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News @Northeastern Presents Dr. Richard Deth on Chilling Research into Vaccine-autism Link

Landscaping Wakefield's Grave

Dead-flowers By Martin Walker

In yet another sickening betrayal of parents, patients and those suffering from pharmaceutical adverse reactions. Brian Deer has repeated his basic thesis that the 12 children amongst many who were referred to the Royal Free Hospital and included in the 1989 Lancet paper, did not show any signs of serious illness and certainly had not suffered adverse reaction to their MMR vaccination.

This story is not new, both deer and the GMC prosecutors made it the basis of their case during the Fitness to Practice Hearing, held over three years at the GMC in London. Deer's earliest adherence to this line can be seen plainly in Alan Golding's superb film, Selective Hearing, which features Deer ignorantly arguing with parents outside the GMC while the hearing was in progress. (this hour long film can be seen at MEFEEDIA and Viddler.

Although the BMJ in publishing the first of Deer's articles, make much of the fact that he crafted his argument from the voluminous hearing transcript, this is far from the case. Deer's view that the children were not ill prior to the their involvement in their legal claim for compensation, has always been central to the prosecution case. My reports of the GMC hearing that can be read on the Cry Shame site at confirm this strategy was taken up by the prosecution in the GMC case. The GMC prosecutors and especially Deer had to suggest this so that they could argue that Wakefield was a mercenary who criminal took money from the legal Aid Board to support hoaxing parents who tried to milk the pharmaceutical companies.

In an argument that will be unfamiliar to North Americans, Deer poses his thesis, in the BMJ article as if Dr Wakefield was a private practitioner, not one working for the NHS; this is clearly to suggest that Andy Wakefield is a money-grabbing private practitioner as against a socially conscious NHS doctor. This of course is not true. The great majority of the National Health Service (NHS) has, from the beginning of this battle, been utterly wedded to the lies of the government and the pharmaceutical industry, that there is no such thing as vaccine damage — after all it is the NHS that plans and distributes vaccines and would in part be at fault were any claims for damages to be heard. For some period of  this conflict the NHS has advertised Deer's site on its own site.

Deer's argument that a revue of the evidence of General Practitioners (GP's - the community practitioner provided on the NHS with socialised medicine) in the transcript of the hearing shows that the 12 children in the Lancet paper did not have IBD or regressive autism linked to MMR, is fundamentally tautological and depends upon a gross distortion of the evidence given at the GMC hearing; a hearing that I attended along with Deer for almost every every day of its three year intermittent sitting.

The only witnesses that might have given witness to the real condition of these children, were their parents. The GMC did not call the parents of the twelve children to the hearing because, given the terrible condition of their children and the parents confused and emotional anger, it would have been impossible at that time or even at a later date to accuse them publicly of lying.  As the first line of their prosecution case, the GMC called instead the children's General Pactitioners. Some of these GPs showed reluctance to give evidence against Wakefield and some of them spoke on his behalf. One very tetchily told the hearing that he had been dragged into something too deep and that he would much rather be back in his practice tending to patients. Only a couple of GPs gave evidence to support the prosecution case — and only one with any commitment — that the children did not show signs of IBD or regressive autism. This was clearly a view in which the majority had been tutored by the prosecution. Like much of the evidence given for the prosecution at the hearing most of that given by GPs counted instead for the defence.

The majority view of the GPs was exactly what one would expect from general doctors; they knew very little about chronic or even acute symptoms of serious bowel problems and they had no idea why these problems emerged so suddenly in otherwise well developing children. In the main they were desperate, especially because of their patients and their parents 'pain', to refer the children to a centre of excellence.

At the Royal Free Hospital, each of the 12 children were subjected to a number of diagnostic tests, observations and examinations. At the end of these tests, which were thoroughly discussed in full histology meetings (which involved those who carried out the colonoscopies), it was concluded that the majority of the children showed — some minimal, some strong — signs of IBD. There was further discussion about a couple of the cases and Wakefield's view — he was after all the senior research medic, not involved in clinical work in any way — held sway.

From the beginning the GMC prosecution case rested in part on this suggestion that while the children's GP's had given then a clean but confused bill of health, once Wakefield made them the subjects of unethical research, their newly diagnosed condition made them timely witnesses in the show trial of vaccine manufacturers engineered by Wakefield and his confederate criminal the lawyer Richard Barr.

Anyone who believes the Deer is constructing an honest case against Wakefield, must take into account, both Deer's other wild and pathological assertions as well as the countless procedural irregularities, indulged in by the GMC — as time went by, the principal one of these was that the hearing took years instead of months —  a ploy by the prosecution to further distort the evidence and the jurors' memory of the defendants demeanor when they gave evidence.

