New Medical Journal Review: Vaccine Injury is a Documented Cause of Autism
David Kirby On The Autism Vaccine Debate: Why It Won't Go Away

Attacks on Teachers Who Express Concern for Student Health

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Dear AoA,

I write to you anonymously.  I am a teacher and like other teachers, I am afraid of speaking up on the increasing numbers of ill, disabled and IEP students as I fear that my job will be on the line.  I know others have spoken up who then had the hand of the dark Blogosphere then dial their Principals, Superintendents or Board of Education to make a complaint.  It was not a complaint from a parent of a child at the school, a teacher there, or even a known person in the school district.  It was a John Doe who scared that Administrator with words like "confidentiality," or "lawsuit."  In not one of these teacher-sharing scenarios were names given of students, but the suffocating hand from the Internet only had to do a soft shoe bullying tactic to knee jerk that school boss into speaking to that teacher and curtailing any further information sharing of public school, health observations.  It is meant as a message to all of us who work in the schools -- DO NOT TELL of what you see or suffer the consequences.

Why?  Why do these anonymous folks do this and who might they be?  To explore that situation is like asking why is Dr. Andrew Wakefleld continuously pursued by the leeches of the Wackosphere and the Medical Industry mob?  Not too different really in destruction.  Both doctor and teacher have information to share of what they are witnessing with their own eyes.  Real evidence of a change, a pattern, a devastating increase in human suffering that they want to explore and discuss.  But that message is ugly, toxic and so damning in its connection to public health that the messengers are being attacked.  It may have to do with money.  That's a big one.  There is a lot tied into vaccines and health and it is no secret that to question vaccines causes a panic of future earnings, patents and revenue from mandating a sure thing.  On the other side is public health concerns and the fear that if it gets out that there are so many kids chronically ill and in special education, parents will start to question the U.S. vaccination policy (and we are there now).

It's getting really hard to destroy the evidence -- that chronic medical and/or emotional issues are causing mild to profound changes in the children and vaccines are THE culprit is so many of the cases.  What to do?  One has to then go after the messenger.  Destroy their credibility, change the facts, rearrange the players, begin to add untruths and then go for the jugular -- try to cut off their voice by taking away their connection to the evidence -- their job!

So I am here to anonymously say that the number of teens with diagnoses of Autism, Seizure Disorders/Epilepsy, Specific Learning Disability, Non-Verbal Learning Disability, Speech and Language Disorder, Other Health Impaired (ADHD/ADD, Bipolar, Social-Emotional Disorder), Crohn's, Irritable Bowel Disorder, Allergies (with significant Food especially Peanut), Asthma, and Diabetes are horrific.  Connections, like seeing Specific Learning Disability AND Asthma as paired diagnoses in many children, makes one wonder if anyone is doing research on that curious and sad occurrence. I am also here to tell you that the increase is NOT because of improved diagnoses of the children or a loosening of criteria.  If anything, the elementary schools are really trying to raise the bar on entering special ed.  Meetings to bring up children's names as possible candidates will try to add tutoring services, peer homework buddies, or extra time with teachers as avenues to attempt to ameliorate student failure before setting up testing for Special Ed services.  To enter into Special Ed begins a connection to not only teams of professionals trained to diagnose discrepancies in learning and bridge the gaps, but a very big connection to funding.  Special Education is expensive.  To enter into that relationship requires rigorous testing, observation, family input, teacher input, and often outside professional input.  We have seen so many children enter into Special Education because they needed it. I am reporting on the teens, those born in the 1993-1997 era.  Please be aware that this is a look at a public school.  It does not have the severe forms of disability.  The numbers of severe autism in the adolescent groups are high.  Many of them are unable to handle a public school environment.  The sensory issues are too much.  The level of safety not enough.  The extreme behaviors not appropriate for a public school nor easily contained in a traditional setting.  Those private schools have popped up in the landscape over the years as they have been deemed necessary in this age of autism. 

