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News @Northeastern Presents Dr. Richard Deth on Chilling Research into Vaccine-autism Link

Deth From Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts. See the original article HERE. For more information, please contact Jason Kornwitz at 617-373-5729 or at [email protected].

The British medical journal, BMJ, has published a report by an investigative journalist on the first study to link a childhood vaccine to autism and inflammatory bowel disease. The article in the BMJ called the study an "elaborate fraud," and claimed that the "appearance of a link with autism was manufactured at a London medical school."
Dr. Andrew Wakefield linked the measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine to autism in a study published in the medical journal Lancet more than 10 years ago. Lancet retracted the study last year after the British General Medical Council found that Wakefield had acted "dishonestly and irresponsibly" in his research.

Richard Deth is a professor of pharmacology in the Bouvé College of Health Sciences and the School of Pharmacy at Northeastern University. His research suggests that vaccines containing aluminum and/or the mercury-based preservative thimerosal could contribute to the development of autism in children who lack the genetic capability to excrete neurotoxic metals. The MMR vaccine does not contain aluminum or thimerosal.

Deth, who is currently attending a vaccine safety conference with Wakefield and other scientists, clinicians and legal experts, offers his response to the controversy.

What are your thoughts on the BMJ report?

I think it’s very unusual, but at the same time revealing, that the BMJ chose to publish this story. Investigative journalist Brian Deer has been on a mission to discredit Wakefield for years. His report is not a scientific article, but rather an opinion piece that doesn’t focus on the scientific finding of whether or not autistic children have inflammation in their gastrointestinal tract, which I believe is the crux of the original paper. That paper never set out to prove an explicit link between autism and the MMR vaccine. Nobody studying 12 subjects could conceive of proving a link. Wakefield found that subjects had gastrointestinal inflammation and at least some of parents reported that they thought this occurred after their children received the MMR vaccine.

Our recent research has identified an amino acid transporter that may be involved in gastrointestinal inflammation and might also contribute to the neuronal inflammation that others have found in the brains of autistic children. A connection between the gut and the brain in autism makes sense to me.

What is the link between vaccines and autism?

Vaccines provoke an immune response to an antigen derived from a virus or bacteria. They can also contain agents, called adjuvants, such as aluminum, which augment the antibody response and can provoke inflammation throughout the body, as well as preservatives such as mercury, in the form of thimerosal.

Aluminum and mercury can enter the brain and remain for years, where they provoke neuroinflammation. Inflammation during childhood can interfere with the normal mechanisms by which gene expression is controlled, leading to neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism.

While the MMR vaccine does not contain aluminum or mercury, simultaneous exposure to these three viruses induces inflammation, which contributes to the cumulative effect of vaccines on children.

It’s common for children to receive several vaccines in a single doctor’s visit. As a result, they receive a tremendous dose of aluminum, well beyond limits set by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. This increases the chance of excessive inflammation and a metabolic condition known as oxidative stress, which can disrupt development and/or precipitate regressive autism. Studies of autistic children show that they have inflammation and oxidative stress.

Why haven't other studies shown a link between the MMR vaccine and autism?

Most vaccine safety studies have been epidemiological in nature. They examine large population-based datasets rather than individual autistic subjects. The latter type of study has revealed the central role of oxidative stress and inflammation, which could not be identified in epidemiological studies.

Epidemiological studies are intrinsically unable to uncover causal mechanisms, even if an association was found. In my view, MMR vaccination is only a partial contributor, while other vaccines contribute to the total risk of autism. Vaccines are certainly not the only agents contributing to autism, but it’s likely that the major cause is some kind of environmental exposure, as opposed to a genetic abnormality.

In light of this, should parents have their children vaccinated against MMR and other diseases?

Yes. I support vaccination and safer vaccines that don't contain aluminum or mercury.

Britain stripped Andrew Wakefield of his right to practice medicine. Was this justified?

No, not in my opinion. The ethical issues he was found guilty of were not of sufficient magnitude to justify this penalty. Moreover, doubt remains about whether there was significant and willful misconduct.

The British General Medical Council and Brian Deer have conspired to make an example of Wakefield for daring to suggest that vaccination may cause disease in some individuals.

Wakefield's identification of gastrointestinal inflammation in autism will remain an important scientific contribution. The magnitude of the effort to discredit him betrays a strong fear that his suggestion of a link to vaccination may be correct. It amounts to a public pillorying that frightens others from investigating this controversial but important issue.

For more information, please contact Jason Kornwitz at 617-373-5729 or at [email protected].



Jake Crosby wrote:
In our quest to make vaccines safer, take toxins out
Why aren't we putting more emphasis on preventing diseases through better nutrition and exercise? I would much rather plug the benefits of Vitamins and Minerals in one's diet, and lots of exercise to my family, than any toxin-laden vaccine.

