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NJ Stands to Lose Freedom of Religious Exemption Is Your State Next?


NJ, your right to a religious vaccine exemption is about to be denied. Which state is next?

It’s time to make our voices heard at our elected legislative offices with a MASSIVE call-in/ write-in campaign. Contact info and details are below.This must be done today (2/16) and tomorrow, Thursday (2/17)

  1. Call your local ASSEMBLYPERSONS: Tell them you are a constituent and to vote NO on ACR 157 an “Assembly Concurrent Resolution,” which allows the state and our health department to define the criteria acceptable for a parent’s religious exemption. This bill was fast tracked in the last month without any public debate or hearing. It must be stopped. The legislators need to represent their constituents, not the special interest lobbyists.

    Find Your District Number and Representative: Click Here

  2. Call/Email SPEAKER SHEILA OLIVER: She has the power to pull this resolution.

This is the message for the Assembly Speaker, Sheila Oliver, who technically decides whether the bill should be posted or not. Tell her this is an inappropriate resolution that threatens our constitutional rights. She needs calls and emails.

Suite 202/ 15-33 Halsted Street/ East Orange, NJ 07018
973-395-1166 (phone)
973.395.1724 (fax)
email: [email protected]

  • Call/Email GOVERNOR CHRISTIE: Ask him to put a stop to ACR157!

    P.O. Box 001
    Trenton NJ, 08625
    609-292-6000 (phone)
    609-292-5181 (fax)
    Or you can submit an email.

    The Hearing is Scheduled for 1pm in the Assembly Chambers, so if you are able to get to Trenton, please go. (Bring a small sign to hold). Not sure what we will be permitted to do, but they need to see us.

    Read the text of Assembly Concurrent Resolution (ACR 157) in html format or pdf format

    Assemblyman Dr. Herb Conaway (Assembly Health Committee Chair who stonewalled our bill for 6+ years) is forcing through an Assembly Concurrent Resolution (ACR 157) for tighter guidelines on what would constitute a “valid” religious exemption.

  • IN OTHER WORDS… the state will attempt to define criteria under which someone could claim a religious exemption. Sound unconstitutional? INDEED! Do you believe our legislators and health department are qualified to establish religious exemption criteria, and school administrators are appropriate to judge parents’ religious tenets as they relate to their children’s vaccinations?

    It seems our elected officials have forgotten the 1st Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America! “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment o f religion, or prohibiting the free exercise, thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people to peaceably assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

    CALL, WRITE, E-MAIL, FAX – as many times a day as you can for as many days as you can. We deserve to the right to informed consent and demand to have our bill heard and no further resolutions passed to restrict our rights Visit Sign the Online Petition Supporting A2450!



    Where does pharma derive it’s imprimatur? Does the Church endorse pharma’s tidal wave of xenobiotics - chemical and biological intoxicants? Is the Church more closely aligned with allopathy than with homeopathy? Where is the morality in eating cloned food, and receiving inoculations of non-human DNA and aborted fetal tissue? Have our religious and spiritual leaders been deluded by the myths of vaccine-preventable diseases and vaccine-induced herd immunity?


    There ought to be a rallying cry by people of faith the world over. We are all in this together. Pharma seeks to ban religious exemptions, globally. Medical freedom and freedom of religion are God-given inalienable rights.

    Here’s a recent article which is on point:

    “Vaccine philosophical exemptions: A moral and ethical imperative” by Alan Phillips, J.D. on February 18, 2011.

    Mayer Eisenstein is another attorney who has views on this topic, in his book titled “Don’t Vaccinate! Before You Educate”.

    The color-coded map at the end of this link is instructive.

    Jake Crosby

    On a totally unrelated note - I know the swastika in that photo is mean to represent the non-violent religion of Jainism, but every time I see it I still can't help but cringe.


    "so in other words we should get to our Reps and Senators before they do..."

    Very well-stated, Sarah!

