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The gf/cf/sf diet was HUGE in recovering my son from autism and severe developmental delay. Diet, detox, hard work, and prayer and he gained (back) 51 IQ points. His diagnosis of autism was officially removed by the school/county system when he was in kindergarten two years ago. As a bonus, he is now off the diet and can eat what he wants.

Carolyn M

Misty, if your child is older it may take longer than a couple months. With my daughter, it took 8 months before we saw a noticeable change - which was also noticed by her teachers. But it is well worth trying; the GF/CF diet has greatly improved my daughter's health and functioning (especially her then chronic constipation). Good luck.



You go girl!
I believe every kid gets better when you remove gluten and casein; i always wonder if the kids that reportedly did not do well on the diet or did not work for them at all had the parents with the patience to do it right.

If you have a Whole Foods Market near you, they have a very friendly gluten free set up for shoppers. All of the aisles with GF food are marked with purple, and the customer service person can hand you a list of all the GF/CF foods the store carries and where they are located.
Some Whole Foods even have a nutritionist that can walk you to the entire store and introduce you to the GF/CF products and give you ideas for recipes.

GF/CF is as mainstream as it could be. You can also check the magazine Living Without for other yummy recipes!

Good luck!

Jeff C.

Misty - this site is a good place to start

In addition to the dramatic neurological improvement, my son's eczema completely cleared and he became regular. He has been GFCF about 2 years. My main suggestions would be:

Don't cheat even a tiny amount. Go 100%, think of wheat and dairy as poison. It's just easier than trying to figure out what you can get away with.

Read every label and ask for allergen menus at restaurants. Byproducts of wheat and particularly dairy are listed under many names, the link above explains. At restaurants, tell the server your child has a wheat and dairy allergy and to use oil instead of butter if frying or use real eggs instead of those out of a carton. Most servers are sympathetic and helpful.

Give a bag of GFCF snacks to the teacher if your child is in pre-school or kindergarten. Tell the teacher about the diet and what you are trying and how seriously you take it. My experience is that teachers are generally skeptical, but will honor your wishes.

If you do see improvement, have a DAN doctor write on a prescription pad that your child requires GFCF. Present this to the school and insist they write it into your son's IEP. Once we did this, the school completely got on board. Now, they always call or email ahead of time if there is some food-related activity planned so we can provide a substitute.

Good luck, I hope it helps your son. We saw pretty dramatic improvements within about 5 days, but it can take longer. Please do give it an honest try for a couple of months even if you don't see immediate improvement. Some folks report it took a month or more to see a real change.


@Misty Start with TACA:


I would like to know about the "diet". How do I find meal planners and Shopping lists of what to buy. I would like to try it but do not know where to start. My son is PPD NOS and gets extremely hyper. He has skin issues and Digestive problems, constipation issues. Any advice would help.


Thank you Fox News and Dr. Bock, another great clip !!!

The GFCF debunkers and been debunked again.

It would be nice sometime if AoA could locate all of the video clips on a specal page that would show "clip thumbnails" where someone might be able to locate them and replay them fairly quickly. There are dozens of excellent clips over the years.


The diet significantly helped my daughter when started at age eight. I often wonder how much further along she would be if I had found this information much earlier. I also began to realize a similar diet improved how I feel as well. Thank you to FOX News for putting this story out to the public and thank you to Dr. Bock and this family!


What a handsome boy!
And kudos to that mom for spreading the word that autism is treatable.

Congratulations, one less child in the club, this really keeps me going....


Diet has been huge for my son. I believe it may have saved his life because he stopped trying to get out of the house THAT week and never tried to get out again. It saved my brain as well as a person with Nonverbal Learning Disorder. My brain is clear on GFCF diet, if I cheat the problems come back. I find it extremely frustrating when I parents tell my their pediatrician is actually discouraging them from at least trying GFCF with their child. Sigh....

