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Parental Rights At Risk: Maryanne Godboldo

Maryanne-Godboldo-300x209 Read the full article explaining the saga of the Godboldo family at HERE. There but for the grace of God go any number of us seeking to do right by our own children. This is less to do with autism than it does with pure parental rights.  Learn more at:

Facebook page Justice for Maryanne Godboldo

Maryanne Godboldo was looking only for help.

Last year, the Detroit mother went to the Children's Center, a group that works with troubled children, to seek advice and a treatment plan for her 13-year-old daughter. The girl, who'd never had behavioral problems before, was suddenly irritable and not her usual self following a series of immunization shots.

As part of the center's treatment plan, a doctor prescribed the child an anti-psychotic medication. But the child's symptoms only worsened. As a result, Godboldo sought another physician, who quickly recommended taking the child off the psychotropic drug.

The mother agreed and, according to her attorney, who spoke exclusively with MLive Detroit earlier today, Godboldo began following that doctor's orders.

Unfortunately for Godboldo, the state didn't agree. Child Protective Services wanted Godboldo's child medicated according the center's plan, and CPS workers essentially told the 56-year-old mother — who was never under any court order to follow the plan — to agree to their program or surrender her child.... Read the full article explaining the saga of the Godboldo family at HERE



She is not a hero folks! She is a common criminal for bringing firearms into the situation. Quit holding her up for praise for doing what she did. She, and her daughter could easily have been killed by the SWAT team. What the hell was she thinking? She should be thrown in jail to impress on her right from wrong. Then go to court with CPS, exactly as she should have done in the first place!!!! She is no hero. Just another gun wielding felon looking for public sympathy.....and she's getting it......


Do you know what this does? This makes it to where when our children have a problem? we will not seek medical advice, for fear of something just like this occurring.


i am reacting very strongly to the recent media attention being given to Maryanne godboldo after she had her daughter taken by cps because mom refused to give daughter psych drugs. i am happy to see so many groups championing her cause. a lot of anti vax people are taking up her cause and publicizing it and commenting on it. also anti-forced-psych meds people are really on it too. also the parental rights people are on it. so is CBS in Detroit.. and there are others. some autism groups are publicizing her case and i am seeing a huge window of opportunity opening up if only i can compose a succinct , moving account of my son's and my situation. i believe that if enough people know about how he is on adderall and sleeping pills without needing them at all, and is being set up for iatrogenic disorders and lifetime addiction, the parental rights violations i have suffered and add in the fact that his grandparents were recently investigated by cps here in cincy for illegally giving my son trazadone, his grandpa's prescription, because he couldn't sleep one night... i feel like if enough people can read our story we will get the attention our case deserves and then we will get the help we need.

maybe the right people will read my comment if i just cross post it to all the sites that are carrying godboldo's story as well as other sites like yours and mindfreedom...maybe they will read it and feel compassion and just happen to be a lawyer or really wealthy and willing to act on our behalf andhelp me get my son back and off the meds and help our family get on a healing path.

When my son was 2 he began to show the overt symptoms of autism. That said, he was clearly autistic before it was noticeable and before he ever had a single shot. I dont think shots cause autism but I have sincerely held and well researched anti vaccination beliefs. I think the current shot schedule as well as the ingredients are dangerous and I know that children have been damaged. My 7 year old does not have any shots just to be clear but I do not think shots cause autism. my son did not have any shots when he was two, when his paternal grandparents got custody of him and that was a primary reason why they wanted him. They HATED me for not giving their grandson shots.

They hated me but I thought they just didnt like me. I felt like they were the only people who might even possibly help me when my son started to regress. I was desperate. The life I led before elan, at home, was, to say the least, disadvantaged. I did not have any kind of bond with my own family. I was desperate. I went to my sons paternal grandparents in Cincinnati hoping they would let us come live with them while I sought employment for me and help for my son but they cited our extremely strained relationship, saying they did not want me to live there. I should have known then that they had bad intentions toward me but like I siad I was desperate.

they offered to help me by taking care of my son while I relocated from Vermont where I had been living with two girlfriends to Cincinnati where I would be able to get a job and try for the first time in my life to get stable and self sufficient.

I am not saying I had been an angel but I was doing the absolute best I could according to my abilities and understanding of the world around me. My sons grandparents were extremely worried that he didn't have any shots. When he started to show autistic symptoms they were extremely worried that I was neglecting or abusing him and that was causing his regression. They already thought I was neglecting him because he did not have vaccinations.

Since getting out of elan I had not lived in one place for more than few months at a time and of course I knew that was a problem. There were problems that I needed help with, that was why I was coming to them - but they had a plan.

