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Autism’s Scapegoats

Coal lowell
By Norm Roberts

There are several things we can agree on. Coal is nasty. Studies correlating incidence of autism and proximity to coal fired power plants shouldn’t be discounted. We need to clean up those plants. Coal’s likely role in autism is only one reason.

But I wouldn’t like to see us get caught up blaming coal for the pandemic. For one thing coal is a convenient villain, one that can be used to obfuscate the role played by other, more important factors that are politically off limits. We could be set back decades trying to eradicate autism by banning coal only to eventually discover what is obvious now. Coal can’t be more than a minor player.  We’ve already lost twenty years trying to make genetics the culprit. Let’s not spend another twenty chasing another false lead.

 Coal has been around a long time. It has been the principle energy source for the industrial revolution since England ran out of trees to make coke. At the turn of the twentieth century the air in central England was black with soot. It was an awful place to live. Coal was the main source of winter heating in my home town until we got a gas pipeline in the 1950s. The post buildings at Ft. Campbell, Kentucky were heated with coal when I was there in 1965. I remember a snow storm that winter. When the snow melted the automobiles were all red with coal dust.

No autism to speak of though. Something happened around 1990 to precipitate a dramatic increase in that. Some major source or sources of environmental insult either first appeared or became much more prevalent and caused a lot more autism. Whatever it was it happened all over the world. Suggesting that coal is the answer just feeds the unhelpful dodge that autism  has been here all along, and in numbers that haven’t really gone up. Of course the numbers have gone up and at a terrifying rate. Let me say it again. Something new came along twenty years ago and it wasn’t coal.

I’m not suggesting we shouldn’t look further into coal. We should. We should ask all the obvious questions and not accept dismissive or speculative answers to any of them. What changed? If coal is a contributing factor, what’s changed in coal? Why didn’t we see autism a hundred years ago? Do the smoke stack scrubbers we installed have something to do with it? They are new. So are catalytic converters on automobiles, and guess what, living near a freeway also correlates with autism incidence. So do changes in the childhood vaccination schedule. Ask the questions? Sure. Something’s causing this, but let’s not spent more years and more millions chasing our tails.

We need to understand this disease. We need to understand its nature, what environmental insults cause it, how they cause it, and how our children are exposed to them. For many years the medical and scientific communities have been trying to explain away this tragedy.  They blamed it on poor mothering, then genes. They continue to define it in purely behavioral terms in the face of overwhelming evidence that it is biological in nature. They have used one lame excuse after another for not looking into related morbidities. For years they ignored digestive, immune response, muscular, and sensory issues, all things parents have been telling them about, pleading with them about only to be dismissed as distraught.

Norm Roberts is a retired business analyst living in Plano, Texas. His 9 year old grandson has autism.



Thanks Erika! You made my day! I would love to get more information on the homeopath you saw. If you don't feel comfortable posting it here, you could contact me via email I'll be getting a copy of that book too.
Best Wishes and Many Thanks!!


Sometimes antibiotics help with autism.

Nancy, please watch the video here.



I absolutely, 100% agree with you. We need to look into everything that is harming our kids, EVERYTHING.

I also believe EMFs are a big part of what is injuring our kids.

Back 3 years ago a bit after my son was diagnosed with severe autism, we began a sequential/integrative homeopathic protocol to help him heal.

One of the very first things our homeopath introduced us to was the work of Masaru Emoto, the author of “The Hidden messages of Water”. I am sure you have come across his work in your research of EMFs. I feel in love with his work.

Next, our homeopath asked us to "get rid of as much EMFs sources you have at home as possible". By then, after reading the book, I knew why she was asking that and I totally agreed with her.

