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The Absent-Vaccinationist

Absent By Julie Obradovic

I read once the opposite of heat is not cold and the opposite of light is not dark, and that in fact, there actually is no such thing as either. Cold is what we call the absence of heat, and dark is what we call the absence of light. (Einstein even suggested evil was simply the absence of God.) I believe what we are witnessing with vaccine uptake fits more appropriately into the same argument. The overwhelming majority of parents foregoing vaccines are actually not anti-vaccinationists. They are more aptly described perhaps, as absent-vaccinationists. To be sure, absence of vaccination does not equal anti-vaccination. Without the issue being put into the proper context it may be difficult to effect change.

I will explore the reasons for the absence-of-vaccination phenomena as I see them shortly, but there is little doubt it is exacerbated by this flawed position that someone concerned about or critical of vaccines, particularly with regard to policy making, conflicts of interest, necessity, oversight, and safety, is against them entirely. Compounding the problem, these concerned people are then labeled impressionable conspiracy theorists who can't think clearly and should be dismissed from pediatric practices or have their insurance premiums raised. Even less helpful, and more recently, some have gone so far as to suggest they are irresponsible citizens of the world that should be held accountable for children's deaths. 

Clearly this serves no one, fundamentally misrepresenting the issue at hand. While certainly there are extreme positions on either end of the spectrum...all vaccines are always good or no vaccine is ever good...I think it's fair to say the vast majority of people fall somewhere in between. Most people believe that vaccines are in fact a necessary component of individual and public health policies, but also believe, like any pharmaceutical product, it is necessary to scrutinize them, especially where children are concerned. The argument is actually over whether or not there is anything to be scrutinized anymore and who is qualified to do or say so.

Like many others, I have paid close attention to the hateful statements being made about people like myself who believe there remains much to be studied. Bullies in any capacity are not welcome in my life, and it has been with a heavy heart I have watched the bullying of our community. It's hurtful, yes, but most of all, it's concerning. Fanning the flames of anger, hurling ugly insults, and seeking to squash the conversation through threats and censorship is ridiculous. The message has been hijacked. Despite what some would have you believe, this is all there is to it:

Infectious disease is preventable. Autism is too. Vaccinate responsibly. (You could also insert the words "kills, harms, hurts, disables, endangers, is treatable" and "costs" for the words "is preventable".) 

While it is my personal belief that Autism is often a much more serious, much more debilitating, and much more life-threatening condition than most infectious diseases (especially since nutrition, sanitation, hygiene, and crisis care have become more readily available) I'm willing to put that aside for the moment. I have no interest in comparing tragedies if that's going to stand in the way of uniting all parents to protect all children. A child dying from whooping cough and a child dying from the vaccine meant to prevent it are equal losses in my book. Measles sucks, no doubt. Autism can too. And right now, Autism affects a heck of a lot more kids for a heck of a lot longer. Now what are we going to do to prevent both?

Well, we can start by vaccinating responsibly. For me, responsible vaccination is:

Individualized. Informed. Intelligent.

Mandate-free. Pressure-free. Toxin-free.

Scientifically sound. Independently tested. Overwhelmingly trusted.

Responsible vaccination recognizes the individual and puts his/her needs first (including the right of refusal); it also recognizes that by protecting the individual you protect the whole and not the other way around. Furthermore, it is based on intelligent, common-sense practices rooted in the precautionary principle which may mean convenience is sometimes sacrificed for safety. More important, it is implemented by informed parents who know their rights and responsibilities, and they are taught how to recognize adverse reactions over the short and long term. Coincidence is no longer an acceptable explanation.

Responsible vaccination is free of mandates. Parents are not required by law to vaccinate their children, but are willing to do so because they trust the system in which the product is created, tested, marketed, administered, and held liable. Parents have always and will always want to protect their kids from infectious disease; they just want to do it wisely. Because parents are partners with their physicians, it is also pressure free. And because parents can select the products they want, vaccines no longer contain dangerous toxins or chemicals in any amount. A free market empowers the consumer.

Finally, responsible vaccination is scientifically sound. All vaccinations are studied in the real world setting in which they are administered, subject to rigorous, long term, and independent safety testing. A study of the vaccinated and never vaccinated is done and continues to be monitored over time, and because of this, vaccines are overwhelmingly trusted by the public at large....and consequently, the rest of the world. 

Sadly, it is hard to deny that irresponsible vaccination has led to this situation. Allowing mercury to be injected into infants and pregnant women? Layering more and more vaccines on top of one another without studying them for safety in simultaneous administration? Standing by science that denies either of those practices as being problematic for anyone despite all logic? Allowing the Department of Health and Human Services to develop, adopt and profit from the vaccines they are charged with regulating? Allowing vaccine patent holders to sit on policy making boards? Granting the pharmaceutical industry liability protection and allowing them to control the research over the product for which they may be held negligent? Treating all children with a one size fits all policy? Forcing parents of sick children to take on the government, the medical industry and the pharmaceutical industry in a special court? Refusing to study the vaccinated versus never vaccinated? Having a revolving door between public officials and the private industry? Threatening and demeaning parents into compliance? Calling for stricter mandates?

