Natural News Takes on the Growing Poul Thorsen Autism Vaccine Research Scandal
Three Part Series on Thimerosal and Vaccines by F. Edward Yazbak MD, FAAP

David Kirby: The Vaccine-Autism Debate is Far From Over. It's Just Starting.

Start-your-engines Read the entire entry at David's Animal Factory Site.  David notes (below) that the CDC has altered one of the pages - removing references to mercury and vaccines.

The vaccine-autism debate is far from over. If anything, it is just getting started.

As the following comments, funding decisions, research priorites and published papers suggest, the US government and many scientists will be researching and discussing this topic for years to come. Here are some reasons why:


The federal government’s four leading health entitites dealing with vaccines and/or autism have all reached consensus: More vaccine safety research is required to fill gaps in knowledge, especially in the context of susceptible subpopulations, mitochondrial impairment, long-tern effects of vaccine-induced fever, seizures and brain injury, and other factors. Millions of dollars will be spent investigating these factors, and not because health officials somehow caved to parental pressure. Mercury in vaccines, for example, was designated as one of the CDC’s “high priority” vaccine safety issues, following an “extensive review of the literature, based on how strongly they seemed to be associated with ASD.”

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Office of Immunization Saftey

The CDC will study autism “as a possible clinical outcome of immunization” as part of its 5-year research plan. It will also study mitochondrial dysfunction and the risk for “post-vaccine neurological deterioration,” and will convene an expert panel on the feasibility of studying health outcomes, including autism, among vaccinated and unvaccinated children.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Study to Explore Early Development


Archived CDC Page HERE

The CDC is currently looking at environmental, genetic and socioeconomic risk factors for ASD, including vaccines and mercury. “We chose to look at vaccines and other types of medical procedures that may have mercury exposure,” the CDC says. The agency “designated these factors as high priority” following “an extensive review of the literature, based on how strongly they seemed to be associated with ASD.” Selected mercury exposures include “vaccines that the mom received during pregnancy, the child’s vaccine exposures after birth and specific other factors such as RhoGAM treatment in pregnancy if the mom has developed an immune response against the fetus that can harm it.”

Read the entire entry at David's Animal Factory Site.



“Birds of a feather...”? No problem for CDC, WHO, AAP, Thorsen, and pharma. They’ll just attribute the alleged fraud to a “necessary evil”, for the “greater good”, of course!


“The Childhood Immunization Support Program is a cooperative agreement grant between the CDC and AAP.”

“Partners - These materials have been developed by CDC and our partners:
* American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP)External Web Site Policy
* American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)External Web Site Policy ”

“Reducing Vaccine Liability Strategies for Pediatricians”

Hmmmmm. “Cooperative agreement grant” - “Partners” - “Vaccine Liability Strategies”
What’s that all about? Help me understand!


Good rundown of the matter, Bayareamom. So much of this terrible issue comes down to just that: time. Your average medic/nurse just hasn't had the time to research into what they are taught is 'a slam dunk', and what they read in their industry-sponsored journals.

It would be easy to look at this lineup of recommended studies that David has assembled with cynical eyes - 'OMG, here they go AGAIN - MORE STUDIES!' But I sense a change in the air, this time. Yes, they are still covering their butts, for when the whole truth outs, in making it look like they were just doing the careful, scientific thing, step by step; when people like you know that there is already evidence enough in to clinch the deal. But it is progress. Glacial, yes. But it's progress. Just keep on with the pressure, including the research into the meds that will help your children. You're making it happen. Well done, parents of the ASD community, and people like David and Dan and Mark, and Teresa, and Anne, and...and... Your names will go down in the record book of this awful chapter in the history of western medicine, with honorable mention. Deep breath; and keep on truckin'.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Its really very difficult to read articles like this. One feels so angry and tired and there is a sense of futility behind all the nice-sounding words.
I am referring to this approach to medicine: Give the babies a known toxin ; Now wait twenty years ; Now plan lots of good research studies that will soak up billions of dollars.
Remember, that as those twenty plus years pass, the practise of pediatrics becomes very distorted and even when the errors of the past are at last straightened out or somehow we just dont have to bother about them anymore- it may take a long time to iron out the distortions that have by now crept into practise and pediatric literature.
At the rate things are going, I think it is the smart mom who just gives up and tries to go back to nature- something like the moms of Mothering magazine- but sometimes even that is not so easy. To give a small example- Just take a look at all the magazine pages of Mothering magazine which are devoted to keeping a newborn infant near to the mother. The entire third world does that, but we have a hard time doing that in the U.S. because pediatricians had to find an excuse for SIDS and it was easy to blame moms who lie next to their infant.


hoxtonpaul, the "fascists" are those to force their consumer products to be injected into infants, children and adults but fail to treat or prevent adverse reactions from them.