And so we did, we now have only one TV, one phone and it is not cordless, no microwave, no WiFi, one laptop that we disconnect completely when not in use, one cell phone that we charge at night in the garage, which is the furthers part of the house from where we sleep, and every night, once my son is sleeping, I go in his room and unplugged his CD player. Which is the only thing he has to have playing with classical music when he goes to sleep. I do not miss any of the things we got rid of, not even the microwave. She walked me through the importance of creating a “sanctuary” for him to be able to heal, especially when he sleeps. We are already bombarded with EMFs all over the place when we go out, we at least should guard our kids and families as much as we can in our homes from as many pollutants as possible.

Another thing that our homeopath asked us was to work our way up until we could give our son a high amount of probiotic but making sure it did not contain the “Strep” strain in it, if he had high OCD (which he does) and no Acidophilus strain either, if he has high lactic acid, which he also does.

That turned out to be a HUGE part of our puzzle!

Have you look into that? Perhaps that could also help your daughter in her healing path?

Thank you again for bringing this important topic to the table.

Good luck, love and gratitude,


I'm sure that my daughter is full of heavy metals. I just think the reason that she doesn't methylate or detoxify effectively is because of the damage from wireless radiation. Like most autism moms, I'm a google junkie and always looking for answers so I will keep an open mind.
I got no Rhogamma injections (or any other injections) during pregnancy. We were hellbent on No vaccines at her birth so she was never out of our sight. She was never in the nursery and always slept with me or her dad at the hospital so wahile you can never say never I doubt she could have gotten any Hep B injections.


Great discussion to continue!
I don't mean to insinuate that I did everything right or that I'm particularly smart. I didn't and I'm not! I'm sure that on careful examination there are several things that could have contributed to my daughter’s autism. For what it is worth, I didn't have an epidural, my daughter has never had an antibiotic (at birth or at any other time) she has never had an ear infection, she breast feed for 20 months, she's never been in daycare and never had formula (I tried to give it to her once and she immediately spat it out and started crying.) (It's not my intention to brag here although it probably sounds like it is!) I don't remember the brand of prenatal vitamins, although the fish oil was Carlson's. I think lead is likely a large factor in her case. The house we were living in at the time was old and had lead paint on the lower layers. The blinds tested positive for lead as well. But, like coal, lead and lead paint have been around since the turn of the century. The autism epidemic has not. So we've got to look at things that have exploded since 1990s. I encourage everyone to do their own research and see what scientific journals have documented on the biological effects of wireless radiation. The parallels between the biological effects of wireless radiation and autism are significant. DNA damage, immune system impairment, increase in free radicals and oxidative stress, mitochondrial dysfunction, abnormal protein formation, decreased methylation and the list goes on. I didn’t just pick RF randomly. I’ve researched it as many of you have researched vaccinations. My daughter goes to a school with Wi-Fi. It is a school for children with autism, but I can’t get the school to budge. The reason? Not one other parent has expressed concern. (Wi-Fi radiation can be considerable if the child is in front of a computer connected by Wi-Fi or near a Wi-Fi antenna.) I certainly never wanted to vindicate vaccines. I think the reason my daughter has never had an ear infection nor needed an antibiotic is due to the fact that she is not vaccinated. I also think that vaccines do contribute to autism. BUT one thing that we can't deny (and this is where I'm getting myself into trouble) more parents are choosing not to have their children vaccinated yet autism rates are going up. If we can accept that there are other significant environmental factors while continuing our march for safer vaccinations we could have a greater impact on the autism epidemic.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

To Nancy, I believe that anyone who is telling the truth as they observed it , is welcome and appreciated at AOA. Accounts such as yours could perhaps lead us to new sources of mercury, for example (or anything else that might cause autism).
Keep an open mind- Over the years I have, for example, learned of so many new sources of mercury- living near a crematorium or eating products with high fructose corn syrup. In the area where my daughter lives, there may be mercury in water, mercury in the air from forest fires and now recently someone here noted that there is a big cement plant in that area.
And yet, having worked as a nurse myself, I would first of all suspect that your daughter may have been given the Hep B at birth and it may not have been recorded- or it was recorded and you have not seen the record. And we have very interesting information from chemists that occasional samples of vaccines have astoundingly high mercury levels. Who could have imagined that? We have all been trained to believe the contents stated on the label. Did you by any chance get Rhogamma injections in pregnancy? All the best, Thanks for your input. We wont be satisfied until we get the truth- the truth for every child. Please let us know later if you learn anything about levels of metals in your child.


