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Paging Dr. Ruth: Autism & Mercury More than a Decade Ago

Ruth_Etzel By Julie Obradovic

Recent events surrounding the US indictment of researcher Poul Thorsen inspired me to revisit the time when he became involved in the effort to examine (and it appears, exonerate) the potential role of vaccines in Autism. An easy place to do so, and one I encourage everyone to visit, is the Put Children First website. It clearly documents the events that took place leading us to where we are today.

While navigating the site, I came across an old email written by  Dr. Ruth Etzel that  I had forgotten about.  (See pdf of email here) It seems more appropriate than ever to share it now, as it accurately and eerily predicts what has happened to the public's confidence in the vaccine program. But to put it in the proper context, let's remind everybody about what was happening right before it was shared. 

The FDA issued a directive called the FDA Modernization Act of 1997 to assess all mercury in food and drugs. This included vaccines, and in December of 1998 and April of 1999, vaccine manufacturers had no choice but to respond to their request for more information. Panic set in as it became obvious there was a serious oversight problem, (even though Merck knew back in 1991 there was a problem) and behind the scenes members of the different agencies of the Department of Health and Human Services, such as the FDA and CDC, joined forces with organizations like the AAP and Public Heath Service to come up with a plan. Collectively, however, they couldn't agree. To begin with, there were no specific guidelines for the safety for ethyl mercury (the kind used in vaccines). And as for coordinating a message to calm the American public? Well, there wasn't much agreement there either. 

Think about it. They had to admit they had no idea what the definition of safety was for injected ethyl mercury exposure in children; that they had no idea how much of it was going into children anyway; that they had no idea what health consequences their oversight could have caused; and they had to find a way to still save the immunization program (as if any of them had any right to be in charge of it anymore anyway). Not exactly an easy task. And like I said, there was a lot of debate over how to do it.

As such, the AAP grew impatient, and on July 7, 1999 at 4:15 PM, a summer Friday afternoon RustedEdsel when they hoped no one would be watching television or paying attention, a joint health statement between themselves and the Public Health Service was issued. In confusing and calming language that tried to be reassuring, they admitted to a potential problem that no one should worry about. Mercury was bad, but it wasn't. They forgot to assess the health risk, but it was fine. They would take precaution but not make a recall. You should be concerned, but not really. It was a mixed message to say the least, and not everyone behind the scenes thought it was a good idea. One of them was a doctor named Dr. Ruth Etzel.

On July 2, 1999 at 10:36 AM, she wrote these words to her colleagues:

"The Committee on Environmental Health and the Committee on Infectious Diseases may want to look at the way Johnson and Johnson handled the poisoned Tylenol affair in 1982. It followed three basic rules:

1. act quickly to recall the affected product

2. be open with consumers about what went wrong

3. show contrition

Seventeen years ago, when an extortionist tried to wring money out of Johnson & Johnson by lacing capsules of Tylenol with cyanide, 7 people died. While the government was still considering what to do (sound familiar?), and before the media had time to put the company on the defensive, Johnson & Johnson recalled all Tylenol products. That cost about $100-million and it lost short term sales. But it emerged from the episode with consumer confidence at a higher level than ever, and quickly regained its leadership of the painkiller market.

The AAP should be dedicated to promptly providing truthful information about this situation to pediatricians. We must follow the three basic rules:

1. Act quickly to inform pediatricians that the products have more mercury than we realized

2. Be open with consumers about why we didn't catch this earlier

3. Show contrition

As you know, the Public Health Service informed us yesterday that they were planning to conduct business as usual, and would probably indicate no preference for either product. While the Public Health Service may think that their "product" is immunizations, I think their "product" is their recommendations. If the public loses faith in the PHS recommendations, then the immunization battle will falter. To keep faith, we must be open and honest now and move forward quickly to replace these products. Short term shortages may occur.

AAP should assure pediatricians that we are committed to making sure that all children will be vaccinated, although some may be delayed due to shortages. This is what American parents want to hear from their pediatricians. Anything less may cause them to lose faith in our recommendations."

