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My son recovered his ability to alternate his feet walking upstairs that he lost...close to three years ago. There is always hope!

Managing Editor

Dee Dee, call Hallmark to complain. Haven't you anything better to do? Maybe wish us Happy Easter or Passover instead of an odd complaint?


Regarding "holiday" wishes: The chronic, cavalier and offensive use of bunnies and eggs to signify a most holy day for Catholics, Easter, and conversely using a "star" icon (a religious symbol signifying Passover) continues to demonstrate disrespect for Christians.

Kelly Adams

Our miracle was - no snow here in Minnesota. We're actually pretty excited about that. Was a long winter.

Sarah Lapinski

Way to go Bella!

David Browne

4-in-May Wynston turned to his 5 year old brother last week and gave him a hug, for the very first time. Dad cried like a baby....

Maria Buchta

Yeah Bella!

Michelle Wandrack

Congratulations to Bella! A miracle indeed.
My miracle was watching Noah, my PDD-NOS son, and his brother Micah, take 1/2 the eggs out of their baskets at an Easter Seals egg hunt and pour them on the grass in front of a girl in a wheel chair and help her gather them up. We had spoken about doing this but I didn't know if they would actually follow through. Later Micah remarked to me " you know what mommy, it IS better to give than to get". Best Easter ever! Our kids are capable of so much love and empathy.

Dawn Gullage

God Job Bella,
My Tatum who is the same age as you and pretty just as you are. On Maundi Thursday, she had her feet washed and said "thank you" on command.
I am so proud of her, as we sit in church and she knows to fold her hand's in a praying stance and kisses the Blessed Mother at home.
God Bless Bella, Tatum and the other children out there, WE ARE THEIR VOICES. Good job girls :)


Way to go Bella!! We are all so proud of you!

Our nine-year-old son, Sam, is now able to swing on a swing set independently. Despite years of trying to show him, he just recently taught himself how to pump his legs so he no longer needs someone to push him. :)

This spring is also the first that he is able to keep crocs on his feet without putting the strap to the back behind his heels. (:

To some these may seem like small, insignificant accomplishments, but I know each of you with children like mine understand that it IS the small things that bring us the most joy!

Thanks for the opportunity to share our joy!

Happy Easter!

Concerned Mom

My baby, at 13, learned to ride a two-wheel bike today! I am grateful for this miracle and the unbelievable smile it put on his face!! :)

Congratulations to you, too, Miss Bella! :)

Cat Jameson

That is awesome news about Bella! Ronan stared at an Easter box of goodies I left on the counter. He scanned the outside of the package like he was reading it. He didn't grab the goodies or run away with it like he would in the past. He didn't lunge at it or gobble it up impulsively like he would have in the past. Ronan read the package and waiting so very patiently for me to open it. He signed "candy open" and then later said yum when we asked if it was yummy. Yay for preverbal little people!


Congratulations Bella !!! What a great job.
and Kim, our spring miracle is getting our vaccine injured child back into HBOT. ( with a new lego bribe every week,ugh )
But at least we're in there and w/headphones on he stays put during the sounds he can't stand. After doing diets, chelation, supplements (by the truckload, it seems), and lots of anti-yeast meds, abx, ect... I feel like we have our child almost there. If he could only handle his sensitive hearing??

P.S. thanks for the signature to put in my Christmas present of your book.

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