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Dr. poison 
By Julie Obradovic

In a slap yourself on the forehead, jaw-dropping, eye-popping, breath-taking, head-shaking, make-you-laugh-in-disgust hypocritical move, the American Academy of Pediatrics has issued a press release (HERE) accusing the U.S. of being too lax with managing and identifying the dangers of hazardous chemicals for children. 

Yes. The AAP. 

The same organization that I blogged about (HERE) that shared an internal email (HERE) among their leadership about how to handle the fact that they didn't realize there was more mercury being injected into kids than they thought (their words) (or how it manifested as poisoning, or how much of it actually caused poisoning, or how much of it could even be called "safe"), and rather than screaming from the roof-tops for an urgent recall and assessment of damage to the children overly exposed because of their oversight, decided to go along with the PHS (Public Health Service) and quietly try to get themselves out of the mess without hurting themselves, their doctors, or the vaccination program.

Yes. Them. That AAP. The people who put themselves and the vaccination program at more of a priority than the very children they serve. First, they threw them under the bus. Then they left them there. Then they failed to call an ambulance. Then they blamed more and more parents for not teaching their kids how to cross the street. And now they want the US Government to put up better road signs.

Are you kidding me?

If I weren't so disgusted by this hypocrisy, I would be thrilled. It is a good thing after all, that they find the toxic world in which are children are being raised a problem. It is a good thing after all, that they would like those with the authority to do something about it to do something. I suppose I should applaud.

But I can't. Because I think it takes a hell of a lot of nerve to accuse the US Government of failing to protect children from hazardous chemicals when they haven't even bothered yet to do the same thing themselves. (Chemicals, mind you, that they INJECT into children every day.) And given their track record of how they handled the situation when they had the opportunity to, they ought to be ashamed. 

Now, don't get me wrong; I don't have the US government's back on this either. They failed and continue to fail our children equally. But perhaps the AAP would be better served by first assessing their own failure to protect our kids and take their own advice about how to do that. A bite of humble pie might serve them well.

For example, when they suggest to the US Government...

"The regulation of chemicals must be based on evidence, but decisions to ban chemicals should be based on reasonable levels of concern rather than demonstrated harm."... I'm curious. Why doesn't that apply to Thimerosal? Because to date, no one has banned this chemical for children or pregnant women, and there's a very reasonable level of concern that they should. See, it's poison. It's a neurotoxin. And no amount of it has ever been found safe. And the studies you site to try and tell us it is; they're all over the place. Some say it's good. Some say it's bad. Some say it makes you smart. Some imply it prevents Autism. (And now, some were done by a man indicted by the US Department of Justice for fraud (HERE.) Go ahead anyone reading this and look for yourselves (HERE). They're ridiculous! And yet, you still inject it into kids every day in combination with aluminum, the one thing it's not supposed to be combined with HERE (HERE). 

Furthermore, AAP, not only have you not banned it based on a reasonable level of concern, you have actively fought parents who have tried! You have thwarted every effort on our behalf to do so! You're PREVENTING a mercury-based neurotoxin from being banned! Good God, AAP! Do you not see a problem here?

And when you suggest this to the US Government...

"Any testing of chemicals should include the impact on women and children,Thimerosal bottle  including potential effects on reproduction and development".... I'm also curious. Any chance you want to do those studies on Thimerosal? With BIOLOGICAL tests, not epidemiological ones that look backwards at selective populations and are subject to statistical manipulation?

And when you say,

"Chemicals should meet safety standards similar to those met by pharmaceuticals or pesticide residues on food."... Do you realize there is no safety standard for Thimerosal? That the FDA has never provided one, and that you have never demanded of them that they do?

And do you really mean it when you say,

"There should be post-marketing surveillance of chemicals, and the EPA must have the authority to remove a chemical if needed."? Because I think the EPA has no problem banning mercury in an injectable form tomorrow if they had the authority. Are you sure you want them to have that power? And would you really support them if they did?

