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BBC Struggles Over Science Betrayed; BMJ Battens Down Hatches

Mark Blaxill Public Comment to IACC: "A Time to Lead"

Mark blaxill A Time to Lead

My name is Mark Blaxill. I am the father of a 15 year old daughter diagnosed with autism, a Director of SafeMinds and editor-at-large of Age of Autism. I am also a co-author of The Age of Autism: Mercury, Medicine and a Manmade Epidemic. Since our book was published last September I have had the privilege of traveling across the country to meet with dozens of groups and thousands of families affected by autism. I was deeply impressed by the affected individuals, mothers, fathers and family members I met on our tour. Above all else, I was impressed by how so many families have the same story to tell and by how many of us are asking for the same things. We are asking for bold leadership that unfortunately we have not yet seen.

Most directly, in the midst of the greatest childhood epidemic of all of our lives, we are trapped in an historic failure of the scientific process. Thomas Kuhn taught us how communities of “normal scientists” can prevent progress and trap important field of inquiry in scientific orthodoxy. We have seen this pattern play itself out in autism, first in the idea that parents and especially mothers caused autism because they hated, indeed even wanted to murder their children. More recently we have been trapped in the equally failed search for inherited autism genes. In the meantime, we are investing next to nothing in environmental causation. This is a fundamentally irrational approach, yet the orthodox researchers who benefit from this irrationality have defended their territory while they invoke science in the name of their own interests. Not a single dollar spent in the process has prevented a single case of autism. Worse than that, we are spending millions of dollars to promote denial.

In an environment of increasing budget scarcity, this is more than just a scientific failure; it’s an economic one as well. We are wasting taxpayer resources and approaching the governance process with a lack of urgency that seeps into all aspects of autism science. As a near monopsonistic buyer, NIH has a unique power in setting scientific agendas. The IACC should serve the consumers of autism science. Instead you appear to most of us to serve the medical industry, aiding and abetting the fiction that the controversies over autism research pit “parents vs. science.” In reality, that couldn’t be further from the truth. The real controversy is one between critical consumers of autism science and the orthodox producers whose work has failed us.  In the debate between the autism community and the medical industry, your responsibility here should be clear.

This is not an abstract problem. Before 1930, the rate of autism was effectively zero. Before 1990, autism in the United States was exceedingly rare, as low as 1 in 10,000. Today, with roughly 1% of children born in the 1990s, it should be breathtakingly clear that autism is manmade. And that makes the autism epidemic not merely a public health crisis but a crisis of public ethics and morality as well. Hundreds of thousands of children, now growing to adulthood, are victims of preventable injury, a form of invisible violence. It is a form of violence that requires witnesses. Yet because of the nature of the injuries involved those witnesses must typically have scientific, medical or technical training. In large part, this witness pool also has career and economic interest in the medical industry, one of the main suspects. Tragically, but perhaps not surprisingly, we are seeing a moral failure of enormous proportions, as potential witnesses are sanctioned, censored and intimidated while the entrenched power of the orthodoxy has successfully sustained its prerogatives. This is not right. More to the point, it is not good. And it is long past time for a change.

More than any other single group of individuals, you members of the IACC are in a position to lead that change. That requires many things of you. It requires you to pay attention. It requires you to think independently and rationally. It requires you to take personal risk. It requires you to challenge close friends and colleagues who are part of the orthodoxy that perpetuates the problem. Above all, it requires moral courage. The only thing it does not require is that you wade through the complex machinations of denial because the problem is simple and staring you in the face. We are staring you in the face. And because autism is what it is, we will be standing in front of you until we are gone, or until you have done the right thing, whichever comes first.



Shawn Siegel

Lorin, hopefully one of these two attorneys will have a workable solution:

http://www.vaccineexemption.org/ ;


Managing Editor

Lorin, we don't print phone numbers in comments. I suggest you visit http://www.nvic.org/Vaccine-Laws/state-vaccine-requirements.aspx.
I tried to reach you at the email you provided, but it bounced back. Thank you. KIM

