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Announcing Autism Science Digest from Autism One

Hot off the presses and debuting just in time for Autism Action Month!

Autism Science Digest

New subscriptions* placed through the end of April 2011 are eligible to win two AutismOne/Generation Rescue 2011 Conference dinner gala tickets!  ($140 value; one winner will be drawn; *retroactive to include subscriptions already placed.)

Autism Science Digest is the place for doctors, researchers, and expert moms and dads to share information about treatment, research and recovery. Autism Science Digest is the first Autism ApprovedTM publication of the global autism community. Dedicated to respecting the intelligence of parents and the courage of forward-thinking scientists, Autism Science Digest continues the philosophy of founding organization, AutismOne. According to Editor Claire Viadro, MPH, PhD, and Scientific Editor Lauren Underwood, PhD, "We are excited about bringing readers information about biomedical research and treatment in autism that will impact children's and families' lives in a positive way."

In the first issue, available during Autism Awareness Month 2011, look for articles from Theoharis Theoharides, MD, PhD; Nancy Mullan, MD, and Amy Yasko, PhD; Manuel Casanova, MD; and more. Article titles include:

  • The Medical Side of the GF/CF Diet for Autism: What is being treated and why it isn’t just “autism”
  • Stem Cells: Real Possibilities in Autism?
  • Neurotensin and extracellular mitochondrial DNA: Potential biomarkers and novel treatment targets

The special introductory yearly (3-issue) subscription rate of $19.95 extends until after the AutismOne/Generation Rescue 2011 Conference (through 6/30).

All attendees receive a free copy of the debut issue at the conference!

Please click HERE to subscribe and learn more.

Lee Silsby logo 09 The treatment category is sponsored by Lee Silsby, the leader in quality compounded medications for autism.


Donna L.

Just got my first issue in the mail, and WOW! It is chock-full of awesome articles/information. If you're a biomed-head, you're gonna LOVE this magazine!

Teresa Conrick

Couldn't agree more, Teri! Beauty and brains are not just about hair products.

We are sharing something and Jenny knows it too -- REAL evidence-based science, history, data, truth, honesty, compassion, perseverance, and love. That IS sexy!

another magazine?

Why not just support Autism File?

Teri Arranga

Erik, don't you find intelligent, motivated mothers who have become educated on all things science -- knowing much more on a variety of scientific topics than even many pediatricians at this point -- and becoming virtual doctors; nurses; lawyers; speech, occupational, and physical therapists; chefs; nutritionists; lawyers; administrators; educators; etc. to be sexy? SCIENCE IS SEXY, and kudos to the magnificent mothers out there who are learning and advocating for their children every day alongside doctors and researchers on behalf of all of our children and the world's children.

Erik Nanstiel

I think it's awesome and appropriate that Teri et. al have launched the Autism Science Digest. It's a great vehicle for the primary collective focus of Autism One and Generation rescue.... but I GOTTA ask... why is there a GLAMOUR shot of Jenny on the cover? Kinda looks like I'd find hair care products and related articles within... As an art director coming from a magazine background... I find it a curious choice.

Amanda Blinn

Just subscribed :-)

Lisa Rupe

Hi, Erika. Teri Arranga is at the helm of Autism Science Digest. Teri was the former editor of The Autism File USA and The Autism File Global for over two years, bringing great information and articles in editions from 2008-2011. Teri has moved on to Autism Science Digest, which concentrates on doctors, researchers, therapists, and expert moms and dads sharing information about treatment, research, and recovery. Dedicated to respecting the intelligence of parents and the courage of forward-thinking scientists, Autism Science Digest continues the philosophy of founding organization, AutismOne.


Interesting movie clip here


What is the difference between this magazine and The Autism File magazine?

Katie kelley

Just got mine in the mail today. It's like a whole conference in a magazine! Can't wait to read it!

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