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Wakefield Accusation - American VAERS Suggests Otherwise

Pop balloon There Goes That Argument!

by F. Edward Yazbak, MD, FAAP

For years Andrew Wakefield has been vilified and persecuted for publishing an article in Lancet on February 28, 1998.

Since then, he has been accused of inventing a gastro-intestinal illness and endangering the world because he reported that some of the 12 parents in that UK study had stated that their children’s autistic and gastro-intestinal symptoms had started soon after they had received an MMR vaccination.

It is safe to propose that prior to 1998, parents (and pediatricians) in Utah, Minnesota. North Carolina and elsewhere in the United States had not heard of Dr. Wakefield and had no idea that autistic regression sometimes followed MMR vaccination.   

I have been interested in VAERS, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System since it was launched and have acquired some expertise in understanding and evaluating individual reports. 

It was with some surprise that I recently discovered that there had been 15 reports filed with VAERS prior to December 31, 1997 by parents stating that their children had developed autistic symptoms after receiving MMR vaccines in the United States.  

There seems to be general agreement about the following two statements:

1: A report to VAERS does not necessarily imply causation
2. Only a small percentage of vaccine adverse events are ever reported to VAERS

I excluded one of the 15 VAERS reports in question because I felt it was unreliable...

Read the full article at Vaccination News HERE.   


Media Scholar

Dear F. Edward Yazbak,

In case you read this, the real decline in vaccinations (if it isn't increased awareness or better diagnosis) relates to a long series of vaccine manufacturing drug company PR flops.

2003, the year of the Big Whiff as it is known, featured three wrong influenza strains in one CDC syringe. The knuckleheads guessed wrong and America was swamped with millions of sick flu shot recipients.

2004, the entire US flu shot supply was blockaded by UK MHRA authorities. Everybody in America knows the shots were tainted with pneumonia-causing lung bacteria. [SEE Operation Sea Spray]

2006, the Iowa Mumps Outbreak. The 1,400 or so college kids affected all had MMR history(87-94% had one, two, three, or even four) and it did NOTHING to prevent them from coming down with Mumps. There is no such thing as an Andy Wakefield strain of Mumps.

In 2007, UK reports Hoof and Mouth disease traces back to animal research lab.

Around the same time while vaccine manufacturing drug companies are freaking Congress out to the tune of $7.1 billion for a Bird Flu vaccine, the rest of the world is cackling in laughter defying the doom-saying disease-mongering as foolishness.

Korea successfully treats sick geese with Asian sauerkraut and 11 of 13 got better.

The CDC-led TB scare. Not even full military dress by CDC brass could convince America that the Atlanta lawyer posing as a TB carrier wasn't the son in law of a guy who worked in the CDC TB department.

Subtle on the minds of Americans in the last decade that disclosed former US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt never had Polio. He had Guillain-Barre Syndrome a typical vaccine-induced paralysis.

It's highly probable he was vaccinated with the latest shortly before his family vacation at Campobello Island, New Brunswick then lost the use of his legs for the rest of his life.

The vaccine industrial complex shoots itself in the foot time and time again.

We all know the proliferation of flu shots is tied to targeting America's infants, toddlers, and pregnant women with Thimerosal-laced flu shots.

"The wholesale acceptance and promotion of the flu vaccine by government agencies, heath care institutions, pharmacies and physicians is at best based on flimsy, flawed or inadequate evidence. And at worst, it pushes a potentially harmful medical procedure on a poorly informed public.

Consider this. What consumer product creates billions in profits for it manufacturer every year and is recommended and almost mandated by our government to be used by all Americans over six months old? The flu vaccine."

Teresa Conrick


I am not sure why you feel you need anonymity in some aspects of your posts, like how many children you have, when you discuss XMRV vs having an unvaccinated child who is still vulnerable to autism per your doctor who orders genetic testing. As we are discussing issues of health and the lives of our children, it's all extremely "pertinent."

Please know that my questioning has to do with not only confusion but a sense of trust in facts or a lack of it. It does make it difficult to ascertain at times the agenda people may have when they post.


Cherry Sperlin Misra - "When will the insanity end? Why dont we just bring back the good old days of bloodletting? At least that got the mercury out fast."