This is no "scientific" study, but I have been taking circa 2,000 IU of Vitamin D3 per day over the last few years, and I have barely even had a cold during the last few years. Any "cold" that I had during those years was very mild and short in duration. Over the last many years, I have not even been off work due to a "cold" or flu.

I also drink lots of good quality fruit juice and occasionally take extra Vitamin C. At almost every meal, our family ingests considerable amounts of garlic, onion, and greenery (in the form of parsley or cilantro, etc.), besides other vegetables. I think ALL of these things, including my husband's "Levanta Muerto" chicken soup help keep us well and avoid any flus that are circulating.

The only people in our family who do get sick with colds are the ones who avoid the homemade chicken soup and additional supplements.


My Grade 7 students and I are currently studying symbiotic relationships in Science. Today, we watched some very interesting videos about how various parasitic organisms can excrete substances which can paralyze their hosts, and even alter their host's brain chemistry to the parasite's advantage. If this is already happening in the plant and animal kingdom with other organisms, I would not be too surprised to find this happening in an orchestrated way in the human part of the animal "kingdom". Googling "body invaders" and "monsters inside me" could lead you to some of the videos we viewed today. it was interesting to learn how some parasitic insects could affect/change the behaviour of their poor "hosts".


Re: Post by Kathy Blanco: "I just don't feel any vaccine is safe, ever, and can't be made safe on any schedule. You cannot predict which child is the sitting duck."

I'm on your team Kathy, and Patrons99 and so many others who post on AoA who are also "anti-vaccine". Furthermore I believe the evidence demonstrates that vaccines produce health damages in ALL children; It is only a matter of time before the Russian Roulette demonstrates itself in the form of many other health disorders besides autism. So many children now are suffering from diabetes, asthma, allergies, and even CANCER. Obviously the more vaccines the more children end up health challenged.

However, I have zero confidence in any possible hope that vaccines will be stopped like they should be altogether. Therefore, the "lesser of two evils" is the Green Vaccine movement which will at least reduce the toxic overloads if that miracle even happens.

Like David Burd states, even the medical doctors who have the balls to criticize the vaccines, won't take it to the factual limit: "From my perspective Dr. Deth and Dr. Bob Sears both insidiously keep saying most all vaccines are OK, despite abundant reports so many are absolutely unjustified.

Sears does address spreading doses, but STILL endores 39 doses+ by age 18 months with the idiocy of 2 flu-shots given at age 6-7 months - absolute insanity."

"Absolute Insanity" describes ALL vaccines.

Less talk, More Action

Kevin is right when he says; We need more doctors, immunologists and pharmacologists to stand up and grow some b*lls! Go Prof Deth!
Its funny when we demand no bias and then accept it when it fits our views. I have not seen one comment out of ARI or any of the DAN! doctors. None, Zip, Nada! Where is Steve Edelson? I am sick of seeing principled people step up and lead only to have their colleagues who agree with them remain silent and unengaged and they are attacked.
What would Bernie Rimland have done? Remain silent? There is much that other doctors could say without harming their license or credibility.


I asked about the tetanus shot in highschool also being the DPT shot because as far back as 1996 my daughter was a freshman in highschool and was doing just fine socially and that includes us her immediately family, untill that shot!

It came time for her tetanus shot and I refused to give her or the school permission. She worried with this (school kept bringing it up) and she received the shot at school without my permission. The school said tetanus - never said DPT or DT??? So what is new, but they did not get any permission from me either way.

She had started her monthly in the sixth grade and was doing fine, but after that is when she would not stop bleeding and after going to several gynocologist, one of them finally said it was an immature putritary gland. It was also about that time that she became dark and brooding. So she was on the pill, and on zyloft too.

Her best friend from grade school was doing no better!
They were both striaght A students and although they both remained so, they did not remain friends. Her best friend began to under age drink,and also became dark and brooding. Two dark and broodings do not make good friends.

If it was the newer DTaP and not the old DPT then it seems the new DTaP is just slower, more sneaky - giving no fever in the first few hours.