No doubt about it, there are plenty of people responsible for the absence-of-vaccination phenomena we find ourselves faced with....and it ain't us. Shooting the messenger doesn't change the message.

The fact is, irresponsible vaccination has put all of us at risk. Responsible vaccination can protect everyone. And really, isn't that the point?

Julie Obradovic is a Contributing Editor of Age of Autism.





michael framson

This is one of the best discussions. I thank Kathy Blanco and
Marie-Anne Denayer for all they have contributed. Patron 99, no you are not the only one.

The entire medical community cannot compete with the content found at AoA. Does AoA offer Continuing Education Credits to physicians who enroll in AoA remedial medical education online reading classes? Perhaps the members of the IACC would benefit. Could you offer them a discount to take Age of Autism classes?

Marie-Anne Denayer, M.D.

To Ms Blanco (Part II)

I assume that you saw my post describing when and where she acquired Lyme and how at most a week later she got the MMR, followed by a high fever, Itwas June of 1988. I was very pregnant with my 3rd child who would be born August 5th of 1988,

The cyclical fevers (and cyclical oral antibiotics) continued until February of 1990, when Stephanie contracted Cickenpox from her siblings, yet had no fever and was not sick from it, displaying only 5 poxes on her torso....yet 2 months later she would be found to have a very high Herpes Zoster antibody titer.
4 weeks after the chickenpox, the cyclical fevers were back, but would not abate. Ampicillin and another couple of oral agents did nothing. Then huge lymph nodes appeared in the neck, then painful and ugly sores on the tonque and inside the cheeks precluding feedings, We were at the pediatrician every other day, By then she diagnosed Herpes Simplesx and started an antiviral,,,,Meanwhile ever since the summer of 1988 we had expressed our concerns about Lyme disease.
No longer trusting the pediatrician who kept throwing antibiotics at us but could not determine the cause of the fever to our satisfaction' I entrusted the care of Stephanis to my hudband. We took her to the ER where he ordered the blood work deemed unnecessary by the pediatrician. Stephanie was profoundly anemic in a pattern of "anemia of chronic disease" and her Sed Rate was greater than 120 mm/hr. A Lyme serology was at last drawn. The result came back 4 days later as my husband was on duty in his ER. He called me. The sound of his voice was simultaneously one of relief and anger. Me, I yelled: "I knew it all along"....then the guilt quickly set in. As physicians, when we become parents we are taken aside by older, wiser doctors who warn us against taking care of our own kids...because we would lack objectivity....Well if I made one mistake that I will never forgive myself for, it is for not hsving obeyed to that qnawing gut feeling....
I called Dr Reik in the middle of the night for advice, He gasped when he heard about the Lyme titer still positive after an excess of 16000 dilutions.

My daughter was admitted to U Conn that same night and the battle began, on one side, my very ill baby daughter, us and Dr Reik on the other side my daughter's pediatric neurologist, his croonies, and a bunch of other pediatric subspecialists...who totally refuted the Lyme diagnosis branding the blood work result as a "FALSE POSITIVE Lyme test" ''''I can still picture Louis Reik rolling his eyes to all the nonsense. The basic issue was a matter of EGO. The pedi neurologist could not stomach the fact that he had missed the diagnosis the Lymr.
My daughter spent 6 days in the hospital. Thank goodness for the admitting team that did MRI and lumabar puncture, sng gave my daughter her first dose of Rocephin.
The morning after admission, my daughter's neurologist mase rounds, avoided all eye contacts with me before leaving to write orders. Next thing I know a nurse comes in visibly upset and interrupts the antibiotic infusion otherwisw discontinued by the pedi neurologist.
I will spare you the fine words that were thrown at me. My daughter did not have Lyme disease they kept repeating,,,they were sure she had AIDS,,,
Had we not been physicians, our daughter would have died several times during those years of battling the Lyme disease.
We signed her out of the hospital "against medical advice" to take her home and start her on IV Rpcephin. Lou Reik recommended a full month of treatment.
Imagine this: a 34 monthd toddler who could not tolerate clothing and diapers and walked around in the nude at home, lived with an IV in her arm that was replaced every 8 to 10 days and never once attempted yo pull it out!!
Omly explanation I could come up with was that the treatment nade her feel better...
Within 5 days of starting the IV Rocephin, the fevers (had gone as high as 106.0F) were gone, the Sed Rate had dropped by 70 mm and the anemia was gone.

An observation that I otherwise made whenever Stephanie had a high fever: she cuddled in my arms, molding her body to mine, as opposed to stiffen up and wiggle away from my embrace, which she had begun doing after the MMR. She also made eye contact when she had a feverm and responded to her name instead of "acting" deaf.
The moment the fever subsided, autism would comr running back.
This phenomenon was described but not understood in a pediatric jourmal less than 2 years ago... Has any of you observed this??

Lyme/Autism saga to continue tomorrow.