The "racists" are those who are waging war on this new medical minority of vaccine-injured people -- for which there is no other slur than "anti-vaccine."


Hoxtonpaul, We need your help.. Can you help us. The problem is the A word. It has been used liberally by pediatricians and supposed experts to cover children with neurological symptoms who are not meant to be nontypical neurologically. Unfortunately, children with physical issues that cause neurological symptoms have been mislabeled and are suffering from physical damage to their wee bodies. Feel free to take pride in your label. I do believe those with true autism are meant to be who they are... special, and unique, and able to think so beautifully. What you need to wrap that beautiful mind of your's around is the fact that many children have been misdiagnosed with Autism, and these children who have been misdiagnosed suffer from chronic illness. Perhaps you could think of those children's pain and suffering and feel sorry for them and help find a way to end their suffering by turning your attention to the problem. ... that being... too many children have been misdiagnosed with a neurological label when they instead suffer from immune disorder, GI dysfunction, heavy metal poisnong, and more. It is the fault of the medical profession... not the parents who seek to recover their children from their illnesses. Why do you want these children to suffer in pain? I can not believe that a beautiful mind like yours actually wants children to suffer. I won't believe it. Can you help us with this? Start a campaign to sue the doctors who have misdiagnosed the physically sick children with a neurological label that they have no business carrying. The A word is being misused, and the A word should be respected and granted only to those people who are truely neurologically different. I'm glad you are not one of the children who has been misdiagnosed and in pain. Thank God for that. You are able to live a productive life if you wish to, and perhaps this message will be part of your productive journey. Could you please help the kids who have been mislabeled by bringing attention to the fact that they are not like you. Their brains are not as special as yours is, and I truly believe that your's is special and Godly. God bless you and yours. Help them with your beautiful mind. They are counting on you.


Bravo for the Belgian Court! I pray that our SCOTUS takes note, before more of us are killed or maimed by this insanity - mandated inoculation/transfection.

“Belgian Court Rules AGAINST Compulsory Vaccination” by Catherine J. Frompovich on April 28th, 2011.

Mandated vaccinations violate both the Declaration of Helinski and the Nuremberg Code. These are crimes against humanity.

We are being "prepped" and used as Guinea pigs, without our knowledge or our consent, for gene therapy and nanoparticulate drug delivery systems.

Re: vaccines as nanoparticulate drug delivery systems

Re: vaccines as gene therapy delivery systems


I really do hope that someone can immediately archive all of the relevant CDC, WHO, and AAP website postings, so as to preserve them, especially now that they are starting to conveniently "disappear". There's probably already been a lot of paper shredding, now that DOJ is involved.


well said Donna


Hoxton Paul,

There 'are' those few cases where autism is found in an unvaccinated cohort, but the overwhelming incidences of autism started to skyrocket in the late 1980's and 1990's, at a time when they added the Hep B vaccine and other vaccines to the U.S. infant vaccine program/mandate.

There is a plethora of peer reviewed, scientific research material to help one understand how someone unvaccinated can become autistic (or yet, born with characteristics of autism). You can research PubMed, the Lancet, the CDC's website, or better yet, visit your local library and/or your medical libraries for more info.

There are some amazing research articles right here on the Net as well; physicians such as Blaylock, Hornig, Tenpenny, and a few really terrific medical research journalists, who have provided in depth insight through their own research about vaccines and the harm they can cause, is readily available, either through DVDs and/or the Internet for your own perusal.

It amazes me to find anyone who feels vaccines can do no harm. Vaccines are drugs and as with any drug, they can and have, caused harm and severe injury to many (my own son included). I have interviewed many physicians and nurses who all have stated to me they've never been taught about vaccine ingredients (meaning they have no idea how vaccines are made, nor what ingredients are in the 'end' product) and they are not taught about the down side to vaccines.

It is not an 'opinion' that mercury is toxic; it is a fact. It is not an 'opinion' that vaccines can cause harm and/or death in some; that is a fact. It is not an 'opinion' that research has never been performed which shows it is safe to give U.S. infants bolus doses of vaccines on a single day; that is, unfortunately as well, a fact.

I have performed vaccine research for almost...let's see...17 plus years, now. I have black binders filled with FOIA research paperwork and research performed by others. I went into my own research, as a former legal researcher, not knowing what I was going to find (after my own son's vaccine reactions). What my attorney husband and I both found in performing our own research did not comport with what we had been told by our son's former pediatricians and nursing personnel.

In fact, what one of our son's former pediatricians told us is that we knew more about vaccines in general than he did. He stated that most of what he knew about childhood nutrition and vaccines came from outside sources (parents). Unbelievably to me at the time, he told me that he was given just 30 minutes of childhood nutrition instruction while in medical school; most of what he stated he knew about various drugs and vaccines came from the Merck/Big Pharma sales representatives who regularly visited his office.