There are lots of people that need to answere for this. It is bad enough you know that your child had all it's shots and reacted with Kawasaki disease only to have someone in the school system take it upon themselves to finish the job with they finally reach 14 and just returning to health.

kathy blanco

In our quest to make vaccines safer, take toxins out, I think we forget that they have found the measles viruse in the CSF and Brain of autistic kids, not unlike someone who has SSPE. Is a slower schedule actually safer, maybe, but for some, it may not save them. My question to Dr Deth is, even if a child did one vaccine at a time, wouldn't the measles vaccine do damage all on it's own (especially if they had any levels of mercury in them or inability to clear metals from other sources other than vaccines, or harbor XMRV, a neuroimmune retrovirus which damages immune function, or a genetic underpinning of celiac disease)? The evidence of a persistent measles virus in the brain can be shown by certain evidences, that our american doctors can't stomach, but it's true, you can prove a vaccine pathology. Of course I would struggle with the idea, but it would involve a child to get a spinal tap, and through that, there should be a scientifically legitimate reason for the test, informed consent, and minimal risks. But the fact is, autism might involve a persistent measles infection, which then makes markers of inflammation go up in the brain. Cytokines/chemokine upregulation and NK cell dysregulation problems would be quite prevlant. One of those markers is the finding of anti-bodies to myelin basic protein. Almost all the mommies I know have had that test on their children, and ALL OF THEM have the problem, accordingly, also, they have numerous antibodies to neural tissues (NAFP, Serotonin and glutamate, you name it), often even causing CAM KINASE II elevations and anti nueronal antibodies of all sorts. Measles viruses get inside a cell and take control of it for their own purposes. But a manmade vaccine virus can do things like a slow descent into autism by damaging the neuronal pathways for normal development in the brain. Then it spreads to other organs, loves the gut, loves the lung tissue (yes, I found that one out, which was surprising), etc. I am sorry, but, I just don't feel any vaccine is safe, ever, and can't be made safe on any schedule. You cannot predict which child is the sitting duck. If you did, it would require a long sitting with an immunologist, tests, in which, as you know, is out of the picture, because why would a parent question their child's ability to mount a response, if they don't know the signs of immune dysfunction? That usualy happens AFTER they were vaccinated too...sigh...


The booster tetanus shots that teenagers receive in school at age 14 - is that also the DTaP???

Does anyone know?

Adam M

Patrons 99
I have recently read Propaganda too. It has completely changed my world view of the last 100 years. It boggles the mind how many ways we've been deceived by industry/government in this time frame.

Cynthia Cournoyer

There are no tetanus vaccines used anymore. They are all Td, or tetanus/diphtheria. AND NOW..... When you go to the emergency room, you will PROBABLY be given THREE vaccines in the form of Tdap (tetanus/diphtheria/adult pertussis). You don't just "get a tetanus shot." And you go back in for "boosters" because the pertussis needs "boosting." Then if you are an adult woman, you will be offered Gardasil and if you didn't get your flu shot at Walgreens, you'll be offered that too. Surviving the injury might be a piece of cake. How do you survive what comes next?

kathy blanco

And I agree with David, on his remarks about any vaccine being safe. The point is, even Boyd Haley says in the presence of mercury being injected in the body, this would allow persistence of viruses to stay in the body due to immune dysfunction. On that note, XMRV does the same thing. Ok, go to sleep now parents because apprently you all think XMRV has no consequence I N Y O U R C H I L D...but think, think...if you have an active latent retrovirus in the population which basically acts like the AIDS virus, there will be a substantial amount of people unable to mount an immune response to any vaccine, any green one, or anyone that is on a slower schedule. Beware indeed of the language of "we can work this out together" or we can make "safer vaccines". I don't feel vaccines have done any good for a majority of this population, or others. What has is cleanliness, hygeine, and also a clean diet and VIT D3 on store. I think we have to realize the science of vaccination/immunization is also pretty much largely unknown at this point, or if they even work, or create other life long chronic diseases. In a population fast losing cell mediated immunity, due to multiple toxic mitochondrial insults, the results, will be very very individual. Unlike vaccines, which proport, we can all take the same size all.

david burd

In my prior contribution, I should have said "initiated" instead of "culminating" referring to the Hep B injected on day of birth.

The Hep B shot exemplifies everything in the proverbial "nutshell."

This Hep B vaccine is only marginally useful for pregnant mothers who are Hep B infected, typically mothers-to-be who habitually take heroin or other drugs.

So, the other 99.5% of mothers without Hep B infection are nevertheless, by a system-gone-mad, viewed as having babies born possibly exposed to Hep B by mothers who have zero risk (or even tested).

Other contributors have cited about their infants destroyed by the Hep B shots; anybody curious should google "michael belkin hepatitis B"

david burd

I offer a missing critical factor in Deth's opinion (and Comments). It pertains to when vaccine injections are injected (and a very few given orally).

For two decades+, these injections have been given earlier and earlier culminating with Hep B given at day of birth, and up to eight given at a mere 2 months, another eight doses at 4 months, on and on.

Deth utterly fails to address this assault in-toto of toxins on just-born infants - he says instead he basically supports (all) vaccines.

From my perspective Dr. Deth and Dr. Bob Sears both insidiously keep saying most all vaccines are OK, despite abundant reports so many are absolutely unjustified.