Heidi N

Love this. My kids are also recovered, and we did everything they say on this news clip. They still can not tolerate unorganic foods nor wheat. But some can tolerate milk. Recovery is possible. Thank you, thank you FOX for spreading the news. I love you!!!!!!1



Karen T

What a wonderful story and an adorable little boy. I give Fox news credit for covering this story. It seems like more and more, I am seeing Fox news starting to cover these stories while other stations generally stay away from this topic like it's the plague. I do see other stations cover some stories on autism, but most of the time the coverage is entirely one-sided or if they do present a story like this they always seem to have a so called "expert" on just after it suggesting that it is not true. So glad the diet helped Ethan and that he is doing so well. My prayers go out to all of the families who have been affected.


I think it's wonderful that this type of information is getting it's air time, however, it's a point of notice that "vaccines" weren't included in his list of items to be avoided. It's been determined " by the powers" that "while autism isn't caused by thimerosal, autism can be the result of exposures to thimerosal in those children pre-disposed", this message is being ignored, and should be announced along with the "limit chemicals" pronouncement, no autistic child should receive thimerosal laden vaccines.
Kennedy Kreiger is currently asking for children on the spectrum ages 4 to 12 to enroll in a study to determine if adding cholesterol could be beneficial Studies directed toward dietary intervention are in place.
The neglected issue is the almost disguised message, "these children seem to have a problem with the gut brain barrier". Studies to determine the cause of this have been scarce, and this important feature of the beginnings of autism , that which sets children up for the "pre-disposition" is becoming the sacred cow protected by pharm/medical industry. Many accept some small studies indicating exposures to newer synthetic pesticides such as pyrethrims are statistically significant, yet the studies that point toward chemical laden vaccines given shortly after birth, studies with more merrit and weight are continually countered by bad science. Healing is important, however, stopping the initiation of autism should weigh in as most important. For now, this is good information, if doctors could continue without fear of retaliation to speak out about that "gut brain" issue, perhaps we could one day prevent all autism.

Jake Crosby

Yayy Dr. Bock!!! I probably wouldn't be sitting in my dorm room right now if it weren't for him, because as I've said before - I owe my college career to him!

Jeff C.

What a great clip. The little boy looked a bit overwhelmed (as just about any six year old would under the circumstances), but he responded instantly to his name, looked right at Alysin and answered the question, and flashed a million dollar smile. God is good.

It doesn’t work for all, but GFCF was the turning point for our son. Within days he slept through the night, made regular eye contact, responded to his name, and his incredibly foul stools normalized. Wheat is nasty stuff for a rapidly increasing segment of society. I have a sister with celiac that ended up in the ER near death from it. My son doesn’t have celiac, but I’m convinced he has “gluten sensitivity”, a condition of general inflammation and intestinal permeability brought on by undigested wheat fragments (google Dr. Alessio Fasano). He has protein digestion issues in general; digestive enzymes and a free-form amino acid mixture have lead to additional dramatic improvements. Like the boy in the clip, my six year old son is now in a regular class and doing great.

The diet doesn’t help all of our kids, and my prayers go out to those who gave it an honest try without success. However, I’m becoming increasingly contemptuous of those who won’t even bother to try (with Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s it is much easier than it used to be). Their god damn pediatricians tell them not bother, it is as if those of us that saw improvement all suffer from some mass delusion. One dad told me that he couldn’t do GFCF as his son got too angry if he didn’t get his milk, bagels and cream cheese. I tried to explain opioid peptides and how that anger was probably from withdrawals but it was like talking to a wall.

These parents will have to live with their actions; that is punishment enough. However, there is a special place in hell for pediatricians that discourage the diet without even bothering to do their own independent research.

Adam M

Wonderful!!! Congratulations to Ethan and his family! I love seeing the follow up on children who's story I've heard before. Very encouraging. I also think it does more to shame the "genetics only" crowd than all the studies in the world.

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