Autism Speaks: Silent on the One Key Vax-Unvax Study
Where are the Clowns?

Bob and Suzanne Wright, Why Won’t Autism Speaks Address the Vaccine Issue?

Wrights Time By John Stone

Dear Bob and Suzanne,

How can it be that the organization which you founded cannot discuss publicly the vaccination issue? Year after year you sit there silently as executive members and nothing ever happens to stem the flow of damaged children and broken-hearted parents. The only thing we have is better recognition: by now we also have quite good recognition of Auschwitz and Hiroshima.

But when this last week Dr Oz had a television programme in which the possible causes of autism were discussed, including vaccination,  Autism Speaks was silent. And yet – and this is remarkable – you did both once speak on a visit to London in October 2008, and this is what you said:


"...Today he isn't ducking that issue. "There is no question but that autism is partly genetic and partly environmental, but we don't know whether environmental factors account for 30, 50 or 60 per cent of cases," he says. "Unlike cancers which can develop at any age, autism shows fully by the age of three so we ought to be able to zero in on some of the environmental factors in early childhood.

"Vaccines are one of the variables. The last vaccine Christian had before he regressed was MMR - that's why my daughter concentrates on that. I don't know whether his autism is linked: it was certainly coincidental, what we don't know is if it was causal. Nor do we know whether the thimerosal (the mercury-based preservative used in vaccines) is a factor, although mercury is clearly poisonous. Governments want to run from that issue but they should become more aggressively involved. They have to follow children through to see if there are any effects. When we spend so much money on vaccines, we should be spending money tracking each year group." (HERE )


"We think autism is a relatively new epidemic. After all, where are all the 50-year-old autistic people? They just don't exist in these numbers. It could be genetic or there could be environmental factors. Both in the US and UK we have a big vaccine issue. We know what vaccines prevent, but do we really know their effects?" (HERE )

So, how can it be that at the end of the 5 year history of Autism Speaks it will not address what happened to your grandson or the children of thousands upon thousands of grief-stricken parents and grand-parents, and all we get is cant? And how can it be that sort of medical support that your grandchild has had will be denied to countless others on ideological grounds, and even because of the persecution of the doctors who tried to help (notably in the United Kingdom). How can this appalling situation be allowed to go on?

Please speak out, once and for all, not as corporate board members but as grandparents and human beings. 
John Stone is UK Editor for Age of Autism.








PETER BELL $ 213,492

GERI DAWSON $ 373,092 and bonus of $35,000 (what for?)

Other salaries and wages

$ 11,134,211 (lots of money they can throw around)

Pension plan contributions ( include section 401(k) and section

403(b) employer contributions)

$ 440,129 (set for life)

Other employee benefits

$ 1,326,357 (again, set for life)


$ 1,563,988 (Waldorf Astoria???)


$ 1,004,509 (private jets???)


With acknowledgments to Time 4 Truth:-

Geri Dawson, January 25, 2009:

“Recent studies point to a key role of the immune system in the biology of ASD, raising questions about the effects of the significant immune challenges associated with vaccinations, particularly when delivered in combination and early in life....We believe that the question of whether immunization is associated with an increased risk for ASD is of extremely high priority.”

Geri Dawson, February 17, 2011:

"It's time to change the conversation...Autism Speaks recently declined an invitation to participate in a Dr. Oz show. In reviewing the pre-taping materials, it was clear that the program's major focus was again on the vaccine debate, a debate that has been addressed multiple times, without resolution..."


Interestingly some of you HERE IN THIS ROOM continue to struggle with the vaccine reality despite the clear hard facts that contradict the pure inherited defective gene theory. - The Government has already conceded that the Autism epidemic is not based on faulty or inherited and defective genetic material. The quote was "genes can't change that fast" and it is "scientifically impossible to have a genetic epidemic"- Even now some simply cannot get over that autism, regressive autism, is not genetically conferred onto children. IT IS NOT POSSIBLE.

Their immune system has not yet established its identity and memory of what is and is not an antigen and what is and is not self tissue thus when the genes become dysregulated you get the resulting Th1 and Th2 imbalances and autoimmune disease syndromes like Eosinophilic esophagitis and asthma and skin dermatitis and eczema, food and milk allergies, obesity, mitochondrial disease etc.