So how do the children function in a public school? Many need accommodations to get through the day - extended time on tests; projects; oral directions with written directions; books on cd; someone else to take notes; someone else to read directions; a stress ball near by; help organizing assignments, backpacks, and in general, organizing their lives.  They need medication at the nurses office to help them focus, help them breathe, help them digest food, help them with migraines, help them prevent seizures, and help them cope with their emotions.  We, teachers often say how we never saw this when we were growing up.  We then go back in time a few decades or two and try to pinpoint...when did it change?  It was subtle in the beginning.  A small but noticeable increase in learning issues, then social-emotional issues began to pick up, then autism, then more learning disabilities, then allergies, then asthma until we are so used to seeing it that it becomes our new normal:

Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2010-11 Edition

"Job Outlook: Special Education Teacher -Employment is expected to increase faster than the average for all occupations. Job prospects should be excellent because many districts report problems finding adequate numbers of licensed special education teachers.

Employment change. The number of special education teachers is expected to increase by 17 percent from 2008 to 2018, which is faster than the average for all occupations. Although student enrollments in general are expected to grow more slowly than in the past, continued increases in the number of special education students needing services will generate a greater need for special education teachers".

And this just out from California: (HERE) "Special education students with autism in California have more than tripled in number since 2002, even as overall special education enrollment has remained relatively flat, according to an analysis of state education data released yesterday."

"More than 680,000 students -- 11 percent of all California public school students -- are enrolled in special education. The number of students diagnosed with autism climbed from 17,508 in 2002 to 59,690 in 2010"

My message here is a look at a group of ages, birth cohorts of an era where vaccines increased in number, proximity to birth and amount of vaccine mercury, Thimerosal.  It would be interesting to hear from the preschool/elementary scene and get a picture of those trends.  Let's pray it is a better picture.


Amy Jones

I am related to a high school principal, and it is true that accommodating the needs of damaged kids is becoming overwhelming. This principal is about as on board with AoA and other groups like them as he can be, and I hope he is influencing other school administers around him.

Cynthia Cournoyer

I picture a future where public schools are exclusively special ed as those who do not need the service are overwhelmed and search out private alternatives. A teacher told me once that the reason the U.S. is so low on standardized tests is that it includes everyone, even special ed. We are the most vaccinated nation on earth. Do we also have the largest special needs group in schools? Would be an interesting comparison.

AZ Mom

I presently work as an Instructional Assistant for learning disabled elementary school students. As a mom who has successfully biomedically treated her own ASD (recovering) son, I can easily recognize those children who likely have food intolerances, yeast over-growth, and need essential fatty acids in their diets. I informally pass this information on to teachers who may or may not mention these possibilities to the parents. I am also a advocate for those kids at my school who are "slipping through the cracks" and (at 4th grade) have not received the O.T. evaluations that they so desperately need. They are now getting evaluations. Is this my role as an I.A.? No, but it's the right thing to do as a knowledgeable and concerned adult.


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Bobby R

This is two questions more then a comment. At the end of "Attacks on Teachers Who Express Concern for Student Health" it says "Permalink | Comments (27)" but there are only 9 comments that I can see. After you posted my comment about and to Mary, her comment disappeared.

1)How can I see all comments?

2)Will you please email my comment about and to Mary to her and include my email so that she can answer privately if she chooses?

Bobby R

It sounds like from the very small sample you describe, that ASD is declining in your public school and perhaps you country. I am very interested to know if this may be the case, if so why and what is your country.

Jersey Joe

Thanks to the teacher who wrote this article for speaking out. I wonder when we are going to "do an Egypt" on this issue. It could, I hope, reach a tipping point where people will just not tolerate this tyranny of pharma and payoffs to elected officials.

Marie-Anne Denayer, M.D.

Thanks to the teachers who are speaking out.