I was (and likely still am) suffering from ptsd from the abuse I endured during my time at elan. Elan recently closed thanks in no small part to a savage anti-elan web campaign waged for years by former students that affected enrollment to the point hat it was so low elan was no longer profitable for the owners. A for profit teen therapy program, that's not right. I was so lost in the world with no life skills except coping skills I learned throughout my life of one crisis after another. I was willing to trust the grandparents because I frankly did not think I had any options. I stupidly trusted them but they had a plan. I left my son with them for less than three weeks, moved a house full of stuff from Vermont, dropping some stuff off at a friends garage in PA, to Cincinnati. I got enrolled in a paid training program to become a state tested nurse's aid in a Cincinnati nursing home. I rented a home 5 minutes from the grandparents house. I went back to get my son.

During the time I was doing all that the grandparents were doing things too. They took him to a Dr without my consent. They just signed the consent form knowing they were committing a crime. The Dr knew they did not have custody or rights to be bringing my son to them but nevertheless he saw my son and listened to the grandparents story of how I did not give my son any immunizations. The Dr examined my son and gave his assessment. He found my son to be suffering from maternal neglect. Refrigerator mothers anyone? Instead of recognizing a developmental delay due to autism he diagnosed neglect with only knowing one side of the story, the side of grandparents who were illegally in his office seeking medical care for a kid they did not have custody of.

The grandparents lawyer filed for emergency custody.

The day I went to get my son from their house they had already been granted custody in an emergency ex parte hearing for which I was notified by publication in a brown county Ohio paper called the Ripley bee. Ripley Ohio population 1700. I have never lived in Ripley Ohio in my life. If the court was making a real effort to contact me at least they could have published service in the Cincinnati enquirer. Or better yet the grandparents could have given the court clerk my phone number which they had, but lied and said they had no way to contact me. They lied to the judge saying they did not know if I was ever coming back for my son. In fact if we subpoena phone records it will show that I called there at least every other day. Most times I called every day to talk to my son even though he sat mute on the phone and just listened to me. At this point he had lost almost all of his words, that is a symptom of autism.

When they would not let me in the house the day I went back to get my son, I called 911. the grandparents showed the custody orders to the responding officer and I was escorted off the property. That day was like 1000 elans. My mind broke right along with my heart.

I proceeded to get a court ordered atty. In 2001 Ohio was still providing attys for people in private custody cases in juvenile court but no more. That in itself is an issue that needs nationwide media attention. Some jerk who is arrested for driving drunk over a stop sign can get a court appointed atty so he might get off and not have to do his 60 day jail sentence but a parent who could potentially lose custody of their own child can not get a court pointed atty. Not that court appointed attys are anything great, in fact, mine at that time, val Lewis, allowed that ex parte order to stay in effect for four months when in Ohio exparte orders must be reviews by a judge every 72 hours. Val Lewis could have filed one piece of paper anytime from august 2001 to November 2001 and gotten my son back for me. Not only did he fail in that regard but he did not file anything on my behalf. He just put me off, wouldn't talk to me and didn't do anything to help me get my son back at all. It was malpractice.

When my son was finally diagnosed autistic in February 2002 the court should have looked back over the whole case and said maybe someone made a mistake here. I was a vocal litigant for years, especially after val Lewis dropped my case because I had been employed and no longer financially qualified for free services. I had been researching Ohio custody laws, read hundreds of cases and ohio revised code and I proceeded to file dozens of documents begging for my son back, citing case law that clearly supported my sons return to me. CPS CAME TO MY HOME AND INVESTIGATED ME AND FOUND ME SUITABLE.

At this point about two years after the ex parte order I hired an affordable lawyer, Anita Bechmann (who also did not file anything on my behalf while representing me) because in response to my many filings a second custody hearing had been scheduled. I knew I could not speak for myself in court and win, I was too scared. She barely spoke at all during the three day hearing, called no witnesses, she objected a couple times while the millionaire grandparents paraded experts and witnesses, one after the other, totally irrelevant, who were involved in my sons expensive ABA treatment (not covered by insurance). Witnesses with financial conflict of interests saying that it would be detrimental to my son to stop therapy and the grandparents testified that they would not continue to pay for the therapy if I got custody back. the therapy should not have even been the issue. My suitability as a parent was not even in question. Remember I was found suitable by cps, the report was in front of the judge. I should have gotten my son back at the conclusion of that hearing according to Ohio case law as well as Ohio revised code but judge ronald dvorchek granted my sons grandparents full legal custody with no reunification plan for us, no further court date for review, no chance for me to get him back.

Then anita bechmann dropped my case without first filing an appeal. I became a hollowed out shell of a person. I really believed I would get him back based on the cps report and the fact that I had been stable since june 2001 and this hearing wrapped up january 2003. I was in shock and I failed to appeal the ruling within the 30 day time limit.