To Nancy --

You bring a very valid point to the 'conversation', thank you for that!

On top of what other people have already recommended it, I would like to point out a few other things worth considering.

You mentioned that you did not use pitocin during labor, what about epidural? Also, in some hospitals they use a prostaglandin pill or Cytotec to induce labor, both are absorbed through the mucosal lining of the cervix to soften the cervix and start contractions, not as harmful as pitocin but quite “ify” for some babies. Did you take any of that?

You also said that your baby did not receive the vitamin K shot or any other shots, what about antibiotics? Has she ever been on any antibiotics? I heard Dr. Ussman presentation during a conference last year and she mentioned that for some kids antibiotics could be as harmful as vaccines. Not to mention that most babies get an antibiotic ointment (or silver nitrate) in their eyes as soon as they are born to protect them from possible maternal STDs.

You said that you breastfed your daughter, for how long? Did you ever use any baby formula at all? Many baby formulas have not only synthetic vitamins but also an extremely high amount of manganese, and if you google manganese toxicity, you would be amazed at the similarities with ASDs.

You also said that you took prenatal vitamins, what brand? A few years ago the FDA, (not that I believe everything the FDA has to say, mind you...) released a list of vitamins high on lead. Here is a link for you to look at:

There is also one more thing to consider, has she ever being on daycare? What about “vaccine shedding”? That is one more insult our kids are facing that gets little to almost no attention but is a reality their immune systems are fighting against on a daily basis. The medical community calls it “transmission”.

My point is, some of our kids are so fragile that perhaps what could be considered the “littlest thing”, can throw them over the edge. Especially if they have a weak gut, as we all know by now.

Just some points to consider that might facilitate your research to help your daughter. Ah! One more thing, the latest issue of the Autism File Global magazine has a great article with ideas of how to help non-vaccinated kids in the spectrum.

You are a very well educated, proactive mom. Oh! How I wish to have been as smart as you are.

david burd

Nancy, Thank YOU for describing your daughter.

I admit I was potty trained at about age 2 - 3 (so I'm told). Otherwise, most of the characteristics you mention may not be "typical" - but what is typical?

Happily for your family, you guys are on the outskirts of 'autism' having a relatively mild manifestation.

good luck, and happy trails ---

Jeff C.

Hi Kristina – Unfortunately, T-mobile would not move the site despite the publicity and being condemned by the Los Angeles City School Board. Once they spend the money to install a site (over $100K), it is virtually impossible to get them to move it. However, we were able to catch the next two sites in the planning stage and stop them.

The comm companies are sneaky; they applied to the planning commission to build an “above ground facility” and no one realized what was happening until the tower was put up. Neighbors and school parents tried to blockade the tower to prevent power up, but the power company came back and turned it on in the middle of the night. The good news is that the publicity made everyone aware of what the comm companies were doing and we have been able to stop two subsequent towers at the Planning Commission since then.

Regarding your brothers-in-laws situation, most cell tower antennas are designed to radiate the RF signal outward (toward the horizon), with minimal signal radiated up or down. They do this to improve the system performance as power radiated up or down is wasted. If he is concerned, he can rent a power meter and compare the measured levels against those in my study. Google “field strength meter rental”.


I'd say her autism is moderate. She is verbal, but pretty seriously delayed. She has pretty serous anxiety too. She likes people, but doesn't have the social skills to make friends. She likes music, but can't follow a story in a movie or a children's book. She's halfway potty trained, but not entirely. She's very distracted. She is 5 years old. Her speech has been evaluated at the bottom 1% for her age, but she can tell me what she wants or needs pretty consistently. I hope this give a pretty good picture :)

david burd

Nancy, Since the spectrum is quite wide, may I ask the severity and details of the autistic symptoms your daughter has? Thank you for any detail you may want to offer.


