On Autism's Cause It's Journalist MacNeil v. journalist Mnookin
Read the Indictment of CDC Autism Researcher Poul Thorsen at Age of Autism

Kim Stagliano Blogging for TodayMoms

I'm pleased to tell you I'm now writing for TodayMoms, a group blog site of from MSNBC, along with a group of talented women from all walks of life.

My first post was about the texting bus driver in CT (HERE) and my fears and dreams for my girls as adults. Please add TodayMoms to your favs and I'll let you know when I post. Thanks!


All I Can Handle Small Kim Stagliano is Managing Editor of Age of Autism. Her book from Skyhorse Publishing All I Can Handle I'm No Mother Teresa; A Life Raising Three Daughters with Autism is available now. Visit her website at Kim Stagliano.


Jerry Komar, M.Ed.

Nice work!

Michelle Wandrack

Best birthday present I could get. Kim, yours is the voice of reason in a desert of insanity. Thank you for all you do.

Katie wright

This is great news!
Finally a real autism mom to represent the 2 million American families affected wASD.
Sometimes I can barely read these sites because the discussions seemed so canned or trivial.
So glad there will be more diverse and substantive talk on this blog!


Thank you for making a difference for all of our children!

Alison MacNeil

Kim, this is awesome!

Kim Mack Rosenberg

Congratulations Kim! Your voice is being carried far and wide - thank you so much for all that you do!


Congrats, Kim! How great that your voice will be heard on a mainstream mom's blog.

Annie Eskeldson

Congratulations on this monumental writing post!

Donna L.

Great article, Kim! Thank you for speaking out for all of our kids who cannot.
And congrats on your new writing gig!!

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