These children’s genes are fine and were fine they are just and were immature and not developed and they needed to be protected not assaulted during their maturation phase of development.

All of this horseshit about susceptible and predisposed genes is just that horseshit. Every human beings genes are susceptible and predisposed as infants and toddlers to injury

Why such variation you say? Lots of reasons from the quality control of the pharmaceutical companies and vaccine production- which I can assure you is woefully inadequate-They do not even know reliably themselves what is exactly in each of those vials of morbidity and death, and why should they care? As it currently stands if they renamed a Volkswagen a vaccine and shoved it your ass and it killed you they would be held harmless as they have been indemnified by THE US Congress, The Supreme Court ETC.

They would go in front of the "Special Masters" and say the reason you died when they shoved that 3000lb car up your ass was that your anus was genetically to small and that someone else in your family, a distant cousin whom you have never met, also died because his anus was also small and that proves that you were predisposed and susceptible and that there was nothing wrong with the Volkswagen vaccine, your tight anus runs in the family as a genetic trait. Then your case would be dismissed and your family would be subjected to mockery and echoing laughter at the mere suggestion that they complained about your death.

In addition to quality control issues we all are different – by design and so we will react differently as well- by design. That does not mean our designs are wrong or faulty or defective – just different and that helps to protect the homosapien species as a whole. It does not give a pass to those that want to experiment on us, up and down and dysregulate our genes and then blame our genes and say they were defective and susceptible so the parties responsible can escape scrutiny and repercussions which they so richly deserve.

These bastions of government hypocrisy and facades of judicial impartiality leaked the information of the supreme court decision (through all the typical Washington DC back ally and bath house channels) to all of the media strumpets CNN, ABC, SANJAY GUPTA, WOLF BLITZER, MATT LAUER, GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS, ANDERSON COOPER and so on so they could get their digs into Dr. Wakefield ahead of the recently promulgated Supreme court decision.


These media types are cowards at heart and they have no use for truth or courage or ethics or honesty as these virtues simply do not fit in with their progressive and distorted political agenda

That "Autism Speaks" does not address the central issue, the elephant in the room as it were, VACCINES, and that their position and some of the leaders positions appear labile and that there are considerable amounts of money involved is beyond troublesome this throws a new light on them and smacks of duplicity at best, another pharmaceutical political artifice perhaps? They seem to have an endless amount of useful idiots.

That some other support groups and their leadership are sympathetic to this clear malfeasance and dereliction of duty by Autism Speaks to the main cause and etiology of this plague which is central to our children’s recovery, (as you will not be able to create an internal environment and neurological homeostasis for the child to heal without the proper diagnosis,) prompts questions if not suspicion as to the motivations at work.

The current position by Autism Speaks fails our children and our families and ANY GROUP that supports them fails us as well and any research that does not consider looking at vaccines and the potential dysregulation of our children’s immune system should be ignored as complete and utter nonsense.


Cynthia Cournoyer

Autism Speaks is a vessel where philanthropists can deposit their money and feel good in return; where the medical profession can deposit their support and assuage their guilt; where parents can feel like something is getting done; and where government can proclaim that they recognize the problem because AS exists.

Not acknowledging the vaccine connection is a simple marketing ploy. How much coaching on public opinion and reputation polish have they had? Of course you can't side with vaccines as a cause, or even a QUESTION because the funding would stop tomorrow.


Of course it's genetic, pharma wants us to focus on this. No one is saying how thin the concept is being stretched, so thin as to lose the right perspective on genetic predisposition. Our bodies have strengths and weaknesses all due to genetics. My child's body obviously didn't process and remove toxins as well as half the boys in the world, yet five years before perhaps he would have been spared , at that point he may have been able to detox as the toxins wouldn't have reached his "waterloo". As the years went by the weakest went "down" first, followed in step by the next then the next. They became victims to the same poisons as the poisons increased,hence the "illness" of autism increased. Eventually, even the super detoxer's will succumb, we simply can't expect so many antigens and toxins to be accepted within the little bodies of any infant or small child. The concept is much like the effects of biowarfare, there are firm stats, given exposures at certain levels, an expected number will be sickened, an expected number will be dead, and some will survive. Again, with toxins the old tried and true LD50's some DOSE fifty percent will DIE. Not all, some will be sick, some will remain unscathed, it's a very old toxicological fact. NEVER was it suggested, that fifty in these studies were genetically weaker, and of course they were, but a POISON is a POISON and the effects can translate in the amount of damage according to dose because it CAN be replicated over and over without concern to the genes of the labrats. Genes do NOT and can not continue to cover for the poisoning of our children.