After failing to appeal the legal standard for me to get custody of my son back changed to a much more difficult to meet standard. But still, I filed and filed many documents. Dvorchek retired right after our case and a new judge took over. Maragret clark. She was holding me to the new standard, refusing to review dvorcheks unconstituional ruling, his ruling was clealry contrary to ohio and federal law but she would not look at it because the time limit to appeal had long passed. I asked for reconsideration and she refused. She accepted many motions to waive filing fees because I barely had any money but she would not let me have a copy of the already transcribed transcript of the three day hearing without paying upwards of $1000 for it so I could attach it to a motion to appeal her refusal of reconsideration.

I did not have a chance without an aggressive atty representing my interests and we all knew it but I still filed and begged but I was losing hope. I was losing myself. In the original custody hearing the legal standard for me to get my son back was that I was a suitable parent. That was not the legal standard dvorchek applied but it should have been. After losing legal custody the new standard is I have to show a change in my sons circumstances to get custody back. That is nearly long as the grandparents dont change much I cant prove anything has changed.

But then in august last year they did something very abusive and crazy to my son. They have had my son on different meds for years including adderall. Adderall is amphetamine and my son is on too high of dose. How did I determine that, you may ask. For one thing, he cant sleep. So for the past few years he has been on a sleeping pill as well as adderall. But he has also been getting skinnier and skinnier. The skinnier he gets the less adderall he should be getting. Weight is a factor in determining dosage. This is common sense. He barely eats and when he does eat he eats crap food and his grandparents make zero effort to give him healthy home cooked foods. Its all pizza and mcdonalds and pop and he is so constipated he had blood in his underpants this past friday when he came to stay with us for the weekend.

He is on adderall unnecessarily and the dose he is on is too high so he cant sleep and one night last autumn he woke up in the middle of the night despite the sleeping pill and couldnt fall back asleep. So in their infinite wisdom the grandparents decided to give my son ½ of grandpa's prescription trazadone. Granpa weighs about 250 pounds. my son is an underweight 12 year old. He was already under the influence of his regular nighttime downer, clonidine. They could have killed him.

A family member knew about this incident and talked in a therapy session about her alarm upon finding out. The therapist being a mandated reporter of child abuse reported it to cincinnati cps and they proceeded to investigate the granparents for four months. Unfortunately I didnt learn about the investigation until it was closed and I have been trying to get cps to show me the documents since.

I need help. I have to get my son back and get him off adderall, strattera, clonidine and get him on track and teach him ways to navigate the world without pills. Unnecessary pills at that.
Not only have the grandparents done what they have done as previously described but they talk to him in an emotionally abusive manner. they are burned out and in over their heads with my autistic 12 year old son and they take it out on him. What is that teaching him? I am his mom and I WANT and LOVE him and I am more than capable of taking care of him. I have a seven year old daughter who is thriving (no shots). I have been with her dad for ten years, my son calls him dad. I need help. It is sad that the best and quickest way to help is to give money to a legal fund unless you are a lawyer who will just take the case for free. The US court system is a money making and money devouring machine. I tried to 'represent myself' in court but it is too hard. I would have to research for ten more years on my own to finally know everything I need to know to fight the millionaire grandparents politically connected lawyers. And not to mention all the knowledge in the world will not help me if I get into the courtroom and flail because the situation is so emotionally charged for me I can not form a freaking thought.

Having been through elan before going through this situation has been a nightmare for me but I am ready to rise from the ashes of who I used to be and move forward with my family. I have a vision and I want to establish a non profit that will provide therapy for people whose lives have been affected by family courts including former participants in “teen programs” . Having your human rights violated harms humans, that is why it is illegal.. I am a broken person and I need help to rebuild my self and m y confidence and my ability to trust the world around me. I need that therapy and when I am finally better and able to share what I have learned I want to help others like me get the therapy they need.

My first priority is to get my son back and safe with us but I also want to defend the constitutional rights that my son and my daughter and her dad and I have been deprived of by the brown county juvenile court judges illegal actions. There has to be accountability and restitution. Parental rights are human rights.
If you can help in any way or have any ideas or thoughts please contact me at shaecim at gmail dot com


You go mom!

Some might see a deranged mom with a gun. I see a mom who did exactly what it took to get the media attention that this situation deserves. Nobody got hurt in the process either.

If she was insane, and an unfit mother, there would be a body count.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Lets think about what would have happened if she willfully handed her daughter over. Think about it. You would have never known it happened.

Sometimes ya gotta back up the 5th and 14th amendments with the 2nd. That's just how it goes. I hope the judge sees it that way.

one Voice

The mother is the primary care giver she knows what is best for her child. Every child is an individual with very specific health issues.All care must be individualized to
achieve the highest and best care for a child. CPS need to step back,nobody can be forced to be medicated "to their plan".The mother has every right seek a second (or even a third)opinion if she wants to. The medical community tends
to agressively push their psychotropic medication on her
child (the samething happens all over in North America).
Stand tall Maryanne and protect your child,protect your rights.We the the parents we will have to march on the streets soon,as the use of these forced chemicals
on our children is increasing.I never saw so many kids on meds,big pharma is taking control.

