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Vaccination News Reports: 90 Peer Reviewed Studies Already Condemn Thimerosal

Thimerosal bottle By John Stone

These links show that at least 90 published peer review studies already condemn the medical use of the organic mercury compound thimerosal manufactured by Eli Lilly, which is still given in the United States to infants, children and adults in flu vaccine, and in many other infant vaccines globally. This is the reality in advance of any new investigation by the Centers Disease Control into the safety of the vaccine programme. Severally, the studies show the compound to be an environmental hazard to health, neurotoxic at vaccine levels of exposure, and plausibly implicated in autism.  If the CDC and international vaccine organizations like the World Health Organization, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the GAVI Alliance are serious about the health of the world’s children, rather than a flourishing global vaccine industry, why do they persist in this folly?

Has Thimerosal Been Absolved ,

Evidence of Thimerosal Risk ,

Evidence of Thimerosal Risk Page 2


John Stone


Thank you for pointing this out - they should now.


The links dont work any longer..


i don't know, ive never seen more "sick' people in my life nor my fathers nor his dads, WE ARE BEING POISEND

Vincent Nunes

Check out Vaccine Death Watch at http://vaccinedeathwatch.blogspot.com




Swinburne Autism Bio-Research Initiative here in Australia tested 8 vaccines listed on the Australian Childhood Immunisation Program Schedule -


One vaccine (Infanrix hexa) tested positive for Hg at 10ppb.

At least someone is caring enough to do something.


one Voice

Autism will only increase as they sending aluminum,polysorbates,boric acid,salt and variety of neurotoxins to the brain of our children.I agree with most of you big Pharma can not be trusted.They are in the business to create illness,then they offer solution to the illness they have created. We will have to go The Amish way,
to keep our children safe and let them "pick up the germs"
along the way and build natural immunity.Trust IS LOST.


Go Amish!
Right now the only reasonable solution to keep children safe is NOT to vaccinate them, or vaccinate just with a few delayed vaccines. Drug companies cannot be trusted a bit, as they have a long history of poisoning people with their drugs and hiding these facts for years. I am following the philosophy of Amish – who do not vaccinate, do not use hospitals for deliveries, and have infant mortality similar to that of their white rural neighbors, despite of having high prevalence of genetic risk factors due to inbreeding. This suggests that if white non Amish infants, who do not have defective genetic load , were also not vaccinated, their mortality would probably be much lower than present, similar to that in EU countries, where only about 1/3 of children are vaccinated. Vaccines increase infant mortality by causing SIDS - this in addition to making about 50% of vaccinated chronically ill or crippled for life. The risks from vaccines are much higher than benefits , this is a plain fact! There is no point of waiting for more data, which will take many years and will always look controversial, and continue injuring more children with toxic vaccines.
Am J Epidemiol. 1994 Jan 15;139(2):173-83.
Perinatal, infant, and child death rates among the Old Order Amish.
Acheson LS.
Department of Family Medicine, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH.
The Old Order Amish are a distinct ethnic group with a very high birth rate and patterns of perinatal risk factors quite different from those of the general population. This study reports marital fertility and perinatal, infant, and child death rates for an entire Amish settlement of approximately 10,000 individuals, centered around Geauga County, Ohio. All 6,623 births from 1948 to 1988 listed in a directory of Geauga Settlement Amish households were studied. The childbearing experience of all 475 married women over the age of 44 years was also described. Women aged > 44 years had a median of 8.3 births; 24% of the births were to women aged > 34 years. Despite a higher prevalence of several risk factors for perinatal and infant death among the Amish, neonatal and infant death rates for Geauga Settlement Amish have been very similar to the corresponding rates for white children in rural Ohio and the state as a whole. The beneficial aspects of Amish society that may lessen the impact of perinatal risk factors on mortality merit further study.


