Indicted Researcher Poul Thorsen: Autism Speaks' Original Trailblazer
Age of Autism Reader Asks Brian Deer Questions at Johns Hopkins Event

Call Bloomberg School of Public Health to Reschedule Brian Deer Event to Include Autism GI Parent

Telephone pills

Managing Editor's Note: The Department of Marketing and Public Affairs: Politely ask them to reschedule with Katie Wright or another autism/GI parent in the near future rather than give Deer carte blanche for his fallacies and fantasies.


By Katie Wright

Today at 1:30 at the Bloomberg School of Public Health Brian Deer will be paid to speak as part of John Hopkins’ “100 year Celebration.” I wish all of our kids had something to celebrate about.

I called Tina, the director of Marketing and Public Affairs, and asked how much they are paying Mr. Deer. She would not give me an answer. I asked where these funds were coming from, no answer. I asked if she was aware that John Hopkins accepts many millions of public and private dollars a year to research autism, purportedly to help those affected with this disorder/ disease. No answer.

I also tried to contact Tim Parsons of Public Affairs and Natalie Wood-Wright of Hopkins Public Affairs. Tim Parson spoke briefly with me and promised someone would get back to me no one did.

My goal is not to stop Deer from speaking only for Hopkins to reschedule the event and take the ethically appropriately action by inviting a parent from the autism community who has a child with gastrointestinal disease to share the stage with Deer. I explained to Tim and Tina that my son can no longer speak. Christian cannot debate Deer or speak about how his GI disease and regressive autism has caused him years of pain. Deer is not a doctor. Deer is not a parent of an autistic child. Deer is not a clinician or autism specialist in any way, yet he is being paid to speak to an impressionable audience of students and medical professionals about why our children’s’ disease is not real.

No one from Hopkins Dept of Public Affairs cares about our kids and instead exploits them as research ATNS.






I contacted the school alumni office as I'm an alum and expressed my disappointment in the university for hosting a speaker to discuss autism and vaccines who had no expertise in autism, vaccines or public health. I also noted that I hoped to see the university host speakers with actual experience with autism either personally or professionally or both in the near future.

I received an email back with typical spin - thanking me for my voicing my concerns, noting that I was one of many who had done so and assuring me that Mr Deer's talk was based on his reporting and he stated numerous times that he was not an expert in vaccines or autism.


People need to send a letter to Hopkins and the BSPH it needs to state the following:

1. The school showed their motives and need to be called to task. A university such as Hopkins refutes fruadulent or "bad" science with scientific studies. They do not hire a journalist to come and trash a scientist. There is nothing remotely scientific about that. It clearly shows they CANNOT refute a connection between GI disorder, autism and vaccination. The reason is obvious. If the actual disease can cause the problem, a live virus, attenuated or otehrwise, certainly can.

2. If the SPH is trying to be "fair and balanced" then they next need to invite Sharyl Atkingson to speak about what she has "discovered."

3. Look over the medical "staff" at the BSPH. Next google government vaccine experts and you may be surprised at what you a perfect world a fair and balanced "expert" testifies for and against depending on the facts. You will notice that BSPH are only "for" the government AGAINST the petitioner in vaccine cases. Interesting in light of the fact that some of them are supposed to be in charge of looking at "individual cases" (think CISA) when clearly theyr already have foregone conclusions. Look it all up and THEN tell them what you know and what you will do about it. Put a microscope on them and watch them squirm and then scatter!


Brian Deer is an expert in lying on behalf of pharma cartels for mega $$$$$$$$$. It’s enough. Shame on J. Hopkins for having such a person as their medical “expert”. It tells a volume.

Jake Crosby

If they say Dr. Wakefield spoke at Brandeis without a debate, tell them it was only because people approached with the opportunity to debate him refused.


The propaganda machine is full blast. Call it the Poul Thorsen effect.


Not a coincidence. This is a thumb in the eye to the autism community. Hopkins identified autism in 1943; Dr. Zimmerman Pediatric Neurologist at Hopkins was expert witness not only in Cedillo but Poling also. Giving Deer a forum here is a loud and clear message and warning to other AAP docs.