Good point! Mandated inoculations with neurotoxic metals, endocrine disruptors, phase transfer catalysts, ionophores, and non-human DNA, are crimes against humanity. Humanity has a God-given inalienable right to opt-out of this barbaric practice. This right must be memorialized and protected in law. There ought to be a rallying cry by people of faith the world over. Where is the morality in eating cloned food, and receiving inoculations of non-human DNA and aborted fetal tissue?


I wanted some anonymity in my posting, so I didn’t tell you how many children I had since I didn’t think it was pertinent to whether or not I nurse my next. I hope you can understand. I’m sorry if it, or I confuse you or made you doubt my sincerity. The rest of the information, and the issues that I’m trying to find answers to are real. (Besides for the reasons that my youngest has delays, low tone, poop problems, and a brother with autism), perhaps the pediatrician referred my youngest to a geneticist because I mentioned that I wanted another child and was asking her questions about having another child and the xmrv virus, and nursing). The pediatrician didn’t have answers for me, but mentioned that something might be wrong with our genes and we might be able to find some answers with the specialist she suggested. She was the one that suggested the geneticist, along with other specialists. As to why the series of tests were so expensive, I cannot answer that. I’m just trying to find some answers. Sorry if you don’t trust my intentions. I won’t keep trying to explain myself for I don’t have the time.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

To Bob Moffitt, There are probably as many or more kids who suffered ITP as there are autistic kids. And dont worry- There are still plenty of disorders still called idiopathic.The derivation Idio refers to "self" - implying that the disease just sort of manufactured itself from your "self".
These days, when we see the word idiopathic the first thing we think of is- "Whats this?, another mercury-related disorder that they dont want to admit to ?"
Recently a three year old girl was admitted in my school with nephrotic syndrome. Now isnt that amazing- You put mercury and aluminium into the little child (in her vaccines) and now you wonder why her kidneys arent functioning ? Yes, of course, its idiopathic . No need to look for any other cause. And then, because as doctors we feel a little helpless faced with worried parents and a sick child, we'll keep suggesting more vaccines ! - because she is weak and needs protection !
When will the insanity end? Why dont we just bring back the good old days of bloodletting? At least that got the mercury out fast.
Meanwhile the media is engaged in deliberately misleading the populace. Did anyone here see the piece on CNN about Alzheimers ? I think some of the public health wizards got some real data for once- That is, the data on how many Americans are catching on to the fact that Alzheimers may be caused by mercury. The result? A dramatic documentary with sobbing people and a village in South America where a number of people get Alzheimers(Its genetic you see ) and NO MENTION of the fact that this area of the world is now highly polluted with mercury from the gold mining.

Teresa Conrick

Hi Angie-

Yes, this was confusing. I help with comments and saw your email address recently with 2 different names. Your focus had been as Ann on XMRV and Fibromyalgia plus it sounded like you had one child with autism and was wondering about if and when you had a second, if you should nurse..yet then you said as angela that you had one child with autism and an unvaccinated, 18 month old with developmental delays.

I also would be leery and it seems confusing as to what $6,000 worth of genetic testing would show or help with either of your kids.

This part: "My pediatrician does not think my youngest child has autism, but she thinks he’s at risk for autism because of his brother, and because he is delayed in some areas. So she referred us to the geneticist."

I am unclear of the rationale?


I didn't even ask to have my 18 mo. old tested for mitochondrial dysfunction (I only know a little about it and for some reason I thought one had to have a muscle biopsy to test for it), so I was quite surprised that the geneticist told us that he may have it due to the results of his blood work (She said he had low carnatine levels- and his liver and kidneys are fine (other reasons for low carnatine) so she suggested that it might be mitochondrial dysfunction.
My pediatrician does not think my youngest child has autism, but she thinks he’s at risk for autism because of his brother, and because he is delayed in some areas. So she referred us to the geneticist. We didn't have my son who has autism tested. I definitely want to now, but the tests are $6,000 for the whole series. Maybe we can break down the tests. It's always a question as to where to put the $ since so much goes to therapy. We spend so much money and still the specialists don't seem to be on the same page or aren't even aware of things I bring up. I brought up the xmrv virus, and the geneticist hadn't heard of it, so she couldn't answer any questions. I told her I'd send her some information. So as I looked that up, I ran across an article linking those with Chronic Fatigue (I have that and fibromyalgia) with low carnatine;
“A study recently published in the Journal of Internal Medicine suggests that low levels of carnitine may be linked to symptom severity in chronic fatigue syndrome. Carnitine is necessary for mitochondrial energy production, so researchers theorized that low carnitine could contribute to the low energy of the condition.”
My pediatrician thinks my kids should be vaccinated, but is great at not bugging us about it and is an all around great doc. Of course she brought up "science has proved no link between vac's and autism." The next time I go in, I'm going to bring in the Hannah Poling case, and my child’s test results.... and a kind smile. I don’t know how loose my threads are, but maybe someone has more answers for me. I’m keeping the dialogue going. There’s much more I need to learn.
Theresa, you can call me Ann or Angie, but I'll go by Angie from here on out, so it doesn't get confusing.


