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Autism’s Scapegoats



No evidence that vaccines are effective. No evidence that vaccines are safe. No evidence that the THEORY of herd immununity is feasible.

Lots of evidence that vaccines are dangerous and have often caused the very diseases they are supposed to prevent. Lots of evidence that vaccine injuries have produced death, autism, seizure disorders, and many other childhood disorders.

Vaccines are the single biggest SCAM in the history of conventional medicine, with chemotherapy taking a close second. Not only do they not work, they poison the body, damage health and cause death.


Not only medical mafia kills babies with vaccines, now they kill them with radiation as well.

Lisa @ TACA

If we concerned with the re-emergence of a disease wouldn't we request that all adults and students get a booster?

In this case, why just kids?

While I realize that most folks are exposed in school or group places (such as day care, etc) but adults go in groups as well.

Just a question on why just kids if it is an epidemic and of huge concern?


I love how these "doctors" use herd immunity as if the vaccines themselves are 100% effective. I have never seen a study proving efficacy. Not only that-- look at what has happened with the pertussis vaccine.

So they assume that not only are 100% of vaccines are 100% safe for 100% of all people, but they are 100% effective. Bullsh*t. F*ck the herd.

Shiny Happy Person

Every time I see one of these "Medical A-Team" bobble-heads in action I wonder:

- do they teach drama in med school?

- what does the "A" stand for?

Mary H on the other hand -- outstanding would be an understatement.


just opened up my morning newspaper. Headlines on section B of the Providence Journal(RI) "Experiments on Humans" - Past medical testing by U.S. government doctors on unknowing test subjects is revealed. Article is by Mike Stobbe, Associated Press. Picture shown is from 2007 of a little boy from Nigeria(eyes diverted-lost look on his face). "He was one of many children tested with the antibiotic Trovan for meningitis by Pfizer and is now suffering brain damage." The article mostly talks about history from 40-80 yrs. ago. but yet we all know it is happening today. We all know "Experiments on Humans" is happening everyday. Well not on my kids....not anymore.


No one has adequately explained why vaccine manufacturers cannot be sued for injury or death (I know that a bill was signed in the 80s to protect them). But the inability to sue vaccine manufacturers is always glossed over. So in other words: if they hurt you, you can't sue them so why do they care if they hurt you?

Media Scholar

vaccines ARE voluntary
Not so. Parents are pressured to vaccine their children. Parents are threatened with court injunctions, jail, and having their child(ren) ripped from them for refusing vaccines.

The parents of more than 2,300 Prince George's County students who failed to get needed vaccinations could face fines of $50 a day and up to 10 days in jail if their children do not meet the state's immunization requirements, county officials said yesterday.

The threat of legal action is a last resort after months in which Prince George's has struggled to get its 131,000 students immunized for chicken pox and hepatitis B, as mandated by the state. More than 2,300 students have not been immunized and have been barred from attending schools, almost two months after a Sept. 20 deadline for meeting the requirement.

"We can do this the easy way or the hard way, but it's got to get done," Prince George's State's Attorney Glenn F. Ivey (D) said at a news conference in Upper Marlboro. "I'm willing to move forward with legal action."


"Why should we protect the herd when the herd won't protect us? ...Until then, f*** the herd."

What Donna L. said.



Barbaraj, you are so right with your comment about holding education and medical services for ransom with respect to vaccines. It is bullcrap. I am so sorry for your son's treatment, or should I say lack of, when you went in to have your son's tick removed. Our system in Canada may not be perfect but my God, universal healthcare is there for you when you need it, no questions.


Yep, Ioneskye, they are voluntary, however,for the most part government services are held for ransom. With the lead being the right to a free education. It evidentally isn't a constitutional right in this country to receive that education if you are not vaccinated. Other services fall into line as well. If for example, you lose your health insurance, your child will not be eligible to receive healthcare unless you vaccinate him, so he may die from something as treatable as strep throat. My pediatrician charged me 500 dollars last month to remove a tick from my son's head.( he failed to get it all) I didn't have five hundred dollars that day, so I was informed that he couldn't come back until I did. Do you think I believe the charge and the comment have nothing to do with the fact that he doesn't want an unvaccinated child in his practice? ..liberty..and the long as you follow the rules of big pharma


Wait one minute. vaccines ARE voluntary, what are people talking about? No one can force vaccination on a child, a consent must be signed. Also, I don't know about others but when I was a child everyone had measles, mumps, rubella and chicken pox and is doing just fine, including me. Diseases become deadly when living conditions are substandard(like feeding enfamil lipil to your newborn). Now the facist pharm/industrial state has taken away our god given right to permanent immunity via contracting disease and also giving passive immunity to our children via breastmilk. These people are sinister.


Excellent job by Mary Holland.