And finally, when you suggest,

"Federal funding should be provided for research to prevent, identify, and evaluate the effects of chemicals on children's health",  do you realize that you have an entire country of 25 year olds and younger showing you what the effects have been? As a mother without any federal funding, I'll make it nice and clear for you what happens to a child who is severely mercury poisoned in infancy. She becomes sick and suffers chronic and repeated illness. She gets soft joints and loses muscle tone, and can do the chinese splits. She never learns to crawl, has rapid head growth, and drools incesently. Loud noises and bright lights drive her crazy. She loses the ability to speak, sleep or poop properly. She suffers from seizures, walks with a gait, has no idea how to play with a doll, and loses a third of her IQ. Social relationships are hard, if possible, and it takes every ounce of energy, prayer, and intelligence on the behalf of those who love her to get her back the life potential bestowed upon her at birth. That, and a freaking $13 dollar bottle of DMSA available over the counter that you have now demonized as more dangerous than the damned mercury you injected her with in the first place. 

The whole thing makes me sick.

Bottom line: The last 11 years of poisoning could have been prevented had you chosen to do something about it when you became aware of your mistake. Had you been honest and apologetic and committed to our kids recovery, you'd have been forgiven by now. And Merck, who knew back in 1991 (HERE) of the problem and failed to tell you? You could have sued the pants off of them and put them out of business on behalf of our kids. They threw you under the bus, and because of it, they allowed you to do the same to ours! And you still do business with these people!

But you didn't sue them, did you? You didn't do anything. No, you did worse than that. You chose to protect yourselves over our children and now have the audacity to suggest other people are failing worse than you have. And the fact you don't even realize this? Well, I wish I could say I'm surprised, but I'm not. People who cause an accident, leave the scene of a crime, deny they had anything to do with it, and blame the victims for their suffering aren't usually recognized for having a whole lot of integrity or intelligence in the first place.

Julie Obradovic is a Contributing Editor to Age of Autism.



To Cherry Sperlin Misra:

My apologies for not responding earlier.

Just to be clear, I was identifying the fact that 80 + autoimmune disorders have been identified to date. While it may well be the case, I can’t make the statement that Mercury has been directly linked to all of them. The scientific studies to support that declaration simply haven’t been done. Also, I don't believe that mercury is the only vaccine additive with the power to trigger immune system disregulation.

In the absence of such definite supporting science, we have little more to go on than our powers of observation. My comments can do little more than reflect the more general observation, that mercury has a well established ability to trigger autoimmune disorders. And that in the last 3 decades or so, we’ve seen exploding rates of both autoimmune diseases, and allergies to things that are known, but are not always declared as components of vaccines. These increases appear to track in lockstep with immunization schedules that have quadrupled in the same time frame. And the companies who now profit from sale of treatments for these disorders, are the same companies who produce the vaccines being administered through today’s expanded vaccination schedule.

There’s little value in listing all known autoimmune disorders here, but if we take even a quick look at today’s children, we see that juvenile arthritis is affecting ~ 1 in 1,000 , Type 1 (juvenile) diabetes is affecting ~ 1 in 400, and asthma is affecting ~ 1 in 7 children. And for anyone who’s ever packed your child’s lunch, you’ll realize that your options have become limited by the fact that there is hardly a classroom in any school today, that does not have a child (… or multiple children) with life threatening food allergies. That simply wasn’t the case even 20 years ago, and it’s ludicrous to think that genetics is (..or even could be) the cause for all of this change.

An autoimmune disease is defined as a medical condition where the body produces an unnatural immune response against its own tissues. An allergy is also defined as an unnatural immune system response, where the immune system mistakenly believes that a substance is harmful to the body.

Now, vaccines are defined as biological preparations, DESIGNED to trigger an unnatural immune system response... isn’t that a remarkable coincidence?

There’s little if any scientific proof that vaccines even do what they’re supposed to, and there’s practically no science to demonstrate that they aren’t doing unimaginable damage to our children’s developing immune systems. For the sake of current and future generations, someone needs to start exploring this possibility, and they need to do it soon.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

To Barry- Could you guide us to some information on the 80 disorders in which mercury is involved ? Thanks

Denise Anderstrom Douglass

Ms Obradovic, you are just fabulous! You are angry, and have every right to be! You have totally nailed the issues two days in a row. Take care of yourself because we need you. Thank you, Gammy of six, two on the spectrum -- so far.