Further, he stated (as he flung his arm around his cramped, paper filled cubicle of an office) that he didn't have THE TIME to do the type research I and my husband were doing on vaccines because he was forced, by the system, to spend an ungodly amount of time performing paperwork for insurance purposes. In fact, he asked if I was a nurse because I seemed to know so much about health and the medical field. I told him, "No, I'm not a nurse. I read...a lot."

Wake up, my friend.


Hoxton Paul

You made the attack so prove us wrong...

Immune dysfunction (defective microglia) in the brain manifests as mental illness according to Dr. Mario Capecchi who won a Nobel Prize in genetics. He says "defective microglia output defective behavior" and that to treat mental illness, one must treat the immune system.

So what tiggers immune dysfunction in the brain? How is that chronic inflammation has been found in the GI and brains of children with autism? What is triggering adverse immune reactions in so many children?

Donna L.

I don't understand why you keep visiting this site and stating that we are all OCD-ish. I don't agree with what the ND community says, so I just don't visit any of their sites or read anything they write. End of story. No big deal. It seems more than a little obsessive/compulsive to keep returning to a web site which clearly irritates you and with which you wholeheartedly disagree. Maybe let it go?

Teresa Conrick

Dear hoxtonpaul,

I think we know that you have issues with parents who have injured children who are called autistic. Please know that we all adore our children but they are ill with immune issues, mitochondrial issues, GI issues, & neurological issues. This is not "Neuroligical facist racists you all are." because we strive to help them. Please respect that their illness and autism can go together as one, and can cause the behaviors of the other.

I am posting about my daughter this week. Please read the facts before you judge her or me. Dan Olmsted is the reporter - the messenger - of what has happened to so many children who have regressed into a diagnosis of autism. To attack him is like attacking my daughter. Neither deserve it. Please stop.




I looked at the article in your comment. If the Dan you're referring to is Dan Olmsted, the authors say that Olmsted found "little or no" autism among unvaccinated Amish. My imperfect recall tells me that he found an unvaccinated child with autism who lived near a coal-fired plant (or something like that).

In _Age of Autism_, Blaxill and Olmsted report that in Dr. Heng Wang's experience (director of the Clinic for Special Needs Children in Ohio) the rate of autism in the Amish is 1 in 15,000.

I'll stop now in case I'm one of those people who don't know how they're coming across in print.

A Friend

"Nor do you have any idea of the reality of hereditary autism as you insist it is only caused by mercury".

Hoxtonpaul, you are confused by what many of us are saying. It's sad to see how twisted our words are by many.... People need to follow along more closely or stop jumping to conclusions.


I just wanted to comment on this article that Dan is part of. It says that he's never found any one who was not vaccinated who had autism. Well I met a parent of an unvaccinated autistic in London 2 years ago.

I think we both know that Daniel and his pet doctor are lying. Plenty of us do, Daniel.

What has happened here is that you have point-blank exposed yourself as a liar. L - I - A - R.

Prove me wrong?

Also, the way the article is written is typical of your style. I would love to believe what I am reading. I would love to believe that mercury and vaccines cause autism. Really.

But all you do is convince me of the opposite. You see, you don't seem to see how your friends and yourself come across in print. Nor do you have any idea of the reality of hereditary autism as you insist it is only caused by mercury.

There is a whole world out here you people are not part of, ignore, and otherwise act like OCD mildy autistic people to. You guys wouldn't understand that. We do, we are the community.

You probably think these comments of mine are insults. They are not. I would love to believe what you are saying is true. I am certain mercury will be eliminated from vaccines, the MMR in Britain will be abolished...sure. But what difference will it make? Will you all be proved right, or will your children remain what they were born to be naturally - something you all cannot and will not tolerate. Neuroligical facist racists you all are.

Lets find out!

Okay, delete now.


The CDC should call for independent investigation into potential vaccine/autism biological mechanisms. Knowing the CDC intends to look further into this only adds to the pile of things that keep me up at night.


"Mr T"--
As you simply stated..."They must work for somebody else" re: "Democrats and Republicans" you are CORRECT...they work for the ruling ELITE. Thus the reason for ALL the cover up and smoke and mirrors etc...! They want this poisoning to continue to reduce those individuals/classes/"herd" that in their haughty, self-righteous opinions are undeserving and producing too big of an environmental/ozone depleting use of THEIR O2! They don't care about human life, unless it is their own. The politicians are ALL "puppets" to the "Masters" that are controlling the world, merging us into their "ONE WORLD ORDER". The "party" idea is NO longer the issue/relevant. We are losing our personal liberties to this arrogant ruling elite. Not to mention our health and our children's health. When recovery happens for my child, I'm still going to be concerned with what those hidden ingredients that were in their vaccines will cause if not in their teen years, in their adult life. i.e., cancer, any other autoimmune disease they do not show signs of having currently!