Autism and Anti-Vaccine Advocate


"We shouldn't blame Mr and Mrs Wright, for what 'Autism Speaks' has become."

Posted by: Jenny Allan | February 23, 2011 at 01:59 AM

If Mr and Mrs Wright don't agree with what Autism Speaks has become there is an easy answer. Hold a news conference and say that and then say they no longer will be associated with the organization.

Or better still as Founders, close it down.

To the Wrights credit they don't get salaries.

Autism Speaks is a gravy train for the executives like Dawson, Roithmayr, Bell, etc. Private jets too. Autism Speaks is a money pit for these few and doesn't do anything good for autism.

Here is what one parent said online about Autism Speaks.....

August 4, 2010

Worst nonprofit ever. Ridiculously high salaries and very top heavy. Top
officer makes almost $700,000. They don't help children with autism --
they only fund research. And only research dealing with genetic
components. None of the monies that they collect actually go toward
helping families. Of the nearly $66 million they brought in last year,
only $26 million went to research. The rest went for salaries and
operations expenses. Percent of revenue allocated to salary and expense:
26.98% salaries and 39.01% on operations expense. THESE PEOPLE ARE NOT

Amy Rhodes

I joined the autism speaks social network & tried to have a discussion about the possible correlation between autism & vaccines. I just wanted to start a normal discussion, but instead ( I felt)was attacked for bringing up this subject.All I did was "argue" with people. I didn't necessarily say that my daughters autism was caused by vaccines, but simply was stating the facts as they related to my situation.I mean, think about it. Vaccines not only contain mercury/ thimerisol, but also aluminum, formeldehyde, & viruses, among other things! That does not sound very safe to me.(After the mmr at 18 months, my daughter got a high fever, lost all speech & eye contact, became lethargic & started rocking, hand flapping, screaming, etc.Today she is 15 & still is severely autistic.I also have a 6 year old who is not vaccinated & is completely "normal".)Maybe there is a link somehow........?

Autistic Living

If you look at how Autism Speaks came about, the answers are right there in front of you. Their strategic acquisitions, the folks who were put in charge, and the alliances they have made, all speak to their intentions.

Autism Speaks is about changing the conversation, away from vaccines. This is not new. This is why the organization was created in the first place.

This is why anything they've attempted to do that COULD have been positive if executed correctly has failed, and every negative has had exactly the impact that was intended.

There is no mystery here. THIS is why Autism Speaks exists.

John Stone


I think the situation is more complicated than that, because Bob and Suzanne Wright were never naieve people (which does not, even so, give them the power to control the consequences of all their actions). There is another issue, which is that it is sometimes the easy option to resign when things are going wrong: it may be better to pursue long term objectives silently. I can certainly see that: I also notice that Sallie Bernard is on the board and Holly Robinson Peete. I suppose as outside observers many of us wonder if there is anything left to be done with such an apparent turkey. We are certainly entitled to ask.

On an optimistic front perhaps we should interpret Autism Speak's failure to simply speak (for God's sake!) as a symptom of internal gridlock. Perhaps there is no longer anything they can say either way (although they have helped precious little) and instead we get Geraldine Dawson's deplorable bureaucratic waffle.

Jenny Allan

Autism Grandma says (about Bob and Suzanne Wright, via Katie Wright):-
"Perhaps her parents are simply not able to fight the Vaccine Industry and Pharmaceutical influence over Autism Speaks. Perhaps their original intentions have morphed into something akin to "creating a monster."

Bob and Suzanne Wright never had a CHANCE!! They may have started Autism Speaks, but the minute members of the public began to LISTEN, the 'established interests' moved in, initially posing as persons who are genuinely concerned about the autism causation issues, including possible vaccine causation. The next step was to displace the 'founders' of the pressure group and then change it completely, into something that protects the interests of the vaccine manufacturers, whilst appearing to be sympathetic to autistic persons.