Other blatant irregularities included the fact that the Chair of the hearing panel (the leading jurer) held shares in GlaxoSmithKline — the manufacturer of the MMR vaccination — and following the end of the hearing publicly promoted compulsory mass MMR vaccination. The first panel chairman chosen by the GMC was made to stand down when it was revealed that he was on the original committee that sanctioned MMR for safety. One of the most convincing witnesses for the prosecution (on conflict of interests, not on the science of the paper, which he fully upheld) was Dr Richard Horton, editor of the Lancet, who at the time that Brian Deer first reported his propagandizing disinformation in the Sunday Times was managed by the managing director of Lancet's owners, Elsevier, who was also a board member of GlaxoSmithKline (Elsevier is the company that was accused last year of publishing bogus journals to promote drugs for pharmaceutical companies). After giving damning evidence on the conflict of interest issue, Dr Horton refused to return to the GMC to be further cross-examined when it was discovered that there were massive discrepancies in this evidence.

The conflicts of interests in this case go on, and on, and on, and on and yet the BMJ is now publishing articles by Deer in which he fails to declare that he works for a newspaper whose part owner and chief executive, James Murdoch, is also a non-executive member of the board of GlaxoSmithKline.

Come on, please, let's free ourselves from the behemoth of corporatism ... Deer, the BMJ and numerous paid lobbyists, are playing with patients lives in the most cynical fashion, they are part of a government and pharmaceutical company drive for 'the greater good' to prove to the public that all vaccines are completely safe. This could never be proved and is in the case of MMR patently untrue. Two brands of MMR, containing Urabe mumps virus strain, were introduced by the British government — they were passed for safety by NHS committees even though it was known that such vaccines had terrible adverse reaction consequences in Canada and Japan — only to be withdrawn in the UK in 1992 when profound, (disguised as, 'minimal') adverse reactions were recorded. Unlike the governments of Canada and Japan, the UK government has never admitted responsibility for this initial tragedy nor has it offered children or parents compensation.

It really is time that serious and brave opposition stood up to be counted. Brian Deer should be dispatched to unemployment and perhaps put on trial by some professional tribunal (do British journalists have one?) and the editor of the BMJ should issue an immediate apology for calling Dr Wakefield a fraudster (this wouldn't be my best alternative, I would much prefer that she is defeated personally in an action for defamation and is made homeless and broke by the courts). Members of both the GMC and the BMA, doctors in good standing, should speak out against this well organised but abhorrent character assassination of one of Britain's bravest and most highly regarded medical research doctors.

Because information gets lost in our modern de-constructing culture, I would like to give but one example of Deer's bogus case as it was first promoted in the Sunday Times and then pursued by the GMC prosecution. In his original article, Deer says that Wakefield gained a patent on a vaccine which he personally intended to market in competition with MMR. This is wholly untrue. The treatment that Wakefield tested on one child was to see if there was any antidote to the adverse reactions caused by MMR. Ask yourselves, how has Deer got away with such whoppers while still remaining, seemingly, the golden boy of investigative journalism? Is it not possible that he has support in high or more probably very low places?

The call by all fair minded parties should now be for an international committee of enquiry that includes parents of the Lancet children, and made up of notable professionals, to determine exactly what happened at the Royal Free Hospital and how the fix went in for the GMC prosecution.

Martin J Walker is an investigative writer who has written several books about aspects of the medical industrial complex. He started focusing on conflict of interest, intervention by pharmaceutical companies in government and patient groups in 1993. Over the last three years he has been a campaign writer for the parents of MMR vaccine damaged children
covering every day of the now two year hearing of the General Medical Council that is trying Dr Wakefield and two other doctors. His GMC accounts can be found at, and his own website is,


Martin Walker

I have to say that I couldn't disagree more than I do with patrons 99, whoever he or she is.

The simple fact is, that all scientific enquiry around the issue of vaccination has been stopped dead in Britain by Brian Deer and his handlers in the pharmaceutical industry and the medical establishment.

Do you really think that there are going to be many takers for new research into any aspect of vaccines and adverse reactions.

In Britain at least there will be no more research into vaccination ore adverse reactions until the political problems of corporate power and pharmaceutical lobby groups are settled.

We ignore a proper analysis and exposure of what Brian Deer and others have done at our peril.

Martin Walker


BMJ and Brian Deer have succeeded in taking us off message. Yes, it's a thoroughly despicable display by a major medical journal and a pharma shill. They deserve our censure. Their smear campaign of the good and honorable Dr Andrew Wakefield has back-fired. They have subjected themselves to public scorn and ridicule. Their public image is beyond redemption. Their conflicts of interest are now very well known. They have succeeded in discrediting themselves.

Can we now move on now and get back on point? Aren't there important topics which their misdirection is distracting us from? How about Unintended Consequences of the vaccine schedules ?

