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Will Autism Population Be Demonized as Demands on Education Programs Explode?

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Interviews Dr. Boyd Haley on Mercury Toxicity Alzheimer's and Autism

Please watch the interview of Dr. Boyd Haley, Professor Emeritus at the University of Kentucky, by environmental lawyer, Robert Kennedy Jr. Dr. Haley is a leading international expert on mercury toxicity. Kennedy and Haley discuss what exposure to mercury is doing to the human race, especially the connection between mercury and both Alzheimer's and autism. Kennedy has championed numerous environmental causes but he said this about the link between toxic vaccines and autism, "This is the most important issue I've ever worked on."

Ring of Fire



Some vaccines contain mercaptobenzothiazole (MBT) in the syringe or in the vial. MBT is a potent allergen and Gavin Hamilton, MD (_The Nurses Are Innocent_) thinks that its presence in vaccines and medications may cause adverse reactions.

I'm wondering what would occur if you mixed a mercury-capturing chemical like MBT with thimerosal. Would they bind? If so, what would be the effect of that in your body?

(_The Nurses Are Innocent_ is a good read, btw.)


About a month ago, I saw an interview on CNN, with Anderson Cooper and Dr. Wakefield. It was about a two minute thing.

Anderson Cooper did all the talking, with long leading questions that were really statements not questions at all, and Dr. Wakefield could not get a word in edge wise. That was national news.
This interview, however, is more of a in depth discussion of a special subject and DR. Haley was a special guest that we wanted to hear without the interruptions. Sometimes these quiet interviews are needed to convey information - not opinions.


Very interesting review, but isn't it usual for the interviewer to occasionally let the interviewee speak?!

Heidi Staun

Being the Mother of five non-immunized children, I admire and respect this Kennedy Trail Blazer for his public protection effort in this clip.

I have been Playing "Dodge ball" with the Western Think and demand for immunization records for 18 years. I must admit that my knees were shaking, the first time My 2 day old newborn son was denied access to a Pediatricians office, because I refused to follow the norm and apply syringes to his tissues.

I deeply grieve for the Families who's hopes were crushed due to having lack of knowledge and guts to disagree with authority.

I want to help this Cause, put me to work!

John Stone

Mr Utz

Which studies are you citing?

Jeff Utz

Despite what Robert F. Kennedy and Boyd Haley say, vaccines don't cause autism. All of the studies that have been looking at the issue, not one has found a link between autism and vaccines. The increase of autism is correlated with the changes in the diagnostic criteria, not increase of life-saving vaccine use. In addition, it was falsely claimed that the mercury in vaccines cause autism. However, mercury toxicity looks different than autism, and there was no decrease in autism rates when mercury was removed from childhood vaccines.

Heartache City

I gave you the study but its get removed all the time.
How mercury causes Brain Neuron Degeneration.You can see the visual evidence on is from the University of Calgary.

one Voice

One of the study from the University of Calgary called
"How Mercury causes Brain Neuron Degeneration". Best to watch this on the visual evidence speaks
for itself. Pharma had destroyed our children,our future.


Tried to post this previously, but article is quite long. Here is the introduction and article link:

The Vaccine Industry vs Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
By Mark Sircus Ac., OMD
June 22, 2005
Read Full Article HERE:

In reality doctors and the medical elite are lying to the public. Without a scientific leg to stand on they go on insisting there is no problem injecting the deadly nerve poison thimerosal into children. At this point parents know more about medicine than the doctors and the doctors just cannot stand the humiliation. They would rather hang onto their pride and let kids be injected with thimerosal, which is fifty percent mercury by weight, then humble themselves before their patients. They would rather see families destroyed and lives lived in misery, pain and disease than just admit they are wrong.

When it comes to thimerosal science is now totally against the medical elite and the pharmaceutical companies as well as your local friendly doctor. But with their money and power the pharmaceutical companies have maintained a long list of medical officials who sustain a medical horror that has neurologically damaged millions of children. Robert F. Kennedy Jr., speaking on national radio this week on the Imus show,[i] expressed this graphically, indicating those medical officials, when they speak about thimerosal in vaccines, use “high sounding language, but under questioning they fall apart because the science is so clear that thimerosal is deadly. The scientific evidence is now so overwhelming (that thimerosal is toxic) that it’s almost bizarre the way medical officials defend its safety. They have no defense and they know it. It’s an institutional bureaucratic cover-up.” On the Scarborough Country show Kennedy went on to say, "One in every 166 children has autism. Plus one in six have other kinds of learning disorders, other kinds of neurological disorders, speech delay, language disorders, ADD, hyperactivity, that all seem to be connected to autism -- to Thimerosal. There are literally hundreds and hundreds of studies that connect Thimerosal to these disastrous neurological disorders."

Sandy Gottstein

The links should work now! Here they are again:

Let me know if you have any problems.

