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The Beetlejuice World of Brian Deer

Beetlejuice_25_-_Adam_makes_a_scary_face Seems like someone must have shouted "Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!" recently returning Brian Deer to the scene. He certainly thinks he's the ghost with the most.

By Katie Wright

Like many of you, I am sure, I am so sick of this “Lancet” business. All this whining and cataclysmic carrying on about a 13 year old pilot study which made absolutely no conclusive claims. As if any of this nonsense changes that fact that 70% of ASD kids have GI pain and almost 50% of kids are now developing normally and regressing into autism. If only all of THIS were a hoax! If only I could say to my son, “snap out of it kid, I am on to you!” How Christian pulled off the incessant diarrhea I am not yet sure…There must have been some fraudulent trickery involved. Maybe Brian Deer needs to investigate!

Speaking of Brian Deer, what is with this oddball character? Why do I cringe when I watch him on TV, even with the volume muted? Is it his bizarre persona, the weird facial expressions, the constant blinking? Deer has such a creepy je ne sais quoi quality about him. He is obsessed with Dr. Wakefield, like a crazy jilted suitor.  Deer reminds me of the protagonists in those old “Lifetime” movies about stalkers.  He non-stop rants in his interviews, talking about himself as much as Wakefield. Deer’s interviewers all have the same quizzical expressions when watching this guy in action. You know they are probably thinking, “this guy is really strange. Why didn’t my producers warn me?”

I love how we are supposed to believe THIS guy, not the parents whose private medical records his absconded with to his apartment, or lair, as the case may be. Deer can really dish it out, calling Dr. Wakefield all kinds of names, accusing him of causing worldwide panic, alleging that his 1998 pilot study has contributed to hundreds of deaths. Yet in turn, Deer complains about the mean autism Moms, these housewives, who have the nerve to ask him who is financing his “investigations.” These mothers shout at me, he complains! They call me all kinds of names! What a baby. Maybe it is their children who are the victim in all of this, rather than Deer’s fragile ego.

When asked about why autism is rising or what is causing autism. Deer responds, “I don’t know, I am not a doctor.” Fair enough. Yet why did the British medical authorities hire this squirrelly “free- lance” journalist to “investigate” and evaluate the complex medical records of sick children with autism? Insane. Why doesn’t our government hire Jane Brody, who writes a health column for the NYT, to investigate brain surgery frauds and report back to the NIH? Why hasn’t the Surgeon General hired Emily Smith (a good detective!) of “Page Six” to investigate hoax heart valve surgeries? Anyone is free to “investigate” and report anything they want but our government doesn’t commission wacky reporters off the streets to evaluate children’s confidential and complex medical histories.  Can you even imagine how many personal injury lawyers would retire for life if they worked on this case here in the U.S.?

The saddest part in all this is seeing how Deer’s warped medical “evaluations” of these childrens’ records were taken seriously by any authority at all.  Even in 2004 I had to take Christian to countless doctors to get a diagnosis for his GI pain, bloating, strange posturing over table and chairs and frightening diarrhea. I have all of Christian’s records and physicians notes. Some doctors basically ignored everything I said and wrote “diarrhea?” Many took only a detailed genetic history- finding nothing. Some doctors only ran numerous blood tests- finding nothing. Finally one doctor insisted on a spinal tap in order to identify “that rare genetic disease” they believed Christian surely had. Only that could account for his regression and subsequent medical problems! Talk about unnecessary medical procedures. This was all mainstream medicine, which we came to see as an endless fishing trip with no relief in sight for Christian.

In 2005 we asked a colleague of Dr. Wakefield, Dr. Krigsman, to examine Christian. I heard of Dr. Krigsman via a parent of a similarly affected child, who like me, traveled all over country in search of a GI who, a) believed her and b) was willing to help her child. Believe me, this is still a tall order. By the way, Moms of kids like mine pleaded with doctors to scope their kids. We knew there was something medically wrong, even though few physicians would listen. Most doctors will not consider scoping ASD kids because many still believe that autism is a “psychiatric” disorder. Deer and the nitwits at the BMG describe these GI scopes as “a dangerous and unnecessary procedures.” Ha! As if getting an x-ray for a possible broken bone is an “experimental” procedure. Tell that to the kids with the broken bone. Better yet tell him that maybe his bone is broken, maybe not, but it is “too dangerous” to determine for sure.