Theresa O: Thank you! I read the link you provided from Twyla regarding her attempt to find out whether anyone is, in fact, checking to ensure that mercury has in fact been removed from the childhood vaccines. Wow! All I can say is Wow! Basically, she confirmed my hunch -- that no one is checking the vaccines to make sure that mercury has been removed, and that the vaccines that supposedly now contain only "trace amounts" actually do contain only trace amounts. Apparently, we are simply supposed take the drug manufacturers (read: drug cartel) at their word.

At this point we desperately need some rogue pediatricians who frequent this website to quietly take some vials from their office and forward them to a lab for testing. I would LOVE to hear the results of this little research project. Any takers here?

I have copied (below) a portion of the exchange Twyla recounted from her discussion with the CDC and the FDA. It is shocking!

(From her conversation with an FDA official): She is not sure whether the FDA is measuring the mercury content. They check the process. "We have the understanding that this has been done, that the manufacturer has done it. I doubt if any company would be trying to get away with that. The consequences are major for any violations. If the product does not conform to specifications it would be unlicensed product."

Twyla: I really tried to get her to be more specific. I gave the example of, if you gave a person a recipe to bake a cake, and you wanted to see if it came out well, wouldn't you taste the cake, and look at it to see if it is mushy or burned? "The proof is in the pudding." It's not enough for the person just to verify that they bought the right ingredients and measured them and set the oven at 350 degrees.

She suggested that I check with state agencies.

So, in summary, neither the CDC nor the FDA could or would say that they are testing to be sure that the process of removing mercury from vaccines is working.

Why should they test for mercury? They don't believe that thimerosal is harmful. It is admittedly still being used in the vaccine manufacturing process, but then supposedly is being purified out. If the purification process is not actually working, why should the CDC and the FDA care? They don't believe thimerosal is harmful.

Theresa O

I think Twyla wrote a great column on "trace" amounts and whether anyone is checking to see that the mercury is no longer in the vaccines (short answer: not really) here:


Maybe this one bears re-running as a "best of AoA"...

Adam M

RE: Angie
Now, shouldn't THIS prove that the Autism numbers should ALSO be decreasing because 99% of the Thimerosal was removed, so shouldn't there at LEAST be some DECLINE in Autism rates IF Thimerosal could be considered to contribute to the Autism rates even in the slightest?

The first rendition of the Verstraten studies discussed @ Simpsonwood showed the dose response relationship of thimerosal and neuro-developmental outcomes and had everyone there alarmed. It was also brought up that Aluminum was having a similar effect and guess what skyrocketed at the same time the Hg was (supposedly) being reduced.

We are only going to have the definitive answer from an INDEPENDENT vaxed vs. never vaxed study. Of course, the recently announced CDC study will never do.


Thanks for your response. It does help.

However, I still think that we urgently need to have some syringes full of Hep B vaccine tested for the supposedly "trace amount" of mercury they contain. I will not be surprised at all if each syringe full full of Hep B vaccine has very different amounts of mercury, some of which would not qualify as being "trace."

My intuition from all the reading I've done is that this epidemic started with the Hep B vaccine, given on day one of the child's life. Along with Hep B and aluminum, it had a heaping dose of mercury, which was repeated twice more in the first few months of life. This, then, set up the so-called "susceptible" children for a dysfunctional immune system response to MMR, pertussis, and other vaccines in the heavily overloaded schedule, triggering the epidemic of neuro-developmental and immune system disorders with which the schools are overwhelmed today.

My intuition is that the reason these problems are not decreasing is because children are still getting heaping doses of mercury in the Hep B vaccine.

Is there anyone out there who could launch an investigation into exactly how much mercury children are now getting with their Hep B vaccines and boosters? Not how much the drug companies "say" is in the vaccine (i.e. "trace amount"), but the actual amount. And does this amount vary from syringe to syringe, based upon how the vaccine is stored and whether the dose comes from the top or the bottom of the vial?

