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Great Ideas,
A bumper sticker is a small piece of paper or plastic with words or pictures on it, designed for sticking onto the back of your car.

Deb Nash

I want to thank Maureen for supplying me with stickers to send to supporters in the UK, Channel Islands etc.
I will also send them out to other parts of Europe on request.
Spread the word.

D'Arla Calley

I wish everyone would pay more attention to Dr. Wakefield!
The Big Pharma Companies are killing our children and the U.S. Government knows about it-they make too much money from Big Pharma to care about abything except padding their own pockets.
Then if you refuse to Vaccinate your children like we did-some nosey good-doer sends DCS to your door to harass you.
These vaccines are experimental and our children are the Guinea Pigs, there is no way of knowing what kind of Health Problems our children will have in the future if we keep letting the Government railroad us into vaccinating our children.
Vaccines were invented for use in an outbreak of a deadly virus, not for the sake of putting money in the Government and Big Pharma's Pockets.
My husband and I REFUSE to Vaccinate our children.

Fred Miller

Sned me my bumper sticker. Mail to Fred Miller, 111 E. Penning, Wood River, IL. 62095

Joan Campbell

Thanks Maurine for sending them to Deb Nash, I have mine proudly displayed on my car driving around Scotland.


Great idea - are these available outside the US/North America? :)

Veronica James

Are you out of stickers?

Jan Hazirci

Dr Andrew Wakefield definately has my support!


what a great idea! Thanks for doing this. ... I have an idea for another one I just thoguht I throw out.

A picture of the three "see no evil, hear no evil speak no evil" monkies with CDC, FDA and US Supreme Court labels. with maybe a slogan like "Wake up America: stop government denial, vaccines injuries happen, make our vaccines safe.

not sure can get all that on a bumper sticker but something along those lines.


Sorry, I should have specified that the ToysrUs fundraising was by Autism Speaks Canada. I have to say that I just loved the feeling of control over what/who I give my dollars to.
Every time I buy something like Callous Disregard, All I Can Handle, or donate to Arizona 5 I feel good. In fact today I'm finally getting Age of Autism. :)


Great idea. I saw yesterday that ToysrUs had some Autism Speaks fundraising going on and at first I was going to donate and then I thought twice about it. I know they have some good research going on with "gut" issues at Western University but didn't like their mention of MMR and Dr. Wakefield. I would like to think that they were a little less biased against the vaccines as a possible environmental cause (compared to Autism Speaks in US) but am not sure. Any Canadian parents got opinions? Henderson, Samaxtics etc??

Lindy Smith

Thank you for doing this Maureen! I'd love to display my support For Dr. Wakefield!

Maurine Meleck

Great. I love it and my other stickers are so worn out by now. Thanks, Maureen

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