Jeff C., thanks for that information and I'm impressed with your study. The school and the neighbors are lucky to have you. Did you succeed in getting it moved?

My brother in law works on the top floor of a 12 story building with a cell tower on top. Is this the absolute worst place to be, or does the radiation go out at an angle rather than straight down? Do you know of anything he can do to protect himself, other than finding a new job? He does have health problems and I wonder how much could be from the cell tower.


Hello everyone!
Thanks for your responses. I cringed a little this morning before I looked at the posts b/c I thought they may get nasty. I know how passionate this group is about vaccines. But most everyone was pretty nice. Thanks for that! It's good to know we can have a good discussion!
We don't have any auto immune disorders in the family, we didn't do any home improvement projects when I was pregnant, we don't live near any industries and we haven't ever used any pesticides. (Although the city does, so this could be an influence) I avoided diary products, chocolate, fish and shellfish during pregnancy, took large doses of prenatal vitamins, had no pitocin during labor, breastfed, said no to vitamin K shots for my daughter as well as all other shots.
We decided against vaccines mainly due to the background education I have in natural therapeutics. They basically taught us that vaccines are bad and I believed it. I still do, actually. I also read blogs like this one from parents to make up my mind.
I won't go into the details of the RF exposure that my daughter got, but it was significant and we lived in a house with aluminum siding.
I got a little overly dramatic when talking about being "alienated" but there is a singular focus on this blog on vaccines. I think causes in addition to vaccines need to be taken more seriously. Too often, I see comments that indicate that vaccines are the only thing people want to see studied. Anything other than that is worthless. I disagree. We could probably take our daughter to be the poster child for Allison Singer and Paul Offit "You see, it's not the vaccines" campaign. But I don't want to do that. I would like to see communities like this one, that focuses on natural solutions and environmental causes, to expand their vision a little.

Jeff C.

Kristina - I share your concerns about RF radiation, but most WiFi signals are extremely low power and likely not much of a threat. Like any other toxic exposure, damage is a function of both magnitude and time exposed. The typical WiFi service is only intended to provide service over a very short distance (say within a 100' radius) thus power levels are 1000 to 1,000,000 times lower than that seen with cell phones or cell phone towers.

Cell phones and smart phones are another story. When using a smart phone for either voice or data (e.g. 4G, EVDO), the cell site might be a mile away or more. This requires far higher power levels as signal strength drops as a function of the square of the distance. This means every doubling of distance requires a quadrupling of power. It adds up really fast. Of course it also means power levels drop fast so the further away you are the safer your are.

I don't mean to dismiss your concerns as I also question the wisdom of running this real-time experiment. But I do think it makes sense to focus our concerns on the biggest threats.

If you are interested, here is a copy of an RF radiation level study I did regarding a cell tower next to a local elementary school:


Re Post by Nancy: "She regressed at about a year and had she been vaccinated I would be certain that vaccines were the culprit. Our story would get lots of attention and I'd get lots of support. Instead, we can't blame vaccines, so the hell with us."

Nancy, I don't think you realize that you will get lots more support all the way around by NOT associating your child's autism with vaccines. You did the right thing by researching vaccines and taking precautions. I would not take the risk of vaccines with any child who already has autism regardless of the cause, but that is a decision that is yours to make.

Regardless of the cause of your child's autism, you can research therapies which are helping so many children like yours and ours. Although we have used many therapies which are contributing to my grandson's recovery, we have gotten the most amazing results from Methyl B12 (Dr.Neubrander), and probiotics which out of ten we tried in 3 years, we were referred to Klaire Labs by a PhD autism researcher: TherBiotic Complete--he started talking the first day. Methyl B12 reversed alot of neurological damage. On both, if you try them, go "Low and Slow". There is a ton of support online for affordable therapies for autism regardless of whether it is a "vaccine injury". Lab testing is very valuable for telling you the underlying physical problems: missing intestinal flora, heavy metal accumulation (mother's dental fillings etc.), virus and bacterial issues, detoxification issues....

