Australian Public Wary of Flu Vaccine, Vindicated With 2010 Season Over
National Autism Association Says BMJ Article is Yet Another Attempt to Thwart Vaccine Safety Research

Too Many People

Crowded By Julie Obradovic

At the heart of the Autism controversy lies really only one explanation why vaccines don't cause Autism. Yes, widely accepted science says they don't, but that's not the real reason. Science is a process to find the truth, it is not the truth itself, and the truth it yields is dependent upon the integrity with which it is carried out. Research and design can be manipulated to generate specific outcomes. Necessary science can be left undone for fear of what it might find. Interpretations can be stretched to agree with specific theories. Undesirable results can be ridiculed and erased. Scientific results are truly only as good as the people who do it. The Medical Industry and the Government may be the ones held accountable for Autism which should dismiss them from investigating the issue and yet, we are willing to accept their version of science on this topic anyway. It begs the question, why?

Because there are just too many people involved for it to be anything but honest, relevant, thorough, and accurate, we're told. That's the explanation. That's why vaccines don't cause Autism. There are just too many people. 

On some level, it's a compelling argument. Experience shows you simply can't have too many people involved when there's a big secret to be kept. Too many people would be tempted to tell someone or go public as a whistleblower. Too many people would be personally affected by the issue, friends, neighbors, family members and co-workers of victims. There's just no way a coordinated effort could be orchestrated and controlled on such a level, the thought of it preposterous, laughable, and desperate. People who believe such things are considered foolish conspiracy theorists.

Contrary to what my critics might believe, I agree keeping a secret among that many people is preposterous. Heck, it's hard enough to keep a secret between two people. But I do believe keeping a secret is quite different than perpetuating an untruth or manipulating an unpleasant one. We commonly refer to it as denial, and I know we can all point to some part of our life when we used masterful mental tricks to convince ourselves of something we really wanted to be true that wasn't (or vice versa), especially when we may have been the ones to cause the problem in the first place.

"Oh yes, she's fine. In a year, this will all be behind us, I know it." 

Those were my words exactly. Perhaps Autism parents serve as experts in this area and is one of the reasons why we recognize it so easily. Denial is a powerful force.

"Oh yes, this is the safe kind of mercury...We're better at diagnosing, that's all...It's an unfortunate coincidence..."

I also believe other forces can be at work in addition to denial, forces that throughout history have been at play in the most regrettable episodes of our collective past. Human beings are notorious for allowing terrible things to continue unchecked for all kinds of reasons. I don't believe in conspiracies, but I do believe in things that are much worse especially when combined: Fear, Ego, Ignorance, and Greed. You could call them the four horsemen of human atrocity. Harness them up to some denial and you've got yourself an express coach to Crazy-Land.

So I wondered, are there any other examples in history where lots and lots of people allowed something horrible to continue simply because there were too many people involved for all of them to be wrong? Because they were afraid to do anything? Because they were blinded by their own ego? Because they were greedy? Because they were intellectually lazy? Because they wanted to make themselves feel better? Because they didn't want to suffer retribution, personally, professionally, or financially? Because it was easier to just accept things the way they were? Because they wanted desperately to believe they were doing the right thing for the right reasons?

Of course, there are. Read a world history book. It seems it's not so unusual for a large group of people to follow the path of denial, fear, ego, ignorance and greed after all. In fact, historically, it's actually much more unusual for them not to. All of us are subject to the same dysfunction that allows us to do awful things. No one is exempt from this behavior. 

And it is for that reason I take absolutely no comfort in the notion too many people are involved for vaccines to cause Autism. That's precisely why they probably do. When the famous anthropologist Margaret Mead stated, "Never underestimate a small, thoughtful group of people to change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has," she wasn't kidding. It's always, always been less people that bathe unpleasant truth in light, not more.

Truth in numbers? That's what we're supposed to believe in? Too many people?

Not in this lifetime. Not in this world. 

Not in this case.

Julie Obradovic is a Contributing Editor to Age of Autism.



I was convinced that Iraq had WMD because of the constant parade of supposedly knowledgeable and honest people traipsing through the cable news shows telling me so. Then there was a Frontline story confirming it.

Against all this was Scott Ritter. And it turned out he was the one telling the truth.

I will never again underestimate the power of a propaganda campaign.

