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Autism Families Invited to University of Illinois Special Wind Orchestra Concert May 1


WelcomeWHO: UI Wind Orchestra, Dr. Linda R. Moorhouse, Conductor

WHAT:  Special Concert for Children and Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders

WHERE: Foellinger Great Hall, Krannert Center, UI Campus

DATE: Sunday, May 1, 2011

TIME: 6:00-7:00 pm

COST: Free

The University of Illinois Wind Orchestra, under the direction of new faculty member Dr. Linda R. Moorhouse, will present a very special concert on Sunday, May 1, 2011 in the Foellinger Great Hall of the Krannert Center on the UI campus.  This concert is specifically targeted for families, children and adults who have and/or deal with autism spectrum disorders. The concert will be from 6:00-7:00 pm and is free.

This one-hour long concert will feature all types of music from marches to familiar movie themes, in addition to instrument demonstrations given by the students in the Wind Orchestra.  Audience members will be able to move around during the concert and also assist the Wind Orchestra on some of the selections. “This is a very special concert, and may be the first of its kind in this area,” says Moorhouse.   “Hardly any families are able to attend live concerts due to some of the behaviors their children may exhibit in public.  There will be no judgment and no criticism . . . just a warm and friendly environment for all.”  

Moorhouse, one of four band directors at the University of Illinois, taught in Baton Rouge, Louisiana for over twenty years before moving to Champaign-Urbana this August.  Last year, she presented a first-ever similar concert in Baton Rouge which was highly successful.  “I hope this concert will be just as well-received,” she says.  “Since my move to this part of the country, I have been pleased to learn about the active Autism Network both on campus and in the community at large,” she says.  “I think it’s very important for our students at the University of Illinois to give back to the community when they can.  As such, we are very much looking forward to being able to share our love of music with this very special segment of society.”     

For more information please contact Dr. Moorhouse at 217-244-4108, or via email at


carin sychterz

Yeah! I am with the Fayetteville Symphony Orchestra and we had our first Exceptional Children's and Adults' concert back in January. It was the most amazing experience and very well received. Our Music Director was so impressed that we are offering the concert again next year!


Wow, in our backyard! Hope we can go. It will be so nice to skip the usual stigma of the little one's profound urge to sing and dance wildly in public. If we can make it, will report back on how it went.

Cynthia Cournoyer

It would be great to have the media there. Since these families usually don't attend anything like this and since they usually stay home, the public would be amazed that "so many" affected children exist. More of these events could focus in on the problem of autism. Talk about awareness!

I play in a symphony orchestra, and we do an annual "children's concert." We even do the "petting zoo" where curious, and well-behaved children try out the instruments. Though the audience is not the ordinary fare, with the occasional crying baby or fidgety child, different from the usual adult-quiet-as-a-pin-drop audience, we think it's to be expected and all in the sharing. However, I picture these same colleagues of mine would have to lift their chins up off the floor after seeing a concert-hall full of what I know is autism! Very educational---and NOT just for the families! lol


Thank you for sharing your talents! I'm also out of the area, but my daughter and I both love music, and we generally have to limit our experience to recordings, or an occasional casual outdoor performance. This is a wonderful idea!

Concerned Mom

Even though we don't live in Illinois and can not attend this performance, I want to thank Dr. Moorhouse and the University of Illinois Wind Orchestra for this very generous outreach effort. Thank you so much for this special performance for members of the autism community. Autistic folks very often aren't included or even welcome to mainstream community events and so your heartfelt efforts are genuinely appreciated. God bless you.

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