Here is a quote that inspired me early on into my research from a mother of a child with autism:

“I will fight for my child, I will not abandon her to this sickness. She will be healed and I will do the work required to see it. Children are being healed every day and leaving the spectrum. My child will be one of them. I will not give up in laziness and just let the so called experts handle it. Who, by the way can’t cure it but they can teach your child a few tricks. I will educate myself, I will be my child’s advocate, I will not just except everything that is handed to me in my life and I will not curl up in the fetal position dwelling on how unfortunate and I am.”


Nancy, I'm assuming your daughter has been tested for Lyme infection by the Igenex laboratory and is undergoing long term treatment? If not, I'm mistaking you for someone else here whose unvaccinated child has autism. There is a website about Lyme induced autism.

I stand by my statement that it's easier to avoid vaccines than wi-fi. You can't even get on an airplane anymore without being exposed to wi-fi. Convincing society to go against wi-fi is going to be as difficult as convincing them to not vaccinate, and the fight hasn't even really begun in the U.S. (It has in Europe). You better believe I'd fight my children's school if they considered wi-fi, but going up against every other business would take a lot more than just my efforts. But when I go to the doctor's office, I simply say "no thanks" regarding vaccines, and I signed an exemption for school. Of course, some doctors are more obnoxious than others, and some states present bigger hurdles for school exemptions, but it's still usually possible except in Mississippi, West Virginia, and some areas of New York.

I didn't mean to alienate anybody by saying I think the vast majority of autism cases could be prevented by not vaccinating. It's important to help kids with rare diseases too, and figure out the cause. In fact, rare diseases seem to be getting a lot more productive research than autism. And wouldn't that be great if autism became rare once again.


I strongly agree with this post. I also agree that some substantial factors may be wi-fi, dental amalgam, etc.

I believe that high copper dental amalgam began to be used around 1976, which is coincidentally about the same time I had my first cavity filled. Several more followed for me, especially in the teeth that were supposedly forming during and after that first filling. Those teeth all had problems--another coincidence??? I've heard, but can't make a citation, that the newer amalgam formulation appears to leech Hg at a higher rate than older formulations, and also, disturbingly, that the FDA doesn't feel the need to study and quantify this?

So, I do wonder if the maternal amalgam load in a sense increased substantially for some children in this generation, but since my daughter made progress in the time frames prior to her well-baby visits (except the visit that followed a vaccine dose from a vial known to have not been shaken before previously removed doses) and nearly always regressed on the heels of them (particularly that visit), I can't help but be sure she would not have a detectable disability without her vaccine exposures.

I also personally cannot now be near an activated wi-fi device for more than 15-20 minutes without beginning to feel horrible. I believe I was probably adversely affected by intermittent cell phone exposure for years without realizing it, but we also didn't actually have any such devices in our household until my daughter was more than eight years of age. It's hard to say if that is a factor in her injuries.

I often feel like we live in the "age of toxic experimentation," but as this post points out there have been reductions in pollution from some sources, and I have to think that one lesson that will come out of this "age of the vaccine epidemic" is that there are few toxic delivery methods more direct and risky than the somewhat random but deliberately injected Hg and AL doses extracted from a somewhat randomly agitated multi-dose vaccine vials.


Nancy, it is the heavy metals in the vaccines that most believe to have caused the most damage to our children. There are other possible exposures to those heavy metals that may have affected both you and your daughter--or it could be something entirely different.

The rest of us are wishing that we had been as smart as you, not to vaccinate. And yes, count me as another one whose child was vaccinated in the hospital, against my written AND verbal instructions, without my consent.

By any chance, did you do any homeowner projects while you were pregnant or when your daughter was an infant? Was your home or workplace treated for pest infestations? Did you receive amalgam dental fillings? And do you have any family history of autoimmune disorders such as celiac disease, rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid disorders, fibromyalgia, diabetes, lupus, MS, etc?