The issue is simple, as with thimerosal, the risk was assessed, the product removed, yet no recall? If it was bad enough to remove, why no recall.. why four more years of damage to the children. Isn't that a deliberate holding back of a safer vaccine, while allowing profit to continue with sales of a KNOWN inferior product? The same story can be told for defective shot after defective shot, always time allowed on the shelf to sell off before replacing.
On the same dark note, I believe the hopes for the Wakefield issue, while banking on public gullibility was the ace they thought would put us back in line for vaccines.It didn't work as well as they hoped, yet as in this clip , they throw it out there hoping someone will buy it. Now what? Should we fear a next step?
When will the vaccine promotors, along with the manufacturers bomb us with a "preventable" illness. This is my fear, they will send panicked parents, maybe even myself to grab a shot. What better way to advertise than run a virus around the country for which there is a vaccine?

Tom Kelly

Primum non nocere - "First do no harm"

Why is this basic tenet of medicine completely disregarded and ignored when it comes to vaccines? The Dr's counter argument to Mary Holland is essentially that the end justifies the means. The fact that a vaccine compensation program exists is an acknowledgment that harm IS being done in some cases.

How does one square this obvious contradiction where the pharmaceutical companies are protected over the interests of the patient? Well I guess we have the answer. "The end justifies the means".

I think it should be re-labeled the Hypocritical Oath.


And........... once again.... can we please have a show me the study campaign.... Mary,,, you did a great job on the piece time....ask yourself why aren't you blasting to the doctor... "Show me the study that has proven the entire vaccine schedule to be safe." Make him look stupid. It's not a difficult task to make a puppet look stupid. Thanks for all you do... Great book, btw.,,,,,


again... the autism word.... It needs to go away and parents with kids with vaccine injuries who have been labeled with autism need to sue the doctor for mislabeling their child. As stated in all the medical literature... autism is an incurable neurological disorder. Vaccine injury is something totally different in the eyes of the court. I don't know why people are so hell bent on using a term that doesn't apply to their child's source of symptoms. Why do people want to cling to the A word? If your child is vaccine injured, it is not autism, and the courts have said so. If your child has mercury poisoning... you say and prove to the courts your child has mercury poisoning and you leave the autism diagnosis in the trash where it belongs. That entire segment,, which looked good to many of us,, was ignored by many because they were once again arguing that autism is caused by vaccines. It's a dead horse that has been beaten. Someone mentioned there are many ways to kill a cat. Start suing your doctors who have mislabeled your child's vaccine injury.


I agree Shelly. I think they really shot themselves in the foot on this one. If there's no consumer protection why take the risk? The trust is already gone. The Supreme Court decision to side with corporate interests just seals the deal for people to stop vaccinating.


The genie has been let out of the bottle and it will have consequences that they haven't forseen. There may be a group of parents who will be reassured by this Supreme Court decision. However, this decision will certainly do its share of causing people to reject vaccines. This brings the issue of vaccine safety into everyone's life - adults choosing whether to get a flu shot, making decisions for elderly parents, updating your own boosters. As they push harder for everyone to continuously take vaccines, more damage will occur and as more typically functioning people suffer the side-effects and find no recourse, **** will hit the fan. What then will Dr. Siegal, Offitt, Seth, AAP, CDC and the others do?

I've seen several legal analysts on the news who have bluntly said that this decision highlights the fact that the consumer has no recourse. They've called it a flawed law. Now, you have legal experts interpreting the law for what it is; The AAP, CDC and Kathleen S. can't so easily sensor these people. If Dr. Siegal is worried about people panicing and not vaccinating, this decision should be very alarming to him. I do not think this decision will do anything to calm the fear and lessen the "panic" - I think it will only heighten the fear and give more people pause to stop and think about what is really going on.


With respect to "dangerous childhood diseases”, the only really frightening is vaccine-induced encephalitis, resulting in autism and other neurological diseases. All infectious diseases, against which children are massively vaccinated (to injury or death), are easily treatable. For all bacterial diseases we have effective antibiotics, hence the affected child or adult, if treated, is usually disease free within 2 weeks. All viral pediatric diseases are easily self-treatable by bed rest and supplemental care. Only in a few cases they require hospitalization and additional treatment. Polio has been eliminated in North America and Europe, it still exists in the African and some Asiatic countries, where children receive faulty oral polio vaccines, which may spread the virus.

The facts and numbers speak for themselves. Much larger numbers of cases of pediatric infectious diseases in the UE, where vaccinations are voluntary and vaccination rates are much lower than in the US, are associated there with 2-3 times LOWER mortality rates for infants and young children. The same is true for Japan. This is a proof, that in our times in developed countries pediatric infectious diseases are not dangerous to children and very rarely result in death, when children receive proper medical and home care. Moreover, by providing life-long immunity to once infected persons, they lead to real horde immunity, in contrasts to vaccines, which are ineffective in providing long-term protection from infectious diseases . On the other hand, vaccine-injured children are crippled for life. It is not to say, that vaccines have no place in modern medicine. If they were proven (primarily by life not manipulated “science”) to be safe and effective, they would be welcome. But current vaccines are far away from that.


Did Andrew Wakefield perpetrate the Bird Flu scamdemic?

Did Andrew Wakefield perpetrate the first or second Swine Flu scamdemics?

Did Andrew Wakefield perpetrate large-scale Mumps outbreaks among highly-vaccinated college kids?

