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Monday Morning Rally: NJ Call To Action to Pass Conscientious Exemption Bill


We Must Pass the Conscientious Exemption bill and Stop the New Public Health Council Reinstatement Bill NOW!  Visit  NJ Coalition for Vaccination Choice HERE for more details on how to contact your legislators and how you can help.

We Need You in Trenton at Health Committee Meeting on Monday March 7th at 10am Both the conscientious exemption bill (A2450/A243) and this new bill (A3746/S2659) will be heard!

Where: Committee Room 16, 4th Floor, State House Annex, Trenton, NJ On Google Maps

A243 - Conscientious Exemption to Mandatory Immunization
We want YES votes

A3746 - Restores full Power to the Public Health Council
We want NO votes

Contact your legislators before it’s too late!

The Conscientious Exemption bill (A243) is finally being heard after being stalled for seven years in the Assembly Health Committee. We have the opportunity to get this bill passed once and for all. We demand informed consent to vaccination! Please tell your legislators and the Governor and meet us in Trenton if you can!

A sneaky new Public Health Council bill (A3746/S2659) was quickly swept through and voted on in the Senate! Now it’s headed for the Assembly Health committee. This dangerous bill will remove the democratic process by reinstating full voting powers to the Public Health Council (PHC) that were removed in 2006 by acting governor Dick Codey. If this bill succeeds, the PHC has the authority to mandate new vaccines and substantially weaken or eliminate our religious exemption rights. The PHC bypasses our Legislature. If this PHC bill passes, your vote doesn't matter, because the outcome will be decided by a group of ten volunteers who represent conventional medicine. It's an outrage!

The Coalition asks that you please do three things immediately (See contact info at the bottom of this alert):

1.Join Us in Trenton! Your presence makes a difference!

2.Call your Assembly representatives right now, including the health committee, your two assemblypeople, and Speaker Sheila Oliver. Tell them to say YES to bill A243, the Conscientious Exemption to Vaccination and say NO to A3746/S2659, reinstating voting power to the Public Health Council.

3.Call the Governor and tell him NOT to sign A3746/S2659 if it comes to his desk.

Members of the Health Committee are:
Herb Conaway(D) – Dist. 7 – Chair – [email protected] 856-461-3997/ fax: 856-461-3823

Connie Wagner(D) – Dist. 38 – Vice Chair – [email protected] 201-576-9199 / fax: 201-576-9432

Joan Quigley(D) – Dist.32 - [email protected] 201-217-4614 / fax: 201-217-4617

Celeste Riley(D) – Dist. 3 - [email protected] 856-455-1011 / fax: 856-251-9752

Jerry Green(D) – Dist.22 – [email protected] 908-561-5757 / fax: 908-561-5757

Dan Benson(D) – Dist. 14 – [email protected] 609-631-0198 / fax: 609-631-0324

Cleopatra Tucker(D) – Dist. 28 – [email protected] 973-926-4320 / fax: 973-926-5736

Mary Pat Angelini(R) – Dist. 11 – [email protected] 732-974-1719 / fax: 732-974-3615

Amy Handlin(R) – Dist. 13 – [email protected] 732-787-1170 / fax: 732-787-0356

Vincent Polistina(R) – Dist. 2 – [email protected] 609-677-8266 / fax: 609-677-8853

Nancy Munoz (R) – Dist. 21 - [email protected] 908-918-0414 / fax: 908-918-0275

Governor Christie:
P.O. Box 001
Trenton NJ, 08625
609-292-6000 (phone)
609-292-5181 (fax)
Or you can submit an email.


Find Your Two Legislators HERE

Speaker of the Assembly is:
Sheila Oliver(D) – Dist 34 – [email protected] 973-395-1166 / fax 973-395-1724


Visit www.NJVaccinationChoice.org Sign the Online Petition Supporting A2450!
Questions? And to share any feedback, contact us at [email protected]

Please forward this email and share this post with all your social networks. THANK YOU!



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