After being treated by Dr. Krigsman Christian’s GI symptoms got dramatically better. Krigsman never made any promises, in fact he warned us that there is no cure for IBD, but he would attempt to treat the disease and make life more comfortable for Christian. That is exactly what he did.

An unqualified person, with no experience treating ASD children w/ GI problems, could easily look at Christian’s medical records and argue that there was insufficient agreement on his eventual diagnosis of inflammatory bowel disease and it was “dangerous” to scope Christian. In this process the relevant experiences of the parents of these children are either totally ignored or marginalized. To endorse such stupidity in 1998 is bad enough but to re-affirm such stupidity in 2011 is incredible. There is so much ignorance, fear and willful disregard of the pain these largely voiceless, autistic children endure. Yet to see such callous ignorance institutionalized and approved as the standard of care by medical authorities astonishes me.

I very much hope we can hear from some of the “Lancet” parents and learn their version of events. I know Brian Deer approached a number of parents using a fake name. Is that even legal? It isn’t ethical. But it certainly is creepy. These poor families. Haven’t they endured enough? After years of trauma simply trying find competent medical help for their sick children these parents find this Brain Deer on their doorstep, probably with all their private medical records under his arm. Maybe these parents have the same questions as I do: How did Deer obtain these confidential records and who is paying for his “investigation?” And how can I get a restraining order? Ha, only half kidding.

Katie Wright is Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.



How interesting that James Murdoch is a director of GSK! The Murdoch influence on our press is shocking. Allowing Brian Deer to influence public opinion with scarcely a challenge is scandalous. Not to mention the treatment of Andrew Wakefield. And who is footing the bill for all this nonsense, even if you leave aside the moral issues? Yes, the great british tax payer! We foot the bill for the vaccines which damage our children, then we foot the bill for any humanitarian doctors to be struck off the GMC register, then we foot the bill for vaccine damage cover-ups.

Brian Deer really is a nasty piece of work. It speaks volumes about the integrity of Murdoch and his acolytes that Deer's nutty ramblings are given any weight at all. He hasn't got a clue about bowel disorders or much else it would seem. He appears to be driven by an obsessive hatred of Andrew Wakefield which is just plain weird. I suspect it is more that he is driven by an extreme self-loathing and it manifests itself in bringing down anyone with an ounce of integrity or humanity.

Murdoch, Deer - all in the pig-swill together!


I have observed among my teenagers friends (and one of my teenagers) that chronic health problems are occurring after the barrage of vaccines given before they go travelling in the third world. One of my children developed asthma after the vaccines and she has also had a deterioration in her health generally. Digestive problems, asthma, sinus problems.

Another of my children received no vaccines at all before travelling in India. She took all the usual precautions and was fine. No health problems at all.

I have spoken to other parents who have reported their children developing chronic diseases after travel vaccines.

I did a bit of research into the Japanese Encephalitis vaccine which is given. The risk/benefit ratio is dramatically skewed to the extent that, in my opinion, the risks of the vaccine far outweigh any benefit.

Isabella Thomas

See link above to hear that I have now challanged Brian Deer to a one to one debate live.
I want to look into his eyes and challange all these lies.
Katie, you have my permission to ask Age of Autism for my e-mail address as I am not sure how to contact you.


Deer is more of an undercover agent doing "their" dirty work vs being a true journalist. And his ability to to aquire information no one can, only reinforces this belief. He's a gov't agent.

Cherry Sperlin Misra

Katie ! I have the answer ! Brian Deer ate too many plates of fish and chips (mercury) and maybe got some of those free flu vaccines from his pharma pals and then he went to the dentist who put mercury - sorry- silver amalgams in his mouth and now he's mercury toxic !

Theodora Trudorn

I've been saying it for a while now!! It totally creeps me out and causes me to fear for the good doctor!! Where are the nice young men in the clean white coats when you need them?!?! It's not fun anymore, noting his obsession. It's disturbing, and I'll be praying for Wakefield and his family!


Joan Campbell
Loved the video. It took me a little bit to get the 12 lego apostles in the last supper painting -

Brian Deer kept saying this small, little rag of a hosptial 12 children just showed up, they just showed up.

Very clever!

Joan Campbell

I know who I believe.
Watch me wrap my banner over Deer's fact to stop him saying nasty things to Dr Wakefield at the end of the video.

