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Natural News Takes on the Growing Poul Thorsen Autism Vaccine Research Scandal

Matt Carey, Ph.D. says he’s Bonnie Offit (Just Kidding)

Handshake By J.B. Handley
5 months late, Matt Carey, a research staff member at Hitachi GST, with a PhD in physics from UCSD, has revealed himself to be the notorious blogger “Sullivan.”
In a previous post, I speculated that Sullivan was actually Bonnie Offit, wife of a not-to-be-mentioned vaccine millionaire. Mr. Carey’s personal outing of himself renders my speculation incorrect.
As many ravenous members of the dark side I’m sure have mentioned, I also made a simple promise that if Sullivan was NOT Bonnie Offit, I would not utter said name of said leader of the Dark Side.
I also offered to give up the website www.pauloffit.com
Apparently, Mr. Carey is a parent of a child with autism. Matt, if you’re reading this, note that I really have no interest in writing about or attacking other parents, and you can expect similar treatment. My enemies are the AAP, CDC, and the vaccine makers themselves, as well as their well-paid minions. Since you don’t appear to be in any of those camps and have a kid just like me, I don’t have the heart.
If I live 5 lifetimes, I will never understand where your reverence for not to be named profiteer of vaccines comes from, or why you choose to use your precious time to defend him.
I’m also pleased to see you now blogging in your own name, as all AoA writers and parents do. I think it’s a simple way to demonstrate courage, conviction, and integrity in the things you write.
‘Nuff said, in the world I live in, a deal’s a deal, even if you took five months to get here. Just email me, plenty on the dark side know how to find me, and we can work out the details.



I stand corrected. It looks like you were able to make sure the domain was transferred to Bonnie Offit after all.


I hereby withdraw my question to you JB:

"What happened JB? Why were you unable to *make sure* that pauloffit.com was *given to your and your husband* [Bonnie and Paul Offit]?"


"I will make sure that the pauloffit.com website is given to you and your husband for good."

- JB Handely, at Age Of Autism

"‘Nuff said, in the world I live in, a deal’s a deal, even if you took five months to get here."

- JB Handley, at Age Of Autism

What happened JB? Why were you unable to *make sure* that pauloffit.com was *given to your and your husband* [Bonnie and Paul Offit]?

JB Handley

Sigh, I had to post this, too:


Dr. Offit is lying, as usual. On may 3rd, Dr. Offit received an email from register.com offering the transfer of the site to him. After 72 hours, Dr. Offit had not claimed it and the site was available to anyone to register. The email where the register.com transfer was sent was provided to me by Matt Carey, who directed me here to find it:


I even sent Mr. Carey a note on May 6th advising him of that and offering to interview him for AoA, in the spirit of closing the gap between us, to which he has never responded, here's the contents of that email:

Just an fyi that pauloffit.com was unlocked and an email sent to Dr. Offit making it available to him was sent Tuesday afternoon this week. Case closed. The offer stands for an interview to be posted at AoA, thanks, JB

Someone is lying to you, JB Handley


Soooooo----- We still don't know for sure who Sullivan is then?

Still don't know!!!

JB Handley

A brief (and final) follow-up:

The pauloffit.com domain was unlocked and an email was sent to Paul Offit making it available to him.

After 72 hours, no one had registered the site, which was unlocked.

I can't make the doctor take the site if he doesn't want it. Once the site was unlocked, it was available for anyone to grab, I'm not disappointed to see its current contents.

I'm not going to waste anymore of my time on this topic. Matt Carey was not Bonnie Offit, I was wrong in speculating he was her, and have said as much.


major win for Paul Offit

Sorry to post off-topic, but giving this away was a momentous mistake that will cost lives:


When did "Sullivan" or anyone at LBRB demonstrate honor about anything?

The future looks bleak.


Save the children

All is fair in love and war. This is war.
Here are the casualties:


Don't give Paul Offit more ammo.


lbrb have a new title up why so may titles for the one subject ? trying to bury articles?..stranger things have happened.....

Latest posting below Mo1

May 1st, 2011

if you will excuse me coming in here. I read many a post of yours Before Sullivan (B.S.)it is almost like two different people writing.

Sullivan destroys, HBOT,Chelation,and other treatments when you were looking for cures at the same time on your old blog of a similar nature.

Sullivan is friendly to women bloggers (woman to woman writing) you were hostile to a lot of women on your blog at the same time.

I am glad you are trying to clear the air time never stands still and we can only take you at your word.

Thank you


face the music


www.pauloffit.com is quietly saving lives. Don't change a thing.

Besides, you're already considered to have violated the terms of the agreement according to their Grand Poobah Orac...

"he's not completely honoring his entire pledge...he's continuing to slime him as a "ot-to-be-mentioned (sic) vaccine millionaire" and "leader of the Dark Side." Sorry, Mr. Handley. That might be honoring the letter of the agreement, but it's sure as hell not honoring its spirit. Apparently honor only goes so far with you when it comes to Dr. Offit."

Honor the kids. Don't sacrifice this hard-working piece of cyber-real estate for these idiots.