Sandy Gottstein

Just found out the links to the AAP/vax manufacturer letters not working. Will get that fixed as soon as possible!

Not an MD

Thanks, Theresa O and Sandy Gottstein. These studies are helpful. While no one paid attention to them 36 years ago, perhaps someone will pay attention to them today.

Sandy Gottstein

Thank you, Theresa O! I think you found it, not me! I even had the wrong year!

Sandy Gottstein

Here are some letters between the AAP and three vaccine manufacturers which demonstrate clear conflict of interest. They concern funding of AAP's new building that were obtained during "discovery". They beg the question what we don't know because it wasn't ever required to be disclosed.

They were posted in this column: "'There are no secrets that time does not reveal' - Jean Racine"


Thank you for a great article!
It sickens me that our own government has been turning a blind eye to this travesty for several decades now. I hope some of these criminals who have allowed the ongoing poisoning of innocent children are eventually exposed (and see some serious jail time)!.


We have been noticing in our schools that the current second graders are very interesting children. That group got a powerful punch of something. Many of them are different, and teachers are going nuts. It's at least 1/3 of the class. In the private school where I use to teach, a school that is always full...... The only class with open spots is second grade since so many of those kids couldn't handle the curriculm and/or schedule and needed to move to public school where there are support teachers. The rest of that school's primary is full,,, there are 16 openings in second grade due to kids having to leave. It has never been seen before. It is not the economy... the rest of the school is full.
The kids that left were all ADD, or language delayed or ASD, or behaviorally challenged kids.

Theresa O


As for the CDC admitting that mercury causes brain damage, I'm not sure that that would be written up in a study--it's probably something someone said. However, this recent review of the literature (below) indicates that the bulk of studies support the statement that ethylmercury is neurotoxic.

My younger brothers have an expression: "Everything is known." That's what makes this particular situation so tragic.

"Neurochem Res. 2011 Feb 25. [Epub ahead of print]
Integrating Experimental (In Vitro and In Vivo) Neurotoxicity Studies of Low-dose Thimerosal Relevant to Vaccines.

Dórea JG.

Faculty of Health Sciences, Universidade de Brasília, C.P. 04322, 70919-970, Brasília, DF, Brazil, [email protected].

There is a need to interpret neurotoxic studies to help deal with uncertainties surrounding pregnant mothers, newborns and young children who must receive repeated doses of Thimerosal-containing vaccines (TCVs). This review integrates information derived from emerging experimental studies (in vitro and in vivo) of low-dose Thimerosal (sodium ethyl mercury thiosalicylate). Major databases (PubMed and Web-of-science) were searched for in vitro and in vivo experimental studies that addressed the effects of low-dose Thimerosal (or ethylmercury) on neural tissues and animal behaviour. Information extracted from studies indicates that: (a) activity of low doses of Thimerosal against isolated human and animal brain cells was found in all studies and is consistent with Hg neurotoxicity; (b) the neurotoxic effect of ethylmercury has not been studied with co-occurring adjuvant-Al in TCVs; (c) animal studies have shown that exposure to Thimerosal-Hg can lead to accumulation of inorganic Hg in brain, and that (d) doses relevant to TCV exposure possess the potential to affect human neuro-development. Thimerosal at concentrations relevant for infants' exposure (in vaccines) is toxic to cultured human-brain cells and to laboratory animals. The persisting use of TCV (in developing countries) is counterintuitive to global efforts to lower Hg exposure and to ban Hg in medical products; its continued use in TCV requires evaluation of a sufficiently nontoxic level of ethylmercury compatible with repeated exposure (co-occurring with adjuvant-Al) during early life.

PMID: 21350943 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]"


"cdc admits mercury causes brain damage." Where is that study?

Sandy Gottstein

Is this it? (I don't remember exactly what was said.)

Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. 1977 Apr;16(4):273-80.

Effect of the ophthalmic preservative thimerosal on rabbit and human corneal endothelium.
Van Horn DL, Edelhauser HF, Prodanovich G, Eiferman R, Pederson HF.

Widespread use of the mercurial-containing preservative thimerosal as an antibacterial agent in ophthalmic drugs and solutions warranted an investigation into its possible cytotoxic effects on the functional and ultrastructural integrity of the corneal endothelium. No changes in corneal thickness were observed during 5 hours' perfusion of the endothelium of rabbit and human corneas with 0.0001 and 0.0005 percent thimerosal in glutathione bicarbonate Ringer's solution (GBR). Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM) of the endothelium of the 0.0001 percent group revealed normal ultrastructure. SEM and TEM of the endothelium of corneas perfused with 0.0005 percent thimerosal for 5 hours revealed condensed mitochondria, cytoplasmic vacuoles, and cytoplasmic flaps at the apical end of the cellular junctions. Perfusion of higher concentrations (0.001 and 0.005 perecnt) of thimerosal in GBR resulted in increases in corneal thickness after 2 hours and irreversible ultrastructural damage to the endothelial cells by 5 hours. Corneas perfused with 0.01 and 0.1 percent thimerosal in GBR showed a rapid and immediate increase in corneal thickness and endothelial cell death and necrosis within 1 hour. It is postulated that the mercury in thimerosal becomes bound to the cell membrane protein sulfhydryl groups, causing an increase in cellular permeability; These results suggest that the prolonged exposure of the corneal endothelium to thimerosal in the accepted antimicrobial dosage of 0.005 to 0.001 percent may result in functional and structural damage to the endothelium.