Cherry Sperlin Misra

To Lisa and all,
One unforgetable information on this topic came last year in March from Michael Wagnitz. You can Google on his name and see it. He is a chemist who has done trace analysis for many years and he wrote a letter to the American Association of Pediatrics describing how he has analyzed samples of vaccines and found some to be hundreds of times above the level considered as "hazardous waste". He has also commented on high levels of aluminium. His letter is something that everyone and especially doctors should see. I would like to see any doctor allow his own child or grandchild to receive Hep B vaccine at birth after reading this letter.
My request to all AOA readers- Download Michael Wagnitz' letter and send copies to all the doctors possible, as well as young parents.
My own daughter is a doctor in the US and she still firmly believes that it is impossible to state wrong information on a label or insert. I hope this letter will be a wake up call for her too.


I'm pretty convinced that most everyone involved in the vaccine making business knows of the dangers. I watched a Documentary on The Gerson Therapy for curing Cancer called "Dying to Have Known" (you can watch it on youtube). About 4 minutes in they are talking to a man on the airplane. He said, "my neighbor's father is a world renowned immunologist. He studies vaccines" "But, my neighbor does not vaccinate her children." He is asked why? And the man responds "perhaps she has enough information about vaccines to know better."


Lisa, I don't think the overall amount of thimerosal has diminished much with the advent of yearly (sometimes 2x yearly) flu shots with 25mcgs of the stuff. In any case, the aluminum load in the vaccine schedule is off the charts...injecting heavy metals of any kind can't be helping.


Lisa, just a quick note..I have had many people ask me the same thing..."well if they have taken it out of most of the vaccinesm then why aren't rates of Autism/Asthma/ADD/allergies gone DOWN since the levels they are getting are going down too?"????

Actually, no. There are a few parts to the answer (anyone out there have anything to add, please feel free, this is part of my personal responses when asked, and would LOVE ton add more if I am missing anything)...
1. The manufacturers label "TRACE" amounts of Thimerosal, what's a "trace amount" and WHO regulates it?
*no one has any set amount that equals trace, nor does it have to be or tested FOR what amount "trace" equals. From what I have read directly from the CDC's website, the manufacturers, once the vaccine is approved, that the manufacturers themselves do their OWN policing and testing of their products, writing (I believe) annual reports to the CDC, and if they change a part of their process (ingredients or production or anything about it) they also test and report it themselves to the CDC.

2. Sure, maybe it SEEMS at first that the children get "less" Thimerosal than before since it's been said to have been "drastically" lowered to only "trace amounts" (see #1), BUT...

*...the actual NUMBER of vaccines have been increasing by pretty big percentages in the last 10-15-20 years, a look comparing the "recommended" vaccination schedules of the kids born prior to 1990-1991 to today is dramatic. My rough numbers from memory (someone jump in with specifics):
* in the 80's, a "fully vaccinated 5 year old child",  had 3 different vaccines with a total of 11 actual vaccinations;
* at last count in today's "fully vaccinated 5 yr old children" are being vaccinated with 11 different vaccines for a TOTAL OF 36 ACTUAL VACCINATIONS!
*My brain is fogging on me and I can't remember if the flu or pneumonia vaccines are IN these figures or not, my instinct says they are not, but in could be wrong, either way it's DRAMATIC differences to say the least!
*Basically, since about 1989 there have been 8 NEW vaccines added to the schedule that includes a total of 25 added actual vaccinations!
 * SO, even IF the Thimerosal WAS reduced (from what to what, I would LOVE TO know those specifics instead of "lowered TO trace amounts" with NO REGULATION ton what trace equals"), there would still be a pretty BIG INCREASE in Thimerosal being injected into our children given the pure number of vaccines being given now compared to before.