What is causing increased incidence in Serotype 1 pneumonias? Is this really a “sero-replacement” disease?

“Linda Glennie, head of research at the Meningitis Research Foundation, which is funding the surveillance programme with the HPA, said the challenge was to keep one step ahead of nature. "The Prevenar vaccine saves lives. Other strains are starting to increase but the number of cases prevented hugely outweighs cases increased." ” Hmmmm. Where’s the data? She makes broad claims with substantial global health impact. Is this just pharma-sponsored propaganda, or it truth? We can all agree that bacterial meningitis is a horrible disease. I’m not at all sure that vaccines do anything to prevent it. Are we simply trading one disease for another? Are we simply trading one disease for greater susceptibility to multiple diseases? Are we simply increasing our susceptibility to multiple diseases with the vaccine schedules? Real questions.

“Life-threatening Pneumonia Caused by Pneumonia Vaccine” by Heidi Stevenson on May 14, 2008.

michael framson

Mr. Walker, it caught my attention that in the second paragraph, in your reference "both deer and the GMC" is lacking a capital "D", and I thought how appropriate for such a worthless lying twit.

Therefore: Let it be known far and wide that Mr. deer's dishonest,unethical, thoroughly repugnant behavior, is such a disgrace, he is no longer entitled to a capital "D" in his name.

Mr. deer, you have been weighed, you have been measured, and you have been found wanting.


Re: Post by Jenny Allan: "Martin's two books 'Silent Witnesses, volumes one and two' tell the REAL stories about what happened to these children. All of these parents are 100% behind Dr Wakefield and the two clinicians accused with him, Professor's Murch and Walker Smith."

Is there not some way to produce a documentary from the information in these two books which Martin Walker has so meticulously documented because this story needs to be told to the world.

Although the entire persecution/prosecution was based on multiple lies, the fact that the parents themselves were not permitted to testify is a statement in itself. Of course the GMC only permitted their own doctors to testify because those doctors were living in fear of losing their own license to practice medicine if they provided evidence that supported Wakefield in any way.

Once the Big Fat Lies about the parents and children involved are exposed sufficiently, that then calls into question every single other piece of so called "evidence" submitted against Wakefield by the GMC and Brian Deer.

Deborah Heather

I would just like to add to my last contribution to this piece we as parents were not Anti-Vaccine we vaccinated our children and know we have disabled children , vaccines dont only cause Autism they cause many disabilities all you have to do is to read the side effects on the paperwork that comes with the vaccine . I do not understand how we can be called Anti-Vaccine

Deborah Heather

Martin Walker is an accomplished author and a truth teller who wrote eliquently attending the GMC this is a further attempt to bring down Dr Wakefield when you consider what is happening at the moment Paul Offit,s book is going to be on sale they are trying to promote the 6 in 1 vaccine in the UK but strangely are not wanting children under five to recieve the Flu vaccine i wonder if that has something to do with the childs immune system Andrew Wakefield saw to many parents who questioned their childs regression after the MMR vaccine and cared enough to want to look into why ?



Seth Mnookin is an ex heroin junkie- look it up. That anyone would listen to him about anything, let alone vaccines and vaccination is remarkable in and of itself.

As far as the other people who raved about his new book on NPR? This represents yet another debasement for this dubious media outlet- they were probably high.

Tell Mr. Mnookin our science is VASTLY DIFFERENT from his science, and our scientist are different from his scientist.

Our science is based in reality not hallucinations or delusions or manufactured euphoria from synthetic pharmaceuticals made in a bathroom of a crack house.

Our scientist are men and women of character and courage and despite withering criticsm they maintain their poise and composure and produce quality work that has reproducible results with real merit that we can all be proud of.

Our Scientist are not publishing phantom papers from phantom authors with phantom results in phantom peer reviewed journals all over the world and being discredited for hiding conflicting relationships and stealing money and lying to everybody about everything and out on the lamb trying avoid being confronted about their plethora of felonius indiscretions.

Mr. Mnookin can take heart however as when the truth finally comes out and it will come out, he can just tell everybody he was high when he wrote the book and he cannot remember anything about it or its contents


Dan E. Burns

Take heart! An interesting media juxtaposition occurred today with a lesson for all of us. Stay with me on this.

At noon on Tuesday, Teri Arranga of AutismOne interviewed
Andy Wakefield, Dr. Deth, and others today on Voice of American Radio (aka AutismOne Radio). Who knew? Meanwhile Seth Mnookin's book was being rave-reviewed by a fawning interviewer on the local NPR station here in Dallas. Seth's position is that a possible autism/vaccine link should no longer be a legitimate topic of discussion because the issue has been settled.