Theodora Trudorn

I'm with you there Kathy! I have spent the morning helping my better half's mother arrange a watching schedule for him through out the day, as it is his siezing time, ane every time it is he goes through multiple grand mauls in a row!! I have seen him have over 12 in a day! It breaks my heart every time he watch him go through it! All I can do is hold him in a way that he won't hurt himself.

Give him an ativan afterwards. Everytime I think on that, I want to punch someone from pharma in the face! He didn't ask for this!!! He is the sweetest man in the world, and would never hurt anyone! But his stomach problems surpass even mine, and he has to go through this every single month. (He has AS too). It was him that made me question things more than I already was.

He got me out of the what if camp and into the "Duh, of course!" camp! I want to make one of those bastards sit there with him on those days and then look me in the face and tell me that it is unrelated to the AS, inspite of the fact that AS and siezures have been linked over and over and over again!!

Michael Kohloff

It is helpful to view the Autism issue as just one small but extremely hurtful & callous part of the overall & systemic Corporate & Big Money corruption of the US Government, society, & the global economic system in general. Also the the rape of the Earth & the viewing & exploitation of people everywhere primarily as revenue units.

The ongoing Autism crime & cover up is just one more example of the very smart business strategies of maximizing profits by mining public funding, contribution/bribing of politicians, promoting deregulation, infiltrating & subverting federal agencies (& they said Commies were everywhere & very dangerous), transferring the costs of environmental or human damage to the public, & the propagandizing of their lies thru advertising & information control.

Whether it is Toxic waste dumps, oil spills,
Iraqi invasions for oil, moving jobs overseas, Tax breaks for the wealthy, logging ancient forests, fishing to the virtual extinction of species, GMO foods, systemic Mortgage fraud, or Bank bailouts, the Cause is the greed of under regulated Corporations & other wealthy vested interests.

Because Money buys Power, Absolute power corrupts absolutely, & Big Money corrupts Big Government, Big Time.

Seen in this light, the Causes & Cures of the crime of Autism are identical to the other issues mentioned.
As long as the public is kept in the dark, & divided by wrestling the individual arms of the Great Korporate Octopus, any progress will be very time consuming, sporadic, & difficult.
Better to plunge a harpoon into its heart. It's heart is where the Money is & how it pumps into politics.

All Will Bow Before the Great Octopus that Giveth Autism, War, & Mortgage Meltdown.

Autism Grandma

Oh yes, "there are just too many people involved" for it to be a conspiracy? All it takes is Greedy people who will cooperate with the agenda at the top, and then as the pyramid of power expands, those below are deceived by the propaganda and willing to be obedient slaves, such as pharmaceutically trained medical personnel. Then we have the idealistic general public at the bottom of the pyramid, accepting the words of medical and government officials without question....that is until "something happens" and things start going wrong. When Reality doesn't match up with "what they've been taught"; people start rebelling and asking questions, seeking out information, and finally refusing to cooperate. Then even more propaganda is neccessary in order to counteract the effects of those who share their knowledge and experience, and wish to right the wrong, so they can keep control of the "herd". It's not just "herd immunity" which has never been proven although this theory is promoted as fact; it is control of the herd in order to gain compliance. We are all just a large herd of cattle being driven to the slaughter, and all measures must be taken in order to prevent a stampede.

During World War II, the Allied Intelligence community became convinced that "there were too many people involved" for the Nazi extermination agenda of the Jews to be possible. They ignored the reports coming in because "a conspiracy of that magnitude couldn't be possible". Could they really be rounding up all those people and killing them in concentration camps without the knowledge of the German public? How could they possibly be killing off all of the disabled people without some uprising against the Nazi Party? And besides that, we have too many other government responsibilities to investigate that. If we did investigate, it could lead to this terrible truth, and then what would we do?

Hitler found the leaders that he could entrust with this agenda, and those top officials knew exactly what was going on, and willingly cooperated for the benefits of Power, Greed, and Political Status. The German Herd of citizens were controlled with propaganda, but as time went on, more people began to recognize the realities. Really, how is it any different now?

Is it even possible that intelligent medically trained people would really cooperate in extermination of disabled people? Wouldn't there be just "too many people involved" to make this kind of conspiracy possible?