To borrow from the web-site, It is breath-taking to read this email, absolutely breath-taking. For starters, at no point did she express any moral outrage over the insanely inhuman idea of continuing to inject infants with ethyl mercury in alarming amounts with no safety guidelines or existing science to properly identify or treat the negative health outcomes it could cause for them! Rather, her priority was clear: making sure all children would still be vaccinated and the AAP would be trusted in spite of their egregious mistake. That's right. Even at the risk of poisoning babies, their mission to save their own ass and vaccinate children remained more important. I have no words.

Quesera Moreover, this doctor, and presumably many, many others in a position of trusted leadership, knew full well what was going to happen if the course of action the PHS wanted to take was pursued instead of the one recommended here. They did it anyway. And exactly what she predicted would happen has happened. The faith in the vaccine program and the "product" of the AAP, their recommendation, has definitely dwindled.

Although in some respects, Dr. Etzel was wrong. For the media did not come after the AAP or the CDC or the pharmaceutical industry, putting them on the defensive as she feared. Rather, it was parents of poisoned children who did, and shockingly, it was then the parents who were put on the defensive because of it. Parents have remained there ever since, and today, have been fully demonized as the responsible party for the collapse of faith in the vaccine program instead. (Them and a GI doctor from the UK who suggested, hey, maybe these vaccines are a problem for some kids. Let's look into it.) It's like a bad dream.

To emphasize the surreal nature of this tragedy, let's reiterate the facts.

Danger triangle The triangle of US medical leadership (government agencies, the AAP, and the pharmaceutical industry) admitted that they had completely failed to assess the risk of injecting a man-made, synthetic form of mercury into a decade's worth of infants in alarming amounts, a form of mercury they had no safety guidelines for.  An internal memo revealed officials at Merck actually knew the amount of mercury was dangerously high in 1991...and did nothing. The CDC and the AAP worked behind the scenes with the PHS with one clear priority: save themselves and the vaccine program. As for the kids who could get poisoned or already were? Oh well.

And from there, the rest is history. Turns out, they did nothing wrong. It was all a big misunderstanding. That stupid FDA threw them in a panic over nothing. All that mercury kids got? It was perfectly harmless. All those symptoms exploding in children that mimic mercury poisoning exactly? Speech delay? ADHD? Asthma? Autism? All coincidence. Better diagnosis. All those parents screaming that the problems in their children began right after their kids were vaccinated? Desperate lunatics looking for something to blame their bad genes on.

And how do we know this? Because the same triangle of leadership that created this PR plan also got to investigate themselves to see if they actually did do anything wrong. And how did they do this? They created studies, and hired researchers, and traveled the world to find the people and data bases that would help them generate the "science" they needed to prove it. First, a study from the US that initially showed kids who received the most amount of mercury possible were 7.45 times more likely to get Autism, but in it's published form said, well, we have no idea if it's a problem or not. Sorry that took us four years. But hey, we've got this other science coming to us from Denmark...and check this out! Turns out, the less mercury kids get, the MORE likely they are to get Autism! Wow! We actually should have kept that mercury in those shots after all! Good thing we didn't issue a recall or ever stop using it! We're geniuses!

And to top this nightmare sundae off with whipped cream and a cherry, we now have a vaccine patent holder who has made millions from, gosh, MERCK of all places, to convince the world all of this is true. Doctors are geniuses! Injecting kids with hundreds of times the amount of mercury ever deemed safe was fine! It was good for them! It still is! Even for pregnant women!

Poul Thorsen And that researcher who showed us it was, that Poul Thorsen guy, hired by the CDC? Well, he's just been indicted by the US Department of Justice for fraud. Turns out, he's allegedly been taking hundreds of thousands of dollars from the CDC funds granted to him to do this "good" science, and turns out, he may not have acted alone. Still, nothing to worry about, they tell us. Just another unfortunate coincidence in the long line of them we call Autism.