Somehow the words "tin soldiers and Nixon coming" just popped into my head. I don't know why. The image of powder blue helmets did too. I guess, sometimes, we have a premonition of events foretold. We are spiritual beings, after all. Am I the only one on this board with similar "dreams"? Maybe we need the help of a savant, clairvoyant, or prophet. These are the times that try men's souls.


Donna L. - "...glaringly obvious just how incredibly absurb our current vaccination policy really is."

The absurdity is getting worse! Just review the history of the 23-valent pneumonia inoculations. Why are serotype-1 and multiple drug resistent pneumonias becoming more common?

I suppose pharma's "final solution" and next generation preventive will be a 50-valent pneumonia inoculation?

Are serial flu inoculations "priming" pharma's immune system to implode, for example, with cytokine storm and hemorhagic pneumonias? Our God-given natural immune systems have been shattered by the vaccine schedules and effectively replaced by pharma's man-made immune system. This is why vaccine epidemics are now widespread - rampant, actually.

God help us all!


In many respects, World War III began with the vaccine schedules. It's not a war against "vaccine-preventable diseases". It's a war against vaccine "madness" and pharma's implementation of global vaccine policy. The death and suffering will make all prior wars pale by comparison.

I'm grateful for the link to Dr Humphries' article provided earlier in this thread. We've got to teach our children well. Their very survival depends on it.

Donna L.

Excellent, Julie. Your 100 percent common sense approach makes it glaringly obvious just how incredibly absurb our current vaccination policy really is. Bravo!


Wow! I must say my database on LIA was nil, till seeing this fascinating discussion between Dr Denayer and Ms Blanco. This goes to the heart of the germ-jab-gene debate. It does reinforce my view that the vaccine schedules are likely to have already transformed us into biologic chimeras or mosaics. I keep wrestling with how my brother ended up with "congenital rubella syndrome" CRS despite my mom and the rest of us having been heavily-vaccinated with just about every known jab both before and after every time my dad deployed overseas for the U.S. Air Force. I'm haunted with the thought that a live attentuated rubella virus transferred transplacentally, is responsible. Then there's my other brother who in adolescence regressed into schizophrenia. My sister and I were apparently "spared"...well, maybe. How many of us are now GMO's? We just don't know. Is this morphing process by pharma's chemical and biologic intoxicants making mankind an endangered species? Real question!

kathy blanco


One of the indications that vaccinations may in fact be changing the
genetic structure of humans became evident in September of 1971, when
scientists at the University of Geneva made the discovery that
biological substances entering directly into the bloodstream could
become part of human genetic structure. Originally, Japanese
bacteriologists discovered that bacteria of one species transferred
their own specific antibiotic resistance to bacteria of an entirely
different species. Dr. Maurice Stroun and Dr. Philip Anker in the
Department of Plant Physiology at the University of Geneva, began to
accumulate evidence that the transfer of genetic information is not
confined to bacteria, but can also occur between bacteria and higher
plants and animals. According to an article in World Medicine on
September 22, 1971, "Geneva scientists are convinced that normal
animal and plant cells shed DNA, and that this DNA is taken up by
other cells in the organism."

In one experiment, scientists in Geneva extracted the auricles of
frog hearts and dipped them for several hours in a suspension of bacteria.
Afterward, they found a high percentage of RNA-DNA hybridization
between bacterial DNA extracted from bacteria of the same species as
that used in the experiment and titrated DNA extracted from the
auricles which had been dipped in the bacterial suspension. Bacterial
DNA had been absorbed by the animal cells. This phenomenon has been
dubbed transcession. There is evidence that this kind of phenomenon
is happening all the time within the human body. It is conceivable,
for example, that heart damage following rheumatic fever could the
the result of the immune system reacting to its own cells producing a
foreign RNA complex after absorption of foreign DNA.

In Science magazine, November 10, 1972, bacterial RNA was
demonstrated in frog brain cells after a bacterial peritoneal
infection. In the April
issue of the Journal of Bacteriology, transcription of spontaneously
released bacterial DNA was found to be incorporated into cellular
nuclei of frog auricles. Studies by Phillipe Anker and Maurice Stroun
have indicated spontaneous release of DNA material from mammalian
cells, spontaneous transfer of DNA from bacteria to higher organisms,
spontaneous transfer of DNA between cells of higher organisms,
release of RNA by mammalian cells, and biological activity of
released complexes containing RNA.

Malignant Cellular Transformations Caused By Foreign DNA:

There is evidence that freely circulating foreign DNA can cause
In a 1977 issue of International Review of Cytology, Volume 51, Anker
and Stroun discuss the possible effects of foreign DNA causing
malignant cell transformations. When foreign DNA is transcribed into
a cell of a different organism, "this general biological event is
related to the uptake by cells of spontaneously released bacterial
DNA, thus suggesting the existence of circulating DNA. In view of the
malignant transformations obtained with DNA, the oncogenic
(cancer-causing) role of circulating DNA is postulated."