"What worries experts, however, is that an unusually high proportion of those affected have previously received the two-dose vaccine that covers measles, mumps and rubella."

Andrew Wakefield did that?

K Walker

Okay, so if vaccines are "unavoidably unsafe" - the US Supreme court has given yet ANOTHER loop hole for the manufacturers.
So let's undermine that loop hole -- look up the legal definition of "unavoidably unsafe". If it is NOT a defective Design -- then let's argue it is defective marketing!!!!

Who is the end customer? the parent? Does the parent get the disclosures that accompany the vaccine? How often does the nurse tell the parent the "possible side effects"?? SOUNDS LIKE DEFECTIVE MARKETING TO ME!!!!

There is more than one way to skin a cat... right?

Donna L.

One question for Dr. Siegel - Why should we protect the herd when the herd won't protect us?
Give it to me in writing that when - not if, but when - my child is mentally and physically destroyed by vaccines, the government, the pharmaceutical industry, and the administering physician will pay for ALL medical and therapeutic expenses necessary to recover my child, and I will vaccinate. Until then, f*** the herd.

Anne McElroy Dachel

I was so impressed with Mary on this show.
Put yourself in the place of any parent watching this. Now there is no legal recourse for you if your child is injured by vaccines, but the doctor (Marc Siegel) says go ahead and vaccinate away. Siegel's less than convincing when he says it's not been proven that vaccines cause autism---BUT IT MIGHT BE TRUE?
Please tell me why parents should worry more about measles than autism. Maybe Siegel should spend a day with any of the families that I know personally who have children with autism.....A twenty year old young man still in diapers. Kids who have to be watched constantly because they are a danger to themselves and to others. Children who have daily seizures or struggle to communicate because they can't talk. We have almost a million autistic kids in this country and I'm still waiting for TV personalities like Marc Siegel to show any concern over where they're all coming from.
Autism is a mystery----no known cause, treatment, or way to prevent autism from happening to your next child----but vaccinate anyway....TRUST US. And if your child should come down with autism at the same time he/she is vaccinated---it's all a coincidence and no one can touch the vaccine makers. You can't not sue anyone EVEN IF...they eventually prove that mercury-laced virus vaccines ...or any of the other toxins in vaccinations are linked to autism. It's all a game of Russian roulette and it's just too bad if your chamber wasn't empty.


You receive a notice in the mail that your car dealer wants to have a 50,000 mile look at YOUR auto. You are told your car is theft-proof relating to the ability of the automaker and his agent to trigger complete electronic shut down.

A few days after the dealer's postcard comes to you the service engine soon light comes on or the entire dashboard goes to black while you are driving. How peculiar.

You return YOUR car to the dealer and face $550.00 in service charges for the 50,000 mile warranty maintenance.

You refuse to play their game by skipping the maintenance. The auto maker can claim this is senseless risk all they want.

Remember Pink's. When babies were mercury poisoned by calomel teething powder, moms across the country, who did not even have suffrage at the time, were ridiculed and written off as stupid.

The moms refused to play the game and Pink's went away.

A few decades later, when foreigner's complained about Pink's in their area, American moms spread the word to stop using mercury-laced teething powder which had come to them as post-war aid.

Pink's is still around today painfully inflicting children, but certainly not as the result of using mercury-laced teething powder.

The reaction from the vaccine manufacturing drug companies to claims against their products is typical. Either the court dumps the claims unconditionally or we take our vaccines and go home.

Based on their selection of liability issue, for all we know in an attempt to create a universal virus bug, somebody screwed up gene-splicing a bunch of Measles viruses together, an obvious design defect situation.

America really needs to decline vaccinations. Mortality associated with Measles was reduced 96% BEFORE the introduction of Measles vaccine in 1968.

No, it doesn't mean that Measles killed all the people it could before the vaccine came to market. It simply means the medical profession got a handle on it figuring out how to successfully treat it.

Vaccine makers almost always find diseases in steep decline and target according to the concept that if the disease is going away they can make it look like their vaccine did the job when it had absolutely nothing to do with it. They introduce the vaccine for said disease when cases are dwindling and they box out the majority of the steep decline. They falsely claim to have eradicated the disease and induce fear to maintain uptake of their product.

What Americans find in the Supreme Court decision is they lack the scientific qualifications necessary to rightly judge. This is essentially why they refused to examine the issue case by case and kept their thumb on the scales like a crooked dealer in a Moroccan bazaar.

The bum deal they gave our kids is their misfortune.

Autism Uncle

The litany of big lies by Dr. Siegal perfectly illustrated "saying it so doesn't make it so." Unfortunately, many mainstream TV watchers swallow Siegal's lies whole.

Bob Moffitt

It is too bad the host allowed Dr. Mark Siegal to so quickly assume his "sock puppet" persona .. breathlessly spewing pro-vaccine "talking points" as fast as he could say them ...

instead of asking him why HE "liked her (Mary's) idea there is something going wrong with the court system".

I would have liked to hear Dr. Siegal's opinion on what he thinks has gone wrong with the court system .. instead of hearing .. once again .. that "vaccines don't cause autism .. and .. measles kill".

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