Lorin Daniel

My name is Lorin I have a 6year old and a 16month old.Neither one of them have been vaccinated.I have a group of pediatricians that have been in charge of my 6 yr olds health care since she was 3. And my 16 mo old since birth. I showed them my vaccination exempt form and they would see them on a regular basis.I just received a letter stating they are giving me 60 days to find another doctor for my children unless I complied to their vaccination rule and regulations.I am on medicaid and I need there approval to transfer to another doctor. They refused that approval leaving my children without medical care unless I comply with their rules of vaccinations. Here are there exact words in the letter.The strict policy of Growing Child Pediatrics is that should you opt NOT to vaccinate your child we must respectfully withdraw as your childs medical provider. As of the date of visit ,you will have 60 days in which to find another pediatrician. We will see yor child for illness or injury occurring within that 60 day period only. (All insurances will need to reflect this change and no authorization for care by another provider will be provided. )Your parental decision NOT to vaccinate establishes your belief and your responsibility for putting your child at unnecessary risk for life -threatening illness,disability and even death.We hope that we are able to help you reach the decision for your child that will enable us to continue our relationship.I need you help on this matter. I feel my rights have been violated and they are trying to bully me into doing something I do not believe in or threatening my opportunity for my childrens healtcare. Please advise me on what to do. Thank you

Janet Levatin

When they started giving hepatitis B vaccine to one-day-old babies back in 1991, I knew it was a bad idea. Thankfully I, a pediatrician, NEVER endorsed this folly nor placed an order for this to be done to a baby. I have been speaking out about it to individuals for the past 20 years, while at the same time feeling betrayed by my profession which is supposed to have the best interest of children as their top priority. Thank you, Mark, for your eloquent comments on this subject.

Shannon Hunt

WOW!! So well said. Bravo!!!

"We are staring you in the face. And because autism is what it is, we will be standing in front of you until we are gone, or until you have done the right thing, whichever comes first."

My thoughts exactly


your words shine in what have been grey days of autism advocacy..the integrity and truth of what you have said should shock this nation..I have great respect for your words ..and you, thank you,candace..


John, Thank you!

Mark, Thank you for your tireless advocacy!

Becky Estepp

I had the pleasure of watching Mark deliver his comments live. Not only does he write well, his delivery was excellent. Thank you Mark for everything you do.

John Stone


That's the famous Hilleman memorandum. I am sure the original document is on the web somewhere but here is the report of its discovery in the LA Times:



Tom, how the hell did you do that??? Wow! Color me impressed. I can't even make the little heart symbol! KIM


I am sorry for Mark Blaxill that he is one of us.
But I am grateful for us and our cause that he is.
To win this fight we need talented and passionate people like Mark. With such people like Mark, I don't see how this bald face social issue has gone on as long as it has with no good answers???

It must be a really BIG evil that it is going to take a lot of talent, heart, courage----- I am beginning to think that perhaps more than there is in this world!


Goran, Is the leaked Merck memo available somewhere on the internet? Thanks.


What an eloquent, clear, and powerful statement!!

First Do No Harm

What a contrast between your calm, intelligent, reasoned words and the shrill rantings of those with with their hands in the pockets of the vaccine industry.

Thank God for courageous parents, doctors and scientists who stand up for truth.


A=Autism Rate
B=Back Sleep Rate
V=Vaccination Rate


“In its fundamental purpose it has been largely successful. The incidence of SIDS has been reduced dramatically. However, as many orthotists can attest, this important gain has not been without its lesser comorbidities. The one we tend to think of has been the rapid increase in the incidence of positional plagiocephaly and positional brachycephaly. However, there have been whispers and rumors of other effects.”
Phil Stevens, MEd, CPO regarding side effects of the Back to Sleep Campaign.


Please everybody pay attention to this EU database (http://euvac.net/graphics/euvac/index.html). It shows incidence of "vaccine preventable" diseases i European countries. As an example, pertussis incidence in 2009 is shown. Make a note of the fact, that in Scandinavian countries there is relatively high incidence of pertussis, but no deaths from this diseases. These countries also have some of the lowest infant mortality in the world. On the other hand, countries such as Bulgaria, Rumania or Turkey have low incidence of pertussis, but high infant mortality. It tells us, that at present time in developed countries, pertussis does not kill. It may kill only in countries, where medical care is inferior (including the US), and where many people live in poor conditions.


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it is interesting and informative article. This has been very helpful understanding a lot of things. I’m sure a lot of other people will agree with me.

John Stone

Vote, vote, vote for Blaxill!!!


@ Goran,

Thanks for your comment. I tried to obtain the info from Swedish authorities about their true vaccination rate, but received no response. I guess, they don’t want to release these data. On the other hand I personally know two pediatricians working in Sweden and they told me privately that vaccination rate over there is low, but nobody is bothered by that. If a child gets an infectious disease, he is properly treated and isolated and nobody dies for these diseases anymore over there (al least there are no public records of such deaths). I have read that in Germany or Austria the vaccination rate (according to the schedule) is only about 1/3. In the US it is apparently about 70% - thanks God, some parents became educated.

