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Measles, Minneapolis and Somali Kids

Abdilmalik and dad
By Abdulkadir Khalif

I am writing a response and a rebuttal to Maura Lerner’s story of 03/17/2011, (HERE) concerning Measles and unvaccinated Somali Kids in Minneapolis. This story, like so many others before it on this newspaper and others across the country, highlights the issue of autism and Somali kids. There is an increasing sense of desperation in medical circles and the media concerning the causes of autism and how to delink it to vaccinations. It is the wish of every parent in this country and around the world that causes and cures of autism are found quickly, and hopefully without forgoing the benefits of vaccines. I am a Somali parent, resident in Minneapolis and a father of a 6-year old boy who is severely affected by autism. He is still non-verbal and horribly dysfunctional.

As a parent, I am desperately looking for answers from my son’s doctors. I am looking for a cure for my son’s conditions, or at least a treatment regime that would make him function as a human being and hopefully live an independent life once we are gone. I am not finding hope anywhere and obviously no answers for my many questions. Our doctors and scientists agree on a few things:

  • That they have no idea what causes autism.
  • That there is no known cure for autism.
  • That autism is a life-long condition for which there is no hope.
  • That behavioural therapy if administered early, consistently and over a long period of time may give some good results.
  • That vaccine and especially the suspect MMR is perfectly safe for all kids irrespective of their genes, diets, background and lifestyles.
  • That the rate of autism is increasing every year all over the world.
  • That autism has always been around and better diagnoses is giving it the attention it is getting now.
  • That some research has shown that some communities are more vulnerable than others.
  • That more research is needed to disprove earlier research.
  • That there is no money for autism causation research.
  • That they are still too ignorant about what autism is, and that instead of admitting that they would rather just deny its prevalence, rise etc.

To me that sounds like a bunch of contradictions. It is sad that we have to trust our lives and that of our kids to a few technocrats and uncertain scientists who are voting with their pockets instead of their guts.

I have a gut feeling (trust your gut feelings always) that my son was affected by what got into his body around the time he was 18 months. My son grew up a normal, healthy and bouncing baby. He started speaking a few words by the time he was about 15 months. He waited for me at the door everyday as I got back home from work and welcomed me inside. He knew how I opened the door and the approximate time I came home each day. He raced down the stairs and hugged me, then held my hand and led me inside. I looked forward to those moments and they were perfect moments as they relieved me of the day’s tensions and small workplace frustrations. Then one day, I came home and he did not welcome me as was his wont.

A few days earlier, Abdimalik got his 18 months MMR vaccine as scheduled. I still remember that day. His mother was coming back from his appointment and passed my place of work to give me a ride home. Abdimalik was sitting in his car-seat, very quite, subdued and absent minded. As I took my seat I glanced back wondering if he was asleep or not. He was seated squarely in his seat but was looking straight ahead at a point in space. I called out to him and he did not respond. I shook him and he did not move. I looked at my wife and asked what happened and she explained where they came from and that everything went well. She explained how he thanked the nurse as she put a sticker on his chest before the injection in order to build rapport. After that we rode home in silence and life was never the same again.

Abdilmalik smiling On all subsequent days after that, Abdimalik went from one extreme behavioural problem to another. Fortunately he did not have seizures or vomiting like many other kids we came to know. But he manifested all other behaviours like tantrums, biting, sleeplessness etc. We spent the entire next winter virtually awake at nights, relieving each other and trying everything possible to calm him down and put him to sleep. It was not until we withdrew dairy from his diet that he started sleeping. This simple advice came to us from another parent of an autistic child, and not from our medical caregivers. The doctors we visited knew exactly what the problem was but dare not tell us. One of them finally referred us to the school district, and there we heard the word “autism” for the first time.  