This kind of thing happens all the time. Let's face it. The money and power are all on the side of the big pharma industries and their collective government lobbying influences, backed with vast amount of money and media connections.

As Katie says of her parents:-
"Please understand my parents are terrific and generous people. Without their help I don't know how I would have endured this nightmare. They care deeply for Christian. Their hearts are broken too."

I agree. We shouldn't blame Mr and Mrs Wright, for what 'Autism Speaks' has become.


Re: "The only thing we have is better recognition: by now we also have quite good recognition of Auschwitz and Hiroshima." As usual you NAILED IT John.

I did not know that Katie Wright's parents are the founders of Autism Speaks. Katie is so outspoken, but as the saying goes "Don't judge another man until you walk a mile in his shoes". Perhaps her parents are simply not able to fight the Vaccine Industry and Pharmaceutical influence over Autism Speaks. Perhaps their original intentions have morphed into something akin to "creating a monster." Excuse me Katie but I am no fan of Autism Speaks. This is not an insult to your parents, but as an organization they don't speak for the vaccine injured, and the vaccines are the primary cause of autism whether all of the parents realize it or not. It is depressing to think of all the money raised in the millions and millions, and still no recognition of vaccine causation of autism. Only 2% of all that money goes toward "vaccine research" according to their website, and none of that money has ever produced any support of the vaccine autism link. This tells me that Autism Speaks is supporting the vaccine industry and subsequently the autism cover up.

If questions remain, what do you tell parents when they ask whether they should get their child vaccinated?

Let me be clear: Autism Speaks fully supports childhood immunization and strongly encourages parents to vaccinate their children. Our vaccine program is one of our nation's most effective programs for preventing serious infectious diseases. If parents have concerns about the safety of vaccines, we encourage them to find a pediatrician with whom they can ask their questions and establish a trusting relationship. Working with their pediatrician, we trust that parents can make thoughtful decisions about their child's health.

How much of Autism Speaks' research budget is devoted to studying vaccines?

The amount of funding we are devoting to research that is relevant to vaccines is only a small percentage of our overall research budget, about 2%. The bulk of our $33 million in research funding in 2008 is focused on identification of a wide range of genetic and other environmental risk factors, biological mechanisms, diagnosis and early detection, and discovery of effective treatments. We also invest a substantial amount of funds in developing resources for scientific discovery, such as the Autism Genetic Resource Exchange (AGRE), the largest private genetic data base in the world, and the Autism Tissue Program, a brain tissue donation program dedicated to autism research, among others. Hundreds of scientists are currently using these resources to advance our knowledge about the causes and underlying biology of autism spectrum disorders.

Sadly, Autism Speaks does not speak for our family and they do not speak for my vaccine injured grandson.

michael framson

My take on the behavior of Autism Speaks and their leaders is that from a historical perspective they seemed to be cut from the same cloth as the Vichy Government of France who cooperated with the Germans during the occupation. The Vichy leaders ordered raids to capture Jews and other minorities considered "undesirables" by Germany. The behavior of the Vichy leaders was viewed as treasonous by the French who did not cooperate or collaborate with the Germans.

Viva la Age of Autism and all who fight for justice.

Katie wright

Please understand my parents are terrific and generous people. Without their help I don't know how I would have endured this nightmare. They care deeply for Christian. Their hearts are broken too.
It is Mark Roithmayr who leads AS day in and day out. I dont know but am guessing he is advised badly by those who grossly underestimate the patience of families and their tolerance for taking risks.
No one said this was easy- but this autism, not heart disease, not even HIV - as tough and controversial as it gets! Causation issues come w the territory.

John Stone


I, personally, make no apology for insisting on the vaccine issue. Genetics are marginal (maybe that's why Geri Dawson doesn't want to discuss anything), but there are going to be other issues of environment and medical history. Nevertheless, in the last 20 years or just over we have been manufacturing autism cases in industrial quantities. In the US you have the mandates, and as of today the manufacturers complete indemnity from legal action. People vaccinate under duress, and also completely at their own risk, or their infants. How can this be allowed to go on?

And what real assurances can Autism Speaks offer? If there were ever any hints that they were finding their way they have well and truly lost it now.