    A politician's stance on vaccine mandates, medical freedom, and informed choice, MUST become the new "litmus test" for elected office. A politician's voting record on this issue will qualify many for the Hall of Shame. This must be made public.

    Let's start a national database of voting records on this issue. A link between the voting record and political "contributions" from pharma, either direct or indirect, might be shown.

    Not an MD

    Thank you for your post, Denise Ferraro! We got the word out and flooded our Governor and Assembly members with phone calls. ACR-157 has been pulled from the schedule and it will not go to a vote today.

    It is not a dead ACR, though, and it may resurface in March. YAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY!


    I live in RI and the only way I could even obtain an exemption is through the school nurse. It took forever for the health department to mail the forms to her. Even when it was filled out, the school nurse wasn't sure what to do. Not many parents knew there was even this option of being exempt. Everything is always a big secret at schools anyway.... It is so sad that we are just all one big science experiment.


    htbenz said: "Those started in New Jersey and then were rammed down the throats of the 49 other states. This is exactly what they are trying to do with the excemptions now too. Get one state to implement Draconian laws, then the other 49 states will fall like dominoes..."

    so in other words we should get to our Reps and Senators before they do...


    "As reports of our children becoming autistic, paralysed, and having unidentified diseases have abnormally increased, vaccinations have become increasingly unacceptable as a norm. This advertised belief in vaccination needs to be addressed critically."




    It's time we became more aggressive, politically. It's very close to a turning point, if indeed the tide has not already turned.

    “I am no longer "trying to dig up evidence to prove" vaccines cause autism. There is already abundant evidence,.­..... This debate is not scientific but is political.­” – David Ayoub, MD

    “The truth that vaccine policy is not about science or safety but about money and politics is finally seeing the light of day.” – K. Paul Stoller, MD, FACHM

    Jeff C.

    Reason, you are a coward. If you enjoy making fun of others religions, why don't you try that at a mosque in the Middle East? Nah, your type will only make anonymous comments to Christians, since you know you're safe. Freaking Punk.

    Louise Kuo Habakus

    Everyone in all states who cares about the religious exemption to mandatory vaccination in their state must call NJ Governor Christie now at 609-292-6000 and tell him NO to ACR157. He's taking a tally. Do you want your government to determine what consitutues a "valid" religious exemption? Your state will be next and we will help you.


    no wonder the autism rates are so high in NJ...Pharmafia has made it the drug capital of America and now they're using political influence and thuggery to force people to vaccinate...what next, jail time? time to put of a for sale sign I'd say.

    I wonder how much Pharma contributes to the governors campaign?.. so corrupt

    Denise ferraro

    I called the Governor's offfice and spoke to an assistant, they don't even take your name!! She said all they are doing is taking a tally of the calls. Sooo call call call everyone.


    It sickens me that an exemption is even necessary. It should be opt in not opt out. It's medical tyranny that I have to be "excused" from pharma poisoning. How is this freeddom?!


    New Jersey is THE DEFACTO state for Big Pharma imposing it's will on any laws pertaining to vaccinations. Why? Because they can! All major pharma/vaccine companies are either headquartered there or have their US based divisions headquartered there. One need not look any further than the flu shot mandates. THose started in New Jersey and then were rammed down the throats of the 49 other states. This is exactly what they are trying to do with the excemptions now , too. Get one state to implement Draconian laws, then the other 49 states will fall like dominoes...


    Mr. Gates 10 billion dollars has likely always been intended as an "investment" with a big payoff. "Your 10 billion will turn into 20 billion." If he really cared about the kids in third world countries, the money would go directly into getting ALL the vaccines over there and into their little bodies. But that would not put money into the pockets of anyone but pharma and likely would not have convinced Mr. Gates to turn over 10 billion. What is in it for him?