In the Star Tribune story I referred to above, the reporter desperately sought out a “Somali Doctor” who confirmed to him that four (4) unvaccinated Somali kids died of measles in the US and in other countries. This statement surprised me for the following reasons:

  • Why is it only this “Somali Doctor” who has statistics on the death of Somali kids all over the world?
  • How does he know about the status of Somali kids all over the world?
  • When he alludes to the fact that vaccines are perfectly safe, how does he explain the high rate of autism amongst the Somali kids of Minnesota? Does he even acknowledge the prevalence of autism amongst the Somalis of Minnesota?
  • Why is his testimony so important when he is just like any other Minnesota doctor on the pay books of the government which denies (and does not know) the causes and cures of autism? Is he not under the influence of the pharmaceutical companies just like all other doctors? I wonder what he will say if (God forbid) a relative of his is diagnosed with autism. I know a few “Somali Doctors” who have kids on the spectrum, approach us for help with diet and other therapies, and then go to their clinics to tell other families that vaccines are perfectly safe, when they themselves do not vaccinate their own kids anymore. What a shame and hypocrisy?
  • In his practice, how many unvaccinated Somali kids did he see who were also on the autism spectrum? That would be an interesting question to ask him.
  • What, according to the “Somali Doctor” is the Somali word for autism?
  • Any how, what do we expect would be the “Somali Doctor’s” response to a question from the Star Tribune? He has a job to protect, insurance money to collect, big money to make and a career to build, just like many other doctors in America and indeed the whole world.

The vaccine scare in Minnesota or the USA did not start with a few Somali families refusing to vaccine their kids. In fact, Somali families got the word from mainstream Americans, some of who have successfully treated their kids. When I say that my son started sleeping and feeding after a Caucasian American mother advised us to remove dairy from his diet, I was not kidding. After we registered success with this step, we told our doctor and we were ignored and a direct answer was not forth-coming. How can I trust him again when he shows such a callous disregard?

The Star Tribune, The New York Times, CNN, FOX News etc. will not stop writing or talking about autism and the Somalis of Minnesota for the foreseeable future, and we shall not give them that vacation until autism is no more amongst our children, or until the establishment acknowledges prevalence and starts looking for causation. We are even ready to forgive those who damaged our kids if they promise not to damage anymore kids. We can even sign such pledges just in case they are afraid of lawsuits and condemnations. The autism scourge is not only about Somalis or Americans or Chileans. This is an international problem and trying to localize it to Minnesota is insulting and a vain attempt to drive a wedge between us and mainstream Americans. It is a vain and naïve way of attributing color and race to an international pandemic. But whatever the motive of the powers that be, the autism community will remain steadfast and united against a superior force of big business and coward science.

In conclusion, I wish to speak from my heart about a very emotional thing. I am a father of many kids, and all except Abdimalik were born outside this country. We have made America our home and enjoy the full benefits of any American citizenship. My first born son is now serving in Afghanistan, and his sister married an American. We are thus as American as any other American family, and I am not apologetic about speaking my mind or demanding for my rights. I feel for other American families in the same way, regardless of whether they are Caucasian, African-American, Asian or Native American. There is more that unites us than divides us, and autism should be viewed as a threat to our National Security. I say so because at the rate it is increasing, it is a fundamental threat to our very existence as a Nation and a negative influence on our role in the world. So, hiding from the truth and continuing to ignore a fast approaching disaster is a manifestation of a very unpatriotic disposition towards our country – and all this just to protect a few individuals whose aim in life is to line their pockets.

I insist that we face the facts and turn our attention to finding the causes of autism. Prevalence in certain communities, and clusters in certain locations have already been confirmed. No more money should be thrown in the direction of confirming prevalence. We need more money to be thrown into causation research. We, the Somali parents of Minnesota have taken upon ourselves to invite caring scientists to help us unravel the mysteries of autism. The CDC woke up from the deep slumber afterwards and is now scrambling to scuttle that process by initiating yet another research to confirm prevalence. Their aim is to put a stop to this perennial Somali story by “scientifically” disproving prevalence. But I tell you sir, that whether one child or 10 children die of measles or whether dozens more contract the disease and recover, I would rather have my child suffer for a few days and then recover than to have him mentally damaged for life and be a burden on society. I would rather have one child die in infancy and join the rest in the calculation of mortality rates than to have thousands disabled and dehumanized for life. This may sound cruel, but it is not crueler than sending our young men and women to war in far away countries, knowing very well that some of them will come back in body bags. I will never accept the notion that a doctor who does not know what causes autism can still tell me what does not cause it.

 Abdulkadir Khalif is Contributing Editor to Age of Autism.








Sherry Miley

Abdulkadir Khalif needs yes and no answers.

Trisha wilson

Try gluten free diet
Get Jenny mccarthys book about autism
Her son had it and is now cured from it!!!
GOD bless!!!!!!


