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Michelle Guppy Wins Texas' Jefferson Award for Public Service for Autism Advocacy

Michelle Profile Picture Please join us in congratulating Michelle Guppy, who has won the Jefferson Award for Public Service for her Autism  advocacy over the last 13 years. REad her own perspective on what the award means to her at her blog Life With Autism. For Houston area readers, pleae visit the Houston Autism Disability Network.

HOUSTON -- When her younger son, Brandon, was diagnosed at 2 years old with autism, Michelle Guppy's first reaction was relief: finally a definitive answer.
But that was 15 years ago, when there weren't many resources for support.

"All my pediatrician could tell me was to love him, and he would be in an institution one day," Guppy said.

Guppy refused to give up.She found comfort in talking to other parents, and in 2000 and 2004, she joined 3,000 of them on Capitol Hill to rally for autism awareness and legislation.

The experience inspired her to form the group Texas Autism Advocacy, now 2,000 members strong. Her spin off network, Houston Autism Disability Network, has almost 5,000 members locally. There's no fancy office or staff, just an online forum where parents and professionals can share resources. Read the full article in Click2Houston HERE



Angela Weber

Yay, Michelle! Very well-deserved! Kudos to you and all you do!

Donna L.

Congratulations, Michelle! And what an incredibly moving piece you wrote on receiving the award - wow! All the best to you and your son.

Leigh Attaway Wilcox

Congratulations, Michelle! Thanks for all you do!


Thank you, Michelle Guppy, for your advocacy on behalf of vaccine-injured in the State of Texas.

The forced inoculation/transfection with........are crimes against humanity.


E962 (all subcodes)—Assault by poisoning
E966—Assault by cutting and piercing instrument
E969—Late effects of injury purposely inflicted by another person
E995.55—Shaken Baby Syndrome


The lyrics to Neil Young’s song “Needle and the Damage Done” are applicable to the epidemic of vaccine-induced diseases. In many respects, we have become addicted to Mother Pharma and pathologically-dependent on the State, for magical potients and remedies for whatever ailment or potential ailment we may suffer from. Our trust has been completely misplaced.


Pharma would like nothing better than to turn society into a psychologically-infirm, Nanny State, where all citizens are become pathologically dependent upon the State and Pharma for their "health", and many citizens are "diagnosed" as somehow being diseased, therefore in need of pharma's toxic pills and potients.

Mandated inoculation/transfection equals Assault and Battery and can result in ASD and a myriad of other diseases. They represent state-sponsored serial acts of violence against the public. State vaccine mandates represent violations of 42 USC Section 1983. They represent an eceptionally cruel form of State Action. Wake up people. Don’t let pharma strip us of any remaining vestige of medical freedom in this Country! Pharma ($$$) - corporate greed and corruption - is behind it all. Today, governments worldwide have become complicit in crimes against humanity.


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