Parents, particularly the mothers of kids with autism, have for the past 20 plus years been branded "hysterical" and "crazy" whenever describing the onset of their child's neurological regression in relation to vaccination. Being a neurologist, I am even more insane in the view of my daughter's former doctors.
The pediatricians have been brainwashed by the Academy of Pediatrics and the vaccine manufacturors, and are even given tips on the handling of "difficult parents".

Our schools are overwhelmed by the steady rise in the percentage of the Special Ed kids on the autism spectrum.
First the parents and now the teachers are making noise...Is anyone in Washington, Atlanta and other CDC offices paying attention???

Rachel Ardissone

Thank you to all that write something! We are the change! Keep spreading the word about what you SEE! The children ARE the evidence. I saw this coming 20 years ago. I'm really glad to finally see some action taking place. I've taken action over the years to educate anyone that would listen. I've been met with people, that through ignorance and fear, refuse to open their eyes to the truth about vaccine damage. The only ones that agree with me are the parents that actually saw the assault take place right before their eyes. In my opinion, this is much better fact-based knowledge than any pharmaceutical research paper.


Everything about this country is falling down due to the legalized bribery of congress and government by lobbyists for Big Industries. Thanks to the chemical industry associated with Big Pharma everything is being poisoned, air, water, food, and human kind, but especially our precious children. The Golden Rule has reversed itself; instead of "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" it is now "The one with the Gold Rules".

There are so many good people in this world, but it is the ruthless power driven maniacs who chose evil in order to "make it to the top" financially and who buy their way into high government and corporate positions. These are those who are "swimming with the sharks" so we now have a nation of sharks devouring all of the beautiful dolphins and our little goldfish children.

So many people are still deceived by the propaganda and lies, but those who are "leading the sheep to the slaughter" will experience the Wrath of God eventually regardless of whether human justice ever prevails over any of them. "For whatever a man is sowing that is what he shall also reap."

"For lack of [true] knowledge, the people perish".


I was at a neighborhood park today, in a wealthy town. There were about 30 kids there. Of the few kids I was close enough to notice, one had severe eczema (about 15 months), one couldn't talk (about 6 years), and one was having severe rages (about 4 years). My kids are unvaccinated and healthy (we also avoid allopathic medicine), but I am sad about the world they are inheriting, and I am sad for the suffering kids.

Heidi N

Keep it up. Us older folks need to keep saying this. The younger folks have no idea that all this is not normal. We did not have any hyper kids in my childhood, not one in any class. I saw my first hyper kid, one in the whole 8th grade, when I was in 8th grade. I knew one person growing up with asthma, one. Now, the amount of people in my neighborhood on psych meds, have asthma, diabetes, etc. is high. I dare to guess around 50% are on daily meds for a chronic condition. Unbelievable.


It's the vaccines.

Once the real morbidity and mortality figures become public knowledge, the autism debate and the vaccine madness will be over. The real figures will reveal a devastating destruction that began its rise from from the early 1980s to the present.

The autism spectrum, as Dr. Harris Coulter has shown in his marvelous book, "Vaccinations, Social Violence, and Criminality" includes all the immune and cognitive pathologies that result from hyper-stimulation with toxic metals, cancer-causing agents, genetically modified viral fragments, detergents, and other malefics.

The Autism epidemic is currently worse than most can imagine and the damage is accelerating. (Ask any teacher with 20 or more years of teaching.)

In 2010 the CDC recommended 2 swine flu and 2 flu vaccines for pregnant women. Their progeny are almost certainly severely handicapped. All that is missing for a revolution is a body count.

Do whatever you can to save the children, including suffering the anti-vaxxer label. Or better yet, be fully informed so that you can wear it as a badge of honor.


I was a kindergarten teacher, now retired. Our kinders had so many learning problems, emotional problems and health problems that it was just about impossible for one teacher to handle it, but we had to do our best because many children had not yet been identified and IEP'd.