I second Zed's motion.


After I found out about VAERS I did report my son's reaction some 20 years ago. I also reported my daughter's reaction and husband's too.

But heck - at the time I did not know the full extent of the reactions, and much more has revealed itself since then- so very, very much more!

I did not report My daugther's more recent reactions.

It is just too much reporting that does not amount to a hill of beans, anyway.

All VAERS is: is a political bandaide. People sitting up at the top of the heap threw the lower pe-ons a psychological bone by making them think and feel like they have at least made "the authorities" aware. Bull shit!





There is an expression that is often used in medicine that bares repeating here

"when you hear hoof beats think of horses not zebras"

We are not in the African plains and there are no wild zebras here so including zebras as a possibilty for the hoof beats is simply STUPID stop doing it.

You people are looking dead on at the CAUSE for autism VACCINES and yet you continue to look away at other not only remote but impossible causes

Anybody can just walk in here and give you a scenario that is simply not plausible from any standpoint and it becomes not only legitimized but given defference to, STOP IT.

Some of you simply cannot fathom that government officials can be bought off, have different political, moral,ideological and socioeconomic agendas.

The government has previously authorized and carried out experiments on certain segments of the population and rewarded the perpetrators with medals of honor, appointments to major universities in dean and chairman positions.

They will pay bloggers to come in here and lie and to create doubt and cast suspicion on the vaccine autism relationship and reality and they will quote their bogus studies and made up research and made up peer reviewed journals from made up doctors and paid off doctors like the AAP and crack house Seth Mnookin science and it is just that simple.

Understand I do not fault you completely and please do not feel criticized feel supported. I say to you all, trust your own judgement and what many of you actually saw. You are correct in your assesment of what happened to your child so DO NOT BE COWED.

The first rule of medicine is always listen to the patient.

These pediatricians do not listen to you because they already know the truth and do not want to hear it or confirm it and have been in effect paid off to ignore you. Listening to parents and acting on the history they have been given runs contrary to their pharma mission as that would be an indictment of them and their medical ethics, morals, medical judgement, academic prowess and their motivation and initiative and they simply cannot bring themselves to admit this monumental failure, which is of epic proportions.

This my fellow parents is the very essence of cowardice on every possible level as a man or woman , a parent, and a physician.

Believe in yourselves, many of you are educated and quite well read and although you lack a scientific background you are detail oriented and totally committed

In that light let me put this in medical lay terms for ALL OF YOU.

The people that tell you that vaccines do not cause AUTISM are FULL OF SHIT -feel free to quote me

When these people ask you how you can be so sure simply tell them that the only thing that all these kids have in common here in the US that have come from every possible gene pool in the world is vaccines. They have no genetic history of autism, Prader Willi or Reccesive X.

Finally when they press you further simply tell them
"when you hear hoof beats think of horses not zebras"



Dr. Wakefield only reported, what some British parents told him. Thousands upon thousands of American parents (and those from other countries) have the same observations and they report that their children were neurologically damaged by vaccines, and later became autistic. In our times, autism is mostly vaccine-induced brain injury. No pharma-lobbyist-CDC spin on this issue will change that parents’ perception.

Now more than 70% of parents are afraid of vaccines, and justly so. In western European countries majority of people stopped vaccinating their children long time ago (or use only 1-2 vaccines), and their children are much healthier that their American peers; they also have 2-3 times lower mortality. These facts speak for themselves. Dr. Wakefield is considered by most parents as a hero.

Teresa Conrick

Hi angie.

Interesting. I am curious if you had your autistic child checked while at the geneticist for a mitochondrial issue as he does have full blown autism?

Also, do you go by angie sometimes or the name Ann, as you had posted last time? Just curious as it seems confusing.


