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Dr. Andrew Wakefield To Speak at Brandeis University

Callous By Jake Crosby

This Wednesday at Brandeis University, Dr. Andrew Wakefield will give a lecture and answer questions on what has become one of the greatest medical controversies of our time – the vaccine-autism debate in the midst of the autism epidemic.

If you are in the Boston area, please come and listen to a great lecture by Dr. Wakefield. Brandeis students, faculty and staff will be given first priority to ask questions of Dr. Andrew Wakefield at Wednesday evening's event. 

The event will be held in Rapaporte Treasure Hall in the library complex right next to the Usdan Student Center on the north campus and will begin at 7:30PM and go on until 9. Parking for off-campus visitors will be provided.

Below is the link to the campus map and a list underneath of all the buildings. Bring the cursor to “Goldfarb” to illuminate the designated building on campus – that’s where Rapaporte Treasure Hall is:
Follow signs for parking.

Jake Crosby is a college student with Asperger Syndrome at Brandeis University majoring in History and Health: Science, Society and Policy, an intern at Northeastern University and contributing editor to Age of Autism.



Wakefield is also respectful of women, in stark contrast to his detractors. Modest, well-spoken and thoughtful, he's nothing like the caricature presented by the pr flacks.

Jake Crosby

Thank you all for attending! I am so glad you I invited him and so glad you all came to hear him speak and show your support!


Wakefield was amazing. Smart, articulate and knows the science. A triple threat. Thanks Jake for inviting Dr. Wakefield to speak. I'm even more in awe after hearing what he had to say. I am so glad I went.


Zach, the only way anyone could not believe Wakefield would be not to have a child on the autism spectrum, to not have witnessed regression, to not have had the experience of having your bubble blowing ..giggling..happy toddler slip away over weeks and short months following vaccine. To believe these vaccines do not cause this illness, suggests ignoring of the facts surrounding the children, listening to the big fat cats that spend, spend to promote an illusion of safety, and not doing the research beyond what those fat cats provide. Settle down a bit and become a thinker, before you deny that vaccine has caused this epidemic, choose and debate your suspect. The suspect of those that deny the truth has been genetics. Without a coresponding growth in population you can not have a genetic epidemic. Then what's left, to deny the epidemic? That will continue harm to the children, is that what YOU really want?


Jake - Unbelievable lecture last night. I'm still trying to process the event - being able to hear and meet Dr. Wakefield in person was incredibly powerful. I didn't get the chance to write down my information for the DVD; if you would be kind enough to send me an email, I'll forward you my address. Again - you should be proud, I can't stress enough what a moving event it was.

[email protected]



I know you will ask Dr. Wakefield a really hard-hitting question which completely stops him in his tracks. Looking forward to the video.


I will be attending this lecture to ensure that the lies perpetuated by Mr. Wakefield are not taken at face value by uninformed individuals. I sincerely hope the people who frequent this website are capable of doing even an iota of research, and investigate the ludicrous claims this spotlight seeking man are bandying around. For what it's worth, you should be ashamed of yourselves to continue to perpetuate these lies.

Jake Crosby

No tickets needed, this event is open to everyone.


Do they ever bring us in for an MMR, alone? While no, there was no thimerosal in that mmr, about four inches over on the same leg there was another that did contain thimerosal. The same with polio vaccine, about four inches over on the same leg on the same day there was an injected thimerosal laden dtap. I don't know of many in the 90's who had one shot visits. Maybe this has changed? I get a little "ruffled" when I hear thimerosal getting a pass in connection with the mmr, when I am pretty certain thimerosal was injected on the same day.


Does anyone know if you need tickets to this event? or is it opened to the public on a first come first serve basis?