It is mind boggling why the pure poison such as thimerosal is still added to vaccines injected to infants in many countries (when safer preservatives are available), and why in the US and many EU countries thimerosal has been reintroduced to vaccines injected to children in the form of flu vaccines (including H1N1), many of which contain 50 mcg of Hg per single dose. One cannot escape the conclusion, that there is a deliberate attempt to poison and damage a large population of world children.

Cindy Keenan

Bravo! Thank you, Mark.

Heidi N

You said it!! Thanks for being an advocate. We must keep on doing what we can. I am still shocked that autism is not being looked at as an emergency issue. The debt it is causing is just starting to hit the government. What are they going to do in 5 years when more are adult-disabled?


The truth about Scandinavian countries is that mercury was removed from vaccines very quietly in 1992-93. Before then we also had a real epidemic of ASD cases and a lot of attention and research was put into this, with many kids affected. There is no statistic that I know of but I am sure we had a short sharp peak of ASD cases 1985-1995 (my son born 1991 is one). The scandal of the matter is that there was never a true statement about why mercury was removed (and yes, I know that there are other types of vaccine induced autism and therefore the recent debacle with mercury introduced yet again through swine flu vaccines and a lot of attention given to the disorders resulteing from this in Scandinavian media (narcolepsy most prominently). Actually, the vast majority follow vaccination schedules in Scandinavia as far as I know, but again no mercury and also much fewer vaccines. And BTW the removal of mercury 1992-93 gave a very clear and immediate reduction of SIDS prevalence, reducing it by five times. And a leaked Merck internal memo from March 1991 proves that Swedish authorities knew quite well what was happening.
Oh, and thanks Mark, you are a hero.

Angus Files

Like our Autistic kids that vanish so does the Autism money just vanish,and no body is bothered...

Great article


Angus Files


Thank you, Mark, for your bold and necessary statements. I don’t believe we can expect any positive change of mind from this group. Their role is NOT to solve the problem of autism epidemics by finding and eliminating environmental causes of autism - most likely toxic vaccines - but to channel as much public money to fruitless circular research on genetic causes of autisms, so orthodox scientists have their pockets full, and pharmaceutical cartels can make billions by selling more toxic drugs to vaccine inured children. Only the public at large will solve the problem of autism epidemics by making public research and personal decisions about vaccinating or not their children. In Scandinavian countries autism prevalence is still about 1 in 2000-3000, because a few people vaccinate their children over there. Their child mortality is also the lowest. This is a naturalistic science which tells a volume. We must nonetheless put a coordinated and unyielding pressure on the government to designate funds for life-time care of vaccine injured children, because it is the government corrupt officials , who push toxic vaccines into bodies of our children, and for personal profits destroy the future of this country.


Awesome Mark! With the exception of Lyn, getting the IACC to think independently and rationally will be something of a miracle, but when they realize that we all are watching and demanding that they be, it might just happen. Thanks for speaking so well on our behalf Mark!


Thank you for clearly, and with far more eloquence and civility than I personally could ever approach, holding up the truth in front of their gaze.

Eileen Nicole Simon

Mark, thank you for your courage in speaking out on the failure of academic science to advance understanding of autism. This is why I (less boldly) have suggested that actuarial science would be better, and why mandatory long-term care insurance should be required for all children born.

I was not able to listen to the discussion of public comments. Were your comments discussed? What was discussed? What we really need is the opportunity to have back and forth conversations, a collaborative effort. Some of us do have a scientific background. Mine is in biochemistry and neuroscience, and I find nothing of interest in any of the papers on genetics. It's all a lot of gibberish and deliberate obfuscation.

Katie Wright

Wish I could have been there to applaud


well said... I wish someone would just look at them in the face and do what paul offit and the computer idiot does... and say... "YOu... YOU.... are hurting children! Go home and think about that. You are hurting children and what does the God of the universe think about you for allowing children to go on being hurt."

Donna K

Thank you Mark for having the courage to stand in the face of power and speak that truth which is held in contempt by the self-serving scientific orthodoxy that stares back. The members of the IACC witnessed heroic courage and true greatness yesterday from parents like you and Lynn which hopefully left them feeling shamed by their cowardess and immoral motives.


Well said!