My oldest son has autism. He had had all of his shots until he fully regressed at 2 years (started regressing at 18 mo.). I didn’t know if it was caused from the shots or not. However, just in case I didn't give my baby (now 18 months old) any shots at all. Still, my 18 mo. has developmental delays in speech, fine and gross motor delays, low tone and gut issues. The regional center said his cognitive abilities are on track. He points, laughs, turns when I say his name, and has shared attention.
We took the 18 mo. to a geneticist at Children's Hospital LA. This week the geneticist told us that one of the tests suggests that he may have a mitochondrial disorder. I immediately thought about Hannah Poling and her case. I wonder if my 18 mo. would now have full blown autism if he’d been vaccinated. He's clearly vulnerable to environmental toxins, may still regress into autism since I can’t control all environmental triggers, but I'm so glad I didn't greatly increase his chances. I’m finally at total peace about my choice not to vaccinate. I thank this site for giving me useful, intelligent, and researched information.
My love and warm regards, Angie

Cynthia Cournoyer

Some people consider a child to be unvaccinated even though they received one vaccine or "only" the tetanus. This is not unvaccinated. Also, what unvaccinated child with autism was born of a mother who was ALSO unvaccinated? No Rhogam, no flu shot, no childhood vaccines. I have not seen that one yet!!! We are in for an echo effect. When enough unvaccinated children show up with autism (because mom was vaccinated) then they will do the unvaccinated study. BUT it won't be truly unvaccinated.

Also, unvaccinated autistic children tend to have FAR LESS physical symptoms than the vaccinated autistic people, even though they have typical autoimmune problems and similar cognitive and behavioral symptoms. So I would suggest that the unvaccinated autistic person has symptoms from birth, whereas the vaccinated counter part regressed.

This does not rule out environmental assaults (lead, fluoride, prenatal infections, etc. etc.) as a contributor to an autism diagnosis, but how can you rule out vaccines as an exponentially greater possibility?

REMEMBER: there was no autism until there was a DPT vaccine for children in the 1940's. THERE WAS NO autism until there was childhood vaccines. And as they were increased, so was autism.


Thank you, again, Dr. Yazbak!

On the issue of nonvaccine-related causes of autism--I'm sure they are there, although I personally wonder if there are any that don't affect the immune system, and I'm beginning to believe infections can't be responsible without exposure to such immune poisons--I can't help wondering how many of us are in a way "vaccinated" through the use of live virus vaccines in those around us?

Jeff C.

Zed - good questions all. I certainly don't mean to impugn Johnna's honesty, particularly since it looks like she used her real name. But in general, there have been a flood of comments lately along the lines of, "my child was never vaccinated but still has autism, we need to look at other causes..."

Infant/toddler vaccination is not like a coin flip. Unless you actively work to impede it, it will happen, that is the overwhelming default case. Parents that choose not to vaccinate fall in a few narrow groups: small religious sects, those opposed of allopathy, and those with previous children that have regressed into ASD. Yet some commenters mention it like it is choice between what color shirt to wear.

I think were seeing some astroturfing to get us to question the need for the vax/unvax study.

tony  villar



@johnna lewis: the beauty/curse of the internet is that people can say whatever they want, true or not. What I question is What child is unvaccinated at 2, unless the decision is intentionally made? Was your child born in a hospital? Ever have a "well baby" visit with a pediatrician? If so, you had to fight hard to avoid any shots. Why? What was your hard-fought motivation? And then your child was diagnosed with what? Leaky gut? And receives "daily antibiotic" drugs? Have you had stool sampling to rule out gluten sensitivity? And who are you suggesting is "reverting back" to this diagnosis? (It's very common among ASD children--always has been.)
I remain...confused. Please clarify.


"It is safe to propose that prior to 1998, parents (and pediatricians) in Utah, Minnesota. North Carolina and elsewhere in the United States had not heard of Dr. Wakefield and had no idea that autistic regression sometimes followed MMR vaccination."