Lisa @ TACA

When it comes to autism we have to be a part of conversations to drive change. Autism Speaks needs to be a part of this conversation.

We cannot walk away from unpopular topics. Facing and addressing them drives change.

Not looking at them or talking about them does no good for the percentage of families that witnessed like their children regressing after vaccines.

Some day the autism diagnosis will be 30 different names, with different treatments and causes. This issue won't go away until there is an honest discussion and resolution for these families.

Jeff C.

Just for the record, my “sold their souls” comment wasn't aimed at Katie's parents, but at the medical establishment along with both government and non-profit organization bureaucrats. Katie is a testament to her parent’s character; the acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree. But their silence is troubling.

Karen Lepak

I am the grandmother of a sweet nine year old boy who has autism. I too, am very concerned that the Wrights didn't accept the invitation to appear on the Dr. Oz show. They have done a suberb job in raising awareness through Autism Speaks. Their presence was so imperative on this national television show. We support Autim Speaks and imagine if we all decided not to appear at the annual walks. Presence, presence presence. The Wrights need to remember who their customer is. Not only the children/adults with autism, But family members who "fight the fight" everyday. I'm sure they could have worked something out with the Oz producers if they didn't want to address the causal contoversary. I think it was Bill Gates that said," Your most unhappiest customers are your greatest source of learning." Very disappointing! Listen to this feedback from the experts, the families!


Bob and Susanne, do you care more about the throne you have built or the kids sitting sick beneath it. You are old folk now... Who cares what the lobbyists say... you are old folk now who can speak your mind. What would the almighty tell you to do? Do the Christian thing, and let your personal truth be heard. AS isn't helping or protecting kids in any way. You have failed it and the kids it supposedly helps. All AS seems to do is lobby for insurance companies and pharma too. Stop failing your grandson. I pray you have a change of heart.

John Stone


In October 2008 Bob and Suzanne Wright wanted to say they cared, wanted to direct research towards practical benefit, rather than another face study or another genetic study. They were prepared to talk about what happened to their grandson. It is perfectly right to hold them to account, but of course entirely up to them what they do about it.

I don't know of anything which has occured in the interim which could have persuaded them that vaccines are safe, let alone today's supreme court ruling.


Jeff C.

John – Thanks for all you do. I do respect the work of you and others like Katie to hold their feet to the fire. I don’t know where you find the energy to keep fighting this fight.

My concern is that there seems to be a sort of innocence; that somehow, if we could just reach the right people, tell them our story, show them our data, there will be a change of heart. There won’t. They don’t care. They already know the truth. They have sold their souls. If they were just misinformed yet truly wanted to get to the bottom of this, they would support an independent vax vs. unvax study. If they really were certain there was no link, this study could completely deflate our cause. They won’t support it; they know what they will find.

Expose them yes, don’t waste energy trying to reason with them.

Boys and Girls Come Out to Play

Autism and Anti-Vaccine Advocate

But how else would they get to employ such wonderful top-notch people? We should be grateful.

Autism and Anti-Vaccine Advocate

Unfortunately I and others have no understanding why the Wrights won't help their daughter, Katie with Autism Speaks. Defies understanding.

The following says it all about Autism Speaks regarding their recent 990 form (other previous ones are just as bad with very high administrative costs)..........

Salaries on page 10 & 33 total $2,591,602 for current officers,
directors, trustees, and

key employees......

Here are big ones.......


PETER BELL $ 213,492

GERI DAWSON $ 373,092 and bonus of $35,000 (what for?)

Other salaries and wages

$ 11,134,211 (lots of money they can throw around)

Pension plan contributions ( include section 401(k) and section

403(b) employer contributions)

$ 440,129 (set for life)

Other employee benefits

$ 1,326,357 (again, set for life)


$ 1,563,988 (Waldorf Astoria???)


$ 1,004,509 (private jets???)

