some influence in Albany. State officials will have to realize that the health and financial consequences of vaccine mandates are unsustainable. If the federal government cannot solve this issue, states have to act on their own.
No liability, no mandates!


A very concise radio clip.

It is amazing that the state of New Jersey, that mandates flu vaccines for those over 6 months of age, leads the nation in Autism.

Dr. Nancy, do you see a problem ???

Not an MD

Wow! That was Louise Kuo Habakus being interviewed by Governor David Patterson, who was covering for John Gambling. How exciting that this dialogue could occur. Louise is absolutely amazing. So is the Governor. Governor Patterson displays that he has a much greater level of understanding of the vaccination issue than most who hold public office. He also has more compassion and concern for our children than most elected officials with whom I have spoken on this issue. How wonderful to listen to something so positive and so encouraging. Thanks for posting this link to the audio.


Amazing interview, it's great to see that society is FINALLY waking up to the devastating biological consequesnces of vaccines.

Society has been brainwashed for well over 50 years, and the reluctance to even consider vaccines for the havoc they've caused shows how effective that brainwashing has been.

But we're still one step short of the mark. It's one thing to finally realize that vaccines are not a medical panacea.
The next step will be the realization that the companies who've made so much money peddling vaccines, have known this all along.

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