Our Federal Government announced today -

"The Government has delayed putting several medicines on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS), against the advice of its Pharmaceutical Benefit's Advisory Committee(PBAC), as it tries to find budget savings."

Is this really about saving money or concerns about listing new drugs and whether they have been safely tested??

The majority of Australians are "crying foul" because they are concerned about the increased prices of their drugs.

But what about those people with underlying disorders,if these new drugs cause "adverse reactions" and Australians can prove this (RE: Vioxx) then this will leave our country with a very expensive bill for compensation claims.

I wonder what Federal Health Minister Nicola Roxon's real motive is?


"... The last 11 years of poisoning could have been prevented had you chosen to do something about it when you became aware of your mistake...."


The reason they did nothing about their mistake.. is because it wasn’t a mistake.

They carry on like disorganized scatterbrains, feigning carelessness in defense their egregious “oversight”. But they knew how much mercury was in their vaccines, and how its toxic effects are enhanced by injecting it. These are facts that vaccine developers would never have missed, much less ignored.

Mercury didn’t end up in vaccines by accident; it was put there for a reason. While most people know that mercury is neurotoxin, research scientists have known for some time that when they inject mercury into their test animals, it has a remarkable ability to trigger autoimmune reactions.

This is a truly disturbing piece of information that strikes most people completely by surprise. Yet in the world of toxicology, immune suppression and autoimmune dysfunction are well known mechanisms of mercury toxicity. Are we to believe that vaccine manufacturers have no toxicologists on staff??

The truth is, if you’re a pharmaceutical company, mercury containing vaccines is a pretty clever strategy for creating a customer base. The immediate return from those suppressed immune systems is pretty obvious, but the real cash cow is the long term treatment of the autoimmune disorders that mercury creates. More than 80 such disorders have been identified to date, and pharmaceutical companies are making billions selling drugs designed to treat but never cure them.

And that is why mercury can still be found in today’s vaccines.



You are amazing, I can't believe you produced two great articles two days in a row with all of these scathing ironic truths. It seems to me that the vaccine industry is looking for another scapegoat for the autism epidemic since the genetics scapegoat is not working out so well. [Psychologists would call this "projecting the blame for your own behavior onto someone else"] Although we do need regulation and testing of chemicals, and this is a contributing factor to the autism epidemic, it is obviously not the PRIMARY factor since pregnant mothers and infants were exposed to many toxic chemicals with no resulting autism epidemic UNTIL the vaccine schedule skyrocketed.

BTW, my apologies Julie for assuming that the smiling face in the photo with yesterday's article was you. John Stone brought this to my attention, so now I realize that the picture was actually the evil doctor. Sorry about that!

Teresa Conrick

Hi Birgit-

Look for my post next week. It looks to me like hoxtonpaul is unable to dispute the science but instead goes for the "obsessional" detour aka ... "hysterical."

It is an old tactic and we just won't tolerate that anymore. Our kids are just too sick.

John Stone

We know, of course, that Paul Offit's hero, Maurice Hilleman, warned Merck about the risk of increasing mercury exposure in the expanding vaccine schedule, but didn't take any further action. We also recall him laughing about how he and Merck introduced AIDS into the human population. Apparently even the most colossal industrial accidents were merely subject for mirth:

Listen to Hilleman showing off any you realise that vaccines are a very dirty business, and Offit just gives you the kitsch tidied up version (but you still can't see what's really in the vial).


This is kind of along the lines of the ADA expressing dismay, outrage, whatever, to find that some of the Chinese produced products used in dental materials were contaminated with traces of lead.


Garbo said: "Not only are peds untrained in recognizing vaccine injury or treating it, they've been lulled into not recognizing the diseases they're so worried about!"

Well said Garbo, you nailed it!


There was a time, in the history of doing X-rays on people, when they gave women BIG doses of radiation just to create the X-ray information for themselves.

Then somewhere along the line they noticed they were causing cancer.

They stepped down the dose, never said a word, some of them slunk away into retirement, shamefaced but silent.

This will be the same. Lots of retirements. Lots of going into "another field of medicine." No admitting, no apologies, and most especially no compensation or in any way making it up to anyone.