Joan Campbell
"It is quite clear that you do not understand English. Brian Deer is not a member of the Sunday Times staff. He is a freelance journalist who runs his own website and blog and is not under the control or direction of the Sunday Times. Mr. Deer should not represent himself as a Sunday Times journalist. He is not a member of staff, does NOT have a regular salary from us, is not on our pension scheme and pays his own tax as a freelance. If he says that he writes for the Sunday Times that would be correct. He is a contributor to The Sunday Times on an occasional basis but again we have no control over him ..."
- Alaistair Brett, Legal Manager, Sunday Times


According to The Definitive Book of Body Language: "People under pressure-for instance, when they are lying-are likely to dramatically increase their blinking rate."

A person's appearance may not be important, but body language certainly is (for those who read non-verbal cues) to ascertain whether a speaker is believable.


Brian Deer is just mean, that is about it.
There is no way that he is NOT BEING PAID, by someone to not only take this position but to pursue it.

It's a sad, sad world that a human being finds himself in this position, but then again it is the oldest profession in the world.

So, put yourself in his shoes. You are having to take a position that even if you had psyched yourself up - you know in the back of your mind you are the bad guy here: And he does since he actually went into some of these parent's homes, and talked to them.

So the eye blinking and all that is not from a disabilty, but rather from taking a immoral stance - which tends to make one nervous and esaily made angry.

Katie Wright

Although much of my posts are satire, it was not not my intention to make fun of Deer. I was speaking about my psychological impressions as I watched Deer being interviewed. Something really strange seems to be going on w/ him, he seems "off." Deer IS highly agitated and easily angered on camera and I have no idea why. Deer doesn't have a child suffering from endless Gi pain. Deer is not beseiged by parents begging him for medical help.

And yes, for someone who did bully and make fun of the parents in the "Lancet" piece, he is remarkably thin skinned. Deer has accused Dr. Wakefield of the most terrible things and appears to delight in this.

Annalease we can agree to disagree. I do think a person's demeanor on camera is 100% fair game. I look terrible on camera, I am the first to admit. However, I would like to think I come across as genuine and sane, no matter how badly I physically look.

David Kirby does his job as a journalist perfectly on camera. He is compassionate, but factual. David doesn't throw around personal accusations, he doesn't make himself out to be the victim and he remains calm and professional.

kim spencer

I see your point Annalese, but let's think about it this way: A mom goes into her ped for years, kid has problems, ped writes down what he sees. Years go by, Mom finds a specialist. Without the ped records, a new record of the child's history is taken by the specialist. Later on, someone illegally takes the ped records, compares them to the specialist records and causes an international uproar, getting most of the sympathy in the issue, WITH LIES about ASSUMPTIONS of your OWN child's health issues. I say it's a taste of Brian's own medicine. You talk about our kids like you know anything about them, we can talk about your health, Brian. How does it feel?

Holly M.

They made a TV show called "Lie to Me" where body language was everything. I think Katie is right-on. Deer's persona speaks volumes.

Man Editor

Honestly, such a scolding? Have you ever read an opinion piece in a newspaper? Katie is allowed to write it as she sees it. We stand by her work.



I am horrified that an organization that exists to help individuals with autism would put forth an article that makes fun of a person's physical appearance, mannerisms, and "constant blinking". "This guy is really strange?" Really? For shame Katie. Your article can stand alone, without the middle school bully tactics. A person's physical appearance and demeanor on camera has absolutely no bearing on one's personality, credibility or intelligence. As a parent of a child with autism, you should know this...and should be setting a better example.

Paul Shapiro

Like all stalkers, I think Deer has a
"Thing for Dr Wakefield"
When watching him in action
his demeanor seems strange to me.
He gives me the creeps!

kathy blanco

Don't you think parents are wondering at this point, why all the fuss? I surely hope so! I think if I were a "civilian" and saw the slew of attacks on this man, I would have a falsehood media radar go up. Surely people are wondering why such verascity is being displayed at the expense of sick children? One just hopes, that Brian Deer himself, will have a child, and vaccinate the hell out of that poor thing, and begin to understand exactly what we went through. I rarely wish such tragedy on people, but in this case I will make an exception.

Lisa @ TACA

Isabella - thank you for writing in response to this article. We greatly appreciate the "Lancet" families for continuing to look for answers.

