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SafeMinds PSA Airs at 50,000 Movie Showings With Safety Message

SafeMinds would like to thank the autism community for their support of our 30-second flu vaccine public service announcement.  From December 17th through December 31st this PSA aired in front of 50,000 movie showings in more than 150 theaters across the country.  Thanks to your generosity, moviegoers in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, California, Illinois, Texas, Massachusetts, Georgia, Virginia, Maryland, Minnesota and Colorado learned about the danger of flu vaccines that still contain thimerosal.  In addition, SafeMinds Executive Director Lyn Redwood, RN, MSN was interviewed and the PSA was shown on Fox News, which reaches more than one million viewers. 


kathy blanco

I was speaking of the other vaccines.

Aluminum is present in vaccines that prevent hepatitis A,
hepatitis B, diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis, Haemophilus influenzae
type b and pneumococcus. Aluminum is not present in live viral
vaccines, such as those that prevent measles, mumps, rubella,
chickenpox and rotavirus.

kathy blanco

la dee dah...no mercury, you still get this crap in you...there is no winning this, come over to the side that no vaccine is safe in ANYONE...

kathy blanco

Kristina, not withstanding...would you like to have this injected into you?

la dee dah...no mercury, you still get this crap in you...there is no winning this, come over to the side that no vaccine is safe in ANYONE...

Not an MD

@ Just Wondering - I hope SafeMinds keeps the names of the theaters used top secret. There are many in the vaccine industry who would try to prevent any SafeMinds information spots at theaters (just as they did with the AMC theaters). I hereby give SafeMinds the nickname of SmartMinds.


Congratulations, Safeminds, on your showings!


I didn't notice any difference, except that a landfill was not shown.

Was that the only change?

Thanks for showing the PSA. I'm still boycotting AMC theaters for backing out at the last minute for the Thanksgiving week showings.


@kathy blanco, there is no aluminum in U.S. flu vaccines, according to the package inserts. http://www.fda.gov/BiologicsBloodVaccines/Vaccines/ApprovedProducts/ucm094045.htm

kathy blanco

Ok, I can't believe I am saying this, but, yes! I also am anti vaccine, so why say tha? Because at leas it's the lesser of evils. At least the mercury won't go to the myelin sheeth, or the female organs as it's known to do (aborificant). But my problem is still relevant. More aluminum. And, we don't know if this is a contaminated vaccine. I am sorry, but I sill stance on the no vaccine is safe message, but, I believe this is a start. It will make people THINK. Then, they will get really dangerous, and think some more, and more, and more...and that is all the meaning here...we are ALL ON OUR OWN.


"I notice that they had to clean it up a bit."

I thought just the opposite! This 30 second spot packed a direct and impactful punch! The last SafeMinds ad I viewed at Thanksgiving had a softer message. This one went straight to the heart of the matter - that most flu shots contain mercury, mercury is toxic and demand mercury free flu shots.

Nicely done! And terrific news that the spot aired so many times.


YEAH!!! This is a good start!! I also recommend getting some of the brouchures safeminds sends out and passing them out (or leaving them in OBGYN and pediatric waiting rooms!)I think you can get the info from www.safeminds.org


Not to be pessimistic, but I'd like to hear from witnesses that they actually saw these being aired.

just wondering

Is this in non-AMC theaters?

Rachel Lu

Wow! You mean somebody actually got a spine and showed the ads? That is great! I wish we could have had them there but this a a wonderful start!


I notice that they had to clean it up a bit.

Not an MD

Excellent news! I would have loved to have seen the SafeMinds ad at my local theater. Seeing it would have made up for the Gardasil ad I had to endure seeing last year at the theater. That one made me wretch.


How wonderful!

Maurine Meleck

Congratulations Lyn and all those connected with SafeMinds. This is such great news.
If only I could have been sitting in one of those theaters and seen it live and personal. I'll use my imagination. Thanks for all your hard work.

Jim Thompson

It is unbelievable that pregnant women, parents, and all other citizens of this country are told by the USCDC and USFDA that it is safe to inject a flu shot with 250 times the D009 mercury hazardous waste threshold.

Safeminds is such a superb vaccine safety resource. Please keep up the hard work in bringing home the message.

Thank you to Safeminds and to Lyn Redwood.

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