John Stone

I have always felt with the mercury issue that even before you get to establishing what it actually does it tells you everything about the slovenly and cynical culture behind its casual use. This isn't a story about science it is a story about greed.

Birgit Calhoun

Teresa! I am looking forward to your "obsession" regarding mercury. I have been obsessed with mercury since I started looking into it about 10 years ago. Meanwhile here is another Offit item. I noticed that he is the Maurice R. Hillerman Professor of Vaccinology and Chief of the Division of Infectious Diseases at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. What caught my eye is that's the Hillerman ( who developed vaccines for Merck. For some reason it took me this long to realize that Offit is really compelled to advertize for the vaccine maker.

Cynthia Cournoyer

In the minds of the vaccinators, this all makes perfect sense. As far as they are concerned, vaccines have always been safe, whether there are more or less chemicals, now or before. Never look back, never take blame. Yes, the medical community is definitely being pushed into a corner for sure. Studying chemicals' effect on children (without studying vaccines) is just another attempt in a long line of attempts to deflect any scrutiny of vaccines. Then the study can be added to the pile of all the other studies that are so affectionately pointed to when parents claim vaccine damage, so parents can be accused of being against science once again.

Kym grosso

Loved this!


People like hoxtonpaul get a twisted ego boost by creating little self-serving fictions rather than processing scientific data or tracking adverse event reports.

Some reporters have bought into that approach, as well, due to the multiple payoffs. Dismiss the writer, copy a press release, quote a sycophant, shorten the workday, and assign yourself an unearned feeling of smugness.

Donna K

There was a time when I could have forgiven the AAP and my child's personal pediatrician. Back when I found out about the thimerosal in vaccines (through a Parade magazine article dated June 11, 2000 by Dr. Isadore Rosenfeld) I assumed that they were probably as surprised by this as I was. I remember, naively, taking this information to my child's ped and asking for help in investigating whether this was why my child regressed with so many behaviorial and health problems. Back in 1999 was the time for the AAP and its members to step up and protect children, and had they been forthright about this discovery and demanded thimerosal-free vaccines along with a recall for all TCV vaccines, they would not be in their current predicament of having lost the trust of parents, not only in the doctor-patient relationship, but ultimately in the vaccine program. They have been defending the indefensible and they are now fighting to regain their reputations by adopting a face of concern for toxins in the environment. I can only assume that their current efforts to demonstrate concern is more a pre-emptive posture (in light of the Thorson indictment) that allows them to look like they have been duped as well by the CDC's corruption of the epidemiology of the thimerosal involvement in the environmental etiology of autism.

The AAP has always held the vantage to detect issues with vaccine safety post licensure, but their willingness to overlook problematic vaccines has led to this epidemic of disabled children. The AAP should have been fighting this battle for children's health along with the parents, calling out the CDC, the FDA and the vaccine manufacturers for poisoning their patients and holding them accountable. If they were truly altruistic in their desire to decrease the suffering of children, then they would have been just as strong of advocates for preventing vaccine injury and suffering as they have been for preventing infectious disease suffering. The AAP has been able to deny vaccine injury for decades with the alibi of coincidence, but they've gotten themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place with this one.

For every parent of a vaccine-injured child, the face of this betrayal is the face of their child's personal physician. Very few people will recognize the names or faces of those largely responsible for putting these toxic vaccines in their doctor's hands. Those responsible at the CDC, the public health departments, the FDA, or pharma corporate executives can hide behind the anonimity of their position knowing full well that it will be the faces of the personal physicians who administered the vaccine program that will bear the guilt and shame of this medical holocaust. Denial is no longer a sanctuary afforded in the face of mounting evidence of the epidemic of iatrogenic chronic childhood disease and death.

It's time to put a stop to the hit and run behavior and speak out for the innocent and suffering children. The legacy of the AAP and its members is going to be determined by how they respond to this dilemma. Unload the yoke of ego and fear so that you can uphold your altruism to a calling that will, again, first and foremost do no harm.

