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Media Scholar;
In a way it was a jest, and a fear that so goes the UK the USA will follow.


Thank you for your tireless work! The jet lag was certainly not apparent. I thought the interview covered much important ground.

Media Scholar

Quite true that people are more under the thumb of the state in the UK.

You jest? Brian Deer has the US DOJ eating out of the palm of his hand. America is just giddy that state control directly patterned after that in the UK offers corporatistic special interests a license to kill American babies.

Considering that British bankers thrice attempted to assassinate US President Andrew Jackson, once burned Washington D.C. to the ground, used their low moral ruffians to seduce countless American youths into hard core drug addictions thru rock and rolling lifestyles, glorified god-awful SPAM as a delicacy, and have completely taken over the American media, the US DOJ hanging on everything Brian Deer writes and sez it pretty dumb careless.


Thanks for the interview and all you do Dan. Please continue your efforts.


"I suppose it is possible to see a rehabilitation akin to stroke therapy in some cases where a damaged brain can be retrained".

Exactly - untill the next vaccine has to be taken, and if your kid is just lucky - throw of the dice that the immune system calms down.


Thank you Dan. That was excellent.


"Fox News, out in front,"

She said toxins were to blame and that is part of the problem, but then added with ABA "approxiamtely half of the children recover". Where did she get the half figure? If half of the kids she knows of "recover" with ABA you can bet that a great deal of those half are doing biomed treatments. She says kids can "recover" from autism, that should make her a target or is recovery through ABA kosher?
I don't buy recovery from toxins though behavioral therapy alone for most. It could be some kids systems impove and start to detox better naturally as they age, but again for most it is more than just a toxin problem though it may have satrted as one in many cases. If she believes toxins caused the problem why is she not talking about how to detox the children? If the toxic assault is not ongoing then I suppose it is possible to see a rehabilitation akin to stroke therapy in some cases where a damaged brain can be retrained.


Fox News, out in front,


One British mom told me that the criminal vaccine pushers in UK wanted to take her child to a hospital to give him at once 15 vacs in a "safe" environment. They forgot to tell her to bring a little coffin for her child. She run away, but it shows “humane” approach to vaccinations by Brits. But what else to expect from a country run by the parasitic folks such as royals?. Millions of innocent children have to die and be crippled, so the royals can have a truly royal wedding costing the taxpayers billions.


Dan Olmstead said (paraphasing here) "It is too late for UK"!!! To late!--- so once again British, Great Briatian, UK, United Kingdom - the English government gets rid of what "the government decides" are people that are in the way of what/who ever the government has decided -- is in the way.
My Gosh! They need not critize the Nazi Germans, or Stalin's Ukraine then. It seems to be an on going thing with the United Kingdom; The high land Scots through out the centuries, the Irish again for centuries, Orphaned children of the 1940's sent away to other countries?

Some one please tell me again what the rate of autism is in the United Kingdom now? Is it 1 out of 58 boys??? Is that right.
The English seems to never be kind to their 'own' people.

Donna L.

Maybe you just came up with a new media policy, Dan: All interviewees are required to be thoroughly jet-lagged.
Nice job telling it like it is!


Great interview . . . thank you.

Glax Britannicus

Quite true that people are more under the thumb of the state in the UK. Also, many supposedly independent bodies like the GMC or the big charities have their strings pulled from Whitehall. But, of course, we don't have mandated vaccines which helps to defuse the issue somewhat.

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