In summary, Autism Speaks is terrific at raising funds for autism but just as equally good at spending it with nothing to show for it (they haven't stopped the autism epidemic nor have they found any answers....their funding of autism research is as successful as the NIH/CDC=NOTHING).

kathy blanco

The mere act of speaking against vaccines has now become the equivalent of Irans president defending that there was no holocaust. Go on ahead and be a part of the denial Mr and Mrs Wright. Go on ahead and satisfy your blame on genetics and other lesser of evils damaging mishaped chromosomes, none the least, those toxins which are never in vaccines, because that way, you can still keep your stock at GE, and other conglomerations of evil personified industria in your swiss bank accounts. Go on a head and meet MY MERCIFUL MAKER, who, in the end, will open up your book of life, and ask you some pretty darn hard questions of why you did not defend the innocent and harmed, and at the very least, your own flesh and blood. People like you should not be grandparents! If I were Katie, I would deny access to my child because or your stand. I hope Katie does such a thing. Sometimes your own flesh and blood does not deserve your pearls, or time of day. And oh, in case you think we are the nut cases, I point you to common facts, initiation of a virus or infection of multiple sources including vaccines, autoimmunity, inflammation in brain are all signiatures of a vaccine induced ADEM or infectious origin, thusly explaining "an epidemic". OF course, there are other ways and means to get autism, but the largest worrying factor is the common similar etiology of a full vaccine schedule in very low cellular functioning/dysregulated mediated children. Oh, and I do blame a lot of that low CMI to toxins in our environment, you know, the things you say are causal. I rather look at autism as a lasagna layer of damage, one thing after another, at the most delicate developmental timing there is, infancy. Illustration of my point below

Goran Nystrom

Shameful. An organisation named "Speaks" choosing to be quiet? Truth is coming out anyway and any day soon. Speak up now or be forever shamed.

John Stone


No we can't let the IACC pretend and we can't let Autism Speaks pretend. They should not be let off the hook. Whatever else we do, it is right to keep holding them to account in any way we can.


John, thanks for putting it out there. I do think it's worth appealing to Bob and Suzanne regardless of whether AS's science board now has control of the organization. Whatever went into raising their daughter to have courage and foresight must be in them as well. Even if they can do nothing else, they can speak out.

Jeff C.

Only organizations specifically chartered to expose the vaccine-ASD link will continue to pursue it (i.e. those founded by parents that saw regression after vaccination). The policy of the government to always deny damage, the corrupting influence of the pharmaceutical companies, and the desire for “respectability” in mainstream medical circles are just too overwhelming. Organizations that might once have been open to considering the question will always end up rejecting it.

We waste our time, energy, and money by continually banging our heads against this wall. Autism Speaks is a lost cause. Insel’s panels are a sham and are designed to be a diversion. I hope I am wrong, but it seems that even recent DAN! Conferences seem to be downplaying the vaccine link.

Our best weapon is talking directly to parents. That is why Jenny McCarthy is so effective and so despised by the sneering class. They just can’t believe people are listening to this airhead dumb blond (in their minds, we know better). That is why Dr. Wakefield is so effective, despite every attempt to destroy him; he continues to persuade talking to small parent’s groups. He knows trying to convince the AMA or AAP is a waste of time, just like it’s a waste of time to try and convince our pediatricians. Even if they suspect a link, they will never admit it.

Parents are listening. Poll after poll says that vaccine safety is a serious concern. H1N1 and Gardasil performed far below expectations. Flu shot uptake has not risen despite expanding the recommendation to everyone. Keep talking to parents, tell them our stories of regression, and our stories of recovery. Stop wasting time trying to appeal to conscience of corrupt organizations.

Sold Down the River

With acknowledgents to Time 4 Truth:-

Geri Dawson, January 25, 2009:

“Recent studies point to a key role of the immune system in the biology of ASD, raising questions about the effects of the significant immune challenges associated with vaccinations, particularly when delivered in combination and early in life....We believe that the question of whether immunization is associated with an increased risk for ASD is of extremely high priority.”

Geri Dawson, February 17, 2011:

"It's time to change the conversation...Autism Speaks recently declined an invitation to participate in a Dr. Oz show. In reviewing the pre-taping materials, it was clear that the program's major focus was again on the vaccine debate, a debate that has been addressed multiple times, without resolution..."

David Taylor

John--I hope you aren't waiting for your Outlook bell to chime signaling you have an email from Bob and Susan Wright.

One of the purposes of the name-calling from the vaccine_profits crowd is to brand you and us "nutcases" and "fringe radicals" so that they don't have to respond to emails, posts or any form of questioning from the "anti-vax" crowd.