Birgit Calhoun

I presume they don't mean to investigate mercury. At least I don't see it mentioned in the AAP's write-up. Considering how mercury has been used in medicines for who-knows-how-long, I bet there will be ways to exclude mercury from their investigation. I mean it's been grandfathered in for so long.

Anyway, I am not holding my breath about this substance that is occurring naturally in our environment, and even vegetables contain a certain amount of it. I am facetious about this, of course, but I don't trust the AAP as I don't trust the AMA that was founded on mercury just like the ADA.


I haven't brought my kids to their ped in a year, ever since a panicked email she sent her patients warning them that there had been a case of measles in their office and everyone should be sure to get their MMRs updated, and get checked if they'd been in the waiting room on the dates involved. Reading between the lines, it was apparent that the kid in question (adopted from a foreign country) had been brought in no less than 3 times to the office for an illness they failed to diagnose. The measles wasn't discovered until the family subsequently took the kid to the ER. One CA Health Dept. report noted that most of the infant pertussis deaths last year had been misdiagnosed and could have been prevented had the kids gotten treatment earlier. Not only are peds untrained in recognizing vaccine injury or treating it, they've been lulled into not recognizing the diseases they're so worried about!

Shelley Tzorfas

Autism is 50 multiple illnesses layered on top of each other. It includes gut and bowel problems, GERD, Skin, eczema, psoriasis, food allergies, sensory overload (Hypersensitive to light n flourescent bulbs) sound taste touch smell, eyes not tracking together, (thus they fixate and gaze as images are superimposed)toe walking, arthritis.. They behave in bizzarre ways because they are in CONSTANT PAIN. You can fully recover your children if you heal each layer. Do not wait for the so called medical profession that injected your children with mercury,antifreeze, embombing fluids. There is a window of opportunity to heal the children when the brain is flexible and can create new pathways.see Recovering Autism and Special Needs on utube


DId the AAP find these chemicals in their own arse? Cuz I can't believe after all these decades that they would look up there.

Donna L.

The AAP decides to go utterly refreshing. Now, for a limited time only, one phthalate-free chewy tube and one lead-free weighted vest included free with every round of immunizations.

Not an MD

Great article, Julie. You exposed the hypocrisy of the AAP quite effectively. I lost all faith in the AAP, years ago.

The AAP membership and leadership needs to get back in touch with their roots and stop harming children in their attempt to stave off all diseases for which there is a vaccine available. At a certain point, the vaccines will, in the ever growing number of shots given per visit, kill the recipients - not just some- but all of the recipients. At some point, a cocktail of chemicals becomes a lethal cocktail of chemicals. Paul Offit and his colleagues and like minded public health officials do not appreciate that simple fact, which, quite frankly, scares the crap out of me. (Oops! My bad. I am confusing drinking a cocktail and injecting a cocktail.)

Someone in power needs to take a good hard look at all of the micrograms of mercury and aluminum given, and recommended, at each and every single "well baby" and childhood office visit. That someone needs to fund a serious scientific study to determine the actual synergy and interaction between aluminum and mercury in either humans, or a closely related primate. That same someone in power also needs to care about what that study actually demonstrates and have the power to change our vaccination policy, altogether, so vaccination policy stops mentally and physically destroying our children at the present exorbitant rate.

Is there anybody out there who gives a damn and has the power to make this very necessary study happen? I sure dream about that special someone.

Teresa Conrick-for hoxtonpaul

Hey hoxtonpaul-

"Do you understand the nature of obsessions?"

Stick around for my "obsession" on mercury tomorrow. It's about my daughter and how I really am "obsessed" with just keeping her alive.


Oh, and let me add - if you don't work for the EPA, the CDC, the FDA or the NIH - well then

We are the pions, the serfs, the ones that are left to starve as the kings take all we earn!

I promise you they will go after foam cups the very first thing!


Passionate, darn good article!

History lesson;
Old kings taxed their people taking all the food they raised, and then when the hungry people turned to the wild the king who liked to hunt made poaching laws.

So, this is the way it is going to go. AAP blames others for their mistakes. The FDA, THE CDC, and the NIH will of course jump on the band wagon and educate the masses on how this autism epidemic was caused by breathing out too much carbon dioxide, and influence the EPA (the epitamy of the old kings) - and now we have people making a good living working for all these federal agencies.