    If the "vaccine money" is invested right here in the good ol USA lobbying for forcing the one country that has enough money to pay for the vaccines, to vaccinate, that will bring in 10 fold or more income as they all will invest more stock in Pharma. Win-win for Bill, big pharma and the offiteers. Spend time looking into EXACTLY where every dime of his 10 billion is going. Start out with ASF payroll.


    So if this passes, will New Jersyians have to get a note from their priests, rabbis, or ministers?

    The question I have is whether it's Consitutional to force people to vaccinate..doesn't that impede one's right to life, liberty and happiness? Doesn't the Constitution override all laws.

    I think NJ parents should appeal if this bill passes. Involve the ACLU. File a restraining order against the NJ Health Department like they did in NY.

    Poor NJ is such a Pharma state..throw a rock in any direction and you'll hit a ditributer for the industry.


    Reason, the raptor Jesus photo is amusing, I've seen it. It's a put down of people who don't believe in evolution for readers who aren't familiar with it. But your comment is typical of your ilk. Hope you enjoyed your dip in our gene pool. I assume you rail against prayer in school too - after all, no one should be able to tell you what your child must recite in school - just inject into their bodies.


    Thank you sweet raptor jesus... you bet I believe our legislators and health department are qualified to establish religious exemption criteria, and school administrators are appropriate to judge parents’ religious tenets as they relate to their children’s vaccinations.

    Less talk, More Action

    Julie, don't call it "soft" fascism, just call it what it is. We have the choice to eat crap food also. It is not the job of government to tell you what to eat. Alcohol is very costly and dangerous. Prohibition wouldn't work today. Let your legislators and everyone else know.
    Crank it up in the media and watch politicians waffle and waiver on where they really stand. If you are a atheist, you should be respectful of the personal freedoms that religious freedoms have afforded thousands seeking exemptions.

    We have plenty of the "moderate and self serving fascists" in our own community who only value some of the freedoms that fit their agenda. Don't give me the "green vaccines" argument or "everyone should be vaccinated with some vaccines if proven safe" They can all go strait to hell. Don't Tread on Me. How gutless are we as a society or group of parents of vaccine injured children? Keep embracing all this big government and ignoring constitutional protected freedoms and you can expect more of this. For the most part we have a bunch of non effective emotional responses when things like this happen. If we all made the calls listed above for the next 5 business days, both nationally and especially NJ citizens, our 3-5 minute effort would shut this down in NJ and send a message to other state legislators that they are committing political suicide. We have another big opportunity to do effective coalition building on this issue. Maybe we should step up and not wallow in stupid hero worship. Or maybe we should ignore it all and watch Nancy Snyderman, ABC news, Anderson Cooper or eat a box of cookies while Oprah. We have the power to shut this down if we choose to lead, act and collaborate.


    PLEASE help us in West Virginia, too! House Bill 2998 has been introduced on 2/3/2011 to ALLOW a personal or religious exemption. Currently there is NO exemption available! Medical exemptions are ridiculously difficult! HELP!

    Julie Leonardo

    I sent an email even though I am not from the state. I just had to voice my concern as a fellow American. Just incredible in the most abhorrent way!

    Marie-Anne Denayer, M.D.

    I do not live in NJ, but am keeping an eye on CT where I live with my husband and now 23 year-old daughter who has autism, and on MA where my 2 other kids have settled,

    This country has lost its ways.
    Imposing vaccines on babies, on kids else they be denied access to schools, on young adults else they be denied access to higher education and soon on everyone else?
    Reminds me of forced sterilisation-amid other atrocities- the nazi regime imposed on those who did not fit the mold of the "perfect Aryan".
    I guess we are not "perfect Americans" as we dare question the safety record-or lack thereof-of the ever expanding cocktail of vaccines imposed on the children of America.


    I am starting to think vaccination choice is a barometer of the fate of the US-- will we remain more or less a free country or slide into a "soft" fascism. GMO junk food and forced participation in a fraudulent medical system for all!

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