The discovery in 1975 that viruses causing cancer in animals had a
special enzyme called reverse transcriptase makes the problem even
more interesting.
These kind of viruses are called RNA viruses. When an RNA virus has
the reverse transcriptase enzyme within its structure, it allows the
virus to actually form strands of DNA which easily integrate with the
DNA of the host cell which it infects. Studies by Dr. Robert Simpson
of Rutgers University indicate that RNA viruses which do not cause
cancer can also from DNA, even without the presence of reverse
transcriptase. DNA formed in this way from an RNA virus is called a
provirus. It is known that some non-cancerous viruses have a tendency
to exist as proviruses for long periods of time in cells without
causing any apparent disease. In other words, they remain latent.
Some examples of common RNA viruses that do not cause cancer, per se,
but have the capacity to form proviruses are influenza, measles,
mumps and polio viruses. In the October 22, 1967 British Medical
Journal, it was brought out by German scientists that multiple
sclerosis seemed to be provoked by vaccinations against smallpox,
typhoid, tetanus, polio, tuberculosis and diptheria. Even earlier, in
1965, Zintchenko reported 12 cases in which MS became evident after a
course of antirabies vaccinations. Remember that millions of people
between 1950 and 1970 were injected with polio vaccines containing
simian virus 40 (SV-40) transferred from contaminated monkey kidney
cells used to culture the vaccine. It is impossible to remove animal
viruses from vaccine cultures. You are reminded that SV-40, the 40th
virus to be discovered in simian tissue, is a cancer-causing virus.

Immunization programs against influenza, measles, mumps and polio are
in fact seeding humans with RNA and forming proviruses which become
latent for long periods in throughout the body, only to re-awaken
later on.
syndrome is a good example of this problem. Other examples may
include the so-called mesenchymal and collegen diseases, such as
rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis and lupus erythmatosis,
where antibodies are formed by the immune system against the person's
own tissues - tissues which have been impregnated with foreign
genetic material. According to a special issue of Postgraduate
Medicine in May 1962, "although the body generally will not make
antibodies against its own tissues, it appears that slight
modification of the antigenic character of tissues may cause it to
appear foreign to the immune system and thus a fair target for
antibody production." Two years later in 1964, studies were conducted
on the polyoma virus, a tumor-producing DNA virus. It was discovered
that the persistent genetic DNA material in the polyoma virus brought
about malignant transformations in hamster embryo cell cultures. This
was reported in the November 23, 1964 issue of the Journal of the
American Medical Association.

Even common non-tumor viruses, including those in smallpox vaccine
and polio virus 2, can act as carcinogens. It was reported in Science
on December 15,
1961 that these common viruses acted as catalysts in producing cancer
when given to mice in combination with known organic carcinogens in
amounts too small to induce tumors themselves. This means that some
vaccinations will induce cancer, when combined with the growing
problem of environmental pollution from toxic by-products of
agriculture (pesticides on and in
and industry. Of course, this information is hidden from the public,
which is why the FDA, EPA and the agricultural industries can get
away with "sanctioning" small amounts of pollutants in food, water
and air. As an aside, it has already been admitted that polio
vaccinations have caused 100% of all polio in the United States since
1980 and the predominant cases of all paralytic polio since 1972
(Science, April 4, 1977). It is suspected that the Salk and Sabin
vaccines, made of monkey tissue culture, have also been responsible
for the major increase in leukemia in the United States.

The use of viruses, bacteria and animal tissue cultures in mass
immunization campaigns, considering that this information has been
known for 20 years, constitutes an intentionally created hazard to
humans. The global impact on the wide range of genotypes relative to
human beings is difficult to assess. This fact is ignored and
suppressed from public knowledge, despite a 1984 plea by some U.S.
physicians to the United Nations in a report.

Persistence of long-term viruses and foreign proteins and their
relationship to chronic and degenerative disease was also pointed out
by Dr.
Robert Simpson of Rutgers University in 1976, when he addressed
science writers at an American Cancer Society seminar, saying "these
proviruses could be molecules in search of a disease." Dr. Wendell
Winters, a virologist at the University of California noted,
"immunizations may cause changes in slow viruses and changes in the
DNA mechanism." Although host cells containing latent viral particles
operate more or less normally, they begin to synthesize viral
proteins under the guidance of the viral DNA, eventually creating the
circumstances for various autoimmune diseases, including diseases of
the central nervous system, which unfortunately add to the growing
load of aberrant social behavior patterns.

Marie-Anne Denayer, M.D.

To Ms Blanco:

Finally, after 23 years of searching others with the dual diagnoses of Lyme disease and Autism, I finally stumble across your path. I have to admit that I gave up that search 15 years ago, as my daughter's Lyme appeared cured physically and serologically, but continued to struggle with autism,

Dr Louis Reik who was, at the time of my daughter's PDD then Lyme diagnoses my colleague at U Conn , had no doubt that I had "the answer" to my daughter's regression when the Lyme trest my husband had ordered as nobody else would came back positive at a titer the hidhest Dr Reik had ever seen. (Note that Dr Reik was at Yale with Pachner and wrote the first paper on the neurological manifestations of Lyme disease while Pachner focused on the rheumatological manifestations. (Remember in the late 80s no "expert" believed that my daughter had been born "normal" and all the pediatric neurologists, rheumatologists...were adamant that Lyme did not cause name a few Isabelle Rapin, Fred Volkmar...)