Hopkins invites a self promoting Fleet Street buffoon to give a lecture on vaccine safety and autism during the exact week that PBS is doing the series. Why? What credentials does Deer have exactly that he can address tenured professors at one of the most prestigious teaching medical universities in the world? What a delight it would be it the whole thing backfires, and Deer gets the public undressing he so richly deserves. We can always hope, right?

The PBS series shows Dr Buie matter of factly discussing autistic entercolitis/ nodular lymphoid illeal hyperplasia and treating kids for those disorders. This is a slap at Lancet, Deer, and the AAP. Buie is treating the syndrome identified by Wakefield in 1998.

AAP establishments is getting payback by giving Deer a forum at the very institute that sets vaccine policy for the entire US.

Deers presence today at Hopkins is a sign that there is deep dissension in the AAP ranks. I dare say the young Turks are as fed up with the bullshit as we are. PBS want to blow the lid off this thing- fine. The AAP will answer by bringing Deer in the very week the series is airing.


Give me the address, it is my favorite thing to do - write letters - I would be glad to.

Meanwhile: Now what makes Brian Deer an expert in??? science, biology, chemistry, nursing, doctoring - what has he a degree in?

Am I missing something here?


A couple of years ago, or maybe more, Johns Hopkins lent their name -- (sold their name) -- and the JHU name was prominently used on something that appeared in storefronts, etc. It may have been cosmetics, I don't remember any more.

BUT when they received an actual letter from me, and e-mails and letters from lots of other people, they did an about-face and took back the permission to use their name.

I believe it is correct to say they don't care about kids being seriously damaged by vaccines. That's because they "don't believe" it is happening.

But they do care about their public reputation. Try writing a real letter, on real paper. One letter counts for 30 or 40 e-mails, because e-mail is so easy to do.


I wonder how many of the children with autism have severe food allergies? Can't some of the stomach pains be due to severe food allergies? If you research GRAS as it applies to pharmaceutical companies, you will find that they can "self affirm" ingredients. That means, if they want to use evening primrose oil as an ingredient, they just need a good reason why they think it should be GRAS, then they pay a company to do an independent study, they they are free to use it in any pharmaceutical. Nothing ever gets submitted to the government. Nothing ever goes on the package insert. It is a protected trade secret. So what ingredients are GRAS? Since there is no public list... search on patents on line... peanut oil, soy oil, wheat germ oil, shellfish oil, fish oil, every food oil known to man....

There is a tiny amount of food protein remaining in these oils. They can be mixed together and used. Food protein + adjuvant = allergy


Don't expect anything honest and positive on this matter from major meds schools . They take tons of $$ from drug manufacturers and have sold their souls to pharma devil.

Katie Wright

I just think it is a matter of fairness and transparency.
Brain Deer isn't giving this university millions and millions of dollars, American taxpayers and ASD families are. Yet the public is not allowed a voice at Hopkins?

How sad that a medical research university is so content to deny severely disabled children any representation at all.

If they invite Deer, fine but they have a responsibility to allow the families they claim to serve to have access to the same public platform as they are giving- paying- Deer.

phone calls and comments do matter. they nat not produce visible change but they do make an impact.


If Brian Deer would use his "middle name for his last name" as he does when he scams interviews with parents of the Lancet 12... he could "sneak & speak his diarehea message" all over the United States without detection.

I would think John Hopkins would have to provide the speaking fees at some time. Brian Deer is adored by the medical profession who have "not a clue" of the cause of something 30 times more common than Polio.

Autistic children all over America are being treated with protocols developed by Dr. Wakefield, as the parents are now too well informed to put up with medical bullshit that would try to avoid treating their children in pain.

The John Hopkins hospital has little to celebrate that would require the presence of Brian Deer.

aoa fan

Thank you for asking Hopkins the important questions. And screw Hopkins.


Left my comment but suspect it will do no good.

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