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Why Is IACC's Sharon Lewis Against Protecting Against Autism Spectrum Child Mortality?

WA State Vaccination Exemptions Under Threat & Privacy Violations Loom

Pro-choice-life-250x187 Managing Editor's Note:  Vaccine exemptions are under scrutiny in Washington State, and your state may be next. You might be a parent who chooses to fully vaccinate your child from the birth dose of Hepatitis B. Perhaps you  just don't want your daughter or son to receive the flu shot or the HPV (genital wart) vaccine called Gardasil, despite the child having been given all of his or her other childhood vaccinations with full compliance.  You face the same threat at the parent who opts out 100%. The debate is heading toward level of emotion of Roe v. Wade. This is a hornet's nest of politics, medicine, personal rights and a religion-like zealotry. Protect your rights. You might need them tomorrow. Kim

WA State Vaccine Bill Threatens Exemptions & Violates Privacy

By Barbara Loe Fisher

 If you are a resident of Washington state, you should know that there is a bill quietly sailing through your state legislature that violates your privacy and threatens your right to make informed, voluntary decisions about vaccination. House Bill 1015 and Senate Bill 5005 also discriminates against parents by failing to give them equal protection under the federal National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 (PL 99-660).

 The proposed new law will legally require doctors and nurses to personally sign off on all religious or personal belief exemptions to vaccination filed with the state.  Parents seeking non-medical exemptions will be required to include a signature from a vaccine provider on the exemption form stating that they have been given vaccine benefit and risk information. Currently Washington state mandatory vaccination laws only require signatures from medical personnel when medical exemptions are filed.

 If this bill becomes law, it will put doctors, nurses and other medical personnel in the legal position of acting as inquisitors of religious beliefs held by fellow citizens, which is an invasion of privacy and a de facto violation of First Amendment rights. Americans associated with the medical profession will have the power to sit in judgment of, or interfere with, the free exercise of religious, spiritual or conscientious beliefs of other Americans. It will also make it easier for doctors to punish parents making selective vaccine choices by denying their children medical care, which is the official policy of many U.S. pediatricians.

The ethical principle of informed consent to medical risk taking means that you, as an individual or the legal guardian of an individual, have the human right to be fully informed about the benefits and risks of a medical intervention and make a voluntary decision without being harassed or coerced by anyone. The informed consent principle protects individuals in every society from exploitation by those in positions of power in medicine, government and industry. 

The proposed Washington state bill makes it easier for doctors and other medical personnel to violate an individual’s informed consent rights and discriminate against those filing vaccine exemptions, who may hold different beliefs and values. Informed consent is especially important when it comes to vaccination because doctors and nurses cannot predict ahead of time who will be injured by vaccines. More than $2 billion dollars has been awarded by the U.S. Court of Claims  to compensate vaccine victims, mostly children, whose doctors did not know they would suffer brain inflammation, immune dysregulation and become permanently disabled or even die after read the entire commentary with references and watch a video,  Click HERE.



This has got to be some kind of sick joke. Half the doctors I know are athiests. How crazy is that to discuss God with an athiest.


A politician's stance on vaccine mandates, medical freedom, and informed choice, MUST become the new "litmus test" for elected office. A politician's voting record on this issue will qualify many for the Hall of Shame. This must be made public.

Let's start a national database of voting records on this issue. A link between the voting record and political "contributions" from pharma, either direct or indirect, might be shown.


By mandating vaccines, are we creating a new "wild-type" that is multi-drug-resistant and multi-jab-resistant? By mandating vaccines, would "breakouts" of once "conquered" diseases become the new "normal"? Aren't we already seeing that take place?

"As reports of our children becoming autistic, paralysed, and having unidentified diseases have abnormally increased, vaccinations have become increasingly unacceptable as a norm. This advertised belief in vaccination needs to be addressed critically."


Laura Sauls

Thanks for the alert! I'm in WA and will be contacting my senators and reps! Fortunately, I have a pediatrician who "lets" me choose the vaccine schedule I'd like for my children. She's a naturopathic doctor who offers vaccines and was fine with my delaying vaccines for my kids, especially when she heard about my oldest son's vax damage.
I don't want to have to clear my parental choices with anyone other than my husband, though! We're the parents, and shouldn't need permission to do what's best for our children!