It is interesting because according to the news media the teachers are "under the gun" for not being able to meet the educational needs of the student. The teachers have not failed the students. The government and the pediatricians have failed the children because they have mandated the giving of toxic vaccines to our beautiful healthy children.

david burd

THE principle culprits of the ongoing vaccine carnage inflicted on infants, toddlers growing into childhood, young children, and adolescents (via Gardasil), pregnant mothers, and regular adults and the elderly ARE the Chiefs at CDC, NIH, NIAID (Anthony Fauci heads this Division of NIH), FDA, and the parade of Surgeon General hacks.

It is THESE Chiefs who are THE culprits, as they are the ones that blandly assure Congress and every President that vaccines in America are terrific and for the overall good. THEIR lies are fed to every President and congressional member. THESE Chiefs are the ones that for their own political power and reputations will NOT review the carnage they have inflicted.

Only when enough parents and good doctors represented by the heroic Andrew Wakefield (and his many medical allies) revolt, change to home schooling, or take their kids out of schools that require the toxic/lethal shots, will the mainstream media (who have sold their souls to pharma ad revenue) get honest about the vaccine-damage elephant in the foyer.


yes, Mary, our schools have become giant sorting factories hence slogan "know the signs".. get them early, brand them, sort the genetically inferior (damaged) out. They always come up with the little catch phrases like "know the signs" or "one less".. any else catch the double meaning?

"Know the signs" ..who are they speaking to? It's like they're talking in code.


In my county, all autistic kids are put into a self contained classroom no matter the functioning. Some "earn" their way out while most don't. There is a longtime bias that the "real" kids in general ed should not be bothered with ASD kids. The general ed teachers can outright refuse even lunch time "mainstreaming" if they desire. And sadly most do. It's claimed that ASD kids are too disruptive and the other parents complain too much. I'm fairly certain that any child with ASD is "captured" in my county immediately. Don't want to disturb the "real" kids too much.

My ASD son born 1999 is in fifth grade at a public school. Currently, there are no ASD kids in kindergarden, first or second grade. There at 2 ASD boys in 3rd grade and 1 ASD boy in fourth grade. There are 5 boys in fifth grade with serious autism. There are also 2 more aspie type boys in the fifth grade.


The teachers absolutely see it but unfortunately, they don't hold the purse strings. My husband is a hs math teacher in Georgia and until 3 years ago, he taught special ed. He had to leave that department because the teachers were getting cut in favor of para-professionals. The district felt that the growing number of kids could be better served by aids than by teachers and frankly, the number of teachers needed to handle the growing number of kids was too costly. I'm not putting down para-pros AT ALL! I think they are invaluable in the SPED setting, but our district has made SPED teachers the paper pushers who do little more now than write IEPs (at least at the high school level). These kids are left with untrained, though well-intentioned, help of para-pros but no teacher to take them through their final years of schooling. It's a bandaid for a gaping wound and its no wonder that transition is getting harder and harder for these kids in the public school setting.


I see that there is a chance for change. I would like to go back to the article about narcolepsy in Finland because it could be a turning point in this fight. For the first time, we have clear evidence that vaccinated kids with the H1N1 virus have a nine times increase in a severe neurological disease that is autoimmune in nature. Autism occurs with higher frequency in families where autoimmunity is also higher. This is something that cannot be easily ignored anymore.
Autism advocates have to join their fight with parents of type 1 diabetic kids and of kids with other autoimmune diseases to make change happen. But it is possible.


Thank you, thank you, thank you anonymous teacher.

What about all of us parents who homeschool our kids? We are not even counted in those numbers! On the other hand, I don't really want to be counted. I'd prefer the State to stay out of my children's lives permanently.

My children are not ASD, but both have pretty severe food sensitivities. One overcame a severe visual processing disorder (intense tutoring and vision therapy paid for out-of-pocket). That's the same child who had Hep B vax at birth (unlike older brother who started it at 4 months of age).

I'm so darn angry that I could spit nails. I really want us to take heart from the Egyptians. We have to stand up for our kids somehow. Please tell me how. I have been so afraid to "come out of the closet" with what I know and have seen. But this is the time to band together with courage. We're not crazy. We're not trying to harm people. We just need to be heard.