Sears does address spreading doses, but STILL endores 39 doses+ by age 18 months with the idiocy of 2 flu-shots given at age 6-7 months - absolute insanity.

These 39+ doses from birth to 18 months are a monumental difference from 25 years ago when 4-5 vaccines were injected at around 4-5 years old.

Dr. Deth and Dr. Sears though seeming to be thoughtful, seem to me to be wolves in sheep clothing.

Just pull up the Immunization Schedule - it speaks for itself


Thank you Dr. Deth for your research! My children are on the spectrum and they had a full thimerisol flu shots at 10 months of age.(2 doses at 12.5mg each) I wish more people knew about the dangers of these heavy metals!! I try to get the word out! Bless you Dr. Deth!

Son in Recovery

Thank you Dr. Richard Deth for all your research work and thank you AOA for keeping us updated on his research. I just watched a slide show of my son at 12 months right before he received 6 vaccinations. He was happy, heathly and full of smiles. Within 2 months he had regressed so much so that he was nursing several more times a day, stopped smiling and no longer did any baby talking. I know that the 12 month shots along with a flu shot at 13 months were devistating to my son, it's is all too clear. We have been doing biomed for 3 years and he is a good responder - but we have a long way to go. The government took his diability away when I went back to work to pay for medical won't pay for developmental delayed speech therapy and I was denied the waiver program in Michigan because my son was not "sick enough"... Big Pharma & the government need to wake up because we are coming and we are not going to give up. We know our children were affected by their vaccines... I don't want money - I want my son to have a future! Thanks again Dr. Deth!


I wholeheartedly agree with Patron, we need to start with the children, to stop the scourge of bad health and autism. Once that is accomplished alzheimers and other debilitating disease will be recognised in the same light. I watched my mother in law die, she was a perfectly healthy runner who took good care of herself. She died within months of a "dog scratch" that set off the events , three tetanus vaccines, and a flu one thrown in just "because". She died of Wegener's vasculitis.


We need more doctors, immunologists and pharmacologists to stand up and grow some b*lls! Go Prof Deth!

Theodora Trudorn

So much for the whole "Only a handful of witchdoctors and quacks" argument of the pro-pharma side! I sometimes wonder if they even ever really tried to see our side. Or whether they just simply regurgitate whatever they hear on tv, much like the brain dead zombies I attended high school with.


Patrons... I'm so glad o see someone else read propaganda. I've been posting about this over the months and no one took me seriously.


Dr. Deth, you are a brave scientist. Thank you!


“The British General Medical Council and Brian Deer have conspired to make an example of Wakefield for daring to suggest that vaccination may cause disease in some individuals.” – Richard Deth, PhD.

This is a perfect example of how efficient pharma’s propaganda machine has become. They are following Bernays’ play book, line and verse.

Edward Bernays (1891-1995) was an Austrian-born American publicist, sometimes called “the father of public relations”. He was a nephew of Sigmund Freud. From page 71 of his book, Propaganda (1928), it states,

“If we understand the mechanism and motives of the group mind, it is now possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without them knowing it.” – Edward Bernays

Why should anyone give credibility to Brian Deer, a second-rate journalist, a petty sociopath, with no formal medical or scientific training? Shouldn’t we perhaps be listening to immunogeneticists? Are humans at risk of becoming an endangered species, thanks to pharma’s chemical and biologic intoxicants?

“Some vaccines could even inflict lifetime disability and pain.” -- Hugh Fudenberg, MD

We should listen to those who are trying to warn us. Joe Cummins is Professor Emeritus of Genetics at the University of Western Ontario.

“Viruses and Virus Nucleic Acid Contaminate Many Vaccines” by Professor Joe Cummins on December 13, 2010.



“The British General Medical Council and Brian Deer have conspired to make an example of Wakefield for daring to suggest that vaccination may cause disease in some individuals.” – Richard Deth, PhD.

How very sad, sorry, and utterly disgusting that a major medical journal would sink to these depths. Of course, it’s much easier for Deer to go where no one with a conscience has ever gone.

Re: MMR and mercury, etc.

“chick embryonic fluid, and human diploid cells from aborted fetal tissue”

What’s that all about? What about the biologic contaminants and recombinants that have not even been tested for? What about the so-called adventitious presence found in all vaccines? Hmmmmm!

“The MMR vaccine is one of the few vaccines that do not contain mercury. Thus, it is self-evident that the removal of mercury will not make vaccines "safe". (This is why the mercury is the only thing being addressed at all; because when the people reading this paper realize that the very mechanism by which vaccines corrupt the immune system means that NO vaccine is safe and effective; there will be an evolution of consciousness where the structure of lies telling us vaccines are safe and effective disintegrates.)” – Rebecca Carley, MD on January 29, 2005.

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