You're not dealing with amatures here. Yes, we do know.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

To Ashley, Nearly everyone on this website knows this- It is, in fact the mainstream doctors who frequently make the mistake of thinking that the MMR contained mercury earlier. But the problem is that we dont at this time know all the answers and here in India , where I live the MMR can still be given along with two vaccines containing 25 mcg ethylmercury, each. That is two mercury vaccines, to severely depress the baby's immune system just at the time when he needs his immune system to deal with the MMR vaccine , which contains three live viruses.
This is an area in which we need more scientific knowledge, and we need for mainstream medicine to act on that knowledge. Why dont you, for example, write to the Indian Academy of Pediatricians and see if you can get an explanation from them as to why they combine these vaccines on their schedule and why they are still allowing vaccines with mercury to be used at all? Knowledge needs to increase and knowledge needs to be implemented. Till then this topic is not going to die.



THANK you so much for posting that link to Dr. Wakefield's lecture in Boulder. I viewed it in its entirety shortly after I saw your post; it was nothing short of amazing.


Ashley, you do know that there is quite a lot of research currently underway that show problems with vaccine ingredients like mercury (U of Calgary), aluminum (UBC), etc. etc., RIGHT?! And that's not including the incidental stuff that inadvertently gets thrown in due to animal sourcing for cell culture etc. RIGHT?!


I'd love to hear Dr. Wakefield speak at Brandeis. I hope someone (Jake?) videotapes this lecture.

People can come here and criticize Wakefield but the fact of the matter is Wakefield found inflammation in the GI of children with autism and his findings are consistent with what other GI specialist have found including Dr. Buie at MGH and others. There is no denying that gut inflammation is a genuine problem in our kids and something that should be medically addressed. Though he's unpopular with the medical establishment, Wakefield made a very valuable contribution toward understanding this very complex condition.



Andrew Wakefield still has his medical degree.

The people who post here regularly know that MMR doesn't contain thimerosal. (But almost anybody can post here.)

If you watch this talk Dr. Wakefield gave last year, you'll have a better understanding of the issues:


You do know that the MMR vaccine (a.k.a. the one the FORMER Dr. Wakefield was studying) does not and never did contain mercury right...


It's so very sad that his research was halted, however he was getting too close to the answer and that presented a huge problem for the pharms and the governments that support them . I admire his courage to continue to stand up for the children,knowing all the while the well paid "thugs" will continue to take him down. These "thugs" have created a "no touch zone in science" that few will have that courage to penetrate after witnessing their power to destroy.


If it's as good as the talk he gave at the Boulder Public Library, it will indeed be great. Here's that one if you can't make the one in Boston:

Jenny Allan

This is the link to the article. As you will see if you read it, I had to also include links to the OMNS and how to subscribe:-

The Health Hazards of Disease Prevention
A Personal Viewpoint by Damien Downing, M.D., London, U.K.
(OMNS Apr 8, 2011) "No pharmaceutical drug is devoid of risks from adverse reactions and vaccines are no exception. Vaccination is a medical intervention and should be carried out with the informed consent of those who are being subjected to it." (Dr. Lucija Tomljenovic, University of British Columbia.)
At a conference held in London this month by the British Society for Ecological Medicine, the main topic was vaccinations. Not one person speaking was anti-vaccination; most said they were in favor of vaccination, but even more so of vaccine safety. One speaker summarized it this way: "Most vaccines offer benefit to most children most of the time. Some vaccines do harm to some children some of the time."

Jenny Allan

I would love to attend this lecture, but getting across the Atlantic is not possible for me at the moment!! Dr Wakefield was one of the main speakers at a recent conference in London, which I attended. He is an excellent speaker and had a great deal of up to date information about vaccines and current research projects. These two links will tell you something about this conference:-

Orthomolecular Medicine News Service
The Health Hazards of Disease Prevention
A Personal Viewpoint by Damien Downing, M.D., London, U.K. and also the OMNS archive link

Everyone attending the London conference was 'Wakefield friendly' and he was listened to politely and attentively. I heard about the conference from a friend; it was not widely advertised. I hope the Brandeis University organisers have taken steps to keep out the pharma sponsored 'thugs and hecklers'.

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