You've probably already looked at all that, since you already knew enough to avoid vaccines. But just in case you (or whoever is reading this) didn't....


Oh, and electromagnetism waves and microwaves, and radio waves in the air?????


Maybe a cellphone right againest your head as you talk none stop maybe! But we are talking about an autoimmune disorder.

An immune problem welllllll let us seeeee - vaccines does have something to do with immune system. What a novel idea!!! I must be a genius to think of this! That is it! Why haven't the people up there in the NIH, HHS and the CDC figured this out????

Oh, that is right - they gave the vaccines to everyone so they are at fault, and NIH, HHS and the CDC are like a lot of medical people - they don't want to be blamed for harming instead of protecting and curing.



I have worked in various environmental labs.

Dow chemical spends much money to maintain an environmental lab because first the EPA says they have to and second they really do not want to release something that will damage people or future generations.

The Dow chemical environmental lab follows strict guide lines by the EPA and a few of the procedures are:

test the product on different species because some species are not effected were as other will be.

test different levels of the product, because how much or how little will prove to be toxic.

test more than one generation: As a matter of fact they will test sometimes up to eight generations.

The immune system is one of those things that is inherited from "BOTH" Parents - and the word inherited means not from genes but the previous environment.

So Nancy why did you not vaccinate your child? Was it because you or your husband already had some problems from vaccinating yourselves?

You are not alone in this; and it is growing concern for many, many people, and it is scary! My son's psychologist's daughter had her child at home just so she would know for sure it would not be vaccinated and still it has autism - PDD-NOS. Why, Because she reacted by passing out to one of her vaccines as a teen ager. SO, there are plenty that is claiming the same as you. I suspect that my own daughter who recently had a Hep B and flu shot - then dignosed with high inflamatory disorder, and bipolar would meet the same problem as you have experienced.

I also worked for the forest department for reclaiming strip minds and the strict guidelines that the EPA puts forth is well thought out, and the coal mines, as well as the strip mines, as well as the electric companies that burn coal are good people that work hard toward a clean environment.

Electric companies spends millions to put scrubbers in their chimneys to the point that all that ecapes is CO2 the same stuff we exhale.

Jeff C.

Thanks for bringing up Wi-Fi and RF radiation. There is a brand new study by Dr. Henry Lai at the University of Washington linking cell phone use to changes in brain glutamate activity:

There is much one can do to reduce their exposure, but it goes beyond limiting cell phone use. I came home one day and found Verizon conducting field trials on the lamppost in front of my house as a potential cell micro-site transmitter location. I got the number of the supervisor from the guys doing the work and bucked it up the chain to Director of Engineering. I read him the riot act and told him I would make it my mission in life to stop them. He called me back a few days later and informed me they were moving the site. During the planning stage, they can pretty easily move a site and would rather do that than deal with angry, informed homeowners. However, once the site is up, it is next to impossible to get them to move it.

Most home RF radiation sources (home wireless routers, car alarm remotes, garage door openers, etc.) are very low power and pose no real threat. However, cell phones and closely located cell phone towers can put out frighteningly high levels of RF radiation (over 1000 times higher than a home wi-fi router).

I use this RF radiation meter to monitor things at home and my son’s school, it was only 300 bucks.