Also - PLEASE get the book "Vaccine Epidemic" - mine came from Amazon yesterday and I read it until I couldn't hold my eyes open any longer last night. It is very well done, and I would have paid double the price to have it.


I can totally relate, anonymous. My children were born in /93 and /97 in Canada and it's a strange picture here, too. We didn't have the hep b at birth assault but they give it in grade 5 and I see lots of adolescents who funnily enough develop seizures. I have worked in the schools (preschool and elementary, high school ages) since /85 and it is very obvious that something is horribly wrong. I see it in my friend's children, too. One time I wrote the Superintendent with a pretty strong worded opinion of the environment kids were having to learn in and I felt it was not looked upon favourably at all (open classrooms, sliding "walls" that are paper thin etc.). I still do write letters to the editor and sign my name but one does have to be careful. I do get encouraged more and more now, though, for example yesterday I noticed a C. A. Shaw who responded to BMJ about Dr. Wakefield's treatment and this Dr. SHaw is a neuroscientist at UBC who is very involved in vaccine research (aluminum adjuvant ). Also, I just saw my alma mater is also doing "gut" research and it involves autism (U. of Guelph and Western University). They can't stop what academia and teachers etc. are finding out. They can't. Keep the faith.


Thank you for making this piece 'an article'.
Everybody needs to read this and realize that we are in big trouble. Big trouble.

Kudos to this teacher. We need more people like him/her.

Lucky children they ones that are under her/his care.

Thank you, what a great role model you are anonymous teacher!



Who's to blame? good question. I think there are many unwitting participants including doctors and the US government. So, who is really behind this crisis?

If I had to point my finger... Big Pharma, Big Agri, global elitist (bankers and scientists) and those who developed the current World Trade standards that are so dangerous they are literally killing us.

Whoever they are they have money, power and influence over our gov't. Corporate shadow gov't that's controlling everything.

His Teachers "get it"

Sounds like the "dark blogosphere" types are still bitter about teachers not celebrating and thinking they are special enough. I wonder if the "DB's" blame teachers for their antisocial and sociopathic behavior?

Teachers know.
-Autism is increasing
-food/diet effects behavior/concentration
-these kids have health challenges that interfere with their ability to process, focus and function
-some parents are doing interventions that have positive effects

Teachers know kids don't have to be "normal" but they do need to learn skills that help them effectively accept and deal with others. EVERY student is expected to "play nice" irregardless of labels or class.

Deb in IL

Sarah said, "We need to stick together and speak out. Tell our fellow Americans to WAKE UP! That our country, our children and our health is under attack! That our future is at stake."

I agree. Who's to blame? The big corporations, those with the wealth have the power. We can get by on eating less - organic local produce, very little meat (the good stuff costs a lot anyway), never fast food. It's so hard to convince others because it really means they have to change their life. Stop shopping at Wal-Mart, get off your insurance-covered meds and pay out-of-pocket for natural ways to heal....we're the crazy ones, yet we're the ones literally NOT DRINKING THE KOOL-AID (sugar with food-dye in tap water).

Maurine meleck

I worked with special ed classrooms back in the 70's and 80's. Never saw a child with autism. In the leementary school-we had one special ed classroom(school had about 700 students) with about 10 children-it spanned all ages from 5 to 12 years of age and included all disabilities -Downs, neurologically impaired,
as well as emotional problems etc. There were so few that they were all in the same class.
And of course now the schools are hurting for funds so the special needs classrooms will continue to suffer and more. Have no words to express the deep worry and concern.

Bob Moffitt

"It is meant as a message to all of us who work in the schools -- DO NOT TELL of what you see or suffer the consequences."

Positively frightening .. in the United States .. to read that someone may be threatened with losing their job if they dare to ask why so many of today's generation are in such great need of "special education".

My only hope is the "wall of denial" will eventually fall .. with the same speed and unexpectancy as did Berlin's infamous wall that held East Germans "hostage" for decades.


