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UK Article Questions Mercury in Children's Flu Jabs

Thimerosal bottle What a difference a Continent makes...  Read the manufacturer's response at the end of the article.

Up to a million under-fives have been inoculated against the flu virus with a controversial vaccine containing poisonous mercury.

Pandemrix has been given to almost a quarter of all healthy babies and young children as well as thousands of older children with health problems.

Inquiries by the Sunday Express reveal it contains a preservative made with a form of mercury that was phased out of childhood vaccines in 2004 after fears about its safety.

The preservative, called thimerosal, has been linked with autism and developmental disorders in children and was withdrawn from childhood vaccines in the United States and parts of Europe 10 years ago.

Yet the UK government has always insisted there is no persuasive evidence it poses a health risk. When it was withdrawn, Labour health minister Rosie Winterton said the move was part of “a global goal to minimise environmental exposure to mercury”.

However, many experts disagree. Dr Richard Halvorsen, author of the book, The Truth About Vaccines, said: “Thimerosal is an extremely toxic substance and known poison to the brain.

“There is enough convincing evidence linking thimerosal with developmental disorders and learning problems in individual children to warrant its removal from any childhood vaccine.

“It is irresponsible to administer a jab with little proven benefit which contains potentially harmful toxic substances.”

Jackie Fletcher, of support group Jabs, which backs parents who fear vaccines have harmed their children, said: “Thimerosal was removed from childhood vaccines, now they are readministering it. This is worrying.”

Pandemrix also contains a substance called squalene used to boost the immune response to the jab. It has been linked with adverse reactions including nerve problems and Gulf War syndrome.

There are many versions of the flu jab, most without thimerosal or squalene yet 86 per cent of the 3,310 reports of suspected side effects to all flu vaccines, including 29 deaths, have been linked to Pandemrix.

Department of Health figures show that last winter just under a quarter of children aged between six months and four years were given Pandemrix during the winter flu campaign. Last week doctors were told to give this version of the vaccine to vulnerable children if they could not obtain the routine seasonal flu jab, which has run out in some areas.

US health authorities ordered the removal of mercury from childhood vaccines in 1999. There are still 5,000 legal claims relating to autism waiting to be heard.

However, both the Medicines Healthcare Regulatory Agency and the Department of Health insist there is no evidence of harm from vaccines containing thimerosal.

A spokeswoman from the MHRA said: “The only exception is of possible mild allergic reaction, such as a rash or swelling at the site of injection. Extensive studies have failed to find any evidence that these low levels of thimerosal carry any risk of neurotoxicity.”

Pressed about health warnings on its information leaflet, a spokesman for Glaxo Smith Kline, which manufactures the jab, would only refer to his original statement which said: “This vaccine has been through a rigorous approval process which has established it is both efficacious and safe. It has been administered to millions of people across the world and there is an extensive database in people of all ages demonstrating safety and efficacy. Thimerosal plays an important role in preventing bacterial contamination. Regulators across the world have concluded there is no evidence the level of thimerosal in vaccines poses a health risk.”

Read more: http://www.express.co.uk/posts/view/222000/Child-flu-vaccine-contains-mercuryChild-flu-vaccine-contains-mercury#ixzz1AVEUOZsM



"Having found squalene in five lots of [anthrax] vaccine after the publication of 'The Pentagon's Toxic Secret' in _Vanity Fair_, the FDA withheld this evidence from the public....[D]eputy director of the FDA's Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER), Dr. Mark Ellengold, informed the House Government Reform Committee that the 'trace' amounts of squalene detected in the five lots of anthrax vaccine were in the parts-per-billion range and therefore harmless.

Ellengold also told the committee that squalene was probably found in all vaccines. CBER, he said, had found squalene in similar amounts in a sample of the diptheria vaccine manufactured by Wyeth as well as Connaught's tetanus vaccine....Pharmaceutical companies routinely test experimental drugs in the parts-per-billion or nanogram range for effectiveness, but Ellengold didn't explain this to the congressmen." (_Vaccine A, p. 197-198, hardcover)


Re: "Extensive studies have failed to find any evidence that these low levels of thimerosal carry any risk of neurotoxicity.”

Gee whiz, that isn't what the Thimerosal Material Safety Data sheet says:

Eli Lilly Material Safety Data Sheet for Thimerosol [Mercury Preservative]

"Exposure to mercury in utero and in children may cause mild to severe mental retardation and mild to severe motor coordination impairment."

"Caution Statement: Thimerosal may enter the body through the skin, is toxic, alters genetic material, may be irritating to the eyes, and causes allergic reactions. Effects of exposure may include numbness of extremities, fetal changes, decreased offspring survival, and lung tissue changes."



@ Cherry Sperlin Misra -

Fish and chips, anyone? Our planet is seemingly getting smaller by the day. Just look at what the Gulf Stream is taking out into the North Atlantic these days: BP’s corexit and Synthia’s synthetic life form. Synthetic Genomics and Novartis? Are they really going to stick this new synthetic life form into vaccines? Let’s pray it’s not true! Would you take the shot? Which would you choose? We are all in some serious deep sh*t - synthetic life forms - a new form of microbiology. Can we all agree now, that it might it be time to just start saying “NO” to pharma?



“Corexit (the oil dispersant used by BP) is banned from use by Britain because of its toxicity. By conservative estimates some 2 million gallons were sprayed onto the gulf coast, others put the number much higher, while eyewitnesses with no ancillary motive say the spraying is continuing to the present. I don't know what exactly happened in the Gulf of Mexico, I do recall images of sovereign US citizens, reporters, being banned from their own territory by nameless foreign mercenaries and realizing there hasn't been a federal government around these parts (excepting war and tribute) for quite some time. At one point the EPA to its credit told BP to stop using the Corexit dispersant as it was toxic, BP gave the EPA the middle finger and likely hired a few more mercenaries. “


Cherry Sperlin Misra

To Anne Dachel, Yes, Its high time the British begin to discuss mercury not only in their vaccines, but in their fish and chips ! I know it sounds a little silly, but never underestimate a source of mercury.
In India, prior to the introduction of six more mercury laden vaccine doses in about year 2000, nearly all the relatively few children with autism were from the Indian communities that eat fish very frequently. Those little kids got mercury from the fish and mercury from three doses of DTP.


Thimerosal *and* squalene? That's quite a witches' brew there and I don't mean the Good Witch of the North.

Read _Vaccine A_ by Gary Matsumoto if you want to know about squalene. Or just search the book on amazon for "squalene"


“UK Government Decides Against Giving Children The Flu Vaccine” by Christina England on December 31, 2010.


“He added that as flu vaccine contained many toxic chemicals, so they instead of boosting immune system, make it weak, thus increasing the chances of getting affected with flu. He told that vaccine had damaging affect on internal organs specifically on pancreas, so seasonal flu jab could develop in people severe autoimmune diseases, including diabetes, Addison's disease, arthritis, asthma, Guillian-Barre syndrome, hepatitis, Lou Gehrig's disease, lupus and many more. Some vaccines could even inflict lifetime disability and pain.”


“Anyone who had received five flu vaccinations between 1970 and 1980 has 10 times more chances to get affected with Alzheimer's than if he/she got just one or two jabs, as stated by Hugh Fudenberg MD, world's leading immunogeneticist.”

Yikes! Alzheimer’s risk? What’s that all about? Hmmmmm.

Anne McElroy Dachel

So much of the controversy over autism and vaccines in the U.K. has been over the MMR and autism. The plan is simple. Say the MMR is safe. Case closed. But what about mercury-containing vaccines and autism?
Why isn't this talked about in the UK?

Now maybe it will be.
Anne Dachel

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