This recent article, "Nazi-era Graves Found Near Austrian Psychiatric Hospital", stated that "Some 30,000 victims were killed at a single psychiatric hospital in northern Austria. Handicapped people were among several groups targeted by Nazis as part of their "racial purification program,".... and "the Nazis may have killed more patients than previously thought."


Thank you! Yes, so many take refuge in the numbers involved, and I think I know some who refuse to let even contradictory personal experience lead them to go against the majority consensus.

I think this situation of denial also involves more than the "health" institutions. How many work in some field where less-than-safe products "at some dose" are produced or used, and because it is simpler or less costly in the short run to not look for problems, a sort of cavalier attitude about the unknown problems or even the partially known problems seems to be a peer-pressure-propped-up mindset? I don't know how many times when someone tries to talk about causation and prevention, someone else comes out with, "life is too short to go on worrying about this, that, or ....," or "Sometimes things just happen! Move on! (as if ignoring the problem is moving on)" or even worse they pull out something like the "even H2O is dangerous at the wrong dose" scenario.

Then there are many industries and institutions that depend on a mindset that elevates institutional authority over individual and parental instincts and personal understanding of their children's and their own situation. I can't imagine this situation continuing as it has, if 50-60 years ago the same number of witnesses shared their negative experience with some unprecedented exposure. Some parents fail badly, or worse, but I think we may have displaced parental authority and marginalized individual rights to the point of nearing societal breakdown.

"Science" is now the large institutionally endorsed, white-coat peer-reviewed, assumed-to-be above human bias source of true knowledge, and, particularly, "good science" is only produced by and in consensus with these large groups. Advocates, parents, individuals suffering from various conditions are "un-objective," "hysterical," "just looking for something to blame." It is getting even more ironic now with terms like "group-think," "confirmation bias," and "denialism" thrown at us in attempt to convince people to ignore real-life experiences, pay attention to only what confirms the group consensus, and to hold on to such denial or be accused of "denialism." Can it get any worse?


Sorry, Benedetta, I was off to work and in a hurry with that post. Basically, Orac was reviewing Offit's new book ( of course favorably) and someone named David posted a comment aft we the article saying:

Something I don't see mentioned here is Arthur Allen's accounts of actual complaints over whole-cell DPT from among vaccine researchers. My understanding from Allen's research is that DPT was a "clunker" of a product which knowledgable people recommended replacing long before it was a subject of controversy and the manufacturers refused simply on the grounds that the acellular version was more expensive. In these terms, I think a fair argument could be made for faulting manufacturers as irresponsible regardless of how much damage was done.

Nobody responded to his point.
I also can't stress enough how this whole MS surgery thing is damaging the credibility of science and pharma. Many doctors are privately and not so privately upset with the MS societies reluctance to look into this. Naturally there are even some doctors with MS who have had the surgery and have seen it's benefits. My friend's neurologist in Toronto was very dismissive of her and even went so far as to tell her, "even if you do get better it will be placebo effect." she has had the surgery which focused more on widening the valves, not just ballooning and she is now walking ( formerly was in a wheelchair). She will go and visit him and stomp on his
foot and tell him, sorry that must be the "placebo effect." her GP is totally behind her decision and is even having her talk to some med students. The new MS treatment and how it's obviously being squashed by the neuros is really making people think about how biased and pharma-interested the system is. Their beloved "it's genetic" assertions are dying by the minute now that a simple surgery to unblock veins has been shown to be so promising.

John Stone

Wonderful piece, Julie

Bob Moffitt

Conspiracy is an easy allegation to make .. but .. very difficult to prove.

Making things even more difficult is our government's recent decisions to bail out entire industries (autos, banking, etc) because they were deemed "too big to fail". If any industry meets the government's criteria of being "too big to fail" .. it is the vaccine industry.

kathy blanco

"Now we've rewritten history, the one thing we've out. Sweet taste of vindication, it turns to ashes in your mouth."