" ... I will never accept the notion that a doctor who does not know what causes autism can still tell me what does not cause it....."


It's always amazed me how the medical establishment has gotten away with such nonsense. I especially like the doctors who arrogantly claim there is no autism epidemic, and the exploding incidence is entirely the result of "improved diagnostic abilities".

If you do little more than scratch the surface of this claim, you’ll see that the incidence of autism was ~ 1 in 10,000 back in 1980, when children typically received 10 vaccines before their 6th birthday. By 2007, that number had skyrocketed to 36, and the rate of autism has also increased to 1 in 67, and potentially as high as 1 in 38 for boys. To put that another way, the incidence of autism has risen from 1 in 10,000 to 150 in 10,000.

Now, the reason for the increase COULD be improved diagnostic abilities. But this would mean that an entire autistic population has been here all along, but has simply gone undiagnosed. This would further imply that today's doctors are diagnosing an extra 149 cases per every 10,000 people, cases that doctors in 1980 were simply... missing??

The other obvious problem with this theory is… where are all of those 30 year old autistic people today? If autism truly is a life long condition with a genetic origin, then they wouldn't have just disappeared. And if today’s doctors are really that much better at diagnosing autism, why aren't they catching up on all those cases that were missed back in the 80's?

The whole “improved diagnosis” claim is utter nonsense. My son regressed after his second MMR, and when his behaviors became too obvious to explain away, I diagnosed him myself within 5 minutes of printing off a symptom list from the internet.

I’m not a doctor, and although my home diagnosis occurred in January of 2006, it took 9 months for me to convince my son’s doctor to consider the possibility. And when she did finally concede that autism was "a possibility", this overpaid buffoon said that my non-verbal 3 year old most likely had Aspergers (…??). I'm guessing she didn't graduate at the top of her class

My son received his “official” diagnosis in January of 2007, after 4 months on a wait list to see a doctor who was actually qualified to provide it. That diagnosis came after a significant amount of prompting on my part, and it was granted almost 1 year to the day after I had figured it out myself.

Lisa @ TACA


Thank you for writing this article. I appreciate so much your efforts. I agree with "Not a doctor" that the Somali community may greatly move efforts forward for the autism community. Thank you for being a large part of the next steps.

Not an MD

I hate to have to say this, Mr. Abdulkadir Khalif, but I think your Somali community is the greatest hope for all the rest of us in the US who have affected children. As more elected officials push for vaccine mandates with tightened religious exemptions, I have to ask who in their right mind would be crazy enough to argue the sincerity of the religious tenets of a devout Muslim who prays five times a day? How could any judge, attorney, school board member, or school nurse conducting a "religious sincerity" hearing to "prove" religious faith be dumb enough to mock or denigrate the faith of a person who prays more often, and more openly, than they do? It appears things will come to that point, unfortunately. I am praying for all of us that this madness stops before our very bloodstreams are sold to the vaccine manufacturers by our legislators, with the blessings of the vast majority of fully indoctrinated medical professionals and scientists.

Thank you for your article. We are all up against such ignorant, arrogant, self-interested, and completely uncaring people who dare to call themselves "health professionals." I am so sad about what is so obviously happening to our children in the US. As our children with autism become the majority, and as more children suffer life long disability, the truth about the harm from our overly aggressive vaccination schedule will become obvious to all.

I wish you and your beautiful son, Abdimalik, the best. May you find the medical answers you seek to help him.

No Reset Button on People, Mr.Gates

"The endorsement "Funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation " will be our greatest obstacle to truth and justice in future."

Bill Gates is treating his passion to bring new GMO vaccines to market like his race to beat out Apple computers operating system in the late 80's and early 90's.
He'll stop at nothing to be on top producing a revolutionary blockbuster product.

Sadly, on his current re-invented Bill Gates path, he chooses to leave many disabled children in his wake.

Wish he should stick to software and crushing egos and IT business empires.


I wonder if any parents of autistic children have noticed a difference after removing MSG and other sources of glutamates from their children's diets. (Hidden sources of glutamates are myriad and include such innocent-sounding additives as "spices" and "natural flavoring." I just found "natural flavoring" in my kid's gummy vitamins.)

Here's an article about glutamates and autism by Dr. Russell Blaylock:

S Ahmed

Brother Abdulkadir
I am a somali mother of a almost 7 year old boy with autism, and lives in TN. Thank you for fighting for our children and God bless you and Malik.

