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Jenny Allan

Well done to those parents who spoke out so eloquently. I was very moved by their stories. 'Vaccine Epidemic' arrived through my letterbox yesterday. (Scotland)

I look forward to reading it.


Re mito :
Everybody has many mutations in their cells, nobody is perfect, but diseases usually affect those, who were also exposed to some kind of cellular stressors (toxic, chemical, trauma etc.). It is not possible, practical, or cost effective to screen every child for all kinds of mutations and vulnerabilities. It is simpler just not to vaccinate them, or give just one or two spaced vaccines for most dangerous diseases. It is better (IMO) to treat people who become infected than to endanger with toxic vaccines the life and health of every healthy child. But children are so massively vaccinated not because they need all these vaccines, but because pharma needs to make mega $$$ selling them.


the study that needs to be done... is prevaccination... the kids need to be tested for mito defect... then post vaccination the kids need to be tested for mito defect. I also question if the mito defect comes from vaccinations. How difficult is it to test for mito defect?

Louise Kuo Habakus

Here's a direct link to the USTREAM recording:

Please remember to thank SafeMinds for making the the livestream possible.




so then it's drug induced mitochondrial toxicity...something the FDA, more often than not, doesn't require the manufacturer to do safety testing for.

One can carry a mutation but never actually develop a disease. It's been reported that, in the general population, 1 in 200 have mitchondrial DNA mutations that pre-dispose them to disease.

My understanding is that Hannah's mother has the same mitochondrial mutation as Hannah. The difference is that Hannah rec'd something like 9 vaccines in one visit. I'm amazed she even survived.


Link to the press conference video:

Link to interview(s) after:


I really want to watch this but can't access the video, screen is plain black, so could you please post a link?


I seriously doubt that the reason, why some children develop autism after vaccinations is that they have underlying mitochondrial disease. If that was true, their mothers would have it too and would be autistic, but this is not the case. I rather think that thimerosal damaged their mitochondria, which is a known fact. All mercury compounds do it. These children may have innate inefficient cellular mechanisms for detoxification and hence may accumulate more mercury in their tissues, which ruins their mitochondria and destroys their cells. In other words, if they were not exposed to toxic vaccines, they would be healthy like their parents.

Theresa O

Wow, this is an incredible press conference. Mary Holland's summary at the beginning is right to the point--and I can only imagine how angry I would be if I were a lawyer who spent my career working within a system, only to realize that the system is rigged, twisted, and broken. Thank you, Ms. Holland, for fighting for all children--for all Americans. Thank you to the three sets of parents who spoke out at the press conference. You have already given so much.


I thought this press conference was excellent and forwarded the link to a number of friends and family. It's time for the parents to be heard.

Interesting that Yates Hazlehurst, Hannah Bruesewitz and Hannah Poling all turned out to have underlying mitochondrial issues which, to me begs the question: Why aren't doctors pre-screening kids or parents for hidden mito problems that could be aggravated by vaccines?? This could explain why some families have 2-3 kids on the spectrum.

We could get the autism numbers down if only we had this critical bit of information before kids are vaccinated. I haven't had my son screened for mitochondrial disorder but I would not be at all surprised if he has a mitochondrial weakness or a mutation since in we have a family history of diabetes, Alzheimers and Bipolar disorder ..huge red flags.

Thank you to all the parents for speaking out!

John Stone

Whatever Zimmerman said behind closed doors Julie Gerberding, head of the CDC at the time and swiftly after head of Merck's vaccine division, told Sanjay Gupta on CNN:-

“Now, we all know that vaccines can occasionally cause fevers in kids. So if a child was immunized, got a fever, had other complications from the vaccines. And if you’re predisposed with the mitochondrial disorder, it can certainly set off some damage. Some of the symptoms can be symptoms that have characteristics of autism. “


Hazlehurst doesn't seem to have a problem with Dr. Zimmerman, but thinks that the government conceded Poling to keep Zimmerman's report under seal.

Some of Zimmerman's opinion does show up in HHS's concession:

"Dr. Andrew Zimmerman, a pediatric neurologist, evaluated CHILD at the Kennedy Krieger Children's Hospital Neurology Clinic ("Krieger Institute"), on February 8, 2001. Pet. Ex. 25 at 1. Dr. Zimmerman reported that after CHILD's immunizations of July 19, 2000, an 'encephalopathy progressed to persistent loss of previously acquired language, eye contact, and relatedness.' Id. He noted a disruption in CHILD's sleep patterns, persistent screaming and arching, the development of pica to foreign objects, and loose stools. Id. Dr. Zimmerman observed that CHILD watched the fluorescent lights repeatedly during the examination and would not make eye contact. Id. He diagnosed CHILD with 'regressive encephalopathy with features consistent with an autistic spectrum disorder, following normal development.'"


I could listen to Mr. Hazlehurst talk all day about what is really going on in "vaccine court." I took my son to see Zimmerman once. He creeped me out. He spent most of the time trying to recruit my family for his ridiculous research. Never went back. Super creepy now knowing that he already knew vaccines cause autism. Kennedy Krieger was offering free flu shots the day I was there. I almost puked.


It is unclear how Mr. Hazlehurst can claim that Zimmerman's opinions were contradictory unless he has actually seen the Zimmerman opinion in the Poling case. He seems to imply that it is being sealed. Did he see it and it is contradictory?

Hazlehurst said Zimmerman did not believe that thimerosal causes autism in the Cedillo case. Is Hazlehurst saying that Zimmerman said that thimerosal caused autism in the HP case?

Candle of Truth

This was a fine piece of work, and will be seen by thousands. Across the USA and across the globe millions know that not all is not well, or what it is supposed to be. Today or tomorrow the media may still walk away from this perversion of natural justice, multiplied in industrial quantities, but it will catch up with them. Parents looking at their child's ever extended mandated vaccine schedule will inevitably, however slowly, begin to ask the right questions - and what they will find is that it is the rich and powerful that are being protected, not their children. Real news travels more slowly than official propaganda, or crude advertising copy - forget liberal democracy which has virtually expired - but it will get there in the end.


Around 16:00, attorney and father of a vaccine injured child Rolf Hazlehurst talks about two contradictory opinions of Dr. Andrew Zimmerman and how they were treated in vaccine court.

Quite interesting.

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