PMID: 844986 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]Free Article

Theresa O

Not an MD --

Below is the rabbit study (I think). The point was to check whether rabbit fetuses would be damaged by rabbit mothers using thimerosal-containing contact lens solution; however, the researchers administered thimerosal to the rabbits in a variety of ways, and ran a variety of tests (beyond teratogenicity).

What's really awful is exactly what Dr. Haley says: The ability of thimerosal to get all over the body from even topical exposure has been known at least since the 1970s.

This is the link to the PDF:

This is the abstract:

"Arch Ophthalmol. 1975 Jan;93(1):52-55.
Teratogenicities of ophthalmic drugs. II. Teratogenicities and tissue accumulation of thimerosal.

Gasset AR, Itoi M, Ishii Y, Ramer RM.

Under the conditions of this study, systemically or topically applied thimerosal was found to have no teratogenic effect even when given in concentrations approaching the 50% lethal dose of these compounds. A comparison of topical and subcutaneous administration of thimerosal to rabbits shows that a substantial concentration of mercury was present in blood and tissues of the treated animals and their offspring. Thimerosal was found to cross the blood-brain and placenta barriers.

PMID: 1111489 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]"

This is the sentence to which Dr. Haley is referring (I think):

"However, of even greater importance is the fact that a substantial and relatively high concentration of Hg was found in the blood when the isotope was applied topically to the eye. In addition, large activities, about one third of that delivered by subcutaneous administration, were observed in kidneys, liver, and brain when the isotope was topically applied"

Sandy Gottstein

"How are we going to solve the problems of the future if we are poisoning the brains of our children?" Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.


A very powerful interview by two courageous Americans.

Not an MD

Can anyone here dig up a copy of or citation for the ethyl mercury study on rabbits that Dr. Haley mentions in the video? Thanks.

Wishing more around 60 year old daycare providers and teachers would speak up

Fantastic interview. Listen to it all.

Note: our daycare provider administrator (been in the business for over 30 years in the exact same location - university daycare - with the exact same cohort - as the university neighborhood hasn't changed). She says it is not just ASD, it's everything. These kids are not the same.


"How are we going to solve the problems of the future if we are poisoning the brains of our children?"

President Obama? Mr. Boehner? Mr. Reed? Supreme Court justices? Mainstream media? Anyone? Anyone?


Thank you thank you thank you Dr. Haley and Mr. Kennedy. We are eternally grateful for your continued efforts.


Why aren't these 2 doing a Polly Tommy with a billboard to see the president..... At least when Obama denies access,,, we can point to his denial. Obama is being left off the hook by no one approaching him on this.


I still, after 10 years, feel like alice falling down the hole in which my children are and were clearly damaged by the mercury in their childhood vaccines but the accepted view is that mercury is and was just fine(kinda) to be injected into little bodies with no problem even when all of the dreaded anecdotal evidence appears otherwise and now we are even being ridiculed for even thinking it.

Thank you to Haley and Kennedy and all others for speaking truth, even in the face of that ridicule.


Very nice to have these two talking together.

"Real science" is discussed compared to the bullshit of CDC epidemiolgy.

The CDC cannot even study American children, but feel the need to travel the world seeking crappy data.

One does not have to be a "scientist" to understand the endless fraud and corruption of the vaccine industry.


Boyd Haley, you have my gratitude and thanks for continuing to share your knowledge with a selfish and often unresponsive world.


Thanks for the important interview, Dr. Haley and Mr. Kennedy . The saddest fact is that most clinical studies, which refer to some pharmaceuticals and which were published in once "prestigious" medical journals (long time ago, not anymore) are fraudulent. They were ordered and written according to demands of big pharma to suit their interests. Unfortunately, at present doctors cannot trust at all the clinical science published in these journals, as they represent only corporate propaganda.


Dr. Boyd and Mr. Kennedy, please keep up the good work. This criminal behavior by medical-industrial complex must be stopped and they need to be held accountable.


Kennedy and Haley call a spade a spade. A must listen.

sneaker city

I thank God for our scientific and legal friends who continue to tell the truth. Our family will never forget what Kennedy and Haley have done for our community.

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