"I too would like to know the proof that this person is Sullivan. I suppose there are other methods, but one way is to compare the language from two different blogs. English professors who do this kind of forensic English, say that anyone will give himself away if he just writes enough"

I agree. Afterall, what happened to "Autism Diva aka Camilla Clark from Davis California? She was so easy to pick out of a crowd of snake venom. Seems like Paul Offit may have had to stick her under a mat after using her in his book, AFP. She would be such an embarrassment if anyone saw all the horrible comments she has made everywhere over the internet. She even acted in the third person on one radio blog. Weird beyond words. That being said, if AD aka CC is not in the loony bin, she is likely lurking for paul and "commenting" as needed....How about for example, "isles" or someone like that? It would be easy to go through all the old comments and start putting people together. People like her are fairly easy to spot because they absolutely cannot stop the venom from spurting from their mouths.

Another example is Kathleen Siedell. What happened to her blog? She advertised she needed a job, helped Paul write a book and now is infrequently written (if at all) on her ND blog. Hmmm. Guess? She lurks for Paul, researches for Paul (and his next book that he pays for to the publishers to publish. Problem. He cannot take her or AD on the rhetoric trail because they have no people skills...enter instead, Trine and Seth. The dumb brunette, "I wanted to be a doctor so that is why you should believe what I say" and the writer who likely believes heavily in the needle and the hep b vaccine.


Couldn't it be entirely possible that more than one person was using the same tagline? Especially if the tones of his discussions so different, from cordial to irate. I wouldn't rule it out. I'm sure there are ways to pony up the evidence before relinquishing the site, with the help of a knowledgable computer guru. Did J.B.'s offer say he would give it away for free, or give it away for a huge sum of money?


What is the proof this guy is Sullivan?
Just him saying so?

I'm not convinced.
JB - pls have him provide a definite proof before settling this one..


I agree with "face the music" because it's not about face. Don't give up the website.

It's unlikely that Sullivan/Carey is truly independent. No doubt he is compensated in some way for his views. There are many parents of autistic kids out there who fall into that category. Sometimes a link to a pharmaceutical company or a public relations firm can be seen, but often it can't. It doesn't mean it's not there.

What you did is not egregious. Sullivan/Carey was not harmed. If he thinks he was, he can sue. His deposition should be interesting.

pass the popcorn

"If you can produce a dad with a child with autism with a remarkable grasp of the medical and scientific literature who blogs under the name Sullivan"

Such a person has not been produced. The person who blogs as Sullivan has not demostrated a remarkable grasp of the medical and scientific literature. In fact, he has no grasp of the medical and scientific literature as it pertains to the vaccine/autism link. The proof is all over the LBRB website.


Matt Carey is still Offit's "woman", even if they are not legally married.


@I Remember Matt/I do recall

Perhaps you both are right. I remember any debate with him as being always even-keeled, despite our differences. But as you said, it could just be that I wasn't on the receiving end of some of his rants. But I DO know that he radically changed his way of interacting with me with the arrival of c.darwin and others.


"Matt Carey, Ph.D. says he’s Bonnie Offit (Just Kidding)"
By J.B. Handley

That is the title to this article, so does that mean that Mtt Carey is not Bonne Offit posting under Sullivan?

face the music


www.pauloffit.com is listed near the top of page one when "paul offit" is typed into the google search. That's worth a lot of hits as you know if you follow the stats on the site.

When you weigh the morality of breaking a deal with the devil vs. the morality of allowing many, many more parents to be given Paul Offit's propaganda, what's more moral? Proving to a scoundrel you're good on your word or protecting children?

Using the truth about Paul Offit as a bargaining chip seems immoral to me. It's too late to undo that decision, but it's not too late to do the right thing by the people visiting your website.

In fairness to the thousands who will continue to go to www.pauloffit.com, you should renege on the deal and face the music of another angry article from Matt Carey calling you a liar. Better that than even one child's brain being damaged (or life ended) as the result of a parent being propagandized on the website that you started.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

I too would like to know the proof that this person is Sullivan. I suppose there are other methods, but one way is to compare the language from two different blogs. English professors who do this kind of forensic English, say that anyone will give himself away if he just writes enough

I do recall

I remember Matt,

Matt was one of those guys on Autism Speaks forum who would argue with and put down the moms as you said. But, would show respect and understanding of the men who would say basically the same thing about their children. Must be a personality flaw or a deep-seated hatred of women.

I can't figure out where this anger and hatred comes from? These people who claim that autism "just is"and profess to accept it-seem like the angriest of us all. Don't be mad at other parents who are just sharing their own kids stories and trying to make changes to prevent other children from suffering the same fate?

I also don't understand why all this time is spent arguing and fighting with parents of children who obviously have issues their children don't have (or they don't acknowledge them). Maybe that's why they are angry? Guilt over their own denial and lack of action? It sure is a mystery. But ultimately what is the pay off? Unless of course, they are truly being paid.... Why not just enjoy your kids autism and bask in your "acceptingness"?

Someone should study the psyches of these people. I truly would like to know what their problems are. Maybe they can be helped?