First, I want to thank this teacher. SPED teachers are on the front lines of this crisis. They see the damage done first hand. As a paretns I greatly appreciate the support, patience and encouragement of these teachers for our kids.

Our children are being poisoned and maimed right in front of our eyes. As Ameicans, we've lives such priviledged, protected lives, it's easy to deny such a horrible thing could be unfolding in our country but it is.

I think we need to join forces, speak out and not be afraid.. there are more of us than whoever is responsble for this crisis.

Look at what is happening in Egypt.. they are in the midst of a revolution.. they risk their lives for freedom from tyranny. Highly educated young men and women they who canot find work so they leave.

I hope the revolution in Egypt succeeds and I hope Americans find our voice to revolt against the unjustice that is happening to our kids.

I believe this is an attempt to weaken us as a country...through our children. It is a classic tactic to disrupt, disable and destroy but not conventional sense but by attacking our health. If you disable a population (make them sick) then they cannot compete for resources furthemore they will become more dependent.

Protect yourself.. only buy domestic organic produce and avoid poorly regulated products shipped from overseas.

We need to stick together and speak out. Tell our fellow Americans to WAKE UP! That our country, our children and our health is under attack! That our future is at stake.

John Stone

According to this report today 44% of 5 year-olds in the UK are not meeting their developmental milestones. The figures seem to be worst in the country for Haringey (59%) where I live. Haringey, is complicated: it probably has the most ethnically varied and mobile population of any single locality, while successive governments have shunned its claim to be recognised as an "inner city borough" which would enable it to draw down a greater central government subsidy. More than a decade ago I was told that for unaccounted reason our local West African communities were more afflicted with autism than the East African, which doesn't fit with current Somali issue in different parts of the world, but may be interesting. I have no doubt this will result in a new spate of parent bashing.


Having an elementary school age child with severe allergies, sensory processing dysfunction and auditory processing dysfunction I understand much of what you are saying. There is definitely a move to cut services to kids like mine and remove IEPs. As we move closer to middle school the pressure becomes even stronger. It isn't only my child but many, many kids in his classroom are in the same situation. Because of our experiences, which greatly pale in comparison to many on this list, these are the things I don't understand:

Where is the outrage from the Teacher's Union? How can a teacher be expected to teach when a classroom of 20 some kids have all of these extra needs? Not addressing the needs won't solve the problem either.

Where is the outrage from the school boards, district leadership and State Boards of Education? Aren't they tired of trying to hold the financial piece together and meet the requirements of No Child Left Behind, etc.?

What I fear is that experienced teachers and school nurses who remember what it should be like will eventually retire and leave their professions. Soon no one will remember what a classroom of kids should look like. I also fear that lines will be drawn between the needs of "normal" kids vs "weird" kids. I already hear comments to that effect from parents when it comes to how money is spent in the district.

Why are the school districts and teachers union afraid? If they were to join into the discussion wouldn't their size and knowledge base go a long way in showing how serious this problem is?


Baby boomers now have another fear to face, that as the funding for retirement dries up and we are no longer capable of surviving by our own labor, the resources to assist the overwhelming population of adults who started their lives challenged, and were never able to fully come on line as self-supporting grown-ups, will eat up whatever is left. I don't envy the folks who will witness the converging waves of elderly and afflicted 40-somethings that's going to hit in the middle of the century. Who wants to be a college grad in 2045?

John Stone

This reminds me of the situation in British schools a decade ago. The government wanted to cap the number of children with statements of special educational needs at 2% but the ASD numbers just kept on rising despite the bureaucratic pressure to keep them down, and new diagnoses were not welcome. So, yes, the kettle blew its lid against official policy. It was also true that there was a better identification theme in order to justify what they could not completely disguise. But I think all this just emphasises how state sponsored bureacratic ideology calls the shots in what are supposed the "great democracies" which now have little more moral dignity than, say, the decaying USSR.

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