So get on with it already you crazy, desperate parents of kids who only look like they're poisoned! It never happened! We proved it! Move on! And all these outbreaks of measles and whooping cough that are re-surging because you doubt our morality and expertise? That's your fault! 

Or is it? Someone ought to find Dr. Ruth, and see if she begs to differ. Seems she had some very different insight into who the real culprits would be for this disaster over ten years ago. And on at least that much, she was right.

Julie Obradovic is a Contributing Editor to Age of Autism.



Some mornings it's more interesting to wake up than others....Did Johnson & Johnson really behave like such a model corporate citizen over cyanide-laced Tylenol? Why is the Unabomber being trotted out now? Well, get comfortable and watch the report. There are a lot of "begats" at the beginning, but they're worth sitting through:

"I [Gary Franchi] interviewed Scott Bartz, author of _Tylenol Mafia: Marketing, Murder, and Johnson and Johnson_ and asked him if he thought his book's release was causing Johnson and Johnson to activate their media ties.

In this clip the Bartz, a former Johnson and Johnson employee, discusses with me the opposing story that could cost Johnson and Johnson millions and why we are seeing a resurgence of media interest in the story.

In order to get ahead of the backlash they expect to come from the release of _Tylenol Mafia_ is Johnson and Johnson asking the FEDs to cart out the one man, The Unabomber, to condition and redirect the American people before the release of this book?

The book, Bartz alleges that there was no lone nut traveling from store to store putting cyanide in the bottles. But based on LOT numbers related to the deaths, it was in fact an employee in the channel of distribution for Johnson and Johnson itself. And The 'Lone nut' story was cooked up years ago to protect Johnson and Johnson from almost certain litigation in the deaths of 7 noted people.

And who exonerated Johnson and Johnson? Arthur Hayes Jr the Commissioner of the FDA who was asked to resign in 1983 after stacking the FDA advisory board to and making the tie-breaking vote to approve the artificial sweetener aspartame for his friend Donald Rumsfeld who at the time was CEO of the Illinois based manufacturer of aspartame, G.D. Searle."

See what I mean? Gold.

John Fryer Chemist

If people need to do some more reading I came across this site:

I thought this referred to Ruth but no she just gets a mention again for that email.

Havent read all of the articles but they seem carefully written and researched unlike some facts of life for todays infants.

Like repeat vaccines in DIRECT contradiction of Nobel Winners knowledge of yester year (Charles Richet)

Like single rubella destroying 20 per cent of blood platelets at the end of the safety trials on ADULTS. Significance UNKNOWN ( and of no concern as no parent will blame a vaccine reaction nearly two months on! - I mean they may have had 6 more by then including the repeat vaccines that killed every dog in Richets lab when administered a second dose at half strength or less)

How many SIDS to date around the globe?

Vaccines work, so why "knock" them even if they do take out a million and injure ten times as many.

At least us ADULTS wont get the lurgy from unvaccinated ..

Is this their belief maybe?

They protect the vaccine company but where is protection for the one in fifty boys for example?

John Fryer Chemist

It is beyond belief that people would put cyanide in drugs.

But it is beyond belief that government, regulators and industry injected a neurotoxin into one day infants for a decade almost.

The first maniacal person killed seven people.

The second triad have up to the moment killed about 1 million infants from age one day to 6 months or so and just written the deaths off as SIDS.

Like all things they do change the name from time to time SUID or something close, MSBP or something close, SBS or something close.

The one I really like is MURDER as for Harry Clark. Give him a mercury injection and when he dies in less than six hours prosecute his mum for the killing. And using that other guy worse than Thorsen, called Meadow to make your point.

A world expert on vaccines and how to not tell people of deaths after them and lie in court (perjury) that they actually prevent death.

It was discovered that at ten times the amount in Harry's vaccine that it had a better than lethal effect (LD50) on people like Harry.

The link to CYANIDE is more than APT.

The only problem I have is whether it was cyanide or a another set of idiots who got their mix wrong?