This is sorta how I feel. We have outed pharma, the government which upholds such, and we have outed their pure motivations, money, power, and eugenics. They know this. However, they know they can turn a blind eye, because they are completely protected and walled off from the realities we families face everyday. They have done a fine job of walling off any or all responsibility for the continued slaughters they committ, under the guise of "protection". We have won some victories, given. But we also have a loooong way to go, to prevent and cure autism. The only way that can be accomplished is to cease and dissist in helping any pharmaceutical company make one more dime off the blood of our children. That means, hard choices, that means no safe vaccine, that means upholding exemptions in every state. That means some personal responsibility on our parts, how to obtain health. That means not trusting the usual characters who say trust me. That means for almost all of us to question motivations. Our government of late really hates questioners, thinkers, someone who sees the entire picture. No, they like people, sheople, who stand in line, and don't question.

I'd like them to live my life yesterday, in which my son with autism, seizures, PANDAS, a pacemaker, woke me up at least three times in the middle of the night, in need of "bathroom assistance", and if they could go to work the next day, be a contributing citizen with vim and vigor? They know that in the struggles of our four walls, that our efforts will be so insurmountable, that our entire focus, energies, and our ability to make changes in our world, regulations and policies are only within the confides of our own home. They know we don't have millions to defend our positions or research, and or "go after them". They know that our husbands are barely making enough money to pay for our "so called" useless and pointless aims/goals/desires of recovering our children from this fine biomedical mess, and finally, they know that our children, for the most part, will never procreate, and that my friends is the entire goal and aim. It's more than money. It's more along the lines of culling the unnecessary bottom feeders....the ones with the quirky immune responses who would have died anyways, had they unleashed some biological weapon. Well, guess what, they already have. They have done so by poisoning the needle, the water, the air, the food. Such is known as the soft kill. Such is known as pulling in those who will desire for "treatments" which have no cure. Such is the known entity of why pharmaceutical comapnies just plain exist, on our illnesses, on our inability to keep ourselves healthy despite our best efforts or no, and such is the known bottom lines and the stock holders dreams. If only, like the blood diamonds of Africa, they knew of the blood money they obtain? Through the blood of innocence of babies mind you, they profit thereby. I reeeallly feel sorry for all those who everyday, live off the sorrows of our children and our families. For as such, they will be judged in the end. Some, don't think there is an end...but trust me, there is. When that time comes, I hope to God, the He will allow the jury to be our children. Justice will be HIS saith the Lord. And so it will be for us and our children. Though I know my kids are "shoe ins" to heaven, and all would desire that anyways, there lives are living testaments of the evils and designs of conspiring men and women. Such is symbol of how badly we have become. A country is as good as it's citizens. In my estimation, we are on the verge of collapse, because our moral authority has been lost. It is often measured by how we treat our children, our elders, and the weakened.

Anne McElroy Dachel

Actually, it's like the really big lie theory. Hitler is most commonly linked to the "really big lie" from Mein Kampf. ...
There are several "really big lies" out there about autism:
*Mercury is safe when injected into babies.
*All the autism is just better diagnosing and it only seems like we have more sick kids everywhere.
*Autism is genetic.
*One percent of adults have autism.
*Children may have been normal and suddenly regressed after being vaccinated, but it's just a coincidence.
NONE OF THAT MAKES SENSE. We're being told
that what we see with our own eyes isn't really happening.
We're being told that doctors can change scientific fact and make a known neurotoxin somehow safe.
HHS might have conceded that Hannah Poling became autistic because she received 9 vaccinations in one day, but vaccines don't cause autism.

They like to pretend that the REALLY BIG LIE IS THAT VACCINES CAUSE AUTISM....
but in truth......
it's the only thing that makes sense.
Anne Dachel

Tony Bateson

A correspondent asks whether 1% is a high price to pay for 'Herd Immunity'? It is conceivable that some would argue no, it is not too high a price. I am not so sure since I learned that Herd Immunity in the quasi medical science establishment can be determined by means of the Nash Equilibrium. A Game Playing Theory also used by professional poker players and by saturation bombing military strategists. Really? I think Herd Immunity is a fiction.

Tony Bateson, Oxford, UK.


Anne McElroy Dachel--- An editor really said that???!!! Was it an editor for a newspaper or a girly magazine? Probably it was an editor for a girly magazine if he thought that because there would not be many jobs for editors of newspapers if all they had to worry about was murder/crime reports, motor accidents and of course the obituatauries.

Jen what did it mean,"Offit didn't really go after manufacturers enough with the whole cell dpt issue." Was it talking about that the partial cell was an inferior product and we should still be using the whole cell? I have this fear that they will find some excuse to go back to the whole cell, not that the DTaP seems to be all that safer alternative.