Thank you very much
S Ahmed


as a fellow minneapolis parent, who has yet to give her 3.5 y/o son the MMR shot, thanks for making your voice heard. i honestly have no reason to think my son is susceptible to getting autism and sometimes wonder if i should just go get him the shot already. but it's articles like this that remind me why i've refused to in the first place.

Melinda Kohn

Wish you the best of luck, and thank you for this great post. I suggest that you look at the GAPS Diet. There are many websites on the topic containing all the info you would need. I have seen it work, and maybe it would be helpful for you.

Art of Autism

Dear Abdulkadir Khalif,

Clear, bold and painfully heartfelt.

You message was entirely unlike the unsubstantiatable PR fluff offered up by Dr. Abdirahman D Mohamed, the Somali doctor - as you well-pointed out.

Dr. Mohamed may yet become a grand PR star for Offit's Pharma forces of obfuscation. You may want to interview him before that happens.

Of course, like so many autism tourists, Dr. Abdirahman D Mohamed can best be understood with a snippet from his bio -

" He returned to Minneapolis in July 2008 from a five-year project in Zambia, first as the Senior Technical Advisor for USAID, then as the Country Director for MACEPA, a project funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.


The endorsement "Funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation " will be our greatest obstacle to truth and justice in future.

Thanks. And Keep fighting.


I think these Somali autism parents all ought to think about having their child screened for a mitochondrial Oxidative Phosphorylation dysfunction (OXPHOS) since other studies like a recent one by UC Davis MIND Institute have shown that many kids with autism have a mito dysfunction. If they can show evidence then that will help strengthen their case.

Mitochondrial Oxidative Phosphorylation (OXPHOS) Dysfunction:


Cell Energy Dysfunction Seen in Autism


Anne McElroy Dachel

Thank you Abdulkadir for letting your voice be heard. The Star Tribune shows absolutely no concern over the tragic and unexplained autism rate among Somali children in Minneapolis. No health official has expressed alarm and demanded answers. It seems that protecting the reputation of the vaccine program is their biggest priority.

Right now the Somali rate of one in every 28 children with autism is affecting parents and schools but in coming years it will become a community problem when the taxpayers have to provide care and services for the Somali children and the thousands of other Minnesota kids with autism as they reach adulthood. I wonder how the Star Tribune and reporters like Maura Lerner will write about funding lifetime care costs for all these people. Will we still be told it's all just a mystery?

Anne Dachel, Media editor: Age of Autism

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Abdulkadir, We are going to fight this menace till the day we die, along with all the other autism parents and people who realise how important this issue is.

Our little autistic children are the canaries in the coal mine ,warning mutely of danger to us all. When I first got interested in autism my grandchildren, now 5,9,7,10 were starting to arrive in this world. I thought that if they got past the danger of autism, they would be in the clear. Now I realize that I must live with the knowledge that they may yet, at any time in their lives develop cancers due to the aluminum or hidden viruses in the vaccines .
Last summer one of my friends (over 60 years old), developed a mesothelioma and this year, another has developed a lymphoma. Now we know that both of these cancers may be due to RV 40 viruses in the polio vaccines that we got as children. So today, no one, young or old is completely free of fear of vaccines- If they know the truth.
The more we fight to get the truth out, the more the pharma giants attempt to make vaccines mandatory . We are in a battle for science and truth and human lives and we have to get the truth out so that the populace refuses to fall into the mandate trap.
Thankyou for your beautiful words.


Re: "Is he not under the influence of the pharmaceutical companies just like all other doctors?...I know a few “Somali Doctors” who have kids on the spectrum, approach us for help with diet and other therapies, and then go to their clinics to tell other families that vaccines are perfectly safe, when they themselves do not vaccinate their own kids anymore. What a shame and hypocrisy?.....He has a job to protect, insurance money to collect, big money to make and a career to build, just like many other doctors in America and indeed the whole world."

Dear Abdulkadir Khalif,

It is a tragedy that you came to the knowledge of these harsh realities through your son's regression into autism. I came to this horrific knowledge in a similiar manner when my grandson immediately regressed into autism after his last batch of vaccines including MMR. Although many children have regressed after the MMR alone, I believe that the additional vaccines further increase the damage of the MMR due to the toxic overload of multiple vaccines given at one time. Regardless, I have read accounts of MMR doing severe damage alone, although of course this is actually THREE vaccines together.