From the time my daughter began regressing in the summer of 1988, I questioned the pediatric specialists about the possibility of Lyme, a condition I was familiar with in adults by virtue of having done my Neurology training under Dr Reik.

Syephanie began experiencing cyclical fevers for one week every 8 weeks. Would spike up to 104F, pediatrician would diagnode the generic ear infection (all screaming babies have red tympanic membranes) put her on ampicillin and Stephanie's fevers would gradually abate.

To continue

Marie-Anne Denayer, M.D.

To Ms Blanco

Fascinating. I wandered for years from autism to Lyme to autism meetings, most for parents, some for medical prof.between 1989 and 2000, Whenever I brought up my daughter's story and dual diagnoses of "CNS LYME disease and autism", the parents would give me blank looks and the doctors??? "Lyme does not cause autism".
Of course my daughter regressed into autism in 1988, at the satart of the "first spike" in the epidemic.

Lyme is dubbed the "great immitator" because it can affect every organ system just like the spirochete of Syphilis to
which it is related (different mode of transmission) used to.
I have great "respect" for that diagnosis, whereas much of the medical establishment even in the high risk areas "Pooh-Poohs" it. It is somehow the same practitionners who consider vaccines safe and look at me suspiciously...

Was it possible to determine where and when and how everyone in your family was diagnosed??

Do you have MS? Do you have CNS Lyme disease misdiagnosed as MS? Do you have MS and Ly and are you/were you treated for both??

I am off to the link you

kathy blanco

Doctor, i was co founder of the LIA foundation, so I know all of what you speak of. Yes, our entire family is positive Dr Bransfield has a paper just on our family, all you have to do is search lyme autism Dr Bransfield and he has a study of our family and our spect scans and family history. Or ask Dr Bransfield about our family, he knows us well, LOL..


Amen Julie!



My son regressed into autism after an MMR vaccine at 21 months, and he also exhibits many of the classic signs of Lyme induced autism.

I know vaccines are "supposedly" tested free of contaminants, but when it comes to testing, they can only confirm absence in the context of the test’s reliability... and only for contaminants that they choose to test for.

What about contaminants they haven't thought to look for? I often wonder if anyone has tested an MMR vaccine for the presence of lyme bacteria? Might sound like a long shot at first glance, but not really when you realize that GSK, makers of the MMR vaccine, also used to manufacture Lymerix (..Lyme disease vaccine) until 2002.


My husband is going this Wednesday to listen to a back surgeont about multiple inflamed disc in his back.
He took a steroid shot back a month ago that did not seem to help.
He had trouble with two tetanus shot 20 years ago that I now believe were really DPT shots and has been sick every since with a mitochondria cytopathy.

I do not see how a back surgery on something inflamed will help and not hurt.

Marie-Anne Denayer, M.D.

To Uncle Autism:

Lyme alone, antibiotic treatment should have improved the situastion.
The combined effect of the Lyme and the MMR overwhelmed her immune system. There have been several reviews on the interactions between neurodevelopmental disorders, autism included, and Lyme disease. Lyme always aggravates those kids' situations.
The same is seen in patients who have Lyme disease superimposed upon MS.

Autism Uncle

Dr. Denayer, I may have missed it but was Stephanie's illness by Lyme or other possible factors such as vaccinations?

Thanks for your contributions -

Uncle Autism

lj goes

We need to get this on Obama's desk ASAP. Bravo, my friend. As per usual you blow me away. Big respect and hugs! lj

Marie-Anne Denayer, M.D.

To Ms Blanco,

Sounds like you and your kids have overtly active immune systems. Tell me about your Lyme disease, particularly in relation to your pregnancies.. Have the kids been tested?

The Lyme spirochete can cross the placenta (like the spirochete of Syphilis in the old days, causing congenital Syphilis).
Somehow the ID people have very little interest in Lyme in young kids let alone the newborn. Any enquiry about congenital Lyme always elicits a blank look from my interlocutor.