Jim Witte

Why can't the state be sued for practicing medicine without a license? It isn't a case of where the state wanted the mother to do something, ad she was "disobeying medical orders". It's a case where the state is saying that one doctor who says atypicals are okay for teenagers is right, and another who says they aren't is wrong. In addition, in this particular case, the meds didn't work. So the state CPS is practicing medicine without a license, deciding on their own which of two medical opinions is valid. They aren't doctors - while I'm sure they could *find* a doctor who would agree with them, I'm guessing that whoever "gave the order" to take the child is not a doctor.

Can "ordinary people" sue for Human Rights Abuses in international criminal court? Because that's what it's coming to - crimes against humanity.


Re: Post by Sarah:

Police use Assault Weapons and Tank against Home School Mom wanting to protect daughter from Dangerous Medications

Above Article Link References 7 Studies and Warnings Regarding DANGEROUS Risperdal Side Effects:

High Triglycerides (Fats) in Blood
Death/Sudden Death
Weight Gain, Obesity, Tooth Decay, Sleep Problems
Cancer, Tumors
Stroke, Cerebrovascular Events
Abnormal Bleeding, Blood Clots
Seizures, Toxicity, Confusion, Coma

The Journal of Toxicology reported that atypical antipsychotics “will soon account for the majority of poisonings from antipsychotic agents that present to health care facilities in the US.” The study found that 304 antipsychotic exposures were reported to the Massachusetts Poison Control System, of which 76% represented atypicals. The atypical Clozapine “increased the incidence of seizures” and “the ingestion of a single tablet of clozapine, olanzapine and risperidone may cause significant toxicity in a toddler. Ataxia [involuntary muscular movement], confusions, EPS [extra pyramidal symptoms], coma, and respiratory arrest have been reported following ingestion of 50-200mg of clozapine in toddlers.”

Source: Michael J. Burns, “The Pharmacology and Toxicology of Atypical Antipsycotic Agents,” Journal of Toxicology, January 1, 2001.


A full size army tank. And they call parents hysteric...


Check this out ...the Detroit police actually brought in a tank during the standoff...a tank!!! Talk about surreal. Maryanne you are one tough lady!

Police use Assault Weapons and Tank against Home School Mom wanting to protect daughter from Dangerous Medications

Carolyn M

Any parent has a perfect right to seek a second opinion regarding medical treatment for his/her child, and to follow that opinion if he/she believes that it is the more appropriate.

If it is possible to sue CPS, she should consider doing so. Their overreaching actions have violated the mother's rights - as well as endangering her daughter through their insistence on inappropriate medical treatment.

Sandy Gottstein

OMG, I just realized something. The Perfect Business Plan, just got more perfect. Add to the list I made that you can now get people put in jail if they don't use your product!!!!!!!

Sandy Gottstein

It's only going to get worse if we don't get together to stop this sort of thing.

Forced Vaccinations: Musings on what the road to Hell is paved with


Maryanne Godboldo is a parent, who, when backed against the wall, stood up to the outrageous abuse, victimization and exploitation being perpetrated against our kids. She puts a face to feelings of hundreds of thousands of parents who feel they've been wronged by a system that is toxic and harmful to our children and a pharmaceutical industry that has completely run amok. Enough is enough!

Stay strong Maryanne!!


How on earth did we get to this point? This makes me so sick to my stomach....I don't even know what to say. Parental rights is of concern in many circles these days. For information on protecting parental rights please go to . This is an issue that affects many walks of life and we must work together to protect our rights and the safety of our children.


"What charges are the psychiatrists/doctors and Child Protective Services agencies going to face if her child dies as a result of taking the antipsychotic drug being forced on her?"

In my area, none, the drugs were not forced on the 4 year old child who died but her parents were charged and found guilty of manslaughter and the pyschiatrist who prescribed the Clonidine (off label) was protected, supported by her employer and as far as I know still retains her position at Tufts.

more on the story:

They WILL go after the parents in these cases and the doctor will be protected. The media will portray the paretns in the worst possible light. Mark my words

Mary Hirzel

Excellent question posed in this article from Citizens Commission on Human Rights International, after citing the fact that death is a know possible "side effect" of Risperdal:

"....we have a question we’d like answered—what charges are the psychiatrists/doctors and Child Protective Services agencies going to face if her child dies as a result of taking the antipsychotic drug being forced on her? Will police show up at their door to arrest them? Will they be charged with murder? Why are the doctors/psychiatrists and “child protective” agencies that prescribe these drugs, knowing the risks, never held accountable? That is the real crime in all of this."

Full article here:

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