Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Interviews Dr. Boyd Haley on Mercury Toxicity Alzheimer's and Autism
Nevada Autism Funding Cuts: Penny Wise and Pound Foolish?

Will Autism Population Be Demonized as Demands on Education Programs Explode?

Finger-pointing The following article is typically shallow, and misses several basic journalism questions, but... it points out that people are starting to notice the expense of autism. Schools are groaning under their programs' weight, social services are about to be hit with tens of thouands of new applicants as teens turn 18 and age out of school at 22. And given the nasty tone in America toward "the less fortunate" are we facing a backlash of anger toward the entire autism population?

If past trends are any indication, autism rates could rise by as much as 75% in the next five years. This could not have come at a worse time for the nation’s overburdened and underfunded school districts, which are facing unprecedented financial stress as government aid continues to dry up. Autism, though, is a public health crisis like no other.

Scientists continue to offer multiple hypotheses as to why the prevalence of the disorder has soared by 600% over the past 20 years. The mysterious and often-vexing condition is poorly understood by scientists. Researchers are not sure why some people with autism can function at a high level, receive an education and hold down a job, while others exist in stony silence, trapped in their own minds. School districts are tasked with helping both types of students. Experts say its costs to society range between $35 billion and $90 billion per year.

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Adam M

Let me be clear. I believe autism is a disease of toxicity not just some sad anomaly of nature and we should do all we can to help reverse this. But I thought this was important to share.
I read this while researching the extraordinary health of the Native Americans as seen and documented by George Catlin an american explorer of the mid 19th century of the country beyond the Mississippi especially concerning the Native Americans. They had almost non existent infant mortality (usually by trauma) and their women gave birth easily and usually unattended. Rarely did they have a child with a mental or physical deformity but when they did Catlin wrote.......

Some writers upon whom the world have relied for a correct account of the customs of the American Indians, have assigned as the cause of the almost entire absence of mental and physical deformities amongst these people, that they are in the habit of putting to death all who are thus afflicted; but such is not only an unfounded and unjust, but disgraceful assumption on the part of those by whom the opinions of the world have been led; for, on the contrary, in every one of the very few cases of the kind, which I have met or could hear of, amongst two million of these people, these unfortunate creatures were not only supplied and protected with extraordinary care and sympathy, but were in all cases guarded with a superstitious care, as the probable receptacles of some important mystery, designed by the Great Spirit, for the undoubted benefit of the families or tribes to which they belonged.
George Catlin 1870

And WE called THEM primitive savages.......

NM Mama

The schools already retaliate.
If you show concern about how they deal with your special needs prepared to waste the tax payer dollars when they report you to CPS in retaliation.
My child was being given jelly beans to do his special ed classwork. He learned to not work unless he got his jelly beans. He was technically obese, and I was told I was not feeding him enough, because he was always hungry. He has SENSORY ISSUES!!! he did not know when he was full. I am certified in food safety and nutrition, including proper portion serving!
Six cavities later!...and empty work books being sent straw...being lost without permission to walk home alone...backpack there...and no son!
It is okay for schools to be incompetent, it is okay for DFS in Florida to be incompetent and to attack all home schoolers because of an incident where they did not follow up. If we can not have our children well taken care of in school, or be suspect because we home school...what next?... internment camps? Probably should not give opportunist vultures any ideas! If they can take taxpayer money for a program that hides the issues, keep that on the lowdown, they will likely choose that over eugenics.
They just will keep them there...if they survive...or put them in prisons when they have no way to make it on thier own. Might want to look at the stock options for supporting businesses to inpatient and inmate facilities...and don't forget the pharma to treat them there.


I'm all for home schooling but hey, do I get my taxes back? nooooooooo.
Instead I'm paying thee school nurse to pump more toxins into the kids.


Most Americans have strong visceral feelings against so called "euthanasia", thank God. We aren't the Dutch. I see articles like this as a positive-- at least the author admits we have large numbers of severely disabled young people and it is a crisis. The only solution is to stop creating autism: vaccinate minimally, go back to the schedule of the 70's or 60's. Maybe some state governments will be forced to see this, in self-preservation.

Theodore Van Oosbree

Will Autism Population Be Demonized as Demands on Education Programs Explode?

The answer: You can make book on it!


I also worry that autistic children/adults will be labeled soon to be "too heavy burden for society" and will be earmarked to euthanasia. US vaccination programs are genocidal, I am afraid by design.