My Stephanie was devastated by Lyme disease. She more than likely contracted it at age 13 months when we were in Rhode Island(Like in CT where we live Lyme is endemic in RI), even though I never found a tick attached to her.
Two days after our return from KI, Stephanie received the MMR. The dame evening she spiked tto 104*F

Left untreated too long, the Lyme seems to stop responding to Antibiotics....however sympyoms (fatigue, arthralgia, neuroborreliosis)may persist and even worsen, because the Infection once chronic can evolve into an AUTOIMMUNE disorder, very difficult to treat.
Good luck.

kathy blanco

good doctor, I have MS and I have two autistic kids. I got a lot of tetnus shots inbetween my kids (accident prone much?""
anyways, I also have XMRV, SV40 and Lyme. So why is that combo also in my kids? Big oh no. Also, i had eleven amalgams, which were toxic, and I was toxic, and I had those removed, and chelated, and now much of my symptoms are abatted. The damn stress of autism keeps my symptoms not at bay, but afloat, waiting for any stressful life even to come along. I am also taking or have done anti lyme abx's therapies, and antiviral, and LDN which also have helped. I believe mercury and aluminum are bad, but also the fact that pathogens like lyme are found in MS, ALZ and Autism. And of course, your viral shop of horrors as well. By the way, I do feel the apple doesn't fall far from, and I was vaccinated of course on a lesser schedule, but believe generational vaccine use is causing all these epidemics as well as the increasing toxicity of our world, and low VIT D uptake (by the way, retroviruses ruin the VIT D receptor).

Adam M

I agree with Uncle Autism and Cia Parker. The key to health and vitality in the infant has nothing to do with curing a pharmaceutical / vaccine deficiency but instead has everything to do with preventing nutritional deficiencies in the mother during pre-pregnancy, gestation, and nursing. A civilization that focuses on that and abandons vaccines and processed food will be rewarded with abundant health. A must read for everyone in this community is Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston A. Price DDS.

"Life in all it's fullness is mother nature obeyed"
Weston A. Price DDS

Marie-Anne Denayer, M.D.

To Ms Cia Parker,

As a neurologist specializing in the care of MS patients, I find myself constantly at odd with my neuroimmunology colleagues and even the NMSS (National MS Society).
Long before my daughter's battle with autism, I was an opponent of routine intempestive vaccination for ailments such as the Flu, having witnessed too many patients with known MS, "crash" after a flu shot or developing their first neurological symptoms after the Influenza vaccine......Whereas most MS patients with Influenza did well as long as their fever was maintained below 99.00 degrees with antipyretic agents.

The NMSS went as far as advocating yearly Flu shots, based on a couple of poorly conducted small "studies" instigated by companies involved with the vaccine manufacturing, including that of "adjuvants", the latter agents intensifying the body's immune reaction, hence the MS attack.

Other vaccine to avoid in MS patients is the HepB shot unless the patient happens to be working with blood products of patients with HIV and/or infectioous hepatitis, in other words they run a HIGH risk of infection with HepB. My advice if possible would be a career change!

Tetanus toxoid shot had been well tolerated except for allergic reactions, however it is automatically given as recommended by the CDC combined with diphtheria (at a minimum) and whhoping cough vaccines. I suspect that the bout of cervical spinal cord inflammation that caused your arms'symptoms was due to the latter 2 vaccines. PLUS, it contains an aluminum adjuvant to enhance immunological reactivity and Thimerosl.
Post vaccination myelitis or encephalo-myelitis can be a one time event caused by transient central nervous inflammation but in some patients the process is sustained leading to MS. I do assume that you are on medications to prevent new lesions and new exacerbations.

I have only recently begun to see women with MS who have one or more kids on the autism who unlike my children all in their 20s, have received even more vaccines notably at BIRTH. This really makes no sense to me, as Moms who breastfeed pass on their antobodies to their respective babies. If I had my say, aside from eliminating "routine" ( I hate that word as it has become the hallmark of modern medicine) Flu shots and HepB shots altogether particularly at birth (except for rare situations), I would check the babies by blood test looking for the presence of antibodies transfered passively via placenta or breast milk.

Autism Uncle

The immunization schedule concocted since the mid-late 1980's rests on pillars of sand.

For instance, Hep B instituted in 1991 should NEVER be given to any baby whose mother does not have active Hepatitis B viremia. Otherwise, NEVER.

For instance, Hib tried in the mid-1980's for infants 15 months old with little detectable bad reactions was switched in 1992 to three shots starting at 2 months age! It should NEVER be given before an infant is at least 15 months old. To top it off, the only remotely possible infants who are candidates are those who test to sickle-cell disease or are missing their spleens. Otherwise, NEVER.

For instance, Tetanus vaccinations should NEVER be given until an infant is at least two years old, and even then it is barely, remotely rationalized IF a child obviously in a suspect environment.

For instance, Rotavirus shots are just plain dangerous to boot have never been honestly justified. Of course the first rotavirus vaccines were so lethal they were stopped. How Offit got his into the Schedule can only be imagined (or documented elsewhere on AoA).

For instance, the Mumps shots given at 12 months (in the MMR combined doses) are beyond ludicrous. Mumps is a legitimate danger??!!

For instance, the Pertussis (Whooping Cough) given at 2 months, 4 months, 6 months is 99.999% risk, .001% benefit (if that).

For instance, the Flu shots for a pregnant mother, and the baby with 2 shots at 6 months, and every year, are nothing short of medical insanity.

For instance, the oral polio vaccine was switched to injections about 15 years ago raising its toxicity and potential for causing neurological damage an order of magnitude; Retrospectively, many medical historians now cite it never in truth was needed - and its injection risk/benefit profile is awful.