This is the discouraging email I just received from my state senator:

Dear Alisa,

Thank you for contacting me regarding Senate Bill 5005 and its companion, House Bill 1015, pertaining to exemptions from immunization. I appreciate your input.

Senate Bill 5005 passed out of the Senate Committee on Health & Long-Term Care on January 9th and was placed on second reading by the Senate Rules Committee. It is currently awaiting further action.

House Bill 1015 passed the House of Representatives with a vote of 75-18 and was referred to the Senate Committee on Health & Long-Term Care. It, too, is awaiting further action.

If you are interested in tracking the progress of these bills, please visit the legislative website (

Again, thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts; I will certainly keep them in mind. If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact my office.

Senator Doug Ericksen

Amanda Blinn

We live in Washington state--and have never heard of this, even tho' we are techy people who try to keep up. Thanks to A of A again for the alert.


This is about the pharmaceutical companies--with the help of government--gaining complete control.

The pharm lobby controls the politicians and the news media; they use fear tactics and lies to manipulate the thoughts of the general public, and they start the brainwashing in elementary school or earlier ("vaccines keep you HEALTHY!" :) ). Our children are sometimes (illegally) kept out of schools and daycares, and medical care can be denied to them if they are not fully "caught up" on vaccines. At present, we can opt out of vaccines, but our opting out is already officially registered.

What's next? Will those opting out of vaccines be forced to wear yellow stars?

Maurine meleck

And my guess is that they would add insult to injury and try to make you sign a paper before leaving that might say something like --if there's an epidemic(for them 2 or more people) of a disease you are required to keep your child in the closet for a week . My state is really loose on this question, but one never knows when that could change.


Surely the elected officials in WA are proud supporters of the Bill of rights, of Patriotism, of American individualism, of our hard-fought rights of freedom and self determination. If I were a resident there I'd be pounding away at these core American values with my elected officials. I'd also remind them of the big vote this past November AGAINST more govt involvement in personal health care decisions. Obama's plan to get govt and regulations into everyone's health care went BUST, so too should this bill. The American people are against big government involvement in health care. This is more regulation where it isn't needed. More government meddling in personal health care decisions. The people have already been asked on this topic and they've already answered. We want less not more Govt involvement in healthcare. Period.


While extremely alarming, this is not at all surprising considering that Washington State is one of only 2 states in the Nation that allows physician assisted suicide. In 2008 the voters overwhelmingly passed the "Washington Death with Dignity Act". It was modeled after the Oregon State law, that I believe has been in affect since 1994.
Washington State is not a disability friendly state. There are very carefully interwoven policies in place that all support the coordination of Medical, Educational, and Social establishments within the state and those that work for them. If there was ever an extreme example of the needs of the disabled serving the establishment, and not the establishment serving the needs of the disabled, this state has examples in spades. But one would rarely hear of it, as they are quickly silenced, with the silence almost guaranteed from cooperation of medical professionals.
This state already has its protections in place on even the micro level, whereby so many people in a sense on the payroll of institutional services, that you are not going to get people speaking up very easily in that state. On the macro level it is not a state that is thinking of the rights of the individual and how it actually affect the whole group. The inevitable collateral damage from the injuries that this measure will cause for untold number of children whose parents will be coerced into more shots through the above policy, is something I think they have considered as lawmakers and medical professionals, but I believe it will not be spoken of but likely on their minds and still ignored. And while it is only my opinion, I don't think they worry too much about the new cases of autism being a burden on their state resources because of the very carefully hidden system that is in place for that state. "The State" will make sure that those suffering from injury or disability are managed according to their care and directive, which certainly are not the best interests of children or a sick person. Washington is a state with no state income tax, and big business indeed has a heavy hand in their government, despite that it is a state that always votes Democratic.

Though disturbing, it is not at all surprising that this bill sails around the state legislature with very little attention, as physicians in that state already weild an out of balanced amount of power. And again the majority of voters went for physician assisted suicide. Retirees in the state should beware... ALZ is on the rise and there is a connection to ASD not yet known in general public. So if they think right now it does not affect them, they are mistaken. I would not be surprised to find out if in Washington state there was some sort of bonus or incentive offered from the State to the Pediatrician groups as well as GP's (probably even for flu shots - and so we wonder what they will start doing in the retirement homes as well -- mandatory flu shots which have so much aluminum as well as mecury?) to encourage this fully vaccinated schedule beyond what is offered from the manufacturers, it would be interesting to look into.