Katie - once again you hit the nail on the head.

Kids with autism don't fake pain, sleeplessness, the inability to have a bowel movement, alternating too much bowel movements that can peel paint off the walls, self injurious behaviors, crying and screaming. They deserve our respect and desire to improve their lives.

Thank you brave doctors for listening, looking and treating.


The truth is going to be revealed.It is not only children that are suffering devastating issues as a result of vaccines. My daughter just recently was in touch with a fellow she dated for awhile. This man when she dated him was 6'2" and 180 lbs, in top physical condition. He was also quite successful in a law career.
How things can change. When my daughter had first met him, he had complained to her about issues he had started having with his gut. He would become very sick and have to go to bed.
Well life went on and the two of them went their separate ways. My daughter just came across a picture of him on facebook and was shocked. He looked as if he had cancer or something. So she contacted him.
He told her his story of the last two years. After they stopped dating he continued to become sicker and sicker. No one could diagnose what was wrong with him. He became so sick he had dropped to 120 lbs and could no longer work.
He finally had become so sick that his roommate had to take him to the emergency room and his body was in the process of shutting all of his vital organs down.
They did a colonoscopy and found he had IBD and they began treatment for this. He had since gained weight and was feeling some improvement in his health.
My daughter in talking to him and being aware of immune system issues and vaccine because of her nephew with autism suggested that his illness must be related to something and then she asked him if he had any vaccines prior to becoming sick.
This man then puts two and two together. His downward spiral began when he was vaccinated with a whole host of vaccine for a trip he took to Africa. He said that his stomach issues all began shortly after receiving the vaccines. He now is looking into other methods of healing his gut and hopefully will recover from his nightmare.
And he is one more now understanding supporter for a medical community that is out of control.


Thank you!

I felt the documentary "Selective Hearing" provided more than enough insight into Deer. I'm not sure I want to see it again, but I wonder if the footage of Deer should be extracted and distributed to the MSM and others who seem unwilling to make an in-depth investigation into this story?

Nicole Beurkens

I love how you manage to retain a sense of humor, even with everything you and your son have been through. My colleagues and I find that Brian Deer provides plenty of fodder for discussion about possible DSM diagnoses!

Joan Campbell

Great Article Katie
We on facebook are also getting our message across
Dr Wakefield's work must continue have over 6,000 members and Autism Mothers have over 15,000 members and that is just the tip of the iceberg.
Together we will get our message across!/autismfile.mothers


Deer is golden to the simple-minded because by telling them what they want to hear, he makes their lives even simpler.

Jenny Allan

Isabella, you are so brave. I know that your sons and my grandson attended the same excellent Royal Free clinic at about the same time. EVERYONE should set aside some time to listen to the Gary Null show which features Isabella, talking about her boys and her truly horrendous experiences with Deer, the GMC and the MMR vaccine.

Thank you Katie for your highly entertaining article. Some of us autism mothers, grandmothers, friends and relatives have also shared a Facebook giggle about Brian Deer's manic dissembling over his recent BMJ articles, and the increasingly panicked reactions of the corrupt medical establishment personnel and all those well paid 'pharma shills', who were all previously his stauchest supporters, using vast sums of money, power and influence to protect Deer from prosecution and litigation. They are all now attempting to distance themselves from his excesses, but Deer has other ideas. I love the way he is now 'denouncing' Goldacre and Offit, and threatening to 'expose' countless other doctors.

However, whilst a bit of levity and entertainment is very welcome, we must never forget the years of oppression and suppression, where the full might of the UK political, pharma and powerful media interests made sure that the parents of these vaccine damaged children were demonised, and their children left to suffer terrible iatrogenic neglect, which continues. Parents who attempted to complain, or try to get proper medical care for their children were accused of causing their children's problems.

My poor daughter and her husband were forced to attend parenting classes to control their 'brat'. They were terrified of their child being forcibly taken into care, where he would NOT have been safe. Like Houdini, he could 'escape'. from anything, and had a tendency to try to run into busy roads or hang out of windows. My grandson, now 18 and an adult, thinks he 'got off lightly', but this was all due to Professors Walker Smith and Murch who treated him at the Royal Free. Without their timely interventions regarding his impacted bowel, he would probably have lost his colon. They were also very kind and caring clinicians and I trust that Professor Walker Smith will soon be exonerated of all GMC charges under appeal. It would be nice if some kind of apology was also forthcoming, but that would be too much to expect.