Few probably had heard of his investigation before 1998 in the states, but I had read about his findings of measles virus in the guts in 1996. That was the extent of what I had heard about it until 1998.
Balzola FA., Castellino F., Colombatto P., Manzini P., Brunetto MR., Astegiano M., Verme G., Wakefield A., Pera A., Bonino F. (1995) IgM-Specific Antibody Against Measles Virus in Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Gastroenterology 108 (4) p.a . 776

Theodore Van Oosbree

Dr. Yazbak's research confirms what I have said and written for years: Dr. Wakefield was informed of the adverse reactions by PARENTS - he did not discover them by himself. He and his colleagues merely listened to the parents, investigated their complaints and initiated treatment when they discovered a disease process (it's called practicing medicine).


Thank you, Dr. Yazbak!!
I have long wondered how the media has gotten away with suggesting that ONE MAN - who most of us had never heard of back when our children were permanently disabled by vaccines - is somehow entirely responsible for the current mistrust of the vaccine program.

The VAERS database is something a good journalist would have looked into right away, rather than blindly repeating what some other misinformed "reporter" copied from another lazy moron who parroted what he heard from someone else.

Another "Hungry Lie" debunked!

johnna lewis

Ok. I have to say first I am so sorry for your children having reactions to the vaccination , but my daughter was never vaccinated and diagnoised @2 but I must say the stomach problems no matter how your diagnosis came about are REAL! She is not gluten intolerant, a little dairy sensitive. She test positive for Chrones but we were fortunate to have an "older " dr . and he had seen this before similar patents and she takes an anti - bacterial drug daily and we are down to maybe 3 intestinal episodes per year > I guess my question would be -When my daughter was first diagnosed the theory was "leaky gut syndrome" is this what theyare revertin back to?


"In recent years, the immunization-autoimmunity topic has gained quite a bit of public attention. This is quite possibly because autoimmune diseases are the commonest manifestations of immunizations. The MMR has been insinuated as a culprit of gastrointestinal problems in some children with autistic characteristics. Approximately one half of the parents with autistic children reported autistic regression after the MMR immunization. Moreover, a serological association of MV [measles virus] with autoimmunity was found in autistic children who did not have a wild type measles infection but they did have the MMR immunization. And, as described herein, autistic children showed a serological correlation between MMR and brain autoimmunity, i.e., over 90% of MMR antibody-positive autistic sera also had autoantibodies to brain MBP [myelin basic protein]. This is quite an intriguing observation in favor of a connection between atypical measles infection and autism; an atypical infection usually refers to infection that occurs in the absence of a rash. An atypical measles infection in the absence of a rash and unusual neurological symptoms was recently described to suggest the existence of a variant MV in children and adults. In light of these new findings, we suggest that a considerable proportion of autistic cases may result from an atypical measles infection that does not produce a rash but causes neurological symptoms in some children. The source of this virus could be a variant MV or it could be the MMR vaccine."

From "Abnormal Measles-Mumps-Rubella Antibodies and CNS Autoimmunity in Children with Autism," Singh et al., 2002

Tracy McDermott

Bob, you and I have discussed this here before, but worth repeating... my son was also diagnosed with ITP (in '96). Top hematologist at Miami Children's Hospital said he was seeing about 1 toddler a month back then (and guess what? He still couldn't tell me why it happened then either!!!). His platelet count was 20,000 and he was admitted and given IVIG. He is my undiagnosed oldest child who exhibited autistic like features (poor sleep, sensory meltdowns, etc.) without cognitive impairment or regression. It would be 2003 when my 3rd child, a boy, had a full reaction to his 1 yr vaccines (not the MMR) and lost all skills within months of his episode.

Bob Moffitt

In 1969 .. my then four year old daughter was diagnosed with "Idiopathic Trombocytopenic Purpura" .. which .. we learned was called "Idiopathic" because the medical profession .. were "idiots" .. their description .. having no idea what caused it.

Indeed, the only explanation that our family received from the numerous doctors .. over months and months of consultation and hospitalization .. was the single word "bizarre". Eventually, our daughter's spleen was surgically removed.

Needless to say .. after forty years .. I find it extremely disturbing the word "Idiopathic" just seems to have magically disappeared .. and .. "Thrombocytopenic Purpura" is now listed on the MMR product insert as a possible adverse reaction to a vaccine.

Even more troubling is the fact .. if my family is the example .. it required almost 30 YEARS before the National Vaccine Compensation Program added thromboytopenia purpura to the "Vaccine Injury Table" in 1997.

One wonders how many parents were told their child's THROMBOCYTOPENIC PURPURA was simply "bizarre" .. in the 30 YEARS before public health officials added it to the Vaccine Injury Table?

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