Adam M

I'm sorry about your daughter developing autism despite not vaccinating. How frustrating. I for one look at the situation as I think many of us here do. Except for cases that can be definitely linked to a know ( rare ) genetic cause, Autism is a disease of toxicity. Lung cancer and smoking are a good analogy. Just as lung cancer is known to be caused by smoking. Autism is known to be caused by vaccines. Yet not all cases of lung cancer are caused by smoking. Not all cases of Autism may be caused by vaccines. And just as not everyone who smokes gets lung cancer. Not everyone who gets vaccinated gets autism. Yet no one argues that smoking is safe and unrelated to lung cancer. And after the Poling and Banks cases no one can reasonably argue that vaccines are safe and unrelated to autism. ( not that they wont try ) There are risk factors involved that intersect with the toxic insult. Genetic and physiological weaknesses, and nutritional deficiencies and toxic insults from other sources all factor in. I don't pretend to know what happened in your daughter's case but I would ( and maybe you already have ) check her for toxicity anyway -mercury, lead, aluminum, cadmium. She may have gotten it from somewhere else. I guess my point is eliminating smoking would drastically reduce lung cancer rates and eliminating vaccination would drastically reduce autism rates. Meanwhile changing the focus to proper nutrition away from vaccines as the way to secure the health of our nations youth would be far more effective. Again I'm really sorry for daughter and the terrible mess it makes for your family. I don't think its anyones aim here to make you feel alienated.

Stephen Johnson

It is also worth nothing that technology exists, (though as a percentage of the whole it's deployment is minuscule) to actually use coal dramatically more cleanly than we do now. Gasification not only allows effective extraction of more of the energy contained within a given ton of coal, but also with well-proven syngas cleanup technologies sulfur, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, and all sorts of other nasties are cleaned up to a spectacularly tight spec. (By "cleaned up" I mean captured in a way that they are not emitted into the air/water, and can be properly entombed in very very thick concrete and safely disposed of like the toxins they are).

This does not make all mining practices clean (much of what is going on in Appalachia is a travesty), but there are dramatically less-impactful ways to use this resource that provides over 50% of our electricity, and soon part of our liquid transportation fuel.

Yes, many believe "clean coal" to be an oxymoron, and not all people that attempt to use that term are doing clean things, but with then application of gasification and good syngas cleanup technologies (anything less is not "clean" in my book) it can be used far more responsibly, with end point emissions lower than that of natural gas.

(full disclosure, I am a proud father of a completely unvaccinated beautiful 2 year old daughter, and the president of a company making clean transportation fuel for coal and biomass. Let's keep those heavy metals out of our kids and our ecosystem folks! Thanks AOA!)

Autism Uncle

Norm et al. -- You've stated and covered the situation concisely and accurately. The "environmental" and genetic causes, IF THEY CAUSED AUTISM, have been around for countless generations.

It's vaccines going into infants on a scale that is in fact new. Of course some vaccines were introduced back a couple centuries, but NOT for newborns and one-year old infants.

It is incredibly strong "cause and effect" evidence excusing inhalation of extremely heavy air pollution (having mercury) as autism-related since this pollution has been with us for 120 years+. But beginning in the 1950s injecting infants with all kinds of pathogen particles, adjuvants, preservatives, processing chemicals, foreign proteins, detergents, etc. was what was new. AND, don't ever forget the contaminants in most vaccine batches that have always been a toxic factor.

The vaccine Schedule morphing to now the day of birth (Hep B, my definition of medical insanity) bypasses natural systems of respiratory and gastrointestinal attenuations - those of us over the age of 50 never got an injected vaccine before 3 or 4 years old (I'm still checking the specifics, it's a murky record), we are the healthiest generations ever, particularly since we all got the childhood diseases naturally, easily recovered, immune forever - as nature intended.


Nancy, do you have amalgam fillings? Did you have any placed just before or during pregnancy or breastfeeding? Did you have any drilled out while ditto?

Was your daughter's birth a home birth? If not, were you with her every single second after her birth while she was in the hospital? Several women on here, myself included, had a child vaccinated in the hospital on the sly, against our wishes. Do Gooders know better, don't they?

Your child may very well *have* been vaccinated. On day 1, in fact.