I mean it is clear these people get away with MURDER already.

100 million worth of drugs is rather a lot for one man to doctor (using the term in its meanest sense). But knowing nothing of the case it is anecdotal and not observation.

The 330 000 side effects in VAERS are however important observations rather than the anecdotal comment above which is unlikely to be factual but cautionary.

It is a shame that so much careful observation is overlooked. My own review clearly shows harm from repeat vaccines where tylenol would be indicated.

If repeat vaccines didnt induce ANAPHYLAXIS we wouldnt have needed the tylenol in the first place. But this is a known feature, known for a hundred years.

We have a situation today where thimerosal is suspected of causing autism as well as death.

We know a bit more of tylenol and it is strongly implicated in causing autism.

And of course it was withdrawn AGAIN recently for its bad effects but obviously to blame a maniac again might be stretching coincidence too far; although 1 million SIDS after vaccines and power bases do not BLINK.



Hi John,

Regarding your post to me,"To add to all our woes the smiling face is Dr Ruth and not Julie!"

DUH!!! Well they put your photo on here a while back so I just assumed it was Julie, especially considering her happy smiling innocent looking face. No wonder uneducated parents trust thier doctors when they see this kind of face looking at them. Who would ever guess that this doctor has her own alterior motives when she smiles so sweet as she jabs the shots into their kids. Who would ever guess that she KNOWS about the POISON and is still going to inject it into their innocent children?

Cynthia Cournoyer

The public debate is slowly changing to discuss whether it is better to have measles and whooping cough or autism, asthma, ADD, etc. Pretty soon, when vaccine damage can no longer be covered up, and some form of contrition shows up, measles and whooping cough will have reached legendary levels of danger and fear as the absolute worst thing that could happen. Rather than blame the parents of autistic children who subsequently stopped vaccinating, those same parents will be held up as heroes and patted on the back and thanked for sacrificing and "saving us from measles."

That is why the debate must continue to focus on the health of single individuals. Too often the "greater good" is held up above doing what is best for a single person. It's almost reached a level of superstition--a belief that vaccines are better than no vaccines. Unless the individual is important, then society will always blame the dissenters.


In response to the cyanide lace Tylenol, an entire industry also changed the way they package their products to guard against tampering. We've seen no reassuring changes in the way the FDA, CDC, AAP monitor or administer vaccines and their ingredients.

Kelli Ann Davis always -- EXCELLENT!

Just a quick side note: Several years back, Enzi's H.E.L.P. Committee actually AGREED that the Feds "blew it" regarding the fact they were relying on EPA'S methly-mercury guidelines (something along those lines -- it's been a while and I don't have the copy of the report anymore) and they got a "slap on the wrist" for it.

Well at least it's in "writing" somewhere....(and the beat goes on...and on...and on)

Jenny Allan

nhokkanen says:-
"I just saw that a local online article setting up the new Axis of Evil as anti-vaccinationists allied with anti-abortionists creationists. Which "experts" were quoted for rebuttal? Paul Offit and Neil Halsey. Good Lord... oh, what a giveaway!"

OMG!! So now we are all part of an 'axis of evil' according to that vaccine millionaire, Paul Offit!! How much more vilification is going to spew out of the mouths of these vaccine profiteers and well paid pharma apologists, all apparently prepared to sell their own souls and abandon even their own conciences, all for what amounts to greedy pharma protectionism.

I really RESENT being labelled 'anti vaccine'. What I want, are pro active speedy government and pharma responses, whenever vaccines APPEAR to be causing unforseen widespread side effects. In the 'old' days, our family doctors in the UK had a system of reporting such side effects in their patients, this resulted in a speedy withdrawal of an early monovalent measles vaccine around 1970. The babies were still vaccinated with another version. The Salk polio jab was found to actually cause polio so was replaced in favour of an oral vaccine on a sugar lump. I got this in the 1950s.