Theodora Trudorn

To many people would be correct! To many invested intrests, to many who's profit margins are affected. To many conflicts of interest! It's not about out and out lying. It's about manipulating the truth and making it take on whatever hue you desire. The mass public is extrodinarily easy to manipulate, just ask any advertising agency!

It's to easy to slip into the subconcious of the human mind! Colors, just by themselves, can be used to subminially manipulate people to act and react in a certain fashion. I did a paper on Color Symbolism and the Subconcious back when I was still in school.

It may be difficult to spread a mass lie and keep it hidden, not so when manipulating facts. It is all too easy!

Safe mercury?! Ummm...what fantasy world do THEY live in?!?! They are either out of thier minds, got a hold of what my mom likes to term "the good stuff" and are on a permanant brain vacation, or once again, trying to tweak facts to their own ends!! Or who knows, maybe all three!!

God help us all!!


Great article! I think the whole thing is an example of the Abilene Paradox (similar to group-think). Everyone just assumes that because vaccines have been so successful that they can't possibly be the problem; so they have blinders on.


I agree with you, Julie. The pro-vaccers have a kind of "herd mentality" to protect their "science," their stance as pro-vaccine." I worry that Orac is actually getting obsessed over at his website with the vaccine issue ( defending it of course). Interestingly, someone named David mentioned that Offit didn't really go after manufacturers enough with the whole cell dpt issue. No one really dealt with it when he brought it up, either. Today, Orac has an article dealing with the decline effect to do with science. It must be hard to be in a position to defend science when it has been hi-jacked by pharma. The current MS struggle for the "liberation treatment" (CCSVI surgery) has probably really opened up people's eyes as to the dishonesty and bias in terms of science and health. I think it will be shown to have had a devastating effect on it's credibility. Add to that stuff like Cochrane reviews and it's gotta be scary for them. I also think that there.
is some "reaction formation" at work ( a psychological effect where people say, do something completely opposite to what they really feel, think, in
order to reduce anxiety. I think Alison Singer fits this description.


Proverbs 1:20-23

Wisdom cries aloud in the street;
in the markets she raises her voice;
on the top of the walls she cries out;
at the entrance of the city gates she speaks:
"How long, O simple ones, will you love being simple?
How long will scoffers delight in their scoffing and fools hate knowledge?
Give heed to my reproof;
behold, I will pour out my thoughts to you;
I will make my words known to you.


At the heart of the problem lies the question of what mechanism lies behind adverse reactions, which is not as simple as mercury, nor multiple live viruses, and without that answer there is no secret to keep. Knowledge is power, but ignorance is bliss.

Rae N.

An exact parallel today is the situation with water fluoridation, which, while its toxic effects and lack of dental benefit are well known, continues to be pushed on the public as it has been ever since it was first devised as a disposal system for hazardous industrial waste products 60-plus years ago. Same arrogant, well-rewarded bureaucrats at the top of the power structure (CDC, ADA, EPA, NIH, etc.), basking in power and thumbing their noses at anyone questioning their policies. Same army of well-meaning but ignorant white coats parroting the party line. Same media blackout by the controlled corporate press.

Harry H.

Julie, maybe there aren't too many people suffering from autism.

Since we are engaged in a never ending constantly evolving "War on disease" and the best/cheapest/most profitable weapon we have in that war is vaccines, and the casualty/autism rate is only 1%, then maybe that 1% is the price we as a society need to accept in order to protect the other 99%.

I'm just guessing here but I think the public health gods have decided that 1% is a small price to pay for herd immunity.

Anne McElroy Dachel

An editor once wrote to me that I had a lot of compelling evidence, but what I was talking about was a conspiracy involving the federal health agencies, the medical community and the vaccine makers. That could never happen. There's too much oversight for that. Case closed.

Anne Dachel

Julie Leonardo

Adam, you hit the nail on the head. We are all capable of this, and that is why it is probable that vaccines are involved.

Adam M

The heart is deceitful above all things, And desperately wicked; Who can know it?
Jeremiah 17:9

There is none righteous, no, not one;
There is none who understands;
there is none who seeks after God.
They have all turned aside;
They have together become unprofitable;
There is none who does good, no, not one.
Romans 3:10 - 12

It all stems from this.

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