Let's go EGYPT on 'em!


Another attempt at eroding the free will of people. In order to make a decision for your children, you have to spend money to sit through a lecture on risk/benefit ratios that you likely are much more aware of than the person in the position of power. Not only that, but many of those that opt out have daily reminders of the risks, as their vaccine injured children are proof. Please remind us parents of how we need the government to parent us. No Thanks.

Jersey Joe

This article appalls me. What happened to individual rights? I don't believe in herd immunity--so much science is bunk these days, influenced too heavily by Big Pharma to be counted upon as reliable. I don't want to be part of the herd anyway. Being in the herd probably got me into this situation. My advice to others: Stay out of the herd. It ain't good for your health or your wallet. Soon we will be required to sign waivers if we give up Twinkies or Ring Dings and first have someone from the company give us couseling on the vitamins we will be missing out on.


Good point, Benedetta, many of these diseases are not even contagious in the classic sense.


Sounds like a really good reason to rally.


Bill Gates-- exactly. What an evil man.


A few years back - when my son was a junior in highschool we moved back to Kentucky.

Time for the tetanus shot. The school nurse would not let it go, and was rather like a bully.

After - all it is a tetanus shot - hardly catching. The Sneaks - it is really a DTaP shot and they are trying to get one more pertusin in!

But the nurse kept calling - school nurses must not have much to do.

After explaining what had happened she was so compassionate- and understanding---- NOT! She said I had to get a doctor's statement. So, I went to a doctor in the family practice and told him my woes and he wrote a note that my son should not have a tetanus shot.

That still was not enough for the little school nurse! She said I had to come in and pick up a religous exemption from not the school but the school board , and then return it to her at the shcool. I am so mad about our circumstances at the time- I try not to take out my anger on stupid and totally indoctrinated people. So, I got it, and I signed that too, and then I had to wait out in the highschool office for about half an hour - as she pittled around doing other things.

So it took an extra doctor's visit, and two extra trips for me to the schools --- all the while trying and at the very same time trying to get to a new neurologist,changing seizure medicines constantly, trying to allow my son to do some student driving and getting his driving permit (which of course was a bust) the nurse is lucky I did not rip her head off and hand it to her on a platter. Instead I took it out on the little asistant at the court house about the driver's permit. Too bad because I really understand her position and it was not really her that needed to get ripped. I apologized to her and regret she got it instead of the school nurse.


Washington state and New Jersey, Big Pharma's beach heads for the war on vaccine excemption:

I can see New Jersey (home state of all the Big Pharma goons) , but Washington state???? Oh yeah, that's right....Microsoft is headquartered there...


I think it would be fun to come up with ideas for other types of professionals to sign off on the exemptions. So far, I like Jeff C's suggestion of philosopher. Any others?

But seriously, this is really bad, especially for lower income people, who might not be able to afford an appointment with an open-minded doctor, who often don't participate in insurance plans.


This practice is actually done illegally in many school systems. They will force you to sit in front of a nurse and force you to go over those outlandish doctor's office handouts before you get your rubber stamp. Like anyone in the history of the world would sit in that room and say "I had no idea chicken pox was deadly. What was I thinking? Forget the paperwork, I'm going to go get my vaccine-damaged child some more shots - you've talked me into it."

Jim Thompson

This is incredible. Certain Washington state legislators do not want their citizens to go to a church, a synagogue, a mosque, or any religious house of worship for their spiritual guidance. NO, they must go to a business person/doctor that makes the profit from vaccines and get their blessing for religious exemptions in writing. And doctors get religious exemption training not from their church--but from businesses including insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies. King George the III would be proud of this attempt to create a state church.

Jeff C.

So if I have a philosophical or religious objection to a vaccine, the person who would administer the vaccine has to sign off on it? If they really wanted to verify my objection was legitimate, wouldn't a philosopher or religious figure be better suited? (Not that I'm suggesting that.)

The point of this proposal is to subject objectors to high-pressure sales pitches from the vaccinators before they get their exemption. It is sort of like how you have to sit through the timeshare sales pitch before you get the free gift. They figure they can wear down the weak-willed.

Fed Up

Bill Gates probably leading the charge up there.

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