3.  Let's look at it this way, IF there were the exact same number of vaccines given now that were given prior to the Autism Tsunami (started in the 90's with the huge increases of the number of vaccines and number of vaccinations (see#2)), with the exact same production, ingredients, and everything else exactly the same except they took out, let's say 99% of the Thimerosal (I am giving a huge benefit of the doubt, the actual removal numbers are not able to be calculated because no one is required, because of "trade secret" laws, to report on just what "trace" equals (see#1) ).  
 *So, the only difference is there now is only 1% of the amount of Thimerosal in the vaccines, no more ingredients, no less, the same kind/number of vaccines are given at the same timeframes and everything.  Now, shouldn't THIS prove that the Autism numbers should ALSO be decreasing because 99% of the Thimerosal was removed, so shouldn't there at LEAST be some DECLINE in Autism rates IF Thimerosal could be considered to contribute to the Autism rates even in the slightest? NOPE!  I look at it this way, a poison is a poison, period.  MERCURY is a NEUROTOXIN a terrible one, the WORST one out there, so compared to let's say, a much LESS toxic (but still toxic and very dangerous of course) is cigarettes/smoke  If you smoke a pack of cigarettes per day and your identical twin smokes 1.5 packs per day does one have a 50% higher chance of getting lung cancer or other side effects than the other? Of course not, or there would be no such thing as people getting cancer from, other terrible tobacco related diseases from, or even dying from SECOND HAND SMOKE now would there be?
Now take a minute to think of the much more dangerous (and cigarettes are filled with some disgusting and very dangerous toxins of course) toxin..well, NEUROTOXIN Mercury, which IS what Thimerosal (I believe Thimerosal is 50% Mercury by weight)  IS...look at that, would you think that a teeny tiny (unknown) "trace" amount is OK a few times here or there compared to even 99%more here or there..of course not!

There are many other things to consider as well, because there are SO many variables to this. I believe that all of us who have had our children injured, brain damaged, regressed into Autism after one or a series of vaccinations will all agree that we believe that there is not one specific answer or one specific "cause" to our children's injuries.

Oh gosh, I could keep going, but here is the quickest answer I have, even if its a long answer..lol!

This usually turns into the person then asking "why so many vaccines now than before"...of course it opens another big can of worms because I too often wonder what disease has come along since we were kids, since the 90's that could EXPLAIN there could be a high enough BENEFIT to equal the RISK from the untested results of giving more than one type of vaccine at the same time at the same visit, in the same spot or in different spots...there certainly can't be, or they would be screaming the specifics off of the rooftops...

Add up all of the toxins and live viruses in the extra 11 vaccines and the extra 25 actual vaccinations added since 1989, then add in all of the other new environmental toxins in our air, water, products and furniture in our homes, cars, schools and work,,,AND add the FOOD and how we eat and what we eat, add it all together and you can EASILY explain the terrible health of kids born after 1990 AND THE SUDDEN increases of kinds and numbers of new cancers, allergies, asthma in kids AND ADULTS...and the increases in the number of and types of various physchotropic drugs because of depression and anxiety and other dramatic rises in other metal illnesses....

It's OBVIOUS, and relatively simple to solve...IF WE KNOW SOMETHING CAN CAUSE HARM TO SOME PEOPLE, even if it's "only" the 1% of kids today that have Autism, AND it CAN BE PRODUCED WITHOUT than harmful ingredient, WHY RISK IT, JUST REMOVE IT!

If we just started to remove the KNOWN TOXINS in our environment, we could really start seeing changes. Too bad it's already too late for so many of our kids!

Well, I have to stop now I have gone off topic a bit..have to go actually EAT dinner, it's been on My plate waiting till I was done "doing a quick chk on AoA before I ate!)...LOL!

I hope Lisa, it helped you understand a bit, answered your question...

Mom to Ethan, Alex, and Megan

Read Vaccine Package Inserts & Weep

"why do they persist in this folly?"

Because consumers keep consuming their products. No reason for them to stop as it's about money and not really protecting people.

On shark tank last night a guy had an innovative new allergy prevention product that the sharks went wild over - nose filters. The inventor pitched his product to the pharma companies and the response was why would we prevent something for $1 when we can treat it for $14?

Think like a corporation. Consumer demand drives everything and the sheepeople have been sold and the govt has helped seal the deal. All people have to do is read the package inserts and investigate just what these ingredients are and then they will shop smarter and choose an alt path to good health.

Fetal bovine serum is a good example. Baby cows growing in utero have to be sacrificed to make some vaccines. How nice (sarcasm) Vaccines are unclean and impure products in addition to toxic via all the chemicals and heavy metals.