Jenny Allan

Who cares if Bonnie Offit is or isn't Sullivan!! I seldom visit THOSE internet sites and long ago learned not to believe ANYTHING posted on the internet by persons who refuse to reveal their identities. Some of this stuff is so profane and abusive it would not be permitted in any paper publication.

As for JB's www.pauloffit.com, I haven't visited that either, but it occurred to me that 'fighting' these persons using their own tactics just brings us all down to their level!! Let it go JB!!


@ Pass the Popcorn: Sadly, he did specify to whom he'd give the website. Here is the original offer:

"Bonnie Offit, or Sullivan for that matter, I have a simple offer: If you can produce a dad with a child with autism with a remarkable grasp of the medical and scientific literature who blogs under the name Sullivan, a man who has an inordinate grasp of the details of your husband's patents, lawsuits, published studies, and web habits, I will make sure that the pauloffit.com website is given to you and your husband for good.

In fact, if you can produce this father, I promise to never, ever publicly write about or utter the name “Paul Offit” again."

I remember Matt

Good connection. The timing of Matt's disappearance from the Autism Speaks forum and his appearance on LBRB makes sense. But balanced and conscientious he was not. I remember Matt as the biggest debater against the vaccine/autism connection on the message board aside from Autism Diva. He was famous for his personal attacks. Maybe you weren't on the receiving end of them. He reserved his nastiest comments for the moms.

Matt always struck me as a man desperate to prove that his son's vaccines did not cause autism. It can't be easy for a scientist to accept that "science" may have harmed his son.

Are you saying that some vaccine safety advocates have "an almost virtual jihad-ist position against anyone who questions the dogma"? Then where did you get the idea to stop vaccinating your child? Not from those dogmatic Jihad-ists!

Chris Bowra


Sniffer Your comment is awaiting moderation.
April 29th, 2011
22:55:35Dear Matt/Sullivan

It seems that there was an old Matt Carey and a new one ,the old was pro finding a cure for autism and the new one on here has frankly ,two hopes for curing autism and one is Bob Hope and the other is No hope.




"I think it’s a simple way to demonstrate courage, conviction, and integrity in the things you write."

It also invites those who have a looser interpretation of morals and/or reality to take unnecessary, unsubstantiated and sometime unnerving pot shots at someone's private life.

With some taking an almost virtual jihad-ist position against anyone who questions the dogma, privacy seems prudent.


That would make him "Matt" from the old Autism Speaks message board. He was a ND-leaning voice, but a mostly balanced, conscientious voice. We had a very good, light-hearted internet friendship. Then, when the "radicals" showed up on the board (nutty Darwin, Kev, Steve D etc), he changed, becoming distant and a bit nasty. So disappointing to read this Sullivan is him.


JB, why are you willing to give up the website www.pauloffit.com? Do you think this is the reason Carey outed himself? And how will he prove to you that he is actually the one?

Do you regret your offer? It doesn't seem like giving up your informative website is worth knowing who "Sullivan" is.


If Matt Carey is being paid by Offit's Autism Science Foundation, when did that deal happen and why is he only now taking the fall for Bonnie? As well, Mr. Carey's employer. Hitachi, makes vaccine manufacturing equipment:

"The First Hitachi Industrial Type Vaccine Production Centrifuge (CC-40) in India has been successfully installed and 3Q completed (IQ,OQ,PQ) with the joint effort of Hitachi Koki , Techcomp and Blue Star Ltd.

CC-40 centrifuge has been widely accepted in vaccine production facility that accounts for 100% market share in Japan and also having high market share in vaccine production facilities throughout the world.

This signifies as the milestone of CC-40 centrifuge in South Asia and ASEAN area."

I wouldn't be too quick to trust that Mr. Carey is simply a parent.

- Inquiringman

Pass the Milk Duds

This on the Internet:

"Sullivan to attend IMFAR
I have written in the past that I will be attending IMFAR, the International Meeting For Autism Research. I will be supported by a stakeholder travel grant from the Autism Science Foundation, for which I am very grateful"....and the topic:

" abstract: Parent Reported Status and Expectations for Their Autistic Student Children: An Analysis of the 2007 National Household Education Survey."

here is the description- http://www.autismpolicyblog.com/2011/04/survey-research.html

and how 1960's, no causation, NO environmental/vaccine data. A perfect detour away from anything of importance- It's a SURVEY of a SURVEY. Worthless and unimportant which is why the Autism Science Foundation paid for it and "Carey"- (never, ever heard from him before)to make the journey to IMFAR.

So Offit is behind the "stakeholder travel grant" ....hmmmmm

Pass the Popcorn

JB -- you have no hard proof that Matt Carey is Sullivan. If the ID of an anonymous internet blogger could be proven, our Deer friend Rebecca (aka Becky) Fisher would have been outed long ago.

However, if you insist on taking Carey at his word (which is more than he has ever done for us), you said you'd give up the website www.pauloffit.com, but you did NOT state who you'd give it up to. Certainly not Matt Carey or anyone defending the vaccine program. I'm sure you'll find plenty of advocates of safer vaccines who would be willing to take over, pay for and host www.pauloffit.com right after you give it up.

As for never saying Offit's name again, that's easy enough. Simply refer to him as Dr. Proffit. There should be no confusion about who you're referring to.

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