I could go on. But the point is that "mass vaccination policy" for the whole population starts out with an impoverished ethnic minority target (such as inner-city African-Americans and Native Indians on reservations and Eskimos, Asian-descent, etc. that indeed have a greatly higher risk than babies of European-descent mothers who breastfeed and otherwise provide excellent nutrition, and don't have pre-existing illnesses themselves. But, THE INDUSTRY gets it instituted for EVERYONE. Got to be politcally correct you know.

It is pure political power and financial motivations that have brought about our present national and countless families' catastrophes. It is certainly not sound science.

Autism Uncle

Cynthia Cournoyer

Our fervent HOPE that vaccines could be safe and good keeps the status quo. After a profound betrayal of our trust and everything we know to be good, we walk away from vaccines because we have been abused. We tip toe back with an open heart and mind, and we hope again that the betrayer will have remorse and respond to our clarion calls. Our trust is traded like a cheap commodity, and in the end, the innocent get hurt.

The pain of betrayal, the pain of children being hurt, and the pain of knowing we have been sold out and branded with labels that more appropriately fit our attackers; there is no end to this kind of pain. It's playing with fire.


It is so, so sad because this ongoing madness is creating a whole generation of people with chronic diseases and will break our health and education system. And only when the full costs are visible will someone higher up decide to do the right thing. Then there will be a lot of finger pointing and blaming of people who are not in decision making positions anymore and promises will be made that this will never happen again. The journalists who are the loudest now condemning people who dare to question vaccines will be writing new books on how this should have never happened. Offit will be safely retired and sitting on his millions and big pharma will abandon vaccine research once again. And this later might be the only silver lining, because removing excess greed from vaccine manufacturing is the only way to create a safer world for future generations.


Bullying as public health policy is no way to win back disillusioned vaccine consumers. It's akin to spousal abuse; why go back to the person who ignores you and slaps you around?

Children from the 1960s and 1970s developed allergies and asthma.

Children from the 1990s on developed that, plus neuroimmune disorders.

If those susceptible children ever have kids, what will their fate be if overvaccinated?

Erwin Alber

Any article that questions vaccination deserves to be applauded. There are however some very bizarre statements, such as this one:

"Finally, responsible vaccination is scientifically sound. All vaccinations are studied in the real world setting in which they are administered, subject to rigorous, long term, and independent safety testing. A study of the vaccinated and never vaccinated is done and continues to be monitored over time, and because of this, vaccines are overwhelmingly trusted by the public at large....and consequently, the rest of the world."

"Responsible vaccination"? That's a classical oxymoron if there ever was one! One may as well talk about responsible use of depleted uranium weapons, or cluster bombs! Responsible vaccination is as much a contradiction in terms as e.g. "vaccine safety", "vaccine preventable diseases" and "medical ethics".

"Responsible vaccination is scientifically sound"

I'm dumbfounded. How can something that has been a scientific fraud from the very beginning ever be "scientifically sound"?
It's an obvious impossibility.

In the author's opinion, responsible vaccination would also mean that "all vaccinations are studied in the real world setting in which they are administered, subject to rigorous, long term, and independent safety testing. A study of the vaccinated and never vaccinated is done and continues to be monitored over time..."

The reason why it isn't being done and will never be done is because it would spell instant death for the vaccine industry, which is basically an organised criminal enterprise dressed up as disease prevention.

The problem is that in most people's minds, vaccination is associated with disease prevention, when in fact vaccination is - very much deliberately and knowingly - used as disease promotion. Vaccines don't have "side"-effects: the wide-spread harm in the form of chronic ill-health and neurological disorders including autism vaccines cause is the main and ONLY effect vaccines have - and the source of far greater profits than those from the sale of vaccines themselves.

I highly recommend the article
"Are vaccines a gift from God" by Dr Suzanne Humphries MD.

kathy blanco

another one, or should I say bite me to pro vaccine minded people. Crimes against humanity, against human decency, against basic intelligence, against the basic purpose of medicine are committed when poisons are injected into our children. Aluminum inhibits Na-K-ATPase and hexokinaseenzymes into the brain. It blocks the electrical discharge of nerve cells, which reduces nervous system activity.
Is this on purpose, a reason, an agenda? YOU BET~ No benevolence here, move on, nothing to see here but devastation of the brain, the purpose of one's life, the audacity of hope is gone when we willingly and knowingly, despite the science, damage children, period.

kathy blanco

What sort of consciousness does it take to continue
deliberately poisoning ourselves and our families?
What sort of consciousness does it take to manufacture
these poisons and sell them? And what kind of
consciousness lives with the illusion it’s safe
to use them in our medicines, dental fillings, and vaccines?


Well I might be anti-vaccine ------NOW!

That is after my entire family has reacted again and again to the pertussin vaccine hmmmmm - what is the name that Dr. Wakefield gave that - hmmmm, oh "rechallenged".

Then along came the HEP B vaccine and then to the flu vaccine and then what they claimed was just the tetanus shot but really was probably (AKA DPT) ---

Others here have trouble with the HPV, or the retotovirus vaccine or the MMR vaccine. So which vaccine is okay and which is not? That leaves me in the no vaccine is good land.