It's not really about Brian Deer. If it hadn't been him, it would have been somebody else. If Brian cracks up, the machine behind him will shove him into the gutter and move on. There are more photogenic Brian Deers out there--- Seth Mnoookin, Trine Tousaderos, Anderson Cooper, etc. The machine behind Brian Deer is the problem, not one pathetic and unstable person.

Katie Wright

Thank you so much everyone.
Thank you very much Isabella,
We have been dying to hear from the families.

Isabella can u please send me your e-mail???
I would love to learn more about your family's struggle w/ this horrible nightmare. I hope your child is doing well.

Thank you to everyone for your support of AoA. It has provided me and hopefully others w/ the opportunity create a space and a voice for our childrens' experiences. Without Kim, Mark and Dan none of this would be possible.

Adam M

@ Cynthia Cournoyer,

Our culture has been TAUGHT to believe that there is nothing wrong with vaccines. If there is NOTHING wrong with them, how can you take them off the market, how can you stop them, WHY WOULD YOU STUDY THEM?!


It's all down to fear, ignorance and guilt

Isabella Thomas


Thank you for this article.

I am one of the parents who had two children in the Lancet study and cannot believe how Brian Deer is able to use my children and others as political pawns. He has attacked us parents in the UK calling us all sorts of names. He has said 'no wonder our children's brains are the way they are' yet on TV he makes out that he feels sorry for us. He put my children's names and the date they entered the Royal Free Hospital on his web-site and a copy of part of a page from a child's medical notes showing a doctors stamp (when they were at the Royal Free)on his site right at the begining. I reconise this as the same stamp on my children's medical notes. Who photocopied this for him at the Royal Free? He plays games on blogs by talking about children picking bits out of their medical records, out of contex, saying the parents know who he is talking about. He has never interviewed me about the Lancet study and from talking to some of the other Lancet parents he has not interviewed them. So as far as I can tell he has only interviwed a small proportion of them giving a false name. I asked Brian Deer years ago how he got confidential documents and he said he managed to prize them from the Royal Free hospital. I have now been told by an informent (not Dr. Wakefield) which doctor gave Brian Deer my childrens medical records. I am told there were two doctors involved. This whole thing stinks at the expence of our sick children and Dr. Wakefield who has lost his career and his country. I have now asked the BMJ (who are accuesing Dr. Wakefield of fraud) how they came to this conclusion. They would have had to have access to my childrens medical records and GP files. Would they have just taken Brian Deers word for it. I have asked to see all the evadence they have received from Brian Deer to come to this decision. The BMJ have not replied yet. Brian Deer also said I knew about what Dr. Wakefield was doing. What right does he have to say such lies about Dr. Wakefield and also parents of damaged children.

michael framson

Its so clear that the medical establishment and media would publicize and promote the work of anybody, in this case rattus bryandeericus, a species of sewer rat, if it supported their program of malicious denial.


"Speaking of Brian Deer, what is with this oddball character? Why do I cringe when I watch him on TV, even with the volume muted? Is it his bizarre persona, the weird facial expressions, the constant blinking? Deer has such a creepy je ne sais quoi quality about him. He is obsessed with Dr. Wakefield, like a crazy jilted suitor. Deer reminds me of the protagonists in those old “Lifetime” movies about stalkers. He non-stop rants in his interviews, talking about himself as much as Wakefield. Deer’s interviewers all have the same quizzical expressions when watching this guy in action. You know they are probably thinking, “this guy is really strange. Why didn’t my producers warn me?”

Could it be that Brian Deer is, perhaps, on the spectrum himself? Asperger's maybe? I'm not saying this is an excuse for his behavior which shouldn't be tolerated. But it might explain it. Maybe he's a neurodiversity guy looking to slam any hint that autism is indeed an illness rather than just a normal neurological 'difference'.