A constant theme of the CDC & AAP is to make Autism a "very complex multi-gene", multi-this or multi-that, multi-Autisms, which they are trying so very damn hard to solve.

However, they would never approve of a SIMPLE vax/unvaxed study because it would show exactly what they have done to a generation of children. Their own Simpsonwood data, which they now can't locate, clearly shows what has happened.

They state there are 60,000 chemicals to investigate, but refuse to investigate items banned for vaccine use in other countries 20 years ago. They are "still confused" with countries with 12 vaccines by age 5 with Autism rates 100 times lower than the US. Anyone who disagrees with them will end up mocked & trashed like Dr. Wakefield.

There is nothing more important for AAP revenues than the "well baby vaccine visit" program which is usually billed to an insurance company so no one really knows of the true cost. They just approved another vaccine for the program this week.



Just curious..are you by any chance a psychiatrist? Do you subscribe to the outdated belief that autism is a psychological disorder?

What do you think of the science that supports an emerging picture that autism is in fact a complex medical illness involving environmental toxins, a dysfunctional neurological and immune system, gut malabsorption, inflammation, metabolic imbalance, mitochondrial dysfunction in a vulnerable population?

Most of the parents here have maintained from the start that our kids are in fact chronically sick and are in need of medical treatment. The idea that autism is a medical illness involving environmental factors seems to be what the latest science as well as experts from UC Davis, NIEHS and EPA are saying.

Do you refute the science too or am I misunderstanding your position?

Btw, interesting user name HoxtonPaul is that taken from Hoxton house? We're not as crazy as you think).


Of course the AAP now wants to investigate environmental factors. It is a smokescreen.

Kids are exposed to around 9000 chemicals in early life, about 400 have been checked for safety.

The AAP is tacitly acknowledging the environmental vector for ASD.

The writing is on the wall. The AAP is complicit in a program of mass human experimentation,along the lines of the Tuskegee Airmen syphilis disgrace. The fear factor is setting in.

Look for the rats to start jumping ship. Before this is over, people will go to jail for intentionally concealing data, just like in the Avandia case.


Great article. I'm so sick of the proper studies being avoided. I don't believe anyone intentionally hurt our children. However, I do believe the vaccine companies, the CDC and the AAP all realised, after the fact, that harm was done. It's their cover up that is so disgusting. My children, thank God, responded beautifully to biomedical treatments, including chelation. However, I don't feel I can truly "get on with my life" until the vaccine issue is resolved. It sickens me to know that everyday, they are creating more and more vaccine injured children. Our family went through a living hell, and were lucky to come out OK on the other side. I know others are not so lucky. Vaccine injuries are preventable. When will the proper science be done, so we can identify those kids at risk, and avoid harming them?! The current vaccine program is barbaric.

Allison Byrd

What else could possibly need to be said?

Thanks, Julie.


Hoxtonpaul, IF ONLY mercury were the singular problem, how much simpler it would be, which is really the point of this reporting. Rather, it's about betrayal. By government, industry, healthcare professionals and the media. Medical trade unions (AAP/AMA) are not neutral bystanders. They're "obsessive" in their denial of culpability. Stick around for a while and learn about the depth and breadth of the actual problem.

Harry H.

Julie, good article. The hypocricy of the AAP has no bounds. They have been sleeping with the chemical idustry for decades.The chemcial industry exists to provide jobs, product safety is just something they pay lip service to. Just like the AAP and mercury.

hoxtopaul; mercury/thimerosal is a neurotoxin meaning it's toxic to humans. Get your head out of your ass.


Brilliant writing, Julie! You clearly articulated the situation, where children are seriously injured by injection, and the makers of the injections and the medical personnel who administer said injections deny the injuries, vilify parents, and do their best to cover up their trail of proven lies--ALL of which is documented.

Apparently, hoxtonpaul thinks this is a joke, and believes that insisting on the truth equals obsession.

One can only imagine what hoxtonpaul would think of the US civil rights movement in the 1960's--perhaps he thinks that those who campaigned so passionately for equal rights were merely OCD?