The science has NOT spoken because it hasn't even been done. Those who perpetuate the myth that it has been done are NOT true scientists. They have no curiosity, fail to question assumptions, fail to critically evaluate past research, fail to set up or even support others in designing and conducting the studies that are needed, and can hardly call themselves seekers of truth.

Thanks for speaking the truth to those in power.

Anne McElroy Dachel

Thank you Mark for speaking out. I would like to remind the IACC that the day is coming when everyone is going to demand answers. The IACC now calls autism "a national health emergency." Thomas Insel has spoken about the fact that 80 percent of autistic Americans are under the age of 18 and that a million dependent adults are coming.


When the cost of autism finally overwhelms us, the public is going to want to know why those charged with addressing this emergency did nothing. The IACC seems helpless and has no answers. Not one child has been helped by anything they've done. The IACC has been around for five years and has nothing to show for all that time. How many more children will fall victim to autism while the IACC stands by helpless?

Anne Dachel, Media

aoa fan

Moral courage. I have learned a little about that in our family's decade long struggle with autism. It really comes down to that, and Mark knows how to eloquently and succinctly state the truth.

Not an MD

Well, Mark, I will now use a single word to describe your comment to the IACC that I have avoided for years, as I overused it in my college days, and I really wanted to stop using it.



Very well spoken Mark. It is nice to hear a very clear message from our side.

This past weekend there was a PBS program on Autism funded by pharma I assume. Both sides were given... in the usual format...

Dr. Offit would give his side, and then "for the other side" they would ask Dr. Offit why the "other side" did not agree with him...

As with other dictators from WW2 and beyond, many times it takes over a decade to debunk & dispose of the evil dimwits.


PERFECT! Thank you.


If the leaders at Autism Speaks had Mark Blaxill's fortitude, honesty and bravery, the world would look quite different today than it did 6 years ago. However, those with the money and power in autism are also the weakest and most entrenched in the status quo. It's a shame.


Thank you Mark for standing up for us, for being our voice. I was privileged to see you speak on your tour while you were in Lawrenceville,NJ and I was so impressed with your eloquence and clarity then. Please don't stop; it eases a mother's heartache knowing someone somewhere is fighting for their child.


Thank you brave and honest Mark Blaxhill for questioning the issue of autism. You and thousands of others deserve serious consideration and answers, cost what it may.

Every professional field, irrespective of the subject, has signed its death sentence if it is not permitted to ask questions.

autism uncle

Bob Moffitt, Sometimes the frustration gets overwhelming and I too think its past time to cast the IACC miscreants (gross negligent abettors may better suit) out. Start fresh, and proceed with lightening speed to indict the disastrous immunization schedule.

That being said, Mark's opening salvo sets the stage for next demanding their removal, particularly committee chief Dr. Thomas Insel who has dogmatically (and wrongly) maintained vaccines have been shown to be innocent.

Mark, thanks for your incredible efforts. Bob, thanks so much for yours also.


Thank you.

Bob Moffitt

"More than any other single group of individuals, you members of the IACC are in a position to lead that change. That requires many things of you. It requires you to pay attention. It requires you to think independently and rationally. It requires you to take personal risk. It requires you to challenge close friends and colleagues who are part of the orthodoxy that perpetuates the problem. Above all, it requires moral courage."

With great personal respect for Mark Blaxill .. it is my humble opinion these "members of the IACC" were deliberately "selected" .. chosen precisely because they could be relied upon to .. "NOT pay attention, NOT think independently and rationally, NOT take personal risk, NOT challenge close friends and colleagues .. and .. most importantly .. NOT HAVE THE MORAL COURAGE TO DO WHAT IS RIGHT FOR OUR CHLDREN AND FAMILIES.

In my opinion .. our community is long past the time for pleading for the IACC to provide "leadership". Instead, I believe the time has come for our community to demand the entire "leadership" of the IACC be removed as a direct consequence of their proven failure to .. "prevent a single case of autism" .. during their reign.


Thank you Mark! And for making it clear we aren't going anywhere, and the problem isn't getting smaller.

Dan E. Burns - SavingBenBook.com

Wow! Gutsy. Thanks for standing up for us. Perfectly said. You're last line is a thriller: "We will be standing in front of you ..." You are a hero today!

Jake Crosby

You tell 'em, Mark!

Adam M

Thank you Mr Blaxill. BTW Do we know what the rate of autism is for children born in 2000 is yet? 2002 ? If I understand this correctly the 1 in 100 reflects the 1998 birth cohort.

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