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Calling all Gods & Goddesses! WINNING! Means Attending Your Healing Retreat for Autism This June

Winner We have a  WINNING! opportunity for you!  The "Your Healing Retreat" conference is this June 3-5 at the Kanuga Conference center in Henderson, NC.  And one lucky person out of the next 100 people who register for the conference will not only savor the retreat, but will also win a REBATE of the entire conference fee!

Carve out a few days for yourself and spend time with Elizabeth Mumper MD, Julie Buckley MD, FAAP, Maureen McDonnell RN, Nancy O'Hara MD and Stephanie Cave MD, MS, FAAFP, true Goddesses of the autism treatment community. And one mere mortal - Kim Stagliano will be there too for a special appearance.

And there's more for everyone who registers!  If you refer an MD or DO who registers and attends, you will receive $50 back from your own registration fee at the conference.  (If two or more people refer an MD or DO, the first to do so will receive the $50.)  Refer two docs and get $100!  What a terrific way to help educate more physicians on how to help heal our kids.

This is a unique conference designed with treating Mom and Dad (yes, Gods are invited too) to a gentle retreat that will also help your child.

Visit Your Healing Retreat today to learn more. We'll announce the winner at conference time. Good luck!

Your Healing Retreat:
June 3rd – June 5th 2011
Sponsored by Hopewell Pharmacy and Compounding Center

Your Healing Retreat is a path of education, hope and rejuvenation for parents and physicians living and working with autism and ADD.

The stress of having a child affected by autism and or ADD is indescribable. Parents face financial strains, marital stress, and emotional pressures while trying to meet the special needs of their children. Learning how to help their children (especially understanding and carrying out treatment strategies for the medical conditions that can be at the route of the child’s behavioral problems) is exhausting and expensive!

Physicians who embark on this path, learning all they can to help parents identify underlying metabolic conditions and treating these complex disorders often find themselves in “burnout” mode, which may lead to questioning their personal and professional commitment to this work.

Your Healing Retreat offers the education parents and physicians have been seeking and delivers it in a beautiful relaxed setting with a deliberate focus on caregivers.

Your Healing Retreat participants will gain access to cutting-edge, safe and effective integrative approaches for healing children while recharging their own batteries with morning yoga, massage, hikes, organic food and cooking classes. They will learn relaxation techniques, tips to improve their relationships, and strategies to get back into balance.

This event is not about opening your brain and stuffing in information. It is about presenting practical strategies-based in science-for healing children while addressing the very real needs of parents and physicians called to do this work.

Lee Silsby logo 09 The treatment category is sponsored by Lee Silsby, the leader in quality compounded medications for autism.


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