Was this article from the Wall Street Journal? If I were an autism parent ( especially one from New Jersey) I would sue them for defammation and inciting hate. Seriously. This was disgusting to read, other than at least the economics of this problem seems to be finally hitting their thick fucking skulls ( pardon me) but reading this made me furious! Certain phrases to me were especially inflammatory:
"while others sit in stony silence"
"For parents of children with autism, the diagnosis can be a ticket to scores of government services."
"the expenses don't end there, however..." ( apparently you New Jersey folks are unfairly ripping off your neighbors and causing them to go bankrupt to help their children with autism!)
the only part I liked was their reference to the scientists being "clueless" about causes. Oh they have an f'g clue all right. When they note how "illogical" it seems that cancer and stroke incidence has gone down yet autism is skyrocketing, they should get a clue that it could have something to do with pediatrics. They can play the " diagnostic differences" game and the " neurodiversity is wonderful" crap all they want but that's not going to fix anything. Hey, but at least they finally sound panicked. And they should be. This is not normal.

Donna L.

So public health and public education officials are just going to continue scratching their heads over the baffling mystery of the cause of autism, while the number of affected kids grows exponentially and the schools go bankrupt trying to provide special ed services. And nobody in charge questions the bloated vaccine schedule and how it directly correlates with the alarming increase in autism. This has gone beyond bumbling idiocy. This is criminal.

Vicki Hill

Social services are already being hit. While 80% of those with a diagnosis on the autism spectrum are still under the age of 18, that means that 20% are already age 18 and older. As the mom of a 23 year old with ASD, and as a full-time volunteer for nonPareil Institute, which works with adults on the autism spectrum, I can tell you that resources for adults are few and far between right now. Funding? The government and foundations are eager to help children...but all of our children are going to grow up, and what happens then? With a lot of effort, that child who is on the lower or medium portion of the spectrum may improve, by adulthood, to the higher end of the spectrum...but still need some help in navigating life as an adult with ASD. We need to be creating resources now that will be ready for these children when they grow up. Few exist now. Some of us parents are trying to create resources, but we will need a louder voice to recognize, and address, this problem.


It's already here!

A 91-year-old state representative told a constituent that he believes in eugenics and that the world would be better off without "defective people."

Asked what he meant, she said Harty clarified, "You know the mentally ill, the retarded, people with physical disabilities and drug addictions - the defective people society would be better off without."

Anne McElroy Dachel

"The increase may be attributable to better diagnosis as criteria have expanded, increased awareness or an as-yet unknown environmental issue, she says."

Schieve calls it a 'public health crisis'? Then she goes on to say that may just be "better diagnosis." If it is just better diagnosing, then it would hardly be a crisis would it? Autism will bury this country in debt before anyone at the CDC will admit anything. (I am amazed that Shieve actually used the "crisis" when speaking of autism. It's the FIRST TIME I've ever seen a CDC official do that. Interesting that she's from the CDC's Center of Birth Defects. We are to now assume that autism is being classified as a "birth defect"?)

This article yesterday revealed that the autism rate for Utah is one in 85, based on numbers from 2006. New numbers are expected out this summer. If the rate has grown to one in 60? Will Laura Schieve and others at the CDC still be scratching their heads over autism. Just how good can we expect the diagnosing to get?
Anne Dachel, Media editor: Age of Autism


yes, I believe, unless we take action now, autism will be demonized by schools, people are already afraid and they are ignorant about it. bad combination. I pedict it's going to get even more emotional and more ugly when tough budget decisions have to be made, resentments will build.

It will be divide and conquer and the corporate controlled media will feed into it big time. The media will run stories about the high cost of SPED alongside stories about teacher layoffs. Parents will be pitted against parents and our kids will bear the brunt. They'll be further ostracised unless we thwart it. Therefore, we mustn't let the media manipulate public opinion.

What can we do? Whenever possible, educate. We have to point out to other parents and teachers that the true problem is that noone is being held accountable for the increase, no explanation from the CDC after years of research. They need to redirect their anger away from our kids toward the media, CDC, Pharma and medical establishment for letting this crisis continue. It is they who are to blame not our kids.

We should keep the focus off us, our kids and put it back on the US government, the medical community and others for sticking it's head in the sand on the autism issue. There will be a battle, no doubt.

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