You are right that they would never admit voluntarily to their crimes. No criminal does it, until he is forced to do so. I am afraid, shareholders care nothing about poisoning children with thimerosal, they only care for profits. The more poisoned and sick the US population, the more profits for the shareholders and CEOs of big pharma. Shareholding capitalism became evil.

John Stone


I am sure you are right about EL, but of course they also could not admit all the damage: their shareholders would have something to say about that.



Mercury is now being added to many other products for infants, including baby formulas (as a corn syrup), diapers, baby lotions etc. It seems that big pharma is working hard to poison American infants in many different ways. All for profits.


The profit for EL from poisoning people with thimerosal is unquestionable. EL is a major manufacturer of antidepressants, antipsychotics, stimulants, and insulin. All these products are used for treating children and adults poisoned by thimerosal, who have autism, ADHD, or diabetes. Forcing toxic thimerosal to vaccines (by bribing a few govt. officials) is an effective method of generating future chronic customers for EL products. This is where the profit is.


I am still very confused by all of this. As a teacher, I can tell you that the amount of autism, ADHD, processing and memory disorders, asthma, food allergies, and diabetes is not diminishing. I am now seeing the younger siblings in my class with the same disorders of their older siblings. So many of the kids with learning disorders also have severe (and peculiar) food allergies. One seven-year-old I have in my class with severe dyslexia also has ADHD and is severely allergic to tomatoes and strawberries, among other things. Another child whom I had a few years ago (and is now 10) has a processing and memory disorder. Curiously, she is also very pale relative to her older siblings (they are from the Middle East). I asked her the other day if she tans very easily. She said, "I don't tan at all. I try, but I can't get a tan. Now I have her younger (six-year-old) sibling in my class and it's the same thing with her - processing disorder, very pale, can't get a suntan.

If this was all caused by mercury, it should be diminishing at least somewhat, right? I mean, the total amount of mercury exposure has been reduced, though not eliminated. I'm starting to wonder if the manufacturers have actually taken the mercury out of the "childhood vaccines" like they were supposed to. I am particularly suspicious of the Hep B vaccine. I don't know why. It's just a hunch. Right now they are allowed to have "trace amounts" of thimerosol in the Hep B vaccine. But how do we know it's only trace amounts? Has anyone actually tested it? I would love to steal some vials and have them tested. Any takers? Anybody here with access?

Vince In TX

Why do they persist? Profits. Don't tell me about human nature, political corruption, or abuse of power. None of these matter if there is no profit to be had. Eli Lilly operates at a commercial enterprise, and must make profits to survive. Perhaps the government is influenced by EL's generous lobbyists, and former (and future) EL executives in the FDA. Perhaps they create an environment where it is profitable to use Thimerasol. Regardless, there is profit, so they persist. Anyone who believes otherwise needs to grow up.


They keep using poisonous thimerosal in vaccines, because the manufacturer paid bribes to some govt. officials to keep this toxin in medical products. Rich and smart people to no vaccinate their children and themselves, they know vaccines are poisons, poor and naïve people vaccinate and get killed or crippled by vaccines, but nobody in govt. cares about them.

Adam M

RE: why do they persist in this folly?
Because it has nothing to do with the truth anymore. It has to do with the worst part of human nature.

As it is written:
There is no one righteous, not even one;
there is no one who understands,
no one who seeks God.
All have turned away,
they have together become worthless;
there is no one who does good,
not even one.
Their throats are open graves ;
their tongues practice deceit.
The poison of vipers is on their lips.
Their mouths are full of cursing and bitterness.
Their feet are swift to shed blood;
ruin and misery mark their ways,
and the way of peace they do not know.
There is no fear of God before their eyes.

Romans 3:10-18

It all comes back to this.


What part of "Thimerosal is a neurotoxic mutagenic teratogen at nanomolar levels" is so hard for other scientists to understand?


"why do they persist in this folly?"

Because no govt agency has stopped them. And never will.

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