Your writing is so full of insight and your statements are so compelling. I remember reading your previous article which brought tears to my eyes. You have a special gift in writing and we need you to represent our children and our families. We THANK YOU very much. I highly recommend that everyone also read your previous article here:

Autism One 2009 - What Somali Immigrants From Minnesota Learned

Re: "There is more that unites us than divides us, and autism should be viewed as a threat to our National Security. I say so because at the rate it is increasing, it is a fundamental threat to our very existence as a Nation and a negative influence on our role in the world. So, hiding from the truth and continuing to ignore a fast approaching disaster is a manifestation of a very unpatriotic disposition towards our country – and all this just to protect a few individuals whose aim in life is to line their pockets."

AMEN BROTHER. Somali children are our own Brothers and Sisters (whether they are "American Citizens" or not) These children have sacrificed their lives and future for the sake of the Almighty Vaccines and Almighty God will enact retribution on those guilty of these crimes...Although it would be a blessing to get some human justice here on earth....Sooner rather than Later.

Jersey Joe

Thank you for your courageous telling of your family's story. I will remember it for a long time.

Thank you Abdulkadir

"I will never accept the notion that a doctor who does not know what causes autism can still tell me what does not cause it."

Abdulkadir Khalif - thank you for such a fantastic (and simple) statement.

Marie-Anne Denayer, M.D.

To veritas,
What happened to Dr Wakefield is utterly shocking. Could it happen in the U.S.A.? I used to believe it unlikely, however I am not so sure any longer given the amount of criticism he has had to endure in this country from brain-washed M.D.'s and journalists alike.
My husband and I seem to be the only physicians, (I am an adult neurologist), in our community who have a child now 23 years old, who became autistic, losing all previously acquired language, social and some of her motor skills in her second year due to the combined effect of Lyme disease and vaccination.
As a solo practitioner, I need not to report to "higher ups". I share our story with whoever wants to listen. My colleagues nod politely, none have yet treated me of being "hysterical" unlike their pediatric counterpart. I am staunchly opposed to mindless automatic vaccination in my adult patients, most of whom have MS or autoimmune disorders, and/or Lyme disease. I have yet had a PCP agree with me on the topic. Meanwhile my patients appreciate not being afraid of discussing the topic of vaccination with me. It is obvious that patients (MS and not MS) are extremely concerned about what is going on. Many are particularly concerned about their kids and grand-kids.


You nailed it nhokkanen! A dozen or so cases of measles is cause for urgent action, but thousands and thousands of typically developing toddlers regress into autism, and the health department and CDC think we have all the time in the world to slowly consider what may be causing this??? They are willing to consider anything BUT what thousands of parents have told them: that their child's regression came on the heels of a vaccine appointment(aka Well Child appointment). This is criminal negligence, pure and simple.


Thanks! That was a Beautiful, Powerful and Extraordinary Post
These are some of my favorite quotes from it:
"at the rate [autism] is increasing, it is a fundamental threat to our very existence as a Nation and a negative influence on our role in the world."
"I would rather have one child die in infancy and join the rest in the calculation of mortality rates than to have thousands disabled and dehumanized for life."

Angus Files

Is this Hodan Hassan the one slating AW on the Somali affair ?
I don't know if the Hodan Hassan in the link below is the same HH in the article but if it is she is the Local Health boss ,no conflicts of course if it is?.


Angus Files

Angus Files

Experts try to calm fears about vaccine
At Somali forum, not everyone welcomed the message.


By MAURA LERNER, Star Tribune

Last update: March 26, 2011 - 11:18 PM

Angus Files

Zenaida Mananquil

Thank you so much for this article. I know exactly what you are going through--I have been there. My son had a reaction at 18 months old that was back in 1991--so I kind of felt alone, back then. There was definitely an instant change in him. He was talking and climbing by 15 months old, but right after the multiple vaccination he received at 18 months,he was never the same. He stopped talking, and was afraid of a lot of things that he use to like doing like going to the store, going inside building. He totally lost interest in going to the park.

He is now 21 years old and he remains unmedicated (prescription medication, that is). I deal with his anxiety attacks and outburst and aggressiveness. I give him b6 and magnesium and has helped a lot.