Bob Moffitt

Julie .. like you .. I was stunned to read the AAP's extremely hypocritical press release warning of the hazardous chemical dangers our children are being exposed to every day .. such as .. chemicals in a rubber duck a child might suck on .. chemicals in a carpet a child might play on .. or .. chemicals in a plastic cup a child may drink from.

Like you .. I just can't help but doubt they are serious about "researching, regulating or reducing" hazardous chemicals for children when they steadfastly cling to their reckless recommendation that every new born infant .. within hours of birth .. should be INJECTED with the HEP B vaccine .. which ... depending on which HEP B vaccine is used .. contains:

HEP B (Engerix-B): .. Aluminum Hydroxide, Phosphate Buffers, Thimerosal, Yeast Protein

HEP B (Recombivax): Aluminum Hydroxyphosphate Sulfate, Amino Acids, Dextrose, Formaldehyde or Formalin, Mineral Salts, Potassium Aluminum Sulfate, Soy Peptone, Yeast Protein


"Which appears more hazardous to children .. sucking on a rubber duck .. or .. injecting Aluminum Hydroxyphospate Sulfate, Formaldehyde or Potassium Aluminum Sulfate .. directly into the child?"


Do people selling rubber ducks containing hazardous chemicals bear any responsibility for the damages their product causes?

Do pediatricians injecting vaccines containing hazardous chemicals have any responsibility for the damages caused by vaccines?

@ hoxtonpaul: Would you consider it "obsessive" to question the wisdom of injecting the HEP B vaccine into a newborn within hours of birth?

Vaccines aren't magically

When I read this I immediately thought basically what you wrote here Julie. I then thought about all the toxic ingredients in vaccines that are injected on PURPOSE into our children under the GUISE of their benefit. As if injecting chemicals, toxins and viruses are going to make them healthy. The premise is absolutely ridiculous.

Sure, there are 3,000 new chemicals out there in the environment and only 12 have been tested for affects on the brain. And that is just awful. But, to inject some of these same chemicals and pretend if they are in a vaccine they will do no harm is idiocracy.

Vaccines aren't magically no matter how many pharma shills try and say they are.

And, what in the hell took the AAP so long to pay attention to all these toxins?

The AAP is a joke. Not very funny- for they are inflicting serious harm to our children.


100% agree with you, Julie. Well said.

And hoxtonpaul, whoever you are, you apparently can't see the forest OR the trees. You, sir, are the joke. Anger is wholly appropriate in the face of ignorant and arrogant hypocrisy. It doesn't take an MD or PhD or even a high school diploma to suspect that injecting a neurotoxin is equally, and likely far more, dangerous than any other sort of exposure.

I hope that the EPA immediately takes up the AAP's hypocritical demand for action. They should start their investigation by looking at those toxins to which the largest number of children are known to be exposed. That means their first research goal should be to fully and honestly determine the precise effects and dangers of injecting mercury and aluminum into babies and children. Better late than never.

victor pavlovic

This is great, and telling it like it is. I would like to see a response from the AAP on this article,. I bet they won't though, they probably won't touch it.

John Stone


The trouble is that you are articulating an ideological position which has nothing to do with the circumstances of so many of our children who at best can only articulate the simplest things: and that isn't neuro-diversity, it is impairment. At the same time people will detect far more rage in your comment than Julie's post.

Well, perhaps there is nothing so much wrong with rage, but that doesn't make either you or Julie anymore foolish than having an intellectual obsession does (which may be perfectly justified also).


Do you understand the nature of obsessions?

The more individuals fixate on something, the greater likelihood there is that there is a detachment from reality, as the object of attention is more and more existent in the persons mind. You lose objectivity becoming personally attached so much.


I doubt you understand how your piece reads. I come to A of A site, basically to marvel at the OCD nature of the writers. You all seem to be able to take anything you want, and turn it into a rant about mercury.

Note the use of the term rant. Mercury Daniel does try to keep objective. He seems to think his pedanticism will cure his child. One day, junior will wake up neurotypical, and everything will be normal. Great.

The more all of you write anything in the manner that Julie here is doing, the bigger the joke.

Please delete comment. x

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