Okay - let me see - I guess considering the risk I would allow the polio vaccine, and the diptheria vaccine. But wait there is not such thing as just the diptheria vaccine - I would have to have a combo of the dipthria and tetanus vaccine.

Really I don't have to worry about this anymore - it is for the younger parents to worry with - so sorry. But I already have damaged my family.

Cia Parker

I would like to agree with Autism Uncle, and add that it is necessary for a child's immune system to confront challenges as great as those presented by diseases like chicken pox, measles, and mumps in order for it to learn how to protect the child. Without the opportunity to learn how to fight moderately challenging microbes, it is liable to turn on itself and instead develop auto-immune diseases, of which allergies would be the most common manifestation. I think tetanus is the most useful of the vaccines, although I had a reaction to even that usually safe vaccine when I was nineteen, and it paralyzed both my arms for two days. I have MS now, and my daughter reacted to the hep-B vaccine given to her when she was one day old, and is now autistic.
For this reason, I don't think you can speak of responsible, safe vaccination. There are certainly dangers from infectious diseases but also dangers from consequences of vaccines like autism, ADHD, diabetes, asthma, and allergies, but it will certainly be many years, if ever, before scientists can identify which children are likely to react with which reaction. If you give any vaccine, you run the risk of triggering one or more of these reactions, and you certainly prevent the immune system from acquiring the skills it will need to protect the child throughout life. Not many parents will feel certain that their child has no gene which might predispose him to a bad reaction to a vaccine. It really is a roll of the dice, and I think it is misleading to speak of the possibility that any vaccine can ever be declared to be scientifically sound and overwhelmingly trusted. This is not an arena in which such certainty would ever be possible.


I, too, am sad about the fact that anyone who speaks up about this issue must immeadiately fear for their professional standing and even have their morality called into question.
As others have noted, the very future of public health as a field is at stake in how this particular situation plays out.

It seems that big-pharma and gov't healthcare would like to institute a sort of "Scientocracy," in which they dictate what conversations are valid, who can have them and what mandates we should all be given.

I would bet dollars to doughnuts that right now, CDC and other 'scientists' are working behind the scenes to convince HuffPost that it was irresponsible and immoral to publish Krby's article.

The rhetoric has long ago ceased simply the results of a heated conversation - it has evolved into a campaign with an agenda even beyond the issue of vaccination. Instead of winning in the marketplace of ideas, Mnookin, offit and their ilk seek to control that marketplace - behind the scenes if necessary.

Fortunately, that has almost never worked in the past.



I compare the risk associated with vaccine decisions and people's willingness to accept those risks to investments. In the world of investing, you have everything from stuffing cash under the mattress, to savings accounts to CD's to 401Ks to stocks to day trading and everything in between. Where someone falls on that continuum with their investment strategy depends on their individual perception of risk.

The same risk perception applies to vaccines and produces a bell curve of vaccine uptake. On the one extreme you have those who perceive the risks of vaccines so great they will never vaccinate and on the other end you have those who perceive the risks of disease as so great that they are consumers of every vaccine the industry can create.

Just as it's imprudent to force the cash-in-the-mattress crowd to convert their social security funds into what they percieve as risky stocks, so too it is bad policy to force anyone to vaccinate against their will, their conscience or their faith.

Autism Uncle

Judy, An excerpt from your text reads: "Parents have always and will always want to protect their kids from infectious disease; they just want to do it wisely. Because parents are partners with their physicians, it is also pressure free. And because parents can select the products they want, vaccines no longer contain dangerous toxins or chemicals in any amount."

May I differ in a positive way. Parents also know, in our modern era since clean water and sewage systems for at least since 1940 and with intelligent nutrition and refrigeration (bringing abundant Vitamin C, B, D, etc.) that the childhood rite of passage of infectious diseases in fact brings with it a positive maturing process (as Nature intended), and lifelong immunity thereafter.

In fact, childhood diseases under these conditions is almost so mild that is barely noticed, but if such as measles or chicken pox IS obvious it nevertheless is the body's way (with its largest organ, the skin/epidermis) of ending the bout of disease. I might also add that fever is also basically harmless and Nature's way.

It is implausbile to inject vaccines' components (even without mercury) into an infant (or before birth, its pregnant mother) and not inflict damage to some degree, including the autism spectrum. And don't forget with the vaccine era expanding ever more since the 1950's the annual total of sudden infant death syndrome and sudden unexpected infant deaths continues about 5,000 deaths in the U.S. alone that I conclude after immense reading of the literature to be directly caused by vaccines' shots.

Maurine meleck

Wow! I couldn't have said it better myself. This is excellent. Thanks, Maurine

Bob Moffitt

"The fact is, irresponsible vaccination has put all of us at risk."

Not only has "irresponsible vacciantion" put us at risk .. it has seriously erroded parental confidence and trust in our universal childhood vaccine policies .. to the point the vaccination policies themselves are at risk.

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