"Danish Study" CDC Doctor who "Debunked" Autism Vaccines Link Indicted on Fraud
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Poul Thorsen: The CDC Finances, Writes and Helps Publish Danish Research


The Poul Thorsen story: ‘The CDC finances, writes and helps publish Danish research…’

With Danish CDC researcher Poul Thorsen now charged 13 counts of fraud and 9 of money laundering Age of Autism revisits this fascinating article by Dr F Edward Yazbak, originally published by ‘Red Flags’ in 2005 (Read full article HERE.) The article suggests the central role Thorsen had in the Great Vaccine Whitewash. Below is an email exchange from the paper:


'As we discussed on Friday, we have become aware through Poul Thorsen of an exciting opportunity to study the role of MMR vaccine and autism using several registries/existing studies and the repository of biologic specimens and laboratory capabilities in Denmark. Attached below is a proposal for such a study. Poul will be leaving on Thursday to travel to Denmark where he will be meeting with the PIs for the proposed study on June 6th. We would like to be able to have Poul say whether it is likely that CDC (NIP) can fund the study, if NIP is interested. The proposed budget is included; there may be additional sources of funding (in addition to NIP) but we are not certain at this time. Unfortunately, the DD Branch does not have much (if any) $$ to fund the study, but we do have the expertise that we have developed due to the autism surveillance in Atlanta and the MMR/autism casecontrol study. I will be out of the office tomorrow, but you may contact Diana or Poul if you have questions. Thank you so much for considering this proposal.







For Ernesto

For Ernesto, should he ever return

I just noticed your ignorant comment here. This article was about MMR - as to Thimerosal, the record (as everyone knows here) is complex, and simply spouting propaganda as if you know something special will not do.

Ernesto de Varona

Timerosal use was discontinued long ago and autism cases are at the same rate


Marshalyn thought there might be additional sources of funding for Thorsen's study. I read on the site for Marshalyn that Benedetta supplied:
"She (Marshalyn) is a past member of the Scientific Advisory Board and Scientific Affairs Committee for Autism Speaks".
That would be sad if Autism Speaks donations went to money laundering.


"In addition, internal emails obtained via FOIA document discussion among the Danish researchers and Thorsen which acknowledge that the studies did not include the latest data from 2001 where the incidence and prevalence of autism was declining which would be supportive of a vaccine connection. The emails also include requests from Thorsen to CDC asking that the agency write letters to the journal Pediatrics encouraging them to publish the research after it had been rejected by other journals. A top CDC official complied with the request sending a letter to the editor of the journal supporting the publication of the study which they called a 'strong piece of evidence that thimerosal is not linked to autism.'"



Thanks to who ever linked me us with the picture of Marshalyn’

She was at CDC in the early 80's - the same time ole Cherry was there, and at the same time my kids were sick, sick, sick from their vaccine reactions.

She is so sweet look'in. Flesh does seem to do a good job of hiding the soul.

John Stone


This morning the LB/RB posts a list of studies (apparently created by the AAP) in defence of vaccine safety (including some Thorsen papers). Heading the list is last year's Mrozek-Budzyn paper which discovered that MMR was 72% protective against autism. Now, I distinctly remember Kev remarking at the time of publication that this was anomalous but it doesn't matter, it is peer reviewed officially sanctioned information.

Google search finds Kev's blog reproduced here if no longer any results for LB/RB:


John Stone


Yes, and of course the Cochrane Review of MMR not only stated about the Madsen paper:

“The interpretation of the study by Madsen was made difficult by the unequal length of follow up for younger cohort members as well as the use of the date of diagnosis rather than onset of symptoms of autism”.


"The follow up of diagnostic records ends one year (31 Dec 1999) after the last day of admission to the cohort. Because of the length of time from birth to diagnosis, it becomes increasingly unlikely that those born later in the cohort could have a diagnosis"

it also supported in a weasel way (and seven years on!)Andrew Wakefield's conclusion that the safety studies had not been adequately done. They sifted 5000 related studies, reviewed 31 and stated:

"The design and reporting of safety outcomes in MMR vaccine studies, both pre- and post-marketing, are largely inadequate. The evidence of adverse events following immunisation with MMR cannot be separated from its role in preventing the target diseases."

So they cynically propose that programme should continue even though there is no reliable evidence for safety. How do you get so many studies which don't really tell you anything? I guess the answer is that you have commissioning techniques like the CDC. It is noteworthy of course that this Cochrane paper did not even look at conflicts, many of which were undisclosed, and with the fundamental flaw that you had gangs of health officials investigating and inevitably absolving themselves (including ultimately Cochrane). The water is then completely muddied in the British media by the son of a government scientist and Oxford professor of public health (relationship undisclosed) denying the obvious conclusion that the programme is unsafe.



Jack Hep

One wonders how much deeper than Thorsen the fraud/monetary impropriety really goes amongst vaccine research groups which voraciously soak up funding for what have been shown to be inadequate vaccine studies that underpin such an enormously lucrative market.


I just wonder, if the genocidal CDC officials bribed Thornsen to cover their own stupidity, ignorance and arrogance (by allowing poisonous vaccines to be injected to infants), or they were bribed themselves by vaccine manufacturers to produce fraudulent data on vaccine safety. It is not surprising that drug companies want to sell defective products for profits, they do it all the time (in fact they often admit that their products can kill or injure), but it is not acceptable, that the public agency, which is supposed to protect the public from toxic pharmaceuticals, conspires with manufacturers of defective products against the society. CDC officials should be severely punished for their deliberate crimes against humanity. They are not any better than Nazi dr. Mengele.

picture for Benedetta

Here you go, Benedetta-



What MMR/Case control study are they talking about? That sounds like "no MMR" but is it no vaccines or no MMR?


I don't suppose there is a picture of Marshalyn’


I don't know why I like to see these people's faces?

I guess it is just curiosity. You know, when you look back in history and you wonder what Hitler, Stalin, James Cherry looks like.

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