The juxtaposition could not have been more stark. It reminds me of a true story. During the Soviet coup in August 1991, Russian President Gorbachev spent three days under house arrest at a dacha in the Crimea. Communist hard liners had taken over the government TV and radio stations in Moscow and were broadcasting their threats, boasts, and lies on slickly-produced state programs. To find out what was really going on, Gorbachev sent some of his "boys" (kids?) to the attic of the dacha were he was arrested. There they found an old shortwave radio receiver and tuned in to Radio Free Europe -- also known as Voice of America. Those scratchy short-wave radio broadcasts told the truth, which were stronger than the Communist hardliners' slick threats, denials, and lies.

Gorby was eventually restored to power. He signed the document that dissolved the Soviet Union.

Anybody see the lessons here?

Way to go, Teri! Keep telling the truth.


New American research shows that there could be a link between the controversial MMR triple vaccine and autism and bowel disease in children.

The study appears to confirm the findings of British doctor Andrew Wakefield, who caused a storm in 1998 by suggesting a possible link.


Interesting that this story is getting more play in the U.S. than in U.K., as if it has been re-packaged for an American audience with the "new" angle of Andy Wakefield's greedy plan to invent new vaccines designed to play to Americans who might be less moved by the more opaque ethical issues of the GMC trial. No doubt in my mind that the renewed vigor of pillorying Wakefield, coupled with the new excrable books by Offit and others and more slanted epidemiologic research is of a piece. My bet is that Pharma is laying the groundwork for a renewed push to eliminate vaccine exemptions. Anyone else see that the GOP reportedly is considering a Pfizer exec to head the RNC?

Cynthia Cournoyer

Is it still true that Callous Disregard cannot be sold in the UK?


How can some people simultaneously claim that Andrew Wakefield is anti-vaccine AND wanted to develop and promote a vaccine?

They can't have it both ways.


Just checked out Brian Deer's website. I didn't realize he did a similar bashing on research that implicated the DTP - remarkably similar in his attempt to question the parental account of vaccine injury. Very similar in his attempt to claim that symptoms in some subjects existed prior to vaccination. Same theme - the poor parents just need someone to blame. Depicts the mother of a vaccine injured child as 'living like a lottery winner'. I'm sure that is one lotto she would have preferred not to have won.


Martin Walker refers to the “voluminous hearing transcript”

Now wouldn't this be a really interesting document to find on Wikileaks.


I have a question, on Anderson Cooper, Deer challenged Wakefield to sue him for libel, has anyone done that?


I would like to hear from the father (or mother) of Child 11. Deer makes much of the fact that Mr. 11 pointed at the Lancet article and said something in it wasn't true. I'm not sure what. I'd like Mr. 11 to tell us.

Jennifer S.

I know that the GMC did not call all the parents - only one testified, IIRC. But why did Dr. Wakefield not call the parents to testify? Was he not allowed to defend himself?

And why does Dr. Wakefield not sue Deer and the BMJ?


I hope you will be able to cover the appeal hearing, and all this information being aired to a real judge and jury, not one hand selected by the prosecution.

One other point - all the while Deer has been throwing his tantrums over one doctor and twelve children, VAERS has listed 1451 cases of autism or ASD following MMR.

Jenny Allan

Several persons from 'across the pond' have expressed astonishment about the Lancet 12 parents apparently not complaining officially about Deer's outrageous and untrue allegations regarding them and their childrens' medical conditions. There is also the matter of Deer illegally obtaining access to these childrens' confidential GP and hospital medical records, including their names and addresses, allowing Deer to contact these parents and even attempting to interview them, using false names and false pretences.

It would be difficult for persons in the US to understand just how impossible it is for vulnerable members of the public to take on the full might of officialdom here in the UK. In the case of the MMR vaccine, there is clear evidence of government collusion with the vaccine manufacturers and senior persons within the medical establishment, not to mention the way that the popular press and media are prevented from publicising anything which might expose these establishment persons to public anger and demands for some proper accountability. It is a brave editor who attempts to hold out against these pressures. However, the likes of Godlee, editor of the BMJ, appear to be 'teflon coated' and can apparently publish whatever they like, however untrue and outrageous, because they KNOW that they will never be held to account.

Martin's two books 'Silent Witnesses, volumes one and two' tell the REAL stories about what happened to these children. All of these parents are 100% behind Dr Wakefield and the two clinicians accused with him, Professor's Murch and Walker Smith.(Simon Murch was exonerated of all charges by the GMC, but has presumably been 'gagged'. He was very caring and kind to my grandson, as were the two others.)

Martin's excellent books are available via his website above:
Dr Wakefield's book 'Callous Disregard' is available from his Facebook page of the same name.
All three books can aso be purchased from Amazon.

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