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Free Virtual Autism Conference Features Temple Grandin as Keynote

Cake with wine Free! From home! Temple Grandin! What else do we need to do to entice you, bring you a piece of chocolate cake  and a glass of wine?  Check this out from the wonderful Chantal Sicile Kira.   For information and to sign up for the conference, visit AUTISM COLLEGE.


Temple Grandin to Keynote at Free Virtual Conference to Help Parents
Irvine, CA, March 24, 2010 -   Sixty families a day receive the devastating news that their child suffers from an autism spectrum disorder.  To help these families  in honor of Autism Awareness month,, a new on-line resource for parents and educators, is co-sponsoring a free virtual conference with 16 autism experts over two days on Saturday, April 9th and Sunday April 10th from 8:00 to 5:00 PST.

Temple Grandin, Ph.D., subject of the recent HBO movie, winner of  seven Emmy  awards, will be the keynote speaker on Saturday at the “Get Educated About Autism” conference.  Dr. Grandin  will be discussing “The Basics Every Child Needs to Learn.”

“Due to budget cuts, parents need to educate themselves and to learn practical autism parenting tips ,” explained Chantal Sicile-Kira,  award-winning author  and founder of Autism College. Sicile-Kira’s son, Jeremy, who is non-verbal and severely impacted by autism, was highlighted in the media in June 2010 when he graduated from Torrey Pines High School and gave a commencement speech using voice output technology. “When he was diagnosed, I was told to find a good institution for him.  I was given no hope. That’s why I have devoted my life to providing practical information to parents. Jeremy is now attending MiraCosta College, and is a staff writer on the MiraCosta College newspaper, The Chariot.”

Other presentations include: Areva Martin, Esq, on Special Education Rights, Julie Matthews on Nutrition,  Dr. Cathy Pratt on Best Educational Practices, Beth Gallagher on Adult supports, Elaine Hall on Creativity, Eric Chesson on Fitness,  Dr. Carl Hillier, OD FCOVD on Vision Processing, Darlene Hanson MA CCC,  on Communication; Nancy Brady Ed-Sp ATS on Inclusion, Dr. Feder DFAPA on Medication, Julie Matthews on Nutrition,  Michelle Hardy, Neurologic Music Therapy, Eric

“Many parents have a hard time leaving their home to attend conferences. An on-line colloquium  is the best way for many people to get information they need without leaving their home. I’m glad I can help make their lives a little easier.” said Ernest Priestly, founder of is a producer of webinars for mothers of children with autism. This website provides the tools and services that allow moms to vent, cope, support and learn from each other Autism College is a place where people can get educated about autism. For information and to sign up for the conference, visit


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