It is amazing to see the increase in autistic incidence. My son at a young age went through so much blood test to rule out any genetic disease--he tested negative in all. Finally I said enough, I will not have him be probe and suffer anymore.


Eleven case of measles in Minnesota.
The Department of Health springs into action!
Television. Newspapers. Radio. Internet.
Doctors ready with medical treatment.

15,000+ cases of autism in Minnesota.
The Department of Health springs into action!
Television. Newspapers. Radio. Internet.
Denial, obfuscation and character assassination.
Doctors ready with psych meds.

Kendra Pettengill

Thank you for your clarity and honesty. It seems in a short time you have learned much of the truth through the horrible misfortune of your community and the reaction of a nation, along with the lack of treatment or downright mistreatment from standard medical care givers in this country. For those of us that have been in this fight for 10 years or more, we hope you do not have to suffer the same fate as long. It appears to many that the misfortune of your community could hold the answers for a world in crisis, in a snowglobe like bubble there in a relatively isolated and easily studied model.
The lack of those studies, lack of a serious reaction to the devastating numbers, the lack of urgency, shows their hand so clearly. To fail in this regard proves they have no will nor desire to find the answers. And that can only mean one thing, "they already know the answers and have no intention of admitting or revealing them to others". This is not the first time in this nation, nor will it probably be the last.
Please understand though, I am proud to be your fellow citizens and gladly join you in the fight to save all our children and protect all children of the future no matter where they may come from, where they live now, or what affiliations they may hold. Every child is precious and should be valued as such. Keep up the good fight, never back down, and know you are far from alone.


Thanks for your moving story and for the courage to speak loudly about it. Poisoning millions of innocent children them with toxic vaccines surely looks like a new Tuskegee experiment, this time testing in cold blood how many children will be killed or maimed for life with toxic vaccines. I also know physicians, whose children became autistic after vaccinations. They know this very well, but they are afraid to say anything about it in their professional environment, because they were threatened by the criminal medical establishment that if they do, they will lose licenses and will be destroyed like dr. Wakefield. This is pure medical fascism.


Cool! Author the best! Thank you!

A. F.

Amen brother! wonderful article. There is none so blind as they who will not see. My son is now 15 years old, after reacting to his 15 month shots. Its hard to remain hopeful after all these years that the truth will clearly come forth. Thank you for hopefully making a difference with your story.

Thank you

I feel real hope for our country and our children when I read your courageous words. Please continue speaking the truth.

(Your little boy is precious!)

Donna L.

Abdulkadir, I am speechless. Words cannot express my gratitude to you for having so eloquently spoken the truth for every child on this planet who has been silenced by this medical system gone not only horribly corrupt, but downright criminal. Thank you.

Heather O

Abdulkadir- Thank you for your courage and insight. I hope you can get the attention of the Star Tribune. For years they’ve stonewalled concerns about vaccine safety and autism. The media and medical establishment treats Somali parents just like non-Somali parents. We vaccinated our kids and “something happens”. Then we’re told it’s just a coincidence, and we’re told it’s an extremely rare reaction, even though we’ve found hundreds and thousands of other parents with almost identical stories and very sick kids. We read the headlines of research vindicating vaccines from causing autism, but when we dig deeper, we find these studies have heavy conflicts of interests like studies from the widely cited Danish/CDC researcher currently under criminal investigation. We are vilified by the media medical establishment when we speak our truth.

The state health commissioner said that the Somali community now has his attention, but he is still hemming and hawing- claiming ignorance, with assurances that vaccines do not cause autism.

Cindy Keenan

This is a very powerful post. Any chance you can submit it as an editorial/commentary to the Star Tribune? They probably won't publish it, I know, but maybe someone there will at least read it and think about the questions you've asked.

Just a side comment -- as a native born American, I'm proud that you're a fellow citizen. Absolutely continue to demand your rights!


Wow Abdulkadir! Your statements are so powerful and so true. I'm so sorry for the way the government and media have let down your community, you have opened yourselves up and asked, begged to be studied and they ignored that precious gift. I entirely agree on the prevalence funding. It's out of control, almost as if they've shifted all of their resources to disproving a rise in autism to sustain their inaction. I'm flabbergasted every time I see more prevalence studies in the research directives. They've wasted years where research could have concentrated on cause and what mechanisms that 'cause' creates in these children so that treatments could be developed. They have never studied the children who have gotten better and asked why. We must not stop fighting to change the course of these studies. Thank you so much for sharing your story, and your words.