I'll try to make my "anecdote" quick and painless. I had no doctor as wonderful as Wakefield. When my oldest son shortly after his measle vaccine, started screaming in stomach pain, with accompaning diarhea, and fecal incontinence,my pediatrician blamed me for diet and parenting, later sent samples to the local university to check for parasites. YEARS of discomfort led to outright bleeding, no ASD, however ADD, he was hospitalized , the guess was "herpes" because his mouth was ulcerated , then they found esophageal ulcers ,uveitis, and on and diagnosed him with Crohn's. Age 15! 13 yrs of guessing, then onto extreme medications, a joke, with exception to steroids but that couldn't be viable for a future, SO, we found Dr.Bob, who treats with cannibis, and my son is in remission. Imagine the harm that could come to THIS wonderful doctor who has returned my son to health? We have to stop allowing the lock these "mainstream" institutions have on medicine and science or our kids will not get better. They will bring up 13 yr old studies, try to discredit anyone who has found methods to return our children to health or expose the likely culprits behind their suffering. Be it a safer vaccine a b12 shot or the dreaded "cannibis" or simply a gluten free diet, they want us to spend millions on much more dangerous regimens of mind altering drugs and health damaging ones ,as well. They have the motive.


Brian Deer should be sued for false allegations.

Anne McElroy Dachel

For someone who claims he unearthed a fraud in Dr. Wakefield, Deer has surprising little compassion for these children or interest in why so many are sick.

The current media feeding frenzy led by CNN is a curiosity too.

These are the same people have spent the last decade joyously announcing every study that AGAIN SHOWED NO LINK BETWEEN VACCINES AND AUTISM.

These same networks and newspapers have told us for endless years that autism was genetic and that it only seemed like it was increasing; it was all just "better diagnosing" by doctors.

The press may be alarmed over Wakefield, but they're never that excited over the epidemic numbers.

Members of the press don't look at the studies used to disprove a link and question the vast web of ties to the vaccine makers nor do they ask why there's never been an official study comparing the rates in vaccinated and unvaccinated kids.

The news stories out there continue to pretend this is just about the science. No one ever points out that lots and lots of people have everything at stake in this fight. There are countless people for whom the recognition of a causal link is the unthinkable.

Soon the Wakefield fraud charges becomes old news and the media will again lose interest in autism. Autism, however, will not go away. It's impossible to stop the inevitable. Very soon, thousands and thousands of young adults with autism will be descending on social services. No one can tell us where they'll all end up or how we'll pay for them all.

We've devoted so much time, money, and energy to proving that vaccines don't cause autism, that we're totally unprepared for the tsunami that is approaching. Maybe when autism bankrupts the country we can turn to Brian Deer for suggestions on how to cope.

Anne Dachel

Jake Crosby

Great going Katie. The more we expose Brian Deer for what he is, the better off we'll all be.


Is it possible for Dr. Wakefield to bring a parent on GMA on Monday to show this is not a "hoax"?


Oh yes, things are definitely getting weird.


This whole situation is so surreal. Thanks for writing about it so eloquently.

Cynthia Cournoyer


Because there is more sales than science in vaccines.

Because we are dealing with the innocence and fragility of babies, and no one in their "right" mind would ever harm them, and to simply THINK someone could harm them is too much for anyone to fathom.

Vaccines have been protected from the truth from the very beginning over 200 years ago.

Our culture has been TAUGHT to believe that there is nothing wrong with vaccines. If there is NOTHING wrong with them, how can you take them off the market, how can you stop them, WHY WOULD YOU STUDY THEM?!

Adam M

@ Finally one doctor insisted on a spinal tap in order to identify “that rare genetic disease” they believed Christian surely had. Only that could account for his regression and subsequent medical problems!
Talk about unnecessary medical procedures. This was all mainstream medicine, which we came to see as an endless fishing trip with no relief in sight for Christian.

Dr. Tenpenny makes an excellent point about this phenomenon. She asks would we go through all this if a child had a bad reaction to an antibiotic? NO! Even if your child had a minor rash the treatment would be stopped and something else would be tried. The doctor would automatically think it was a reaction to the treatment without running any tests at all. Or imagine telling friends and family that you're not going to let your kids get antibiotics or take tylenol. Would you get the same reaction? WHY DO WE HOLD VACCINES TO THIS DIFFERENT STANDARD ?!!!

Amy in Idaho

Last month Vanity Fair ran an article about drug trials (and subsequent Pharma 'studies') that are conducted overseas on the very poor and in all probability, uninformed citizenry of 3rd world nations.

Little by little, the truth is being told - and published. Of course, reading an article with more than 100 words takes effort and a level of concentration not often seen these days in our country!