I read a recent "pet column" where a vet told a reader that multiple vaccines are not safe - connected with a lot of problems - and that over-vaccinating dogs and cats causes cancers. Indeed perhaps we should be taking our children to vets...



Your comment reminded me of Dr. Sherri Tenpenny's article which appeared over at Huffington:

Mr T

The ruling elite tell me there is no vaccine connection. I have seen study data from around the world and I see hockey sticks. There are millions of sick kids out there and the Democrats and Republicans do nothing. They must work for somebody else.


Yes, David, please let us know whether the study has abandoned its inclusion of vaccines, or if they are still doing it but just don't want anyone to know about it. Because it's important for Public Health Information to be SECRET. I mean, how DARE you pass along Public Information, posted on a Public Website paid for by Public Tax Dollars, on a study being paid for by Public Tax Dollars, to study a catastrophic Public Health Crisis the cost of which is being paid for by Public Tax Dollars? BTW, where ARE the prevalence/incidence data post-2006? How long do those numbers take to crunch and manipulate? For the love of Public Health, please DON'T do any follow up on that either. Just forget it ever happened.


As the CDC prepares to "study Autism and Vaccines" have they forgotten that they have already done that ???

They might relocate the Simpsonwood data and study that again. This might show that is is time to make a "wild guess as to the cause" (vaccines) and seek out proper testing and treatments for injured children.

They spent a billion dollars so far on the "wild guess Autism gene."

If they cannot locate the Simpsonwood data, I believe those that were there will recall that it was an "Oh shit, look at this endless vaccine crap" type meeting...

...there should then be no need to do anything more than seek out treatments for recovery.


"@ Jenny: I have worked in vet med for over 20 years as a nurse and I can tell you that all veternarians take vaccines very seriously and yes the pharma co's are not afraid of recall in that area. Why not where children are concerned? No clue."

Without going into detail there is a vastly different psychology and politic involved between societys diposition involving pets/animals and people. I ran over a dog vs I ran over a child. Which would you rather admit to having done while drunk?

David Kirby

PLEASE NOTE - The Q/A on the CDC website has been altered to remove references to vaccines and mercury. I used that webpage last week to write this piece.


I will try to find out if SEED is no longer looking at vaccination records or mercury exposures and will update this post if needed. Many thanks.


How is the integrity of the studies going to be guaranteed?

Debbie Voss

@ Jenny: I have worked in vet med for over 20 years as a nurse and I can tell you that all veternarians take vaccines very seriously and yes the pharma co's are not afraid of recall in that area. Why not where children are concerned? No clue. I worked in many clinics and not one vet would vaccinate a pregnant or nursing animal for anything but Rabies.


I usually get satire, but I am not sure this is -- satire?

The two links to the Office of Immunization Safty took three long slow tries to get to this CDC site. ONce there I did not see thing there that would have got that summary???

The second study to Explore early development was faster, but ---- they were doing a study that was between those that were developmentally delaid and the "normal kids". They were also going to study how the devlelopmenatal delaid ate, and slept.

I can tell them right now -- although I could not some 25 to 29 years ago why both of my kids, my I thought typical daughter and my son who had a stroke a few hours after his DPT shot was not sleeping well. They were having small seizures just as they went to sleep or when they went into some sleep patterns just at the dream stage. That makes sense since if seizure proned many things can set it off, being upset, being excited, being scared, being mad, a certian smell, a certian series of flashing light - why not a the changing of the wave pattern when sleep occurs?

Jenny Allan

Here's a link to information about PregSure cattle vaccine.(see my comment below. Our wee local newspaper's web page didn't supply a link. I got the information from the 'farming' page).

Jenny Allan

Where I live in Scotland, cattle farmers have been experiencing problems with something called 'Bleeding Calf Syndrome' which kills calves from internal bleeding a few weeks after birth.

A vaccine for Bovine Viral Diarrhoea is suspected of being implicated in a Europe wide increase in this syndrome, but this has NOT been proven. The vaccine is manufactured by Pfizer and is called PregSure. Vets in Germany, first suspected a possible link between the calves' deaths and PregSure vaccine.

Pfizer withdrew the vaccine last June. In a letter to vets Pfizer stated:-
'While scientific investigations are still ongoing, Pfizer recently became aware of independently conducted epidemiological surveys which describe a strong association with the use of PregSure BVD and the later development of BNP.'

I have always argued against the concept of herd immunity as a means of 'morally blackmailing' parents to vaccinate their children, even when there are REAL concerns about the safety of the vaccines.

However, it seems that manufacturers of CATTLE vaccines are far more proactive about withdrawing animal vaccines as a precautionary measure, than those manufacturers of HUMAN infant vaccines.

Perhaps we should all ditch the 'peds' and take our children to the vets!!

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