How things have changed!!! I have often pondered what might have happened with Thalidomide, if it had been introduced a few decades later. These days governments and pharma manufacturers would have denied any responsibility until half the population of our planet was crawling around on truncated limbs!! With Vioxx thousands died unnecessarily. What was Merck's response?? In an e-mail sent to an employee, Merck had their own 'remedy' for any scientists whose research threw up contra indications:-
"We may need to seek them out and destroy them where they live….”
Dr Andrew Wakefield said when interviewed by CBS:-
This is not conspiracy. This is corporate policy.“ – [CBS News – Research Links Kids Vaccines & Brain Damage - October 9, 2009 childhealthsafety].

We all know what happened, and is STILL happening with Andrew Wakefield as a result of this 'corporate policy' which infects, not just the pharmaceutical industries, but Governments worldwide.

And what about the MMR vaccine, now superceded by yet another vaccine, this time containing up to 6 different viruses including Varicella (Chicken Pox)? This one appears to be causing outbreaks of far more serious shingles!!
Surely there is more than enough evidence against multi virus containing vaccines to STOP them NOW---particularly since Rubella is a virus previously KNOWN to cause autism in children, if contracted by the mothers in early pregnancy.

Medicine is SUPPOSED to be about SAFETY FIRST. This is the basis of the Hippocratic Oath, a promise taken by all doctors to put PATIENTS FIRST.

John Stone

Hi Autism Grandma,

To add to all our woes the smiling face is Dr Ruth and not Julie!


Denise Anderstrom Douglass

I have been following this Poul Thorsen story for a long time, as well as the whole vaccine, mercury, measles,etc issue. This is an excellent explanation of some of the things that parents and grandparents have been saying, things that have been drowned out by all the spins and lies and cover-ups the government, the pharmaceutical companies, and the doctors have been shoveling to the press and the public. It will be interesting to see what happens. Oh, wait, that's not quite what I mean... what is the word I want? One in one hundred children, possibly one in 70 boys... how many family tragedies is it going to take before it becomes plain for everyone to see? I bless the people investigating this, and the people who are prosecuting Poul Thorsen and any accomplices. Thank you.


The only uplifting thing about this depressing article is Julie's smiling face. [Great idea to put her photo on here]

Yes the horrific vaccine scenario is all so depressingly TRUE.

This article is polishing off an already depressing day:

First I get this in the mail: "Volunteers needed for study of an investigational tuberculosis vaccine" which states that: "The currently available tuberculosis vaccine (BCG) is a live bacterium (germ) that has been weakened so it does not usually cause illness. Although BCG vaccine has been used in many countries outside the United States for about 60 years, many people who are given it still get TB. A better vaccine to prevent TB is needed. [Very depressing because first of all this existing TB vaccine apparently doesn't work, and secondly because probably this vaccine is actually CAUSING TB, not just "failing to prevent it"]

Then I get this email which is very depressing because besides showing the continued intent of the FDA to persecute alternative and natural medicines, this company is specifically dedicated to autism therapies, and a particular product is one that I had researched and was hoping to use with my grandson for safe and natural heavy metal "clathration" [PCA Rx by Maxam Labs]

Armed agents invade Maxam Nutraceutics and steal natural health products in shocking FDA raid []

"Amidst all the destructive activities taking place in our world today that deserve attention, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has decided instead to make it a personal mission to destroy the businesses and livelihoods of those trying to help people through natural medicine.

On Thursday, April 14, 2011, dozens of agents from the FDA, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) conducted an unprovoked, full-scale raid on Hood River, Ore.-based Maxam Nutraceutics, a company that produces and sells nutritional supplements primarily for autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and Alzheimer's disease."

Then I get that annual email from Autism Speaks about the "light it up Blue" deal, with the subject line "Every face shining with hope"....

Here is my response to them:

BLUE is the perfect color for autism since it is so depressing...

Although there is a lot of hope with BioMedical therapies, however it is DEPRESSING that these are not officially recognized much less covered by health insurance....