I feel about vaccines the way you feel about coal. Yes, vaccines have a lot of toxic substances in them and there are way to many given at way too young an age. They are callously given to people with auto immune issues and manufactures should be held to account. However, they are not the whole puzzle. I have an unvaccinated dauther with autism and I am tired of her being discounted as "genetic" and therefore not someone unworthy of investigation or concern.
Thank you Kristin for mentioning the Wi-Fi and cell phones. That is the thing that has grown exponentially since the 1990s. However, I don't agree with your conclusions. It is easy not to have Wi-Fi and reduce wireless radiaiton. We simply have to say as a society that it is not worth the health risks. Take Wi-Fi out of our schools and our communities and inform people about the risks it imposes. Put warnings on baby monitors, cell phones and keep cell phone towers away from residential areas. Somehow, as a society, we lived for thousands of years without it. Only Big Telecommunications is as powerful as Big Pharma. I don't think you or anyone else knows if "Even with exposure to cell phones and wi-fi, most children will not become autistic if not vaccinated." Personally, I doubt it. And this statement, once again, dismisses my daughter as someone worth protecting.
The funny thing is that the fact that I followed the advice of this community and did not have my daughter vaccinated is the very reason that I feel alienated from it. She regressed at about a year and had she been vaccinated I would be certain that vaccines were the culprit. Our story would get lots of attention and I'd get lots of support. Instead, we can't blame vaccines, so the hell with us.


The increased vaccination schedule and cell phones and wi-fi are the biggest changes since 1990. We can't escape wi-fi, and most people would have a hard time going without cell phones. But it's very easy to not vaccinate. Even with exposure to cell phones and wi-fi, most children will not become autistic if not vaccinated. Vaccines are not the only thing that causes autism, of course, but they are one of the biggest contributors, if not the biggest, and they are by far the easiest thing to avoid.

Jeff C.

Thanks for hammering on this point. The overwhelming majority of environmental factors have improved since the 1970s, not worsened. When I get behind an old car on the road, I immediately switch my vents to recirculation as the fumes are so noxious. Forty years ago, every car was belching out that garbage. Due to technological advances, modern cars have reduced hazardous emissions by more than 95%. Virtually every major city has much cleaner air than it did in the seventies. I grew up in Southern California; the air quality improvement between then and now is astonishing.

Prior to the 1980’s it was routine for industry to bury or dump toxic wastes into streams or storm drains, no one gave it a second thought. Toxic waste was often disposed in landfills, later disturbed and spread by development, rain, or water runoff. No one really kept track of what was dumped where. There is a huge pile of PCBs off the coast of Palos Verdes (south of LA) from industrial wastes that were dumped in storm drains up until the 1960s. Pesticides were also used and disposed with reckless abandon. Many of the more dangerous types were banned years ago; although no one likes pesticides, a strong argument can be made that pesticide use is far safer today that it once was.

Yet, there was no autism back then. Air quality was terrible then compared to now, and we are supposed to believe that living near a freeway now causes autism? The AAP trumpeted a pesticide/development delay link, yet regressive autism is a very recent phenomena. These things probably worsen ASD, but they can’t be the trigger or the autism boom would have started in the 1950’s.

These are diversions from the real cause. The medical establishment could end this debate once and for all with the vax/unvax study. Simpsonwood scared the daylights out of them and taught them that you never ask a question unless you are absolutely sure you will like the answer. In the meantime, this sideshow continues.


For what it's worth my mercury filled son, has never lived within 100 miles and especially not down wind of a coal burning power plant. But he did have 30 vaccines by his first birthday.... I'm just saying.


Thank you Mr Roberts. Red herrings are a dime a dozen for autism causation, and we need to keep the focus where it belongs, on vaccines. Until this is faced the holocaust continues.

Bob Moffitt

Norm .. you wrote:

"For many years the medical and scientific communities have been trying to explain away this tragedy .. For years they ignored digestive, immune response, muscular, and sensory issues, all things parents have been telling them about, pleading with them about only to be dismissed as distraught."

The AP reports .. .. "there is a meeting in Washington this week by a presidential bioethics commission .. that was triggered by the government's apology last fall for federal doctors infecting prisoners and mental patients in Guatemala with syphilis 65 years ago.
people at a New York hospital."

Sad to think about it .. but .. someday there may be a future presidential bioethics commission "triggered" by the government's apology for ignoring the parents of today.

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