The purpose of Autism Speaks is two-fold: so a few can enjoy the high life (feel good while doing it); and the cover up, of course.

Follow the money, not the facts.


Was the control of the Autism Speaks organization "removed" from the Wrights by the selection of certain AS board members? Do the Wrights have any current authority with AS ?

I would suppose once pharma noticed the amount of money coming into AS they would want to take steps to control the organization completely.

I believe Christian Wright was given seven vaccines on the same day, and then a quick, short trip to the Autism spectrum. It is beyond belief that the elder Wrights do not fully support the vaccine connection & their daughter.

How can anyone back a "genetic component" that supports the idea that children should be able to handle 50x to 100x doses of mercury, or 5, 7 or 9 vaccines the same day ??
....and those who cannot are genetically defective ???

...and should wait for "gene therapy treatments" to be developed by the GE gene machines...

Would it not be simpler to prevent the vaccine disaster that still occurs every day ???

Morality check

Bob and Suzanne's Wright's grandchild is no longer being vaccinated. Autism Speaks' Executive Vice President Peter Bell only vaccinated his oldest child - the one with autism - according to the CDC schedule.

How many other Autism Speaks employees personally benefit from the knowledge they have of the neuro-destructive effects of vaccines, while drawing salaries from an organization that actively covers up the vaccine/autism link and even takes the unnecessary step of encouraging autism families to vaccinate their children - children who are more susceptible to vaccine harm?

Who's worse? Madoff for stealing money? Or those involved in the vaccine/autism cover-up, for stealing health, minds and futures in exchange for salaries? I'd take Madoff any day. He never contributed to a single child's life being altered or destroyed by autism.

Charlie Hoover

Bob and Suzanne,

You held an Autism Speaks' fund raiser at the exclusive Mar-a-Lago club which was attended by South Florida's rich and powerful and raised 1.8 million dollars. During the event, Suzanne you stated that "South Florida is listening" and "together we will solve the puzzle of autism" ( Well, I live in South Florida (ironically on the same road as Mar-a-Lago but out west with the poor and powerless) and was indeed listening and a little hopeful. Now, three years after the event, I am no longer listening or in the least hopeful.

I have absolutely no doubt that you both know vaccines damaged your grandchild just like it did my son. John is right. Now is the time to use your gilded soapbox or permanently relinquish it.


Because Autism Speaks operates under the Bernie Marcus/Home Depot (and GE - PCB's and Chesapeake Bay - maker of vaccine manufacturing equipment) philosophy of blaming or filing lawsuits against corporations is always frivolous (unless of course the corporation itself is filing a lawsuit).


This has been a perplexing contradiction in the minds of many of us for a very long time. Katie's seemingly tireless work on behalf of the autism community is greatly appreciated--after all, it was she who managed to override the production staff on Oprah when she was allowed to suggest that vaccines were responsible for much of the autism epidemic. Couple that with the Wright's juxtaposition, in a very personal way, to their granchild's diagnosis and the picture becomes even more blurry. I think what most of us would like to know is Why. Why the reluctance to depart from AS's assertion that the cause of autism is a giant "mystery" that simply needs further genetic investigation? Why no public support of a vax vs. non vax study? Why the allegiance to Pharma's agenda?
We should never doubt the Wright's love and devotion for their daughter and grandson, and we have no way of knowing what goes on within this family, away from public view. And for the most part, that's as it should be. But perhaps a better understanding of their reluctance to support the autism community outside AS would answer many other questions. What do they have to lose? What (if any) agreements have they made with the powers-that-be to maintain a consistent non-position regarding vaccines? What trade-offs (if any) have they made with their silence? If it's financial, how much money could possibly compensate for silently witnessing the destruction of an entire generation of children? I suspect most of us are willing to believe there is goodness and decency behind this decision, but we're forced to rely on pure speculation about the essence of this paradox. Thank you, John, for asking the question.

Bob Moffitt

As the proud grandfather of a lovable eleven year old .. nonverbal boy .. who "regressed" and was diagnosed autistic eight plus years ago .. I remember geting tears in my eyes when I first heard Suzanne Wright (paraphrasing) say "Autism knocked on the wrong door when it knocked on ours".

Our family has suffered many disappointments over these last eight plus years .. and .. unfortunately .. Autism Speaks is one of them.

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