Thank you for such a powerful and direct article. I agree with every single word. As the mother of 2 children diagnosed on the spectrum I worry every day what is going to happen to them when I am gone. I am beginning to feel like we belong to a special club, that we didn't want to join and don't want to be in. We can't even get out of it. ALL doctors should be able to help us. Our government should be able to help us. Why!!??? What is wrong with the world that noone can help us? Autism is an epidemic. If our country is so great then why can't they help us?


When my daughter had an immediate and lasting neurological reaction to her vaccines I thought for sure I'd be referred to a leading edge Johns Hopkins research team. I thought for sure some group of public health authorities somewhere would be on the scene like CSI's. I thought they would want to know all about my daughter's make-up and why she reacted so horribly with screaming an animalistic wild inconsolable scream for 6 hours straight and then off and on for weeks and months. She stopped making eye contact, stopped coo'ing and became a miserable, irritable sleepless, screaming wreck of a baby who stopped loving me back.

No MD ever looked into her reaction. No case report or history was ever taken. Her pediatrician dismissed all of these reactions except the screaming as anecdotal and unimportant. We were referred to no one.

I had to file a vaccine adverse event report with VAERS myself. No health professional seemed to care - except when it came to my hesitation with further vaccines.

If anyone reading this thinks that children and their health and well-being is what vaccines are about, please WAKE UP and know that it's about corporate profits.

If it was about the children, all Somali kids in Minn. who had vaccine reactions and every child who has had a vaccine reaction would have been studied immediately after their reaction in order to make vaccines safer.

They haven't been studied. Not at all. And thousands of parents' reports of extreme changes in children's behavior post vaccination are DISMISSED. Not studied either. Not at all.

Vaccines are DISHONEST MEDICINE, they are promoted as SAFE, but how can that be true in light of the complete absence of any follow-up studies on children who reacted to their vaccines.


Out of Africa and into Autism

This 1984 paper asks the question is infantile autism a universal phenomenon?

“Our research of the literature has convinced us that infantile autism appears to be an illness of Western Civilization, and appears in countries of high technology, where the nuclear family dominates.”

“We also saw that the illness seems to be quite infrequent in Latin American countries, Africa, and India, while the rate is high in Japan, but only in westernized families.”



Abdulkadir, Thank you for responding so beautifully to such complete ignorance.

My son is 13, and I guess I'm naive, but I really thought (once upon a time) what happened to him would make a difference. He was born in 1998, and what happened concerning vaccines and mercury up until 1999 was bad enough. Any child born around 2000 and after that has suffered so horribly at the hands of the medical community is, in my opinion, the victim of gross negligence and criminal activity. There are no excuses for this disaster. There are no excuses for Abdimalik's pain and suffering. I am so sick and d___ tired of hearing how doctors belittle, guilt and badger mothers who are simply trying to protect their healthy children from questionable medical interventions. The time has passed for doctors, particularly pediatricians, to deny culpability in this crime.

Marie-Anne Denayer, M.D.

If there was ever a situation that further linked autism to vaccine, it is that of Somali toddlers living in the US under US vaccine rules, coming down with autism, when there are even no words in their native tongue to describe what ails them. How telling that Mr Khalif's only child born in this land is the one with autism.

One of Mr Khalif's comment reminds me of the day I "fired" my daughter's neurologist(the first of a long list). How could her doctor call me a "hysterical mother" for "wanting to treat my daughter for a disease she did nor have" when he was incapable of telling me what nearly killed her? This was the day we took her home to successfully treat her Lyme disease. Unfortunately, the autism remained. She had received her MMR the day we came back from the beach vacation where she had acquired Lyme disease.

sneaker city

You speak the truth.

John Stone


What a powerful and tragic statement. It puts into perspective the hundreds of cheap remarks scattered about the web by people who weren't there, don't care and are no doubt paid to heap scorn on the reality of the collateral damage of the so-called war on disease. As we know governments also try to escape the truth both over the victims of war damage but also of the vaccine schedules so often carelessly inflicted on service personnel.We must not mistake that it is the same bureaucratic imperative that lies behind all of these manifestations.


It really is time for everyone to stop pretending.


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