Also extremely depressing that vaccine causation is not recognized and continually covered up, thereby creating the majority of the 40,000 autism diagnosis per year....

Yes BLUE is the perfect color for autism because the overall picture is very DEPRESSING.

Jake Crosby

Well this is definitely something to throw back into big pharma's face the next time they play the blame game with outbreaks.


"Show contrition."

Instead the CDC, AAP and other vaccine profiteers churn out subversive press releases that let journalists get away with incompetent reporting -- and feel smug about saving the world from deadly diseases, to boot.

I just saw that a local online article setting up the new Axis of Evil as anti-vaccinationists allied with anti-abortionists creationists. Which "experts" were quoted for rebuttal? Paul Offit and Neil Halsey. Good Lord... oh, what a giveaway!


Another vaccine dream for parents today....

FDA Approves Expanded Meningitis Vaccine for Infants

...A new vaccine for bacterial meningitis has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for infants between the ages of 9 months and 23 months.

The vaccine, Menactra, manufactured by Sanofi-Aventis, was previously approved for those older than 2 years old. The disease is fairly rare in the United States, but those who get it develop symptoms quickly and can die in only a few days. Survivors can suffer mental disabilities, hearing loss and paralysis.

Read more:

Is this something like Gardasil that was banned in India about the same time it was approved for boys in the US ???

Theodore Van Oosbree

The tylenol and thimerosal scandals were completly different situations. Johnson & Johnson was not at fault in the Tylenol deaths - it was one of the victims of the murderer. In addition, only 7 people died.
The thimerosal scandal involved the crippling of hundreds of thousands of children due to the negligence and incompetence of pharmaceutical companies and government regulators. The monetary costs and the loss of credibility and reputation would have been monumental and it would have taken an equally monumental act of moral courage to 'fess up. Government bureaucracies and corporations have no consciences (much less moral courage) and their institutional reaction is always take the easy way out if they can. When they are in alliance, the easy way out is easy - the government controls oversight and corporations control research and the flow of information and are deferred to by the mainstream media.

Adam M

Great article. Gives a lot of perspective to go back to the beginning of the debacle. Just a couple of quick points though.

@ Seventeen years ago, when an extortionist tried to wring money out of Johnson & Johnson by lacing capsules of Tylenol with cyanide, 7 people died. While the government was still considering what to do (sound familiar?), and before the media had time to put the company on the defensive, Johnson & Johnson recalled all Tylenol products. That cost about $100-million and it lost short term sales. But it emerged from the episode with consumer confidence at a higher level than ever, and quickly regained its leadership of the painkiller market.

Pharma would not have recovered from the same course of action because in the Tylenol scare it wasn't the maker of the tylenol who did some thing wrong. It was an extortionist. This made J&J a victim of sorts also. Then they could be seen as heros for immediately intervening. With the vaccines the villan is the drug companies and their regulatory cronies.

@ The AAP should be dedicated to promptly providing truthful information about this situation to pediatricians. We must follow the three basic rules:

1. Act quickly to inform pediatricians that the products have more mercury than we realized

2. Be open with consumers about why we didn't catch this earlier

3. Show contrition

Had AAP, Pharma & USPS actually done this they would have opened Pandora's Box. Particularly @ point #2. It's easy to explain, and understand, and have a solution for some nut lacing bottles of tylenol. Not so easy when the villan is the "police".

Jenny Allan

Excellent-and shocking article Julie Obradovic, but I must point out that Dr Andrew Wakefield WAS NOT a practising doctor during his time at the Royal Free Hospital, (now part of University College London.)