Reporters need to get over Wakefield..there are much bigger stories to chase..if Deer can get over his obsession with Wakefield he may learn this...

80% of the active ingredients in drugs being imported into the US market are made China and India. Supervision at these overseas plants is reportedly poor and FDA alots only 5% of resources to monitoring the drugs coming in.

China as we know has a deplorable reputation for quality control, so how do we know we're getting what we pay for? Who's handling these drugs and does what is on the label match what's in the bottle (or vial) in the case of vaccines?

According to the news story below,"there's been a 400% increase in drug recalls in 2009 from the prior year" resulting in "greater scrutiny" in the quality of the medicine.

We need reporters to stop attacking Wakefield and investigate oversight and quality control of China's pharmaceutical trade specifically drug manufacturing and weaknesses in the drug supply chain more.

Here are two eye opening stories on this issue:

New Bill: To strengthen Government authority over Pharma supply chain

Safety of the Prescription Drug Supply


I noticed the "this guy is really strange" look on Anderson Coopers face as he was interviewing Deer...even though the story was biased, Coopers expression spoke volumes...thanks Katie

Erik Nanstiel

Excellent! Thanks Katie. Deer can't hide WHAT he is, we can take some solace in that.


I am forwarding Anderson Cooper the link to this column right now. He has done a deplorable job on this story (like so many others). Yet, I think somewhere deep down he still cares about truth. So I have launched a personal campaign to persuade him to seek the truth on this story.

You can join me by cutting and pasting this link into your search engine and sending him your own message right now now:


"Deer and the nitwits at the BMG"
Is that supposed to be BMJ?

Anyway, love love love your description of the weasly worm Deer. Brilliant and spot on. Especially the jilted lover bit - exactly as I have described him in the past!

I believe, as does Jenny Allan, that Deer is coming unhinged. His ego has finally swallowed him whole, and he is finding enemies in his supporters.

Maurine meleck

My greatest wish right now would be that every newspaper in the country would print this piece. Thanks, Katie. It is excellent.


So well done. Thank you!!!

Jenny Allan

Katie says:-
'Can you even imagine how many personal injury lawyers would retire for life if they worked on this case here in the U.S.?'

This unsavoury BMJ Deer episode sums up everything that is presently wrong wrong wrong in the UK. Doctors are terrified of speaking out against powerful medical, political and business interests, including pharma, for fear of being scapegoated and professionally lynched, as happened to Dr Wakefield.

Rupert Murdoch has a ridiculous amount of UK government lobbying influence and his son James is presently a director of vaccine manufacturers GSK. Very recently, a popular UK Government Minister was demoted for daring to voice his public disapproval of Murdoch's pervading influence over everything we do and say here. Of course, the Murdoch media empire has made sure that parents of apparently vaccine damaged children who attempt to speak out are not heard or get drowned out by a chorus of approbation, accusing them of attempted murder or worse!! This is Deer's description of parents of autistic children "The festering nastiness, the creepy repetitiveness, the weasly, deceitful, obsessiveness, all signal pathology to me” This could well describe the ‘creepy’ Mr Deer himself!!
In the past this stance has been generally accepted by a public brainwashed by the constant media bashing and suppression of any dissenting voices, or any expressed support for Dr Wakefield.

Is the tide turning at last?? I hardly dare to hope, but I WAS heartened to read the recent letter from the Times editor which appears to 'disown' Deer. In the UK there has been a deafening silence from the popular media and press over Deer’s latest BMJ ‘fraud’ diatribes against Dr Wakefield. The exceptions to this were a vitriolic article in The Sun, and Deer's recent defence of his BMJ investigation accuracy and sources, published in The Sunday Times; both newspapers are owned by Murdoch.

A curious Deer blog in the Guardian has attracted a huge amount of derision from all sources. In this article, an ever more ridiculous and obviously unstable Deer promises more revelations, this time involving other UK doctors. He also appears to be promising to bring down the BMJ and the Lancet!! I can't wait, although if Fiona Godlee publishes this stuff she will surely be committing professional suicide. Perhaps Murdoch has a job waiting for her!!
This is the BMJ’s libel policy. I leave you to make up your own minds!!
‘To defend itself against an accusation of libel, a publication has to prove that the statement it published was true, that it was published “without malice,” and, where possible, was in the public interest.’

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