Dr Wakefield was employed purely as a research scientist and as such he had NO CLINICAL contact with the Lancet 12 children, (or any other Royal Free patients). The General Medical Council is SUPPOSED to be in existence to protect patients from 'clinically unsafe' doctors. To drag a research scientist into their 'dock' for what amounted to 'ethical' issues was outrageous!! I must emphasise that NO child was EVER harmed by Dr Wakefield, or his research. He is being blamed, very unfairly, for a UK dip in MMR vaccination rates, (although Ben Goldacre blames Tony Blair's refusal to tell us whether or not Leo got MMR!!-the published UK statistics seem to back up Dr Goldacre's assertion!!)Dr Wakefield's position on child vaccinations is CLEAR. He supports safe vaccinations and merely suggested going back to single jabs for Measles, Mumps and Rubella until more PROPER SCIENTIFIC research on MMR was done.
The position in the US is even worse!! Dr Wakefield gets blamed for everything from Pertussis outbreaks in California, (although these outbreaks occurred in a well vaccinated population!!) to some poor infant in Mnookin's book getting bacterial meningitis (Hib) because his parents were concerned about the DPT plus Hib vaccinations, which were associated with Thiomersal and seizures. Dr Wakefield's 1998 Lancet article and subsequent press comments only mentioned MMR, which NEVER contained mercury, and DID NOT MENTION concerns about any other vaccines.


Big pharma money must extend to protecting tylenol too!

My blogging on another website about acteminophen, tylenol studies being bad for infants, causing asthma, liver damage, a mitochondria cytopathy---- and I suggested that kids that have had Kawasakis and then keeps having strange out of no where fevers should take a little asprin instead.

I was rudely shut down, I was even accussed of having manchasen syndrome, hurt my feelings.

Only difference between the two though is;
the American Acedemy of Pediatrics came out suggesting that acteminphen not be used by infants - while those vaccines that are mercury filled - - Pertussin neurological damaging vaccine and that Hep B (because it is bad too) still was fine statistically.

Steph M

Never fear, our government has taken over the Johnson & Johnson plants that have been mired in filth.

autism uncle

Julie, Your historical account is invaluable - thank you so much.

Dr. Linus Pauling, after his advocacy for prevention of disease along with the demonstrated benefit of vitamin C was nonetheless rejected by the Establishment at NIH. Pauling wrote "of all professions, medical professionals are the least curious and open to new thoughts."

Many instances of lethal medical mistakes have taken scores of years to finally correct (using arsenic and mercury salts for syphilis as one example; the current folic-acid destroying drugs used for urinary tract infections; antiviral drugs now extensively and idiotically, lethally employed for respiratory infections, etc.).

The concept of "herd immunity" is so, so wrong, but is never questioned while it is drummed into med school students, school boards, and the average doc/pediatrician.

Fear sells and keeps the public compliant, and this technique is the stock and trade of Secretary Sebelius coached by such as Paul Offit and Thomas Insel and Anthony Fauci, all arrogantly dismissing thousands of parents' accounts of their children regressing with dire symptoms after vaccinations.

Thanks again for you fine piece.

John Stone

Yes, Julie this how it is done and how they think. I reproduce the report from British Medical Journal from 1992 when the British Government were forced to withdraw two brands of MMR vaccine from distributuion. The GMSC mentioned in the report should not be confused with the GMC, but a defunct committee of the British Medical Association (in other words the doctors trade union, rather than their regulatory body). Note that the only concern about damage is to the reputation of the vaccine:

"Last week the GMSC was worried that the vaccination programme would be put back by the debacle over the new arrangements for supplying the measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine (MMR). The CMO has apologised to the profession that the information that two brands of the MMR vaccine were to be withdrawn was leaked before the profession was told. The department had planned to give doctors 48 hours' notice. The information was leaked on 15 September and earlier in some places. But by the time of the MSC meeting (17 September) many members had still received no information. The department has advised doctors to return their stocks of Pluserix-MMR and Immravix [sic] and order extra supplies of MMR II.

"The chairman will draw the department's attention to the possible effect on vaccination target levels if parents are deterred from bringing their children to be vaccinated because of the adverse publicity. Dr Eric Rose suggested that the department should mount a publicity campaign on the virtues of the MMR and the Hib vaccines." (resstricted access)

The complacent and